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Patriots Football Coverage

  1. Phil Perry, CSNNE on the Patriots and NFL free agency

    Mar 9 2017

    Pete talks with The Senator, Phil Perry about the Patriots trading for Dwayne Allen, ruling out a return to New England for Martellus Bennett. They also talk about the potential future of Patriots backup QB Jimmy Garoppolo and some of the big names in NFL free agency

  2. NFL SUNDAY...the final segment of the year -- 2-5-17

    Feb 5 2017

    Pete, Thornton and Price give their final thoughts and predictions for the Super Bowl.

  3. Gabe Morency, Sports Rage TV and FNTSY Sports Net, joins NFL SUNDAY to go over the various props for Super Bowl 51 -- 2-5-17

    Feb 5 2017

    Gabe calls the boys to handicap one of the biggest gambling days of the year - Super Bowl 51! Gabe has all the point spread info down and gets to all of the major prop bets that interest him.

  4. Christian Fauria, from WEEI's OMF, joins NFL SUNDAY to give his thoughts on S.B. 51 -- 2-5-17

    Feb 5 2017

    Fauria is still down in Houston and calls live from NRG Stadium to give his take on what will go down later on in Super Bowl 51. He likes the Pats and gives his reasons why, but also gets into the scene in Houston all week, famous people he met and why he is tired out from a wild week.

  5. NFL SUNDAY -- Certain schemes and personnel give the Patriots issues? But do the Falcons have those aspects at their disposal? -- 2-5-17

    Feb 5 2017

    The guys continue to break the Pats and Falcons in Super Bowl 51. The Texans gave the Pats fits, but the Falcons don't have those kind of players so how do they match up with the Pats offense?

  6. Tom E. Curran, CSNNE, joins the NFL SUNDAY crew to break down Super Bowl 51 -- 2-5-17

    Feb 5 2017

    Tom calls the guys from Houston to give his take on Super Bowl 51. He discusses Alex Mack's injury, the key matchups, how the Pats will try to attack the Falcons and why he sees the Patriots coming out on top by a couple TD's.

  7. NFL SUNDAY -- Pete, Thornton and Price break down the keys to S.B. 51 -- 2-5-17

    Feb 5 2017

    The guys start to break down the matchups and the keys to the huge Super Bowl coming up in a few hours. They take some calls as well and discuss the injuries, refs, offensive lines and more.

  8. NFL SUNDAY -- The Alex Mack injury could be a game changer -- 2-5-17

    Feb 5 2017

    The boys get into the injury to Alex Mack, reportedly a fracture in his fibula, and how it can really be a problem for the Falcons offense. They also talk about Mack not being on the injury report on Friday. Price attempts to reason why that would be the case.

  9. NFL SUNDAY -- Pete, Thornton and Price get into some interesting stats and the Julio Jones matchup -- 2-5-17

    Feb 5 2017

    The guys get into some interesting stats that could come into play today and discuss key matchups. Of course, the biggest one on everyone's minds, how do the Pats try to cover the elusive Julio Jones?

  10. NFL SUNDAY -- Some media members are just not fans of Brady and the absurdity of the Brady vs Belichick debate -- 2-5-17

    Feb 5 2017

    The guys talk about some of the bias from national media members in the way they cover the Patriots, but especially Tom Brady. This leads to a chat about how absurd it is to argue about Brady vs Belichick and which one is more important to this dynasty.

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