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OMF - Sam Kennedy talks about Sandoval, David Price and more on OMF, 4-20-17

Apr 20, 2017|

Red Sox President Sam Kennedy joined the show on Thursday morning to discuss, among other things, the struggles of Pablo Sandoval, the team's medical staff, and the status of David Price.

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Beats or weigh in ceremony and forty. With Ku and mu and Christian really are just spoiled entitled. Dixon and it was a problem actually got a 48 when a great again. I would get 86 share. Stick him in a boot for the other board Everett and your doctor. On Sports Radio WEEI. Still talk about this. Patriots down the White House. And of course this pops out the very next day and so it's gonna get some attention because as we said last our everything so political. So Jacoby percent to show up which he won the missing yesterday. Optical it was there and if there's there every problem okay no yet a picture right from he actually just it's gonna picture of him with a picture about Obama. It was like it thank you letter to the pay go we call them on the big all of them to your big oh yeah. And he has the whole thing I'm writing you this letter to say thank you wanna thank you for what you've done for the country. Outside of politics honestly I don't know enough about politics to judge what was good or bad. But then he goes on when you said yes we can young men dreaming a dream from right it was serious dances in Florida hurts you when he goes on and on and on. Do you feel when you read this. That she showed up yesterday. The end it was don't truck he showed up because he wanted to be Jerry wanted to be at the White House in Washington with his team. He's almost kind of forced to do this right now because there are people little looking down. On Jacoby percent because he showed up at a White House there we Donald Trump as I've got to write a letter dear big though I didn't come to make it went toward Obama any made sure you're at Durham now. And he made sure that every body shop. That he had a back it's happened back into the the problem I have always that was forced ago and I just wants to you know I'm young British poets when you got what you want to quarter applause this is Porter applause I asked what are applause that I need people to tell me. Okay what do you really feel that way though. And he may really what it quite honestly that what's really important and that his agenda but what's wrong with him showing up. He did he did not say that he was endorsing the trump campaign. By showing up at the White House yesterday he simply said I wanna be with my team collectively. Being honored as the world champions and they happened on or you. At the white house on the South Lawn what is wrong with that he asked to come out now and it literally has apologized give it just hit a red line to Barack Obama. To basically sold at the people that appears that anybody would gain. When they dare going to the White House lawn with that did that yellow looking at gold looking guy or orange guy. You know that he has to do this I was think this is the Twitter reply syndrome loud do I. I would respect in his first heat from big oh heat I'm gonna say you the Saltalamacchia when he says he's got to do when I don't care what he says. You'd be rich and yes there's not there's no better. Well that's different is that you're you're you're always do you know monster dozens of years but I hear just fan but that's that's the way it is now completely that's. Yeah. Oh but you agree with you about the so I don't I mean these are he's almost I think it was everyone needs to do and all the trouble here because other sports community here room eyeball it and I hate mail. I don't like guys yelling and pleasing. It figured that it certainly. On Twitter or family whatever just feel like Philip you have to take heat off of so all of us why we do one. Why do we because we do we live on the left side of the aisle. We condemn the other side in a four on the right side of the aisle we condemn the other side. We can't understand the people can feel differently at those guys talking this morning of operating inches and a budget Zelda one of the climate you know to reach a brief members okay. And it she's gonna be out of the the thing on whatever. What's the let's just say what what's this nuclear what's. What could put prayers go to Butler make Eagles and he doesn't go but guess what what is wrong with having a marriage. In which the wife disagrees politically. With a host it. Do you do you telling me that you agree with every sing other than euphoria who agrees with the same your choice of alcoholic dressed as your wife yet I suppose it depends how. How much his party your life. I. Mean if you are extremely political. I don't know if you gonna get along with your wife just anchored. It's important what you are suppose you suppose you do get along with US the only thing you your wife. Feels differently about. Is is politics you're telling me that you can't get along. Did you hear he can't do that I mean. I think you could lead worse so wrapped up into right now I'd just taken back when I read the Jacoby percent letter and set a goal why. Why did you have to do that nobody said you're saying be closure on the White House won't. That you went and voted for Donald Trump you showed up. As a member of your team winning a championship. To be you know to I think all of the all of that is a dog and pony show. To begin with but your they are on that won't be with your team. Let's talk a little Red Sox front office report brought you by Cumberland farms farm house plan ice coffee. And by ARA they RS restoration specials president. Of the Boston Red Sox and Kennedy his stamp. I gathered that. So we're gonna talk about my wife's political future. Did she agree with you want to show her your political issue disagree with whatever. That's excellent and has an office in Orlando right there like for you just you know I didn't need you Drake which race you're dressed so yeah where where she wants you to Wear. And strap on c'mon strap them on I. Ask about problem because to this point. He looks like he's moving around the bag at third base pretty well with the loss of weight the problem recently right now is throwing a ball over the first but that's something. He said in the past he's got three errors down in twelve games. He's tipping the ball well we all know that all of this has got to be tied into his weight and his condition do you guys have some hype. I'll plan working around him I know a little something about overweight and getting fat stamp you know did you need a support system. And you need people specially when you're traveling on the road lead at night where you can order room service at 1130 after yet. You have some type of support system in place right now. To at least make sure that you're helping him stay on that street mark. Yeah we do it's. Really important and it's. It's an issue. Probable for his career you know I think Q prior to last night and he his superiors. And probable pointed out. Those are some plays and he probably should pay. Hopefully that's come around just just who is all that additional signs around you know I think our team. We do have a network for him we had and network place foursome. Throughout the off. Our medical staff to change that led by Bret Peters. To agreed to every resource. Actionable. He's his team and I think he's. It is great option. And I'm hopeful. That our place I would perform that historically as we need him he would be part of the seventy. Now we talk all the different resources and he had to talk about just different like a meal plan shutting off room service I mean I'm not come down. Joking about Jesse Jesse Jennifer that that's needs to be something that you know you got me to look at is that one of the resources. The key to our resources to be looked at the end of the day you're doing it. Capital here when you're when you're running a professional sports team has you guys know better than anybody at. You've got to have the right Resources Care to people resources team doctors and nutritionists. Training staff don't so fortunate. Yet it is without going into pulled the others. Network they gave to browse GM and he's. Have set up to each and every one of our players have a personalized. Plan that they get the off season and have a personalized plan that's a lot easier to execute. Given that world together the 27 on the road at Fenway on the body. So yet eat eat eat right we have all the resources in the world aren't. Equal resources. Gap that are here to ensure that we get to balls that our players from a physical perspective in a medical perspective. That's an alternative. Sit in regards to Pablo is at new this year. Or that and certainly done in the past as well with them. It we've done in the past for sure all of our players including a huge emphasis on on medical ankle back. Early days and here early days early. It's it's something that they're really as he argued. He. To network of not only where he'd take care but at hospitals care VT we have internal matter and we've got a dream team of of doctors and medical professionals that we were quit that to. Patriots and the Celtics abroad and such huge part two of these guys healthy. He had on the field. Productive such cute or you're competitive advantage in baseball. At all sports. So yeah that's sort of that we focused on prolong the competitive better than than others who are players you know to have a nagging. Chronic injuries or conditions. Put the resources are absolutely there. You know Sam David Price was kind of moving along you're throwing bull pens volume. Everything intensity was picking up John I hope that he was gonna face live batting practice. And I believe the last couple of days or whatever was then turns out that. He tickers he went back to flat ground no longer but like BP no more no bull pens. When John was asked about it there was a setback was it actually specifically. Is that to do with soreness two days ago he said no to the media. This morning he told the media that he was. They they'd actually scaling it down because of soreness. Two questions double one why would he do this while he handled that way and I mean publicly say no than two days later admit that it was soreness whenever he knew was a setback. And are you concerned about the future difference. Well located in terms your question about job Carol yeah not a doctor and he probably. Get going off information net he has an interview on these in real time. We talked a lot about it. But when you go to San when he when he tone it back legal from bull pens the flak ground I mean there's a reason for that that he's aware growth. Yeah look you know people have been in real time medical care. Two. Arms shoulders back and you need. Are he can be treated like. I can't keep her each and every day that some results exchange. Information actors sort of sinkers he cabinet. Carter. It would be foolish or count terror alert for the comment in great detail about what's going Oliver certain players and each period. I. Yeah that. The NHL. Talk about it with the Bruins entries patriot two trees you know lower body upper body. We. Into great detail around different baseball players injuries and as. There's the daily as a baseball player and it recycle today there's a lot more media coverage today. And pay out related. Injuries so it would be foolish for these comments on these prices progress or lack thereof is an honest answer is I don't know I don't know. Exactly. Oh win. I'm going to combat can be ready to Major League level obviously it's gonna take time to time. He's recovering from the injuries bad elbow. And we just a couple of latency problem. It is frustrating for me. For all of us in the front office as it is for the fans. The person's most frustrated about it is David Price. You know I I just told the he's he can get better because we want them back as part of the people we have to be spartans make sure that we're we're take care and health. It's answers he said because baseball is a dated day game because you're playing games every single day there's more information I guess out there. I never understand in Al and it's terrible for us for the media when the patriots appearance at upper body or say nothing they never give you six to eight weeks based. Or does it all the time. Why haven't you guys work while one is that they can sense that did you did you know you know that once you tell us six to eight weeks and and we're on week nine we're sitting on all. At his left arm fall on our. I. Talked a lot to. Let you know about guy I want to work. Forty years here you go cringe when you don't hear anyone you timetable on an injury because only. The walker. That advertise. And comfort do you believe. Yeah it it is hard to get it soon because of the management. That ends in the front office. Space operations executives there are a lot of things. We get go to medical school we don't have an understanding. The anatomy. And the doctors to and so if it is analogy that you wanna provide the media as much information. As I possibly can hand the transparent. Vice a lot of times when we've. He's soft tissue injuries ligament injuries pull strain. Whatever it maybe it's. The hard. And timetable. For return so as frustrating as can be. It's probably best not to speculate because the truth it is most. You don't know you differently you don't know exactly. How long you're gonna gonna be doubt I remember hearing about very Campbell's. Surgery last year and the doctors and I was able to accept you know couple weeks I how it's possible that injured knee surgery due back. The big league level church outlawed is it fair and if it's accurate but a lot of time. Thanks a lot longer than past unfortunately like it is. I shall we got to go get a game coming up nothing against Cuba Chris sales gonna get a bigger ratings than I do they aren't. I guess I RO Saucony Sam Kennedy prisoner of the Red Sox.

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