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OMF - Tim Thomas was treated very differently for skipping the White House, 4-20-17

Apr 20, 2017|

When the Bruins won the Stanley Cup in 2011, Tim Thomas was criticized greatly for skipping the White House visit due to political differences with President Barack Obama. In 2017, players who skipped the White House visit have been (almost) universally praised.

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You back to OMF faster or the number he's making a mom yeah I know you have somebody just saying. The numbers. Sports Radio WEEI. I don't. Just because Tom Brady did show you didn't mention him and we all know watch Tom Brady had a family commitment and he decided to spend that day with his mom. I was really surprised and disappointed that president Donald Trump. Did not mention Tom Brady with a lot of slew of other names to mention it because it speaks. To what people believe anyway there's a level of pettiness that the president can engages sometimes. The opening twenty minutes diminished. Now essentially take notes that would just say that's it for him now and Ken I'm Luke warm down it's down there so trump says we're not only never mentioned. Tom Brady's day. And the fact that he didn't mention Tom Brady's name and he didn't mention anybody who was not there except for Danny Amendola as I think. They thought the Danny Amendola was going to be the fourth down conversion. By any admin dollars. And then there where there. This Rhode Island any naked right now and us having said that Hillary Clinton I. Kelly that's very AdSense ads right now Donald and a I just don't keep it civil. Some properties are you you can't do one of got to be one of two reasons that trump doesn't mention Tom Brady number one being. The Tom Brady prime might investments and you know one can't do it please don't mention my name don't make a big deal by man. Or the second one. Is that he did at the last. And it pissed off trump and the the White House policy failure in combination with his right and he get so pissed that he just didn't mention because. The fact that his mom said the fact that it was his mom and dad's 48 anniversary. And since he's the MVP of the Super Bowl and the reason that they're actually they're. You would think the president we cannot see Tom Brady couldn't theater in his mom. As you know islanders aren't obvious errors and graduation gap also does a pretty didn't do it. Obviously tells you there's something Colombians. Others to conversation. And it may leave me out for whatever reason I don't know if a truck views he doesn't listen to stuff like that age to. This or think Steve and he's missing it. If he did that it's more likely trump says something anyway. Do you think that Belichick wanted him repeating the strictly about the latter how we sent a letter back and read wrote and said that that dog with even wonderful and makes it makes a bigger deal. Yet all these don't these drawn more attention to it by not saying anything. So because what would equal would you comment on if you're any of these platforms that just hate from urges wanna try to find out some sort of angle at biting him. Then you would say oh what he said thoughts and prayers to his to a two Brady's parents oh what a jerk. Well we'd. Would you do not say why didn't say anything now we're sitting here are trying to figure out. Why he didn't. Mentioned Tom bradys and what he's the obvious. Person you mentioned there's no Adam Vinatieri kicking a game winning you know there's not yet Danny Amendola he's not there you got element made huge catch. I mean they used it for a senate front on he had nice hairdo amazed yes the sounded good to hear it in position I am bulldozers and most important position and I just made it worst ice. To me it's. OK if it Brady said to him listen don't mention again. That's probably what happened I'm almost positive that's what happened because there'd be no other reason for you not to mention his name. Not Whittle. Some film loosely many amount of do you did you gain is my bracket it during the election whatever you want but just leave my name on it. Full for whatever reason I don't I don't think the Donald could help himself that when that's why wonders very flowers. I saw what happened after our viewers fracture. So what happened just right so what happened that you did that I would say you. Why would he maybe because he was this may be because he looked at says O'Donnell was mad at breeding I. Now I think could be something that that he was. A little you know disappointed that he didn't stand up there with a ticket of a sudden he went overboard. With Bob Kraft in the friendship and Bob and Bob bought and many years in media made a big huge deal about that. Because obviously. No matter warcraft does said or has not said public. Privately he is then very very loyal. Too much rubber craft real slick chuckling as he was sneaking out a little out only because they knew winner. He you know we're it was gonna where it was going. You know it was just yet talking about how mentally tough this team was and how they came back and just like the president to order against sixteen you know profession. Oh very good friend of mine for over 25 years. A man who is mentally tough and hardworking. As anybody I know. Launch a campaign for the presidency. Again sixteen career politician. And sixty facing odds almost as long as. As we've faced in the fourth quarter. He persevered to become the 45 president of the United States. It's a distinct honor for us to celebrate what was unequivocally. Our suite is championship. With a very good friend and somebody whose mental toughness and screw around I greatly admire. And I think yeah. I'm friends with them for you know give a New Year's when you heard deputy just like laugh McLeod doubled down ever so that Robert this is gonna go over those of us you back here this is gonna go over so well. A declaring a championship to his campaign every bit as this is why I hate these these things I think is revenue it and I hate these things I think they're complete embarrassment or complete joke. And I know you guys you know athletes you know you like to be there why they do privately that conducted that he took the team it's the oval the Oval Office. Put him privately and back plus our look across and it'll yes you know he was and he in the media room. Nobody had they don't deserve and they all went in and they'll and then they ought to act all right there that's really that's yeah that's that's we're glad that that's that's not. Well that's my point that you wanna do that okay I can. Understand that part of it. But this becomes a dog and pony show and you right below the stuff witchcraft is he the president of the United States the election results were done with the election. People still living back in the election. And craft a debate did exactly that comparing your team to that election. When you know that 50% of the people out here you know I sit in their you know pissing and moaning now hate you more Ade Jimoh. Okay and and by the way doesn't happen with patriots and and doctors resort 50% of of falcon fans out there. I'm looking at this they got put together this guy yet Stephen Miller. Broke down all of the stories when Tim Thomas and the headlines of when Tim Thomas didn't go to the White House. If you go back and you read a mall it's unbelievable this is ESPN headline Tim Thomas put himself above the team. This is another winter Sports Illustrated why Tim Thomas why don't snub was wrong. This is Bleacher Report Tim Thomas the ugly truth behind his refusal to meet the president on Obama but we're not hearing any of with the guys that have left audio bravest they did beat the economy draft courageous off an end British being excused because we know the situation with this month. This is all political. That's the problem out and even Marcel were even more so with this guy. With trumping an air because we know there's a a much bigger splitter there's always been that splinter. Even was when when bush was in office but now there's more. A motion to understand the patriots real discussion last night instant tickets not one to be used. I politically use is people use them as an organization. All we had the team showed. You know this many white guys missed the prejudiced many black guys didn't is that why the unions that I understand that bushy there's also the sense that. We're afraid to admit that we have a controversial president part. And it people are just a very emotional over and they just don't wanna go. Which is fine if it is fun and maybe they're just you mentioned that the hole on but we fight it every which is that fighting will because if they wanna hear why did he go go get a quote to I don't know why whence we can play the so we can run the quote but why did he go wide and he got who cares but you know what they're called it like the president. Five I like the president Lou. Everybody who's reporting it is reporting it was a biased to their agenda. The New York Times put two pictures out there one with what we saw two years ago and with the crowd at the White House and one now. They had to apologize. Because they got it wrong because all of the the people working behind the scenes were on the same irritation out it took two different pictures exactly. Email picture than a general staff. Stature whip equipment guys physical therapy and it. Administrators Hines had to apologize but guess what he's always just an oversight I didn't look all I'm going or reject it here's a recess is. Back to sleep by meet terrible week a bush I couldn't I wish I could say it's complicated but no this is a pretty straightforward I'm an idiot. It was my idea it was my execution it was my blunder amid a decision in about four minutes that clearly warranted much more time. Want to learn more we tried to fix everything as much as possible. As swiftly as possible and as transparently as possible of course. At that point but damage was done I just needed to owning Christian not vague about what you have been talking about. She thinks he's the only crap condoms and here's the problem the problem is he saw an opening. In which are played to his and is newspapers agenda with the politics that only at duke he could compare how people view Obama vs how they nobody trapped under any aren't open. Repeat we think CD apology tweet. And are supposed to be very very few we know that our try to pick but I guess at least every two with the patients coming out sane you know elect. And I think this does make a difference as far as teams go in the White House and participation. In the last time we won two syllables and three years we at 37 people. A 27 I believe I thought it was 37 there's 30005. I believe they add. That it three was well what either way I think that that means something too because of the guard Mateen as a water. Writer a bunch of players have never won it before and never had this opportunity before probably gonna get a better. You know but it more people going to be. But it is it that total agenda it's an audit and an Internet that the apology is. Is worse yes. Your act like Ollie says the reason why you dated I didn't you do want it diligence you work for the free can you yours yeah. My god you sign it and you saw you saw a way to. Two yeah 222 pounds pounds add agenda and that. The problem with a all of the stuff that was the problem we had with Tim Thomas. Okay it's the problem we have right now everybody's trying to use that area Julie and nobody's going to play it down and they don't wanna play it down and that's why I think these dog and pony shows. We did with team showing up at the white and out aren't likely jump ball extremely well we'll use a hold on get ready for this one. Because you're gonna have an NBA team it's going to win yeah critical of the light snow not Obama going they're going to unified together and say we're not going. And and that's going to be a big story watt. For me I want you got a lot extra. I don't owe the cavs win. Because that would be that that would be the best story might be categorized as they went up my point to Hillary went last year. Because. They win they they go because obamas are now because what again now let's compared. So it coaches it isn't gonna go on the owners are gonna go notes. Fine. And really he had just gotten it really matter if it's speaker's been saying do you think he has any chance of him going and in the team's not gonna go if he's not gonna go. It's not gonna happen that's why these things now are all political and that's all people are talking about nobody. Wants to view it as and I said this about Tim Thomas made a mistake. Because you can politically disagree with the president I did as well. But you go to the White House because you show our honor respect for the office you know no office really don't want you don't wanna go. You don't have to go now everybody's gonna make this political. Are we go look to the focus we gotta get into this. Hernandez stuff is it really took up a turn. After we got off the year yesterday we'll get that kimono and.

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