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OMF - Aaron Hernandez took the easy way out, 4-20-17

Apr 20, 2017|

Glenn, Lou and Christian discuss Aaron Hernandez' decision to commit suicide, and possibility that he smoke synthetic marijuana and went crazy.

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We return Gomorrah or the way murder moaning and Fauria I don't read everybody. Who I don't worry sure they can never be accused of Bo regarding any day on Sports Radio go. If I play. We can save your ball it is. Portland Hernandez to play again Hernandez there. You can you can do drugs and prison I thought the idea was that you're in prison. So that we're taking you out of your previous lifestyle. To try to rehabilitate you which is to how issue. Until you die of natural causes 46 years old Austrian to synthetic week yet. While I was in prison yet while he's in it so yeah always like what he's like Oden. What he called general pop. I don't know the legal aside isn't hard evidence for redemption real lift weight played I accept my ball flight to play cards are easy to relate. Six before they closed down to sell a lot of prison term all the snow fall in place for data from. Balls of light and are we talking about put the ball flight initially yeah. I don't I was I was taken back taken aback by that put apparently to sell reading these stories apparently it happened slope. The prisoners actually knew prisoners that are coming in prison apparently. They need to take. Drugs they put them in plastic they put under the it does yeah prize we obviously we don't use drugs imprisoned spoke with existing well late model that that's not where he smoking. Can't be smoking a seller and a wood on to could just smoke look at drug regularly and I give pages he called it mystery minutes so maybe it was in the courtyard. So again you earlier today that would contribute and going crazy killing themselves Paul were big with a prisoner population to be calling in three minutes we'll find out what are the details and I'll get to chuckle but apparently that's what happens I'm reading this this morning reading stories and more guys. Actually putting it up there Andy getting in there and selling. Obviously on market if you know. She's not but that's that's she wants the new black. CNET two it's it's that's real frank that's just uncomfortable for him many times and how much you want them accountable and that really. But. It affects the assumptions and so he's gotten is that the week and he's got a lighter. Yes he's got a raw I don't know he's out I don't get or out in the yard. Maybe this is just another is just another excuse people are making for why he killed himself. As it is that he was he a guy you saw. And whatever makes sense if your small and the synthetics are the same thing that Alley and generally don't occur again don't want you around but it's good. Killing but I'll not that's you know I don't meet the synthetic weed makes you go. Crazy about fifteen minutes you know that's why I guess I smoltz and that we'd one time world five years ago art that was last Friday I tried it and I would again I went absolutely in this. Scene for about ten million electorate. Aggressive it only glad I always like we are Italian like and eighteen minutes a lot yeah well I didn't know anybody I was at a party I didn't know what it was invited there is somewhat of missile gloomy he's only when you I didn't know there are my thoughts right as they called it's twice as an industry term for you should go to bargain at sixty product of the year. I think things will sell at about sixty seconds I was losing my mind or are you people Wear my friends whizzed Josh whiz whiz Steve and Alec that you came without cable loan freeze it settled. At about ten minutes of neat freak out and it would be gone. I don't know what happened back I'm really sorry am I know you guys are wise as they admire him. Actually a minutes so if your smoke Acela could see the writing a what he's doing I don't know I shall we try to write this stuff now is an accident that he really didn't. He'll spend a lot of girls that go Michelle go than that it should addition to the whole theory that he beat beat suicide that he. He was murdered. Do do we think the cops raided grab little marker admiral 360 and its forward admitted drug that killed and they didn't vote and put on the wall down. It's it was still buying a whole now. Yes yes some people are yes spears who are yes yes a lot of people they drugged him and his people kill them. Got up there wrote 360 in his forehead Charles Manson murders that's that's the guards are what is his defense team is obviously do an accident they're asking for independent investigation. Which are going to get. And they're making why doesn't the accidental release explanation. The one Kos Angeles into it with a fizzle guilt doesn't fear or anxiety. As a one man it just does not name manager for the jet who sports who end up protecting of the agenda of who Obama. I'm an external control. Rarely as he hits us now salvia than any progress that sell these different Salvi is different that's elitist by salvia they don't these people don't know you apparently. Gave you that. Understand if people lighten it up with a we've talked well I. I'd I don't know that sell himself he's a whole other animal that's and you might have a muted now all I'm British what you look at the guy got a promise of some when you're trusting of the relationship with or. That's and I don't nobody want party anybody not us I've dated in my garage. You can salvia and each one or if you gun store fronts you can buy spice street any any part political you know every smokes a record. Not right around. Because I've been there and be seen in selling. Used polio he'd just seen it all gone to advertise on and on. And it feels like a so the good news is the good news is the good news is. That he survived the party and he didn't go out there and into any any harm to himself bad news is that he would take a red lipstick market and put Kirk's oxen as for right. I. Did you did you run like you're looking at them here. But you don't want to say this is a sensitive issue like electronic. Trying to always out there are tweeting yeah hate. Passed Hank Aaron Hernandez. Hate is unforgivable. Acts but please stop using the blanket statement people who commit suicide. Or how it I don't know who she's referring to she's got it in quotes. I think what people are saying is Aaron Hernandez. Took his life. He's account here and why don't you do it gives account yes. We're not talking about you know authorities we don't we're not talking about I don't know of anybody else's individual situation betray we're basing that on its a person a year. Who we know killed at least one individual may be to what he's been acquitted that at this point. But that's what we're took it where we're looking at him Aaron Hernandez. Cowardly way out. Yeah the he's the easy way out don't wanna deal with that the anxiety of being imprisoned don't want to do too guilty more than a fear of not knowing he's gonna shame to not or raped I guess. For everything else that goes Bob exactly so my. Sure I don't need to feel very good admissions policy is that he says I can't drive up Jason of Portsmouth by Jason. All the components. Now mark our credit reports without. You there that don't that certainly believe that a lot knowledge at all. So the award ever entered and you hear Ed an all they're able to read them and what to believe that they actually Vienna. So that the fight went and that they at that. They say to make it look like you know there were side. I doubt be able to get involved because the revert back the book what the trial he did it and it barely a month readout. And then they didn't hide somewhere there's like the bubble but a witness protection program. Watch. Lot of it's not like that's a lot showing off how all of this on his hold on to make. He eat fake his death take this there is a lot of these are lives. What. Where are Internet and now it has since you know he's dead Elvis being eaten up to get big teeth on the part of that group. Steve this is where we started we started with the the legal experts in the form prisoners now we've not surprising that you don't know about violence somewhere the problem getting a getting to him he's gonna get that that to park. The that debt debt to pot you know credit that to park mystique. To box still alive Elvis is alive well what happened who really know. He's dead he's gone you're never gonna see him again he killed himself he murdered himself or and it uses the old John 316. So we use the John 316 which in my opinion. Its basically him just trying to. And sailors and guys. I said I did my life to the lord and Jesus Christ or Marquez on what they did not thought about oh lead just a you know I've been saved. Because god that was that you get yourself to me then you can have everlasting life in the golden gates of heaven and Kate Snow is Scott had he's held. He's burning and with all the other knuckle heads it's balls back committed murder execution style. No not now no redemption for him none whatsoever. NASA does India a story tweeted to me synthetic we just give me an idea always Iraq. So apparently set a couple years back but a Texas man snapped turning into a zombie. After smoking synthetic marijuana known as spice yeah okay to oppose it. I use Ohio spice start attacking family members neighbors running on all fours barking grow I animal. He did did the unthinkable witnesses said Daniel grabbed his family dog beaded choked it in a bit off chunks of its flashlights aided dog yeah. Eight dogs and certainly go to parties and we don't know said he was Michael's I don't epic patent and spicy. Oh I totally believe that that. I would never ever let us out again that was stupid I was. Go to the drug hotline we gets got on paper you know wherever he's got a. Okay our legal guys. Gave it atlas and I are talking about that they too would like that back multiple results well. There is that the kind of a different people that can't smoke we. When eight stock hit our academic pickle on some inculcate Stewart spliced them that's kind of stuff back and pick up at the the local store local school got a seal not Rick Stewart. He does Saudi and place is kind of stopped that naked people freak out and people speak. That's already floor and that story you know all around the united states of all people now eat into card. Oh smokes and vets felt like find the latest news colors sounds like fun to doggy Texas got a guy with. They are doing it the popular within the Texas go to the dollar back. Itself. I'm amazed believe it that's that's that's a positive public us onstage so it meant that and you did not meet for drink in my little caught on all of us really. I apologize when you easy stuff you UH I'll feel a little little lime little and honey it was total water you got a perfect could have attacked a couple of those people it and don't so wait a minute this Kate Snow or this budget saying it's available appeared in public. That is absolutely you know bill o's and the legally EE a legal you can go tiger CDS and yes you know. Yes I don't know what you go to our entire hour that you look at our. The small shelf yeah and try to book shop you'll walk into that so in debt right. Again a little spot and. And I'd actually I'd actually want to document shown people got a supported. Oh sure yeah cash he's got curious guy come and I don't know that documentary started flying with us like to ask you bright side -- your part on and I got arrested they forced you to watch the documentary that's what they don't know drug rehab aren't. The program and the program. So a hard enough time finding. Cigars in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts you're telling me that fits you get certified that's right do you get into you're dates in order to anywhere at any smoke yes I would not know most of Obama's. He's got to hang out Paul. A year ago down the Hampton's friends that we got into beach at the camps apparently from deference or not. Ray yeah. And I think it in Brazil and on Long Island and New York on Long Island and the beach is open and I mentioned ago that was the melodies are getting on me since then. And so this is going to be the excuse well he could. And controls emotions because he was he was unsure how to help you get the drugs in there and they. It's a little tiny thing it's routes that tiny when he goes there in prison oh no things ever go to prison apparently they didn't they tournaments cellphones. You know rap was a so tonight I read and he got a light up a can you swallow it. I don't know that you could swallow I don't know enough but I smoked it I think that if you smoke it it's gonna set off some sort of an alarm or some seals gonna notice in two seconds. So be smoking and on the yard you wouldn't go crazy six hours later. As you can give yourself a tad too imprisoned then you're not surprised one yet a cell phone to be abused drugs and there's not a bad etiquette of the contraband. Coming in and out of of those I read this morning cellphones they do get the cell phones in Iraq but said that I thought he was crazy when he said I don't want the football and yes he's back and I think are getting votes an old old old old well if you want to really tiny ones they can put all. Got smaller smaller smaller. And getting bigger bigger bigger political of those little Nokia and they slide it up your rectum prisoners are going all schools. All of what's amazing it is good that they are slightly due to hold you don't McDoogle. You loved him. Body check but he squat when you're spread them to watch sort of hiding anything out there it's either gonna move them out returned her out. Are what you guys I don't problem even if he he was high. I'm looking at Aaron Hernandez and saying he's a couple. It in the way he is total how little he worked he killed this guy. By the little guy we're gonna have fair fight. All right Margaret ten paces turnaround should at least have you know some sort of you know wrestling match and nothing in place because I've. Make it fair he kill you kill these two people without them even no part in executions heartthrob army can't do that. I only kill you. I think what's where what's hard to play. Yeah. TV classics I six was OK okay 7979837. That is our phone number radio and all I am off.

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