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Brad Stevens says he's more concerned about team's play, not Isaiah Thomas

Tue, 28 Feb 2017|

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Blame it. All over the place. Defensively excellent. We were careless with the ball and posters passes over. You can't just brutal fans me. And ultimately. You know he turned the ball over and you don't game it looks and that we that extra points forum. And you feel pretty good about yourself. And if there's one thing that I would like us again next is taking care of the ball when we were former. Right. Is it. I mean never really aggressive on and it really tough on him. You know. They were physical. As much different guys on the difference. They're very active all the screens I think they're one of the best teams will be using their their hands. We'll see the way it is really act would carry. Can. And then the biggest thing Kansas team that we've struggled we've always go back to last year's finish in the room. You know and in part that's when Howard and the game is those that those very jobs programs who have. When mrs. total items. And their size. And error Melissa Etheridge and their desire to get what they do great job protect them. Like I said playoffs you have to make open shots like you don't make open shots against these guys throw. I'm not worried about us and we're about our team's morning. Okay. Q. It happens but it but it narrows things. I think that it plans are deserves a lot of again safe to fly deliberately do a great job of getting that pain today multiple efforts to get out challenge. It's terrific defense team. High energy and our on us we made our world ourselves. The ball.

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