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OMF - Why was the "Fire Farrell" camp so quiet last night? Something about a basketball game... 5-18-17

May 18, 2017|

Kristine Leahy and Lavar Ball got into on The Herd yesterday. We follow the saga as it continues into Day 2. We listen to more criticism of Mike Brown. And Lou breaks down a John Farrell move that he actually liked.

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You've maybe. Beach Fort Wayne and moaning and 48 car but it at all. Mr. Cleveland beat down here go fast and you did do you chores you get space and give me five switches and it worked everybody on Boston I don't know what this was watching the Boston Celtics that they allowed everything to happen with the Ku and mu and Christian thank you again and leave every time. I wanna talk to you parent and I. About it just considered different amounts how many. Stating only. Okay. Well yeah there and I know. Right now on Sports Radio WEEI okay. Playing newspaper sting your way. Like your face dating don't play like I like Saturday neighborhood. Yeah how maybe I 6177797937. Let's get some of these phone calls is Peter in Jamaica Plain Peter. I immediately. Say not insult our prayer. You don't have any energy. In hand to keep our physical well. Who who we told him I says there. Are things likes that black lackadaisical he may be. Features a. And Washington. Game Bret Stephens gave approach strategies in the top as can you don't know who he's gone through and but he continues to go through and All Saints. If I. While my daughter in a car accident like that. Olympia sweep would begin with each of the of the functions in this case went west times aren't Smart. It's gonna last night in says he's finally numerous times tourney game last night. He was on a conversation with LeBron went on aggregate in each other's grown and suddenly and next thing you know he's laughing and smiling. I. Know I just said that Peter I think physically. He's he's he's the knuckle that you'd expect that all the games he plays he's only 595857. Whenever he was on the it was on the floor last. And twelve times every penny goes to go to the movies on the floor guys don't do that. It I tried tried to go oh he he he went to the ones that's too self. And the other thing is it's it's uncanny sense I know he's got a great sense of player anybody's been involved united try aren't meant to represent Charlie. I couldn't disagree with you more I think he's playing. His ass off I agree with you these physically beaten up and it's tough for him to do that. Omits any. I mean I'm sure that's part of it but but he scored 53 here a week and that's a hell. Any any then I'll never do that again I dedicated kick in Manchester. I don't think he said he never do that again and remember that what's making this up now. But can you imagine losing a daughter. I'll answer that we'd have everybody understands what he's going through physically in. And mentally. I don't I'm innocent and maybe maybe it's maybe you're right I just thought he was dominant thought that they were. An unbelievable job taken away the Sharpton and his face. Every day played it perfectly took the game just like Washington did by the way. It's differences is that when he fed guys they missed their open shots a guy had ten assists. If they can hit anything you'd had sixteen and had a 21 of these twenty and sixteen nights you said while OK you know. They took the shot away but he still he found the open man and he did they just didn't hit me. She got totally disagree with him about Isiah Thomas that he was would he say he was who's totally out of it and it was like if he if he if those guys make those shots as Lou just said. He's he's got a lot of assist and worship you're talking about a fairly close game last night. I became before he did the exact same thing because they shut him down in the land but Kelly oh look included opening game before that. Brightly lit it up and you talk about indefensible. And was four of eleven. With a eleven points in the game and six assists I'll take that every game if Isiah can do that against Irving the rest of the series. What more could you expect from him defensive. Yeah evident LeBron drops 38 Kevin Love drops third that wasn't his fault that would otherwise they'll fall now and that I would mean I think that he's kind of checked out. That's useless and he didn't Healy shot. In gig was no help me get some credit too. To Cleveland. For being as aggressive and just being on point with their defense they made it harder on him. Granted yes he won he even when he did it dish off to somebody and you try to take little hole he was missing or you could tell there so a little bit of apprehension. About going up depending on who was not the it's like they get out of it he decided take you to groom they figured out how to slot. Order defendant without giving up out saying into the line. Here's the difference carrier ring did not have to have a good game last night because he had somebody else that just put them honest. Shoulders and said c'mon put on a pajama back and mobile are right after this game. I for Isaiah Thomas if he doesn't have any other support. The toast. His best friend came to rely on him 222 score or to set everybody else appears no other there are no other option this. While we said Utah going to game seven or vote like Brooke's gonna do some different. And as I now know he doesn't you know even game six and seventy now because you do the same thing you do with Cleveland did last night which is. I don't Washington was doing you take away Isaiah and if it is gonna go off god bless you beat us. Then god bless our good Adidas last night they didn't so if you beat downsizing it was trying to get others involved just others didn't. In his shop and you don't want to take the percentages Girardi he played ten games. And you say will let Kelly oh like awfully wide open out there we're just not gonna look a little dude. You know beat us from what what is Kelly don't wanna gonna do while he's one for how many games now. Is that they play ten games he's been one day right what game he's got 26 points those other games how many. 26. Christie put sex does that RD Newport already. You know. And what. He's saying yeah. I I'd been doing it like that I mean the brits are gain about last season. What. Quite opposite to. OK I don't mean to me about our game let people. Yet often ninety Great Britain where. Grab bigger impediment they try to cut and headed we'll look because I don't. Equal all the bastion state police. I would say seven miles down 93. When I don't look I wore a state troopers. Probably me. Its pre state on the other side. Because jealous that I haven't got it might. I can't hold the line hold on RT RTU I told them. Has absolutely nothing to do with this with the brown incident right in Branson right you'd realize it is just you getting pulled all works and you don't very similar incidents and Mike Brown it's the it's so similar I read it read I get a big appalled all denied that the same incident. Background. I'm I'm I'm realized. Put it and it is just not quite. Barbara do you realize our guys hold on audit art RD week we got to go back to you promised you told our our our producer. Did you get a similar incidents of Mike Brown while leaving Fenway Park just simple you'll you did not have a similar incident took my. You understand you did not. Mr. rob that's the problem. That's a problem everybody is just taking it as is usually. At the same incident happened to make it didn't that's why Mike Brown was laughing about it. That's why Mike Brown didn't sit there and say I can't believe me an African American I was pulled over by the police that purposely picked me out now. Well I'm not mean that the Lee Burton I am a little bit late for that when he got into law or did not that I'm just saying. Yeah it can be here. You don't owe it to all of anything yet in an apparent that the. Okay I'm not I'm not taking euros of that lightly and will host a similar what happened in my bra you realize that he's couples of somebody lied about you. And it and if not not any closer. We found it close. Don't think spectacle and and thank you predict that wrong here now don't you write. He but that's what that's what happens in incidents like this and that's where win both money Jones starts going up and chip and charge starts going up. And they make it a racial issue this is what you get knocked down a question.

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