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Sep 20, 2014|

Cuck Wilson Founder/Exec. Dir. of Even Field™, International award-winning interviewer and commentator and RI RHOF member joins John Rooke in studio. Scott Cordischi calls in from Georgetown, and they take your calls on this weeks issues. David Ortiz sets another Red Sox record, is he heading to the HOF? Roger Goodell is on the hot seat and he joins us for "3 Things"

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Local sports show on sports Radio One most. 37. Look at things got gorgeous she. Everybody we welcome you -- go local sports on 1037. WEEI FM. My name is John -- -- -- is on the road this morning with the brown bear football team they have their season opener. Later today at Georgetown University playing the boy is this afternoon in Washington DC and -- would check in with -- us. From Washington just a little bit with the bears -- going. It is my esteemed pleasure once again. To be joined in the studio this morning by. Not and not just a former. Cold -- in the business but someone that I'm very proud to call a friend of for the last 45 years now 26 years since I've been here. But he has been not only a a driving force in sports talk radio here locally twenty some odd years or so ago actually more than thirty years ago. We go back to the very beginning but also on the national picture as well. I was very pleased to have follow him at eight. Former radio station we worked out here about twenty almost we wanted to go right. And then -- him also at the four letter network -- -- -- -- for a while as well chuck Wilson joins us this morning your uncle -- Gloria to. Great to have you watch it you know. With the emphasis of the capital -- would all the -- Yeah we can do that having a big -- and I would be really good walking talking billboard for a you know hair color in this morning. Now I see the white integrate federal that the white forever you have. -- also are 20 wait wait -- back to the days of you do this -- with in Bel as I even remember back -- -- thinking geez I was a young man back then and stuck with a wider public what the white -- Just the way it happens sometimes. There's so much that we have to talk about this morning we're gonna try to touch on. As much of it as we possibly can sometimes I think -- them a regular listeners. Realized that two hour time frame is just not enough time to get everything in but. With all of the the national the big national stories that have local implications going on within the -- -- the patriots. You know we wanna touch a lot of different things this morning. And we also want to give. Fans of sports talk radio. Here in Rhode Island. A chance to pick up the phones and -- because it's been. How long's it been since she's been twenty years since you host -- -- show every. You know twenty years and that's. Because I kept one. I was invited ESPN. I hid state doing local as well and then eventually we moved. Right. -- remember that whole thing very very well how broke down in 1991. When -- you kind of pulled me aside and said hey there's going to be. There's going to be a national Sports Radio network and if this thing is sting you know it's -- -- and replied that I know it was just its pure luck if I'm in Nebraska. The story time in Nebraska or I'm somewhere else that doesn't happen and they happen here -- show. I had just. You know that well earlier that -- it could have yeah obviously listen to -- -- but I'm glad you brought that up because I think those that will listen to your shows on three other signals. In this marketplace. All of them on the AM -- when you moved here from Rochester New York. Back in the early eighties correct -- was. That if they listen to your showed during the eighties in the early ninety's they realize that shows that you did. We're special and they were really good you had good ratings mean we had you're -- Would -- drive time radio for a while down the dialogue on the -- citizens as you're well aware and that was a good thing back then because that drove all the advertisers but that's how popular. -- shows were. And I was really really you know be very happy to -- on the -- yeah. Was -- the the way we went about it was really good in the sense that we are ahead of the curve of I tried to do the same thing today -- government. Never make you know there's no because it was all about information and getting great guests. The end now. A lot of shows Celtic great guests on and it's all driven by person. And I I was Smart enough to know I think that the force of my personality wasn't going to be something that people are gonna you know. The line for but if you have really good guests -- -- it -- information in if something -- going on we're gonna have recovered. Then if he can get an audience like we had with first and -- to have regular contributors you did. And and -- let me say this about you know the -- that you got they were all great and some of them actually become friends. All of Monday's welcome the year's number -- you had milk hyper junior culture as a regular guest and -- become a friend of years is because we kind of kept -- he's a great guy great. But at the same time. You have to have an ability to connect to your audience I think that's what you did best when you were doing your shows because you had an ability to. Take a difficult subject. It takes something and break it down to make it where everybody understood it you weren't talking down to people were talking to people. In your ability to interview someone is is basically that's on the right now -- that I try to teach my college is a -- Emerson. You know as you know what I'd sure like he's -- broadcast journalism open Emerson in -- and the ability to be communicators. What is really all about now I even find myself from time to time. I'm interviewing people whether it's for the show or for something else I fall back an old habits and -- an -- from through kick myself is why I do that because it's easy that's what you do it but you'll always turned it you always -- deterrent. And you didn't let someone off the hook if that was a tough question to ask. And you phrased it to where. The other person was comfortable with it -- and you always had a -- to do that I think that was one of the great draws. To your programs and -- why now that you're known is as a as a preeminent interview -- in the media business because of your ability to do that. I appreciate that if if you're using. Natural curiosity. If you're asking a question because you really want an answer. You can ask almost anything if -- respectfully -- almost -- the problem is is a lot of people try to ask questions that sound tough. And if the interesting thing is the -- the question sounds. Usually the easier it is for somebody to escape. If yes somebody you know did you -- such and such it sounds like such a tough question but would you ask yes or no answer. The person you're talking to can say yes or no and then they can take the conversation anywhere they are right and I know you teach that she tried to ask. Open ended rather than closed question you don't wanna. Ask yes or no question now but it's Eric -- well that's right but there is a place I have always been of the opinion that there is a place for yes or no question. During the course of conversation for emphasis. And because of the very thing you just said you allow if you're if you're gonna -- subject is savvy enough to understand. What's being asked of them. They know that nine now have a chance to expand on that until my story. And that's that's the the remarkable good and viewers -- win to ask that question if you have an interview subject that recognizes. That that's what -- Interviewing analysts and so forth where you know they're gonna take -- places right you can ask you can interview much differently than you are when you're going to be talking to somebody who you know always going to be may be reluctant to talk but. Again it comes down to using your natural curiosity. And not trying to do got you so much but. Perhaps somebody staked their position and go from there but look it's fun you've been doing it for a long long time. And the amazing thing about that said the -- off their many times the amazing thing has been. The ability you've had over so many different. Multimedia. You know I mean I'll be honest -- of the reason that I didn't continue on at ESP in this last time. Is it almost everybody on ESPN radio which you know is doing achieving near. If an -- -- ESP they're looking for cross platform they're looking for people to couple. -- other places and that's what they get -- -- play at all community whose great there's so it one of the 01 I think the one of the rising star of the espionage become a friend he's a great reporter. My crease but he is in -- Boston answer and he's he is as. Big hustler is I mean he covered the patriot beat like. Nobody else I I think he's one of the preeminent beat guys in the entire NFL Williams who worked for digital -- -- is in boston.com. But here's a guy that learned how to go on TV right through learning how to do a radio interview in. I was horrible ones that are helping get start -- that because we would have him do though the patriots have the you know that we do on weekdays on patriots dot com. And then the SP embossed or start their own podcast and started doing those and now he's one of those in a sports that are superstars whenever the patriots -- news think about it you know everybody wonders where radio is headed and so forth obviously world where it's all going digital. But here's the thing. It's all going to be content if you have content that people want to listen to him. You'll have play -- sets of -- and that's kind of what it's all about here this morning we will we'll get off for the you know this is how you should do it -- -- we'll do -- talking your week we have some. Unbelievable things to talk about this morning. Not the least of which would be. What's transpired in the National Football League over the course last week we spent Scott -- -- time. I think each of the last two shows you know at least touching on the Ray -- story it's a story that won't go away it's probably not going goal for a while. I'm not sure it should go away although I know that there's a faction in the audience jump right now that's what -- -- We please talk football we'll surely we can talk football but the same time. As the story continues to grow I thought I would gonna ask you sort of a general question here at what point in time. Does the media step back and say all right let's. Let's let. The natural. Progression of things tickle me please yeah ever -- -- say OK and that's that's my that's really my whole point. I am upset with the way the media's covering the story and I understand why they're doing it. It's that it's the whole Watergate mentality we must uncover all of the misdeeds and in wrongdoings here because it's our civic. I'm not so sure that that's what people wanna hear. I really don't I don't I'm not entirely certain the public wants here that and the reason I say that -- is that because. Yesterday there was an NBC news Marist poll that came out they said 90%. Of Americans. 90%. Of Americans. Are gonna watch just as much if not more football now than they did before the ray -- -- that now this is the first time will we get to -- well let's -- what's fun. About sports talk radio come on baby I love this. Argument for years. We herded about steroids people don't care about steroids because. If they did they would keep going to games my argument from the beginning and as -- has been that people do care. The -- -- about what happened they do care about steroids that you care about cheating -- about a lot of things but they compartmentalize. They're not gonna throw the baby bath water in the sense that they're going to still enjoyed the game. Even though they're upset -- I've never thought that the kind of polling. People will say I'm not gonna go to games. Even the people that say that very very few of stuff. Paying attention to sport missile that -- trust me until I think they do what are. I have a bit of -- problem is just that we in the media we tend to obsess. Over. Areas in which we don't have facts. To advance the story but we're gonna keep rehash and rehash rehash. Roger Goodell okay what he keeps his job or not. The big take away here is what is the National Football League going to do when it comes to conduct. Policy. This is tough stuff anybody who thinks it's easy. You formulate. -- conduct policy that is fair to the players but also holds them accountable. This is not going to be easy now in the minute you go down this path of saying we're going to try to protect our sport. And we're not going to just wait for the judicial process to play out. Well you're on a slippery slope. Because it's an easy case when you have video it's Ray Rice and -- and pocketed the NFL knows they botched it. Animal talk grow as we go -- talk about why are those real reasons why this happened especially him. -- this is this situation in which you're gonna have a lot of new wants. And we've got this pendulum swing now which is what we do we react to every means and now. Every time there's a situation in which we perceive something bad happened. There's going to be this. Real push that right this minute we've got to go -- somebody's. We let the facts play a little OK okay that's I agree with you there and that's part of my problem with the media in their handling of the covering of the story because you're exactly a hundred and -- -- right there's too much of -- rush to get to a conclusion. Almost so we can like get on with things and that's what I believe the majority of the public wants is to do they want us to. Get on with things that's fine and I understand that because I kind of wanna do that myself as a fan. I would like to talk about the stuff between the chalk lines not outside the lines is of course the series on ESPN is known. But the problem is that a story like this it's too multifaceted. There too many tentacles that are out there touching too many lives and and touching too many things. That we can't just dismiss out of hand. Why we talk more about the complexity. Rather than look for simple answers everybody wants to you -- policy. You know three strikes in your router second thing your out forever -- The problem is that we have good -- now we have to -- and I. For people title -- we have to what are what we are were too afraid. To talk to people as adults and we try to. Many so we politics all that everything is down to 01 sentence you know. Does your songs you just -- things in word and I'm. We don't need to do that would there's new -- to almost everything and that's why we needed we needed delve into this more and figure out. What is going to be the best direction to take this how do you do this in -- fairway and it it takes some Smart mines up. The NFL was way behind this puts those aside. -- society has not taken any of these issues seriously. I would want you to be able to join the conversation. Whether -- -- you'd like to get your two cents worth in on the entire. Rice Peterson NFL Roger Goodell fiasco that's been going on over the course the next the last couple weeks and we'll continue the conversations on this morning like visible to walk a lot of subjects when -- local things as well clearly -- after that's what we do -- local sports. Also want you if you are a fan of radio if your fan of sports talk radio particular. Because this gentleman started the genre of sports talk radio as you know today I met more than twenty years ago all we issued -- it and you know you did. That's why you Rhode Island radio hall of Famer on we want you to be able to talk to -- again here's the number 417371287. 7371287. Text line is 37937. If you like this in this text this morning that 37937. You've got that your computerized useless as an email go local WEEI dot com and guess what you can even hit Twitter. You can tweet -- trucks trucks Twitter -- this modern chuck will act chuck Wilson the old the that's your Twitter -- is indeed chuckles and he old V which is the point of view is right -- -- about the nice nice thing you -- At chuck -- I just got audio -- Michael by my oldest son is a digital strategist he's very Smart about -- -- on this for one yes he had an idol if in fact you know. Michael's amazing last time I think that's on -- -- may -- five years old and I'm like no this is not the same it oh that's good. Until what are you define me as well JR broadcasters the -- breast address or is my friends -- to -- listed as a junior broadcaster but you can find me I -- -- I would always be right now yeah that's there that's me. Well you know for a number of years is sort of -- -- -- understudy technically was and that was part of my thank you are worse. Well. All right so there you go 7371287. Let's go to the phones or that we that would dividend on. On 95 as you still there. David good morning -- on the local sports. Good -- element thank you -- the call. You know that that's how it's gonna get us out it's it's ridiculous it is restraint. My -- this. -- -- -- They're an agent in ultimate. Ultimate it's because. -- and some -- now he's like to they're adults. Got caught on video. You know appears to be advocate groups and speak Al -- In my opinion any guy who let's say candidate Obama's direction that the call should should they -- Eric Idle on spot in Australia and of course. But I am disappointed at where it eighteen Peterson situation that is not getting -- up attention because it's a child. It's a child. A little. -- understand. And and it stopped work on -- it doesn't seem to be getting the attention it and -- -- Focus on that situation -- it is great right. -- up that. Yeah and I can understand that and I know that from her from just you know the fact is they -- point of view of the fact that the child -- live with with. Adrian Peterson it was a that's a little bit problematic but. I'm not one of those that wants to step in on how a child is disciplined by his parents clearly there are cultural. And even racial differences in this country and how parents decide they need to. Discipline but my my whole point is Scott I argued about this week ago when we just learned that Peterson was. Deactivated for the game against the patriots last week. My whole argument is is that. You know you'd have to understand that there's a difference between discipline and abuse in what are it would Adrian did clearly. Was abuse means one thing to -- some kid on the line with your open -- It's what are -- it's one thing -- to take a switch. And make just a well like a belt or hand print put on a child box. As opposed to drawing blood which he clearly did any stepped over the line so. Yeah. I think I won't be racing in Europe. And New Yorkers every effort I'm in my late sixties and -- like doctors and as a child how would dot. It was out of luck and -- still exist in page. Now here and and state of the art world or 60000 -- You know it's important to discredit -- I believe it's. Parents are you disappointed children however they want it to were limited to lead all the law. You know and it like this particular case like you stated. It was clearly more pure than anything else at this point and then it is all a -- as the invisible line really. I think David one week here -- the words a child abuse. We think of deliberate acts of aggression. And in that they have ill intent. What is been described. Is child abuse but it was not an act with the evil intent -- was an active parenting that is dangerously wrong. In for what Adrian Peterson is that he was modeling behavior he has seen in his own life and that's how his parents discipline him. What should be disturbing. Is that at no point growing up. Did you learn that hitting it child is wrong. That the our social wars we've we've -- From that kind of that corporal punishment which works as a short term solution. Because obviously fear can influence a child's behavior. But what have you taught that child about using force as a means of controlling another person. Right. That's why I think in in the situation like this I would hope that this can be used as a teachable moment. In that obviously as a society we need to do a whole lot more when it comes to all of these areas I mean. Elderly abuse is a huge problem in this country it is and talked about it at all. Idol and I don't think the courts we take that we don't take domestic violence seriously you know adult sexual violence child abuse mean. Are you feel about David but it's society wise we have to take these issues more seriously. We go and and did I have a huge sample all. I love the sport you know I just feel that like situation like this -- and equity owners of teams don't step in and make a decision you know what they're safe to the French I don't I don't contract is like your regularly you know. Job what people are employment well in and anything can happen to -- -- recent. This altered the situation emphasis this spot is involved so much involvement. Well also wanted to come back into the game like a -- -- Peterson is a lot to combat can play as soon. Russia vehicle you're not. To me that's just -- sent out the ball. Could not agree more could not agree -- -- just say this clearly the the issue though you still have to be careful in this week. They're balancing rights mean that your illness until proven guilty mr. and that's always got to be very careful about these conduct policies that they're going to be respectful up. All of that Tenet that is really important and that and that's where I think a lot of the media spotlight has been China's retired early -- on this issue in the media seems to be a pack of wolves when matters and these guys. You have to realize that generally speaking these people are supposed to be considered innocent. Until the facts all come out themselves until proven guilty and see we have every case is gonna be like Ray Rice and yeah got the video that is the norm although you know it's really not more than -- -- it may be will be an L that's part of know how Big Brother gets involved David thank you for the -- call appreciate this morning. You know. We're gonna take this of many different directions this morning and we're not gonna spend the entire show just on this but I know chuck that. You know the issue of fairness. Is one that's near and dear to your heart what's fair and for those that are also wondering. This morning as we've gotten started here or geez it's great to have chuck on the radio and what's he doing now. This kind of leads a little bit into what I was going to begin talking a little bit and you'll get a chance to expand on it. Later in the program but what you're doing now and you've turned your your life in your career toward the nonprofit sector. I sure have we started leaf via nonprofit called the field. And even field in a sense is kind of -- push back against this whatever it takes to win cultures that his distorted what it means to win. If you're not winning. Within the spirit of the rules. Then you cheapened. And even field is tried to teach the next generation the the way you win matters. Were reaching out to young people six to fourteen years of age restarted with and the adults in their lives. With the message that how you compete. How you reach goals you do everything in life matters the way you'd do that matters. And it's all about. Becoming a person of character someone who others will trust and they're not trust somebody who has shown that they will deceive people. They will circumvent rules they'll cut corners that is not the way to go through life may give you short term benefit. It's not gonna work long term the way you win matters that's our our message nonprofit. We've got clinics were going to be putting videos together. And we're gonna get on to a college campuses and so on with forums. This we need a better message for kids -- them do whatever takes the win. Excellent and will continue pressed in the -- along throughout the course mourning right now -- gonna get a timeout in here. We caught up with Cortes she's in -- -- down with the bears will kick off their football season of the Ivy League. Later on this afternoon we'll check in with him. And we wanna hear from you 417371287. We should mention that David Ortiz made little history last. Just a little bit of history David Ortiz Red Sox by the -- one. Five to three in ten innings over the Baltimore Orioles and obviously that's not really the story the story is that. Ortiz last night became the sixth player you hit thirty or more home runs while driving in a hundred or more runs at age 38 or older. You know he's joining a very exclusive group that includes the one and only -- in the group that that's. You can be a Red Sox fan and he can be a yankees fan you -- be -- and Ortiz hater you can do whatever you want that still remarkable. That still remarkable. It is it is it can look we know that from one -- to the next it is difficult to compare it's stats. But certainly within the error in which he has played. Ortiz has been a special player I mean really -- for a long time -- And -- I -- that you know eventually he will get in the hall of fame you know do this because of his -- as -- DH that's the way that the game has kind of gone. While people debate that -- he deserves to be -- because. He has been primarily designated hitter in his career as opposed to a position player but I would argue while the DH is a position. Always go at it again it. I know that DPH. We have. The majority of people listening probably have lived in the of course Europe may be born -- this capsule so. I know eventually that we're going to probably -- global leagues DH. -- if you believe the DH then ask you that -- QL -- wanna just played platoon baseball. Because if you did that you'd have the best defensive team out there in the best offensive team don't manager Larry will -- result of that managers already -- in baseball. Oh I mean not that well. The sense that I'm talky but a sense though in which. You'd have some players did nothing -- play defense not just office as to which I'm saying. What I'm saying is that to me baseball's bowl -- the mine is much that the pitcher doesn't that. Because during happening the pitchers involved every single pitch. But a batter who was a DH is rarely -- pinch hitter -- That's what is it that's playing baseball. Baseball is both. -- in the okay. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- it is now. You ordinance that we need as much attention focused on the game is -- in yet. Simply because no one's watching we're losing an entire -- issue and I'm. All the hard. It then there's all part of -- -- generation and -- it needs to have action but John if that's if that's how you feel that why would anybody be against the concept of just playing to put your best. Nine defensive butchered that position -- it's not based. This. Year noted. How are making it convenient argument a lot of don't -- look at. That the DH is here it's gonna be here to stay I get it I know what's gonna go away from the National League at some point but. To me baseball is playing the field it's also playing going up to the plate and I I think David Ortiz should have to play the field Edgar Martinez said plate you know to meet had to play the field mean. That doesn't mean they -- -- all fame and so -- but it is a different dynamic. And then having the winner in terror playing in the field much different game. So says chuck Wilson for a walk 7371287. The text line. Is 37937. And oh yeah the patriots have the home opener tomorrow at Gillette stadium of -- were against the Oakland read news. And color -- yeah how far is that franchise phone over the years Mike -- -- -- -- and that is well. Its goal local sports a 1037. John -- would beat chuck Wilson. 137 effect. All right you have for LSU. -- -- -- Above the -- David you hit to -- little wonderful achievement thirty homers so hundred RBIs. The eighth time in your Red Sox career you've done that more times and Ted Williams minute you're number one Red Sox history in that category how does that make you feel. Feels good this period on me fat guy would say you know. -- in late this that we then. Come often they remembered this tour is something that I. You don't forget about us. David Ortiz last night with the WEEI broadcast crew Dave O'Brien joked mistakenly on -- just a little Red Sox history. He becomes the eight players well a Major League history to go. Thirty home runs and a hundred RBIs. In a single year becomes the eight ball player to do it at age 38 or older which is rather. Remarkable John -- Chuck Wilson is in this morning in studio -- you can round pick up the phone and say hello to jobs. -- -- Is in Washington DC. With the brown bears and the bears this afternoon are kicking off. They're 2014. Football season taking on the Georgetown Hoyas are always thought it was kind of strange and obviously as someone who's done ivy league football during his time as well. And it was always -- disappointing. That the Ivy League will -- playing only ten games but the the only started somewhat later than the rest of college football all the with -- schedules have drawn. Got a -- and grown over the years but to meet the college football season does not really get started until we get into. Ancient eight play. Right and I said that with the emphasis of John for us and a ancient eight play right -- -- of these you know budget deficit that he could -- much that it. Now it's really is you know if it is -- in the at all all right you're. You have Scott Laura I know you're paying attention of the things. And we have to hit the you know the men are right. Scott is joining us from Washington DC good morning Scott. Good morning -- power yeah awesome awesome so. What's it like this morning on the just hours before kickoff and you know this is -- -- that I know the brown has. Not as much going port visited his head in recent years because you had big graduation losses from a year ago. Well that's the thing I mean all the things in what they now call -- -- football formerly known as one double play. No team lost more. Production then brown did they rank dead last in production returning from the ergo having lost. A total of eighteen out of 22 starters all eleven on the up and -- out of the ball but you know what. Court justice is pretty optimistic about what this team can do compete if you get a bunch of guys they're really love to play football and you know he said they don't let them write a story about you you know predicting you to finish sick in the Ivy League and not do much of anything he said you're the one they get the right to story. And we start writing that story tomorrow here at Georgetown of course that was his speech last night yeah. So we'll take a look at Apple's popular this can be John I mean they're young team where they lost seven. Our next year it theoretically they could have seventeen out of between two starters returning. Oh yeah. While that's exciting though it's always exciting to have you know that the season opener and and with the history that you know brown has had over the course the last twenty years or so. From the days of mark Whipple and Wright is a coach justices taken over. This is a little bit different expectation level and and -- and they rise almost every year with Brown University brown football didn't used to be that way and so I think it's probably. Good that the expectations aren't what they are don't you think. Well absolutely and and I think Jon both you and chuck can remember the days when that the expectations. Were not even around for counsel in this. This program would literally you have to not to -- Columbia in the Ivy League which is to say. Pretty poor but incomes mark Portland so leftists. And the you know three Ivy League championships and competing at the top of the league every year in -- later here they are and I thought -- you're told you all you need to know about where the bar is now for this program. Last year they finished with a winning record six in -- war. But to be mayhem there was disappointment across the board. That it was just a lousy season and that kind of charge you like I said where this program is com. On the last this is watch because you know years ago brown football that they could get out of their way. Scott -- Ivy League set up this year. Well I think chuck right now -- if you had to look at it I think the because defending champions are Harvard Princeton and again they're gonna be favored. Are once again this year Harvard they don't rebuild they reload Princeton had the Ivy League player of the year coming back -- quarter rescue. You won the beat player of the year award as the sophomore last year so. They're very dangerous and dynamic offense led by the way. I cannot -- -- coordinator who is arguably Brown's greatest quarterbacking. In program history genes carry and then we'll -- Dartmouth are recovered very talented junior quarterback he's very athletic and do things that broke his leg and his arm. And Colin Williams and a lot of people look at Dartmouth as being that -- that could challenge Harvard and Princeton. At the top of the league and -- It's good stuff now Scotty when ideology get away though and take care of all the big fellows in the room until you -- chances out over this as you know what chuck and I've started this morning off on and but the way that Roger Goodell came out yesterday and and said probably a lot of nothing but the same time I think it's nothing that he had to say because he hasn't said anything in the aftermath of all of the controversy that's been swirling a concerning abuse and crime and in punishment you know in the National Football League. Just some thoughts from you overall -- on whether or not you believe that you know the NFL is beginning to travel the right road or. Are you still of the opinion that the -- one of those guys has got to give up the ghost. Well I have thoughts on keeping you guys discussed before the break and I wanna put my two cents -- on David Ortiz and weathered other DH should be in the hall of fame as well first things first ask you about the NFL. John I said that last week and I'll say it again. I don't know what the numbers are what the percentages are is this. You know issue of domestic violence. More of a problem in the National Football League -- capita than it is -- -- -- I don't know I can think the National Football League is a microcosm of society. This get publicized because the NFL is a multibillion dollar business -- -- popular these guys are considered public figures and stars. So that's why it's such a juicy story partnered the issue I have with the at all -- the NFL and more importantly. Have law enforcement not mishandled this -- right case from the very beginning. I don't know that this would be nearly as big a deal as it is right now on what I mean by that and this can -- many similar fashion to the Michael Vick case. I think people. I think could come to terms with a better and other words of law enforcement had seen the video have lit and this -- have to do some jail time what that amount is I don't know thirty day 686 months. If they had given him that type of punishment and then the NFL on top of that comes out he says okay. Do you get out of jail you're suspended for a year and then we'll include your reinstatement. Then to me. Ray Rice would have paid his debt to society much like Michael Vick. And I think people would have been more accepting of re right back the National Football League a year or -- now. But because this is the -- by both law enforcement and the National Football League. There's a perception a special treatment a cover up what have you. I think that's why it's such a big issue. No I think I think so too that that's a good points dot. I would say this to you though that because of where the public is right now if they Michael Vick situation were to happen today. He wouldn't play again. EPA I think he'd be out of league probably forever and you know one of the things it's really impressed me. About Michael Vick has been how he has come back. From doing his time yeah. And the person that he appears to have become I mean there there is there doesn't seem to be any evidence for any word that he hasn't really turned his life around. Any really positive way I mean remarkably so. But I don't think he'd even get that opportunity given winner of the public is right now. Well I think that's a good point Jack you're probably right because there's such heightened sensitivity right now toward the National Football League and and the culture of of you know wrongdoing that's been allowed to happen over the years I I think you're absolutely right you know. Now -- sponsors getting and all that we all know it's the almighty dollar that's speaking on rabbits and pulled its sponsorship of the vikings. That he be vikings had no choice but to do what they did in rightfully so and edit deactivate Adrian Peterson. And other sponsors coming out and in releasing statements that they're not happy how the National Football League can win the re right situation. You know there's one thing that's gonna make these owners -- And it's the fear of losing money and sponsorship and and and that's why they're acting the way that they are and it's a shame that it had to come to that that that it had to beat this. That prompted them to act. You know what makes people lacked money money talks -- year old walks it's it's that simple and that and that's never gonna change I also am it's unfortunate. That it took you know the threat of pulling out money or the action of money to get people to act but the thing that upsets me the most about the NFL I'm one of those that. You know I I do I really -- very much in the corner of Bartlett's let's get on with football we need to you know let's let's worry about the games but. What's going outside the chalk lines is also important for us to discuss because it's clear we don't have a grasp on this as to what to do what's proper behavior within our society what what happened in the NFL. Is a problem. Everywhere not just in sports not just in pro football it's a problem everywhere is fanaticism glad it's out but. That having -- said I wish that the NFL has had a little bit more of a pro active nature here Roger Goodell talked yesterday about. How he now is gonna sit down this code of conduct. And why didn't -- have a really a code a definitive code of conduct. Prior to now why did it take such egregious. Errors in judgment. From -- and again let me stress from just a few players the -- majority of players actually I think a very good citizens and that's why I think the -- sports as a whole is simply a microcosm. All of society as a whole there's only a few bad apples that spoil it for the entire bunch. So why wasn't the -- of -- more proactive in setting down rules and might might only thing that I can come to reason with years. Is that. The NFL over estimated itself in terms of having a handle on these issues. They didn't have a handle on these issues if they were vague. And players knew how to pull the strings players knew how to get to the loopholes players knew that they can make appeals in it would go to court and we get pushed away for six months at a time and all this time they still be able to play and make a paycheck if you really want to get to the bottom of the issue whip these layers that are committing these horrible. Acts. The only what you get to them is by cutting them off at the wallets. You must take away. They're privilege. To play the game and take away the money that they -- that puts them up on this stupid pedestal that we'll put them up. You know John I don't disagree with that but but the biggest problem I've had in this entire situation outside -- -- BBB. Horrendous act that rewrites committed in -- tell me if you agree -- disagree with that. I have a real problem we have at this CEO the National Football League Roger Goodell whose salary was 44 million dollars last year not. Either seeing the tape. More demanding -- take you know you can be outside the lines -- ESPN and the good that this investigative piece and they talk about how -- shoddy and Dick Cass or not he Newsom albeit their best to try to. You know limit the punishment for the employer. And and it it it it says is much big diamond being that -- the attorney for right. Have the video and even hold the ravens I think it was awful well why did not have been dealt demanded that video before he handed down his punishment. I've got a real problem with that and that's. That's the question I want an answer to with the entire investigation. Could get it in your technique that he didn't why didn't demand. I think this is you know the if anybody has a chance to read via -- -- piece on espn.com. Really it is instructive. Basically I think what happened here is that Ray Rice. Has been a really outstanding. Representative. For the Baltimore Ravens. In as they described in the article this is a guy that did anything that was asked of him in terms of community. In terms of reaching out doing things for kids. I mean. He has. He was the face of MT bank which is petty enormous amount of money and of course the naming rights in the stadium. So they had a lot of personal. Goodwill invested in. Ian Ray Rice also understand Ray Rice was incredibly. Apologetic. And remorseful. And I think he probably made a very. Big impact when he spoke with the team. You know officials about what he had done. And when he talked to the league. The league of course. Idiotic what he had both his now wife. And -- in the same room you never do an interview like that. How an attorney could have allowed that is just unbelievable. But my point is is I think. A lot of this is because Ray Rice. Was viewed by by the commissioner I think. As somebody who was remorseful. And you have the the the victims saying please don't you know take away football from the harsh criticism. -- -- Collins is Roger Goodell has has. Acknowledged he didn't have the right people in the room he didn't have any domestic violence advocates people who know what. Domestic violence is and how victims do respond very often. He didn't have any of the right voices in the room that was the biggest screw up it was and I think that both from a team perspective. And from. The the league perspective. And in the opera thing. -- that's gonna unravel will see what happens is for as the National Football League but. From the TL articles include the ravens knew what they had and they were trying to protect him and if that's second video doesn't come out. You know oh we don't we wouldn't have known it and the fact is how can you not think that the. Every video's -- about a eventually every everybody kind of an average Japanese secrets absolutely. I don't disagree reviewed at he may not have the right people in the room -- any should not -- had re right and is now white together during the interview process. But in the it didn't matter who he had -- Rome to decide punishment for Ray Rice into the cycle this whole situation. All he needed to do was -- that tape because once we also are let's say you get their punishment would have been stern Bozo the clown -- look at that date and said. Giant dessert could be handled they -- -- -- -- It's got. That they blow it we won't find out what the -- do what they did so. Just giving back story as to why I think the ravens acted as they did. And it's interesting that John Harbaugh supposedly. Immediately fell. Just from the first to -- and and he talked to rate and rate supposedly was very honest about what you'd done. Yeah but John -- talk on the article wanted him off the -- He wondered fire in it was the upper management that said no I've just giving it the reason why they allotted vested in him and felt. He'd been a really great representative for them so. That's how I think it happened the blew this big time so society but as we've talked about a lot we want sport to be able. Lead in this area. And that was a missed opportunity I'll say this. Eight Roger -- put himself on the line here he has promised a lot of things. Let's see what they actually deliver because this is an opportunity for the league -- the second time around. Get it right it will make up for what they've done but they can't get this right in the can help lead -- as you know were up against a break you can you hang on through the break that we need electric go to. You know let let me let me take -- and -- I'm gonna -- -- on that Tom Brokaw I disagree with chuck on on the the David Ortiz Ortiz DH issue I should say. Now I do different questions here too I think David Ortiz is going to be an all things from day. I do not think so why because I think there are some voters the baseball writers double hold it against the -- is only the age. And I think the fact that he was on that 2002 -- list. Of guys that tested positive for PE these. Will be held against him as well however do I think DH you deserve to be in the in the case like him but that special hitter who impacts the game and such a large way I think a guy like that deserves to be -- all that. And we're all different I'll -- I disagree without just saying that NC at. For the sport I think the sport is much better when it's played without -- David Ortiz will agree and I don't think he's a first ballot guy but I think he will be in the all -- got a good. Luck no luck this hour round. Thank god -- back -- well let's go bears we'll see you next week stock British team. Brown at Georgetown this afternoon and brown -- football season opener. Four college football aren't gonna get a break in here over the phone lines again for a 17371287. Text line is 37937. -- to chuck Wilson everybody he hasn't been around for. -- -- -- -- Longwell twenty years but he yours hasn't been that long. Oh my goodness oh my goodness there are some theirs and who the heck is chalk lines that and then there are others were sent a triple like apparently is it. Editors are resilient while Joseph Wilson you've got your chance right here we'll find out more about what chalked -- up to coming up go local sports 1037 of them. Listening to that -- local sports show on sports Radio One 037. -- -- Even field is a nonprofit character education program organization. It's dedicated to helping the next generation understand. That how you do everything in my life. You -- how you could -- -- reach goals and. Some were all about storytelling are here in the character. Programs. Encourage storytelling. And inspires. Good conduct my father not winning shot and killed them. And went to prisons I had to go visit my. So we went from home have a nice house to. They don't. One welfare. Not having much food do you. What are you gonna do you gonna get to those crossroads. And what I was there. And I made that right choice -- -- would write me the right decision. My brother was at that same -- world and he made that he that you chose to go left. Right because he does not involve a -- draws and bad guys and hung around the difference. It. Chuck Wilson. Is joining us this morning your uncle local sports world recently -- they haven't. Chuck is the founder and executive director of even field dot -- Who is the gentleman that was also there on the clippers yeah that's former. Pictures from Mitch Williams John was just he lost his brother. Two two drugs to aids from a from needles in his father went to prison as you covered. In week. Interviewed him as part of the New England Patriots won nightclubs football for you clinics and -- rock. The one presences on board directors which is really cool yeah I think it's it's it's been a long time friend and it's great that he can jump in and help you with the even -- dot org if you wanna check it out. On line I'd be remiss though I didn't hit a couple of these texts here chuck because here's what this is what -- from the oral want certain. -- -- at 7:19 AM in Providence think it was W in. That's what you started when you came here from eastern Rochester New York restaurant that's right for you was at 81. I think it was 81 and it was interesting I didn't find out until a year later when I was being roasted that Dave Gavin. The -- they've gathered the wonderful Dave Gavin do a lot of things for a lot of people. He recommended me without my knowing he would recommend me for the job here in her -- Well and in I'm trying to interview with him. In 1980s. You remember course he was the Olympic coach and they didn't. Participate. Because of the the boycott the rushing games end up. It was one of those interviews really clicked it you've had many of them and it if elected he'd he'd remand for those those. That's really cool and so that's how it all started here in in Rhode Island back in the early eighties. When -- did his program on the old 790 AM side and then human tricky elated from there to 5:50 AM for a couple years when the when the prior radio contract was actually on that signal right that's right and when the they lost that. And WP RO got the the rights exercise -- my contract in hand one over -- RO which is you know that's when I came it was tremendous it wasn't it was good for the program it was it was good for the broadcast. It was great for the sports talk because the audience. And you know arguably and and -- because of the of the you know the signal on the call letters and in the branding involved it was. It was a good time for everybody back then until up until the network came calling -- and in 91. They did. And it was just it was pure luck -- one of those things it was just a very lucky thing. You know so when -- of the best jobs you don't apply for and applied and they needed somebody within a close geographical. Areas to to start the -- and radio network and I ended up being the first host hired. Indexes -- they wanna kind of a meat and potatoes type guy and then they put me together with Tony Bruno -- and one night on the weekend we had Keith -- from the TV side the other night was -- electorate so yeah. It was fun to tell the yeah yeah that was a -- that was fun. One question though do you miss. The local sports talk do you miss doing that the chuckles and on sports which of course you could you have that interaction with with people that you have each week mean that that's great. It sing happy I mean I miss that part of it. But. I'm just you know me and in you know how important sportsmanship ethics fair play is there and this is a real labor of love even field and that he didn't make a difference. And this is something is really important this idea that kids are growing up now thinking that the dead had life. They may have to cut corners. Or circumvent rules or do things that they feel are ethically morally wrong. Kid grow up like that that's. Kind of where we army cheating right now but few people what people think that well the other guy's cheating so I'm just keeping up with the other guy in it's becoming more except isn't that. What escalated the steroid race in baseball the church and yeah exactly. All right that's good stuff all right. One more I want to share here from for a wants his chuck always enjoyed your checks and drilled -- books bomb and years later read about his amazing set of life circumstances. I'm sure others remember listening remember but have no idea who he was can you speak about Joseph for a moment. And -- bush bomb was before bill -- junior. And he was with the sporting news. As ever call yes he was he he basically was a home body. Somebody who. Just was all over football. From his home. The end. Rarely ventured out of his home. It was a recluse. But boy he knew football. He was a character. He was very Smart very -- and I know that you talked to over -- -- years ago was it was a lot like him was -- -- -- he was sporting -- well Howard was a regular cast for a long time you know I was a Howard was had an amazing football minded. Get inside the story you know it should be it's all about informed opinion anybody can have an opinion. But what we tried to do was bring on individuals who had. The basis for their opinions. And you know he could learn something that's the thing I love about the interaction cup which is right you learn something every Saturday morning you learn something from people -- great. That's what it's all about we try to do a little bit about of that year on Saturdays in and we also given you know you a chance to contribute your two cents worth and we're gonna spent a lot of time in the next hour doing so while -- your phone give us a call for a 17371287. 7371287. Or send -- text 37. 9317. Men in the text line. Back in the field in with a gun on those two. Published of the bottles anyway what I felt it was -- The back of the day. Be able to do the Internet instead of coming out newspaper articles that you would have been able to bring in your you wrote your big. Movable bookshelf of all these you know I still have those library -- you still have I still have them have three truck head I don't know if you can picture this which -- -- library art you know -- the -- to secure the library books to put them back and children have been turned -- -- some of them can be rather big gigantic one. It took up most of his office at WP RO and he would halt that thing you always knew when it was time show the show because you couldn't get by in the hallways because that thing was so big. -- it took him literally I mean joke you know probably gave what muscles as I push it back are up and down all play -- pro to get into the studio with a good display at the state -- the espionage can imagine these. -- -- looks like to open looks. At what what is the schedule and who is this Jack we we got that a lot but. We know who chuck is -- a lot of you know who he is as well it does. Listen to chuck the first time come on board for -- 173712. Late seven -- line 379837. You -- him on Twitter at chuck Wilson POV. On me on Twitter at JR broadcaster we continue with three things coming up. Our number two goal local sports 1037 of them. Local sports show on sports Radio One 037. Here's John rush and Scott Courtney she's. Our number two is we're in Georgia -- -- -- for a Saturday morning here 1037 of them. I'm John Roche stock predictions on the road with a brown bears football team they kicked off. This afternoon at the Georgetown Hoyas and we're joined in studio by the one the only the man the myth the legend. Chuck Wilson -- The couple. Other -- a couple of others -- pronounce you chuck 86 doses it's refreshing to hear somebody championing sportsmanship in today's climate. And the two others from for a one great to hear chuck and local radio again all is a professional. And gentlemen and the other one says will -- on every Saturday morning it would be tremendous he is the best. It's split and if you're -- you have an open invitation and he. As you go if you listen to the program we dreaded -- talk in the 8 o'clock hour as early as possible anyway. About three things that are happening that. May or may not mean germane to Europe point of conversation what you're talking about what you're thinking about. But just to make you aware of stories that are going on the world sports not only year. But around the country is well Scott and I just call at three things. -- -- I made a mistake first I don't expect anymore just take my work. All right Roger Goodell -- -- he will join us for three things today number one for me -- I'm gonna stay with the local thing because. Oh we have really talk much about it Rhode Island has its home football opener this afternoon. It will be the home opener -- -- stadium in Kingston -- against the Albany great day to its military appreciation day. And youth ball -- -- stadium all military. Presenting a valid military ID. Will receive four free tickets to the game kicks off at 1 o'clock. As part of military appreciation day -- will be armed forces vehicle displays. Four of the back field house National Guard will be there have stuff for the fans to climb onto and do and then at halftime the game the brand new you or IR OTC cadets will be sworn in. And major general Kevin McBride will be the gallery participant in the pregame coin toss that's going on today -- -- into the season. Takes on two -- -- Albany in the home opener meet steam it Kingston. 1 o'clock on military appreciation at least say that -- starts. Very impressed with him. As a coach and I'm gonna be interested to see what he does -- that program because. The things that he has talked about. Are the areas in which you really build camaraderie in the team and you build hard work. Achievement through hard work in -- the current leadership and in collaboration team work that he wants of that team the press that good to see. Theaters to see it would as a I really like off. Only it turns out you gotta give a guy a chance to build a program and in -- he's been -- to the first two games against teams that are frankly more equip Britain of Austin Marshall and a Fordham. In a big way so he gets that opportunity may be you know it's on the -- made -- Rhode Island -- -- is you know around here if it's really been little more than a -- of most of the last ten years or so so are on the precedent I think that he may end up doing very well. Beats it takes time the program there's no question that -- that you're number one or do you have a number one. -- you know the number one. I just wanna mention one of the aspects. About even field were trying to do I just wanna say this you know one interesting -- you get whenever you talk about as we do. About the push back on believing as we do that waiting. Is overemphasized in news sports you get this immediate pushed back all boy here's another person that wants. You know all everybody to get trophies and doesn't want you have kids face disappointment wants to shield them from that. It's wanna make this point preteen sports. News sports especially. The focus should be on having fun. Learning skills. And playing the game respective respectfully and responsibly because if you do that thing. The kids are going to wanna keep climbing. And for young athletes. Still development is more important than the scored nobody -- years from now fourth grade fifth grade six grade travel team. You know don't remember the record you're going to remember the lessons you took away the relationships you form -- what did you take away from that experience and if we could get youth coaches to concentrate more. On developing. Skills with players that he simply -- in and they see themselves and -- As of kids are seeing themselves approving it and they're having fun and keep one. No not a winning by itself will keep kids. Let me play devil's advocate for go for a moment all right. What they also remember the winning and how do you handle that how do you ingrained in how do you institute that is part of the process because if if the kids play and they're having fun. They develop. That desire to compete the desire to want -- kids don't care about winning. It's just the younger they are the lower it is on the totem pole. And we seem to have this idea. That if if Johnny and Sally at young ages don't learn to compete and understand that life is tough and so that they won't be competitive in life what I'm saying. Is that if you got. You know 70% of the kids that are playing team sports at -- nine -- -- by the age of thirteen or fourteen. 70%. According. There's a reason for that in a lot of that is the outside pressure to perform that were putting on these young athletes. They'll get there they'll be competitive they'll develop a passion to play. Let him go out have fun learn skills they're gonna -- do it on their -- they don't need the outside. Pushing from parents and stuff. -- -- number two. Second and most important these incidents demonstrate that we can use an hour ago to help create change. I'm will try to do that will will keep to that mr. bill. I don't know if you know about this but the National Hockey League Andy a chance to become a trendsetter among the big four American professional sports. But the league isn't quite ready for that sort of change at least yet because TS and which is the Canadian equivalent of the espionage well. Is it reported Wednesday of this week that the league is that for now against putting corporate logos on Jersey's. We've seen that happen already in Major League soccer its prevalence soccer it's certainly prevalent in auto racing. It's prevalent in in a few the other miners were -- tennis players. We golfers have worn logos for decades in terms of you know other sponsorships all. But the National Hockey League says. Well we like the money. But we don't wanna be the first out of the box with this in North America way to step up to the -- Gary Bettman. It listen it's -- returned every sport. And it will be an avalanche. And it it'll start with small patches and worked their way up just like we did was -- but he hated all the sergeant television. You know the virtual signage -- -- you get used to it it's going to happen because there's money to be made if there's nothing to be made -- one at all. -- started to an extent when you see the the Nike swoosh is the under armour logo or the a deed is slow and it's already happened. It's just that you know. It's not prevalent like you know you don't seem like you member in the movie tin cup. Owner Kevin Costner -- opponents if -- -- And he's got this meat packing company you have got to trucking -- it's not going to be quite that egregious I don't think but it's already kind of started it just that. I wonder why they have to go out in the do that is the NHL to -- chuck gonna drop the ball a couple of things you and I were talking about this off the -- Exactly you know everybody's talking about the National Football League and lead the way they have botched their domestic violence policy. Well the National Hockey League doesn't even pass out. A domestic violence policy. National hot usually doesn't even have one. When they -- on the -- you know they're one listen when you've got league's. What's gonna happen now is we are reactive society so now the leagues will start taking this more seriously. That's a good thing. My hope is as I've said. That sport will become more of a leader in these areas not be follower because society has been very slow. To. Make moves -- to improve. Areas that we take seriously domestic violence child abuse. Abusive parent to abuse of the elderly is a huge problem in this country that isn't talked about at all. We as a society need to do more and sport can help lead us there are -- hopes all. Hopes almost playing you know in it you look at the issues that she's had. Where's the punishment there that hasn't been talked about there is I mean so. And it's not just the National Football League did they -- of course they did they know that the question is. What do they really going to be able to do and I'll tell you something writing these conduct policies in a way that is going to be. You know fair to the players. That is not an easy thing to do because we have -- society built on innocent until proven guilty in court of law so you're gonna jump ahead of the law. You're going to have to have guidelines. It in a case like Ray Rice we've got video it's clear they're going to be a lot of cases that aren't clear where is the line. How much evidence do you need to take action before the legal system goes through its not -- aren't you get a number two. The the number two. For me would be the the popularity of sports argument we mentioned -- bit earlier. You know we've always seen overtime and every time we have an issue like we've got the National Football League. -- -- do polled say well you know you really upset about this domestic violence -- the Ray Rice and Adrian Peterson in these other players. Your outraged about it is it going to affect housing affect you watching games going to game stolen. And then the vast majority people -- while still ago. So the take away from me as well obviously the public doesn't care all that much my argument has been about steroids at about this issue. Is that we have I think properly. Compartmentalized. That look we want sports to be able to improve in these areas if they don't we wanna hold them accountable. But. Were still going to enjoy. What that sport is that's what most people do it doesn't mean you don't care it's just that. They don't seat. Eight is that the correlation. Between. Or the correlations wrong were they don't they they're not willing to to give up watching games and so forth now the one area word is. Pay per view is the one area. In which fans have complete control. Because if you don't buy pay per view. You don't see that the price goes down right right right in fans have complete control on YouTube Flickr a boxing match isn't worth it. Don't pay the money and so they'll either -- -- lower the price or an -- and have a paper view you've got. That period when it comes to policy. For the most part fans are not unless the integrity of the actual game. Is it state -- they don't put the game is being played on a level field on an even playing field right field even feel like you want to and it's always. Let's jump sizzle right right after believe in the concept of being in an even field we know people cheat but if you don't have that concept -- leaving it. They brought good stuff number three Laura. There are we recognize that domestic violence and sexual assault exists everywhere. If that's very true and it would be greatest trucks -- earlier for the NFL for sport. Overall to be able to lead here rather than follow and hopefully that can be the case. But in terms of sexual assault and also in terms religious doing stupid things. I don't know if you're aware of the story about Puerto -- -- Seamus Winston. He is going to sit out the entire game today and not just the first -- at a Florida State game against Clemson. Well this was announced by the school. Well the president in the labor reported state late last night Winston suspended for the first half of the game you've gone through this week after making some rather. Offensive and vulgar comments about women. Which is just on the list of embarrassments that unfortunately this young man is. Found himself in the middle well the president and the athletic director took the bull by the horns so to speak and decided that they didn't go far enough. So they've decided that he will -- the entire game against Clemson. Which could really swing the fortunes of the college football season overall especially of Clemson. Wins this game against the defenders think here's the thing why did they do it. You know it was the right thing to do well yes but but also. You you think that happens if Roger Goodell doesn't have that news conference yesterday probably not probably now. I mean this is all about public pressure why did the National Football League finally act they reacted because of the outrage they were getting from fans to some degree. But when the advertisers start when he -- And the public pressure that's what rules and that's one of the reasons why it is valuable. When fans will make their feelings known. Or you was a consumer when you make your feelings known. It can have an impact it makes a big difference so it is. It has doesn't have a number three truck got one more forming. I don't. -- -- I always sort of what we've done it's we put things together I mentioned earlier about the the Michael Vick situation you know yeah and you know. About the fact that if the Michael Vick situation. Had happened today. I don't. You know I think it's fair to say he probably would never play in the National Football League again and yet look what Michael Vick has done coming back nobody's gonna forget what happened. But Michael Vick what he's done coming back from his prison term in the person he has. You helped turned out to be yeah from all accounts. It's it's pretty remarkable and that's kind of what we want I think when when people may do something really bad you know the one thing. Good people can do bad things. I mean. -- There has to be some means of being able to make up for things to some degree in Michael Vick is clearly. Don't that's where the I think sometimes though that's true but that's where they sometimes the media's attendants to shine a spotlight it's too bright that. It keeps the public from scene. That that occasion should happen I think that sometimes the media comes after. Those who commit to errors in judgment. Too hard. And don't allow people a sense of forgiveness because of the the sip seriousness with which they go after -- all those people who have wronged and a and I think it's some point in time you have to be able is it okay here's the story. You're the facts as we know them and then back off a little bit with a beat us over the head with it. Yeah I mean look. Mean Michael. It's been re delighted it's something really bad if they're being -- -- out about that I am not excuse like that at all. The thing is is there there has to be we all do things the wrong. -- think about it for a moment. If you're the worst mistake you've ever meeting your life each of us was known to the public how to. Should not lockyer in the public lime light -- but we've all made mistakes things we've done that we really proud of at all. If those became public it would be very embarrassing and maybe doesn't go it's -- it's something like this -- get that. But. You know. We want rehabilitation we want people to be able to come back from doing something wrong because -- past where perhaps society were sack giving society need to allow that -- you continue to be you know and it's -- before you know from all accounts Ray Rice for instance is down 010. Really good things it doesn't in any way excuse what did he should be punished sports -- But. I don't think that that audience necessarily. Tells you everything about an individual in yet that. Is what is security in your mind and my that is who we is entirely and it's more it's more complicated my point is sometimes the glare of the media spotlight tends to overshadow if you will. Those things that you talk about it we only see -- now I'll say this. One of the reasons were tried to do it to back deep and feel we have one of the things were trying to do an even field is were trying to get kids to understand the fundamental difference. Not just between which team he can do what you ought to do and understand in the transparent world were in. That you're wrong deeds. Are going to be out there people wouldn't know about it. And you talk about that all you need to think about that abs were asking kids to grow op at an early age and we need to help them develop kind of -- mental -- So that they don't reflexively. Just. Tweaked something in response. And put something out there sexting and other issues that are really to impact your wife. We've got to get kids to just photos on FaceBook. Yeah that's yet to -- mean how many how many adults have. Lost jobs have lost relation with everything because of things they've done just not really thinking end up. Again it gets back to hate more responsible. Ethical thinking a reasoning. Process that helped you to make more principled reasonable decisions. 17371287. And try to get it on the phone for the rest of the program here for a 17371287. The text -- 37937. -- Wilson Joseph Wilson on sports -- and in studio with us. On -- local sports 1037 FM. And those that type of people we wanna have or or. Organization and part of our decision. Bill. Did you -- market. There's always got to be somebody that decides they want to be known to be a star be a hero be an idiot. And for those that don't know that was an interruption in this the NFL -- -- bill press conference yesterday. It's one of the he Howard Stern lackeys for lack of better phrase as -- chuck Wilson. Formerly of love three radio station in this marketplace or the last 125 years but he was one of the founding host on ESPN radio and really get. I think the best way to describe chuck is the god father of sports talk radio it's. Yeah I think he's got that we're going to be still that I don't they know -- chuck is also weigh in Rhode Island radio hall of Famer as well and -- studio with -- us all morning long and I just thought when that I was watching the -- thing on line yesterday. And when I heard that I said that's going to be a -- There's no way that was really happening -- was making that kind of an outburst and was you know because if it was somebody that was really get some the wrong. There's no way that we would have that kind -- -- what does that tell you about where yours is this just tells you that it is the dumbing down of America is all of interests and he said it correctly exactly what it is I don't know. -- let's get to the phone -- we got to -- waiting for a while and we definitely appreciate it let's start public Reagan Providence Craig. You're there the morning Craig your -- local. Great okay. Real real real and it. Your circle of split again thank you all I've got it two top experts real quick because the first one is well. He moved here would net Clinton numbers Rick you know keen to. We're proud of for a couple years I wonder if he has any book and recollections. Rick -- at that time did -- think Rick was going to be what -- -- ultimately what wound up being. Who could want to -- I did I thought he'd be in incredibly good coach. You know EP -- Germany. What he did win the final four team taking a team of players. That were at. One level. And then taking each of those players and making them better. Is. Pretty remarkable and you know -- embraced the three point play. -- both offensively defensively. And you know the thing that always struck me on Rick is that Rick talked himself into believing that he had the best job there can be when he talked about. Providence College being the best job in this. You know people -- is being disingenuous -- that is how he needed. To get himself. To work as hard as he did and to believe that he could win here. Was wherever he was that was the best place he could be and that's something that I learned over time and he's an amazing teacher of the game any thoughts as to why how why he failed the way he did in Boston. I'd adjusting the NBA is it entirely different than them. In college I mean it's it's an entirely different beast. -- The evaluation. Process of players is different you know what guaranteed contracts change. They just change everything he had success. In New York he did were I think the in quandary fifty -- -- two games they want they didn't increase the win total fourteen. Each of his two years there fourteen wins but -- -- -- it was a combination of things but a lot of it had to do with decisions remains and personal. But -- -- drawn NBA but it's very different game what else Greg. All the other -- vote -- Richard viewpoint on what school are with Fiat coal fired football conferences now for the collective good did when he reviewer. I'm mark. This up thanks Greg Paul Mooney right John I mean you you you. Follow this very closely. We've seen this happen. The musical cheers is just very sad because what we've done is we've taken -- regional as a nation we want Boston College or ZACC. Everybody looks at -- just from a basketball football standpoint about all the other programs. In the travel involved in all of the fans of those troubled and the families involved in the athletes how much they have to travel. But it was musical chairs everybody wanted to place to sit. And that the stuff that went on as disingenuous about people you know -- schools lying about what their intentions weren't so it was all about the money. That's what got me I mean we head out to long standing members of the big east lie to the faces of administrators. In this conference that they were behind it. And one of them came from Boston College as you're well aware and what ended in different things. And it's just had a mean. Because you know one he -- trying to say this is all about you know education and student athletes and it's it's -- money was very clear about the it to meet all the starts at the school president. The president is under a lot of pressure because. Where does the money can come from a lot of the money comes in from alumni that is tied to athletic prowess to pride in the athletic programs -- current and because of that board of trustees assault but you know. -- is the same politics it's the same in as a school president. You'd like to see more people would be willing to lose the job on principle. Stand up for what you believe in what you lose your job. -- voted out or by a board of trustees or by the public. But stand for what you believe rather than just put your finger up in the -- trying to figure out where the winds blowing so you can keep -- -- -- Putting your thumb and your forefinger together and wrote it together in the old money silent on him until it was because that's what it's all about him as you well know and a lot of college presidents act like that -- for -- that put it. If you're gonna have that. Dynamic and integrity if you're gonna have integrity in life that's one of things were trying to get kids to be more ethical thinking. It all comes down to -- what's really the most important thing do you is it. Being a person of character -- other people trust or is it just getting money. Go to Joseph in the bucket you got Joseph Joseph is either Joseph thanks very NN good morning your uncle all. The market the addition I mean that Iraq. -- -- Mexico this year and what he's -- -- out just as. My other -- right and indeed it's been and they should be under oh yeah. -- -- -- The find a lot of money. And -- always think about pitches and not what they can't got a big -- last speaker and on US UST oh yes but now area economy. Thank you Joseph appreciate the phone call a first and foremost. You know I I think -- ultimately right I don't know that the -- being jail time those guys. Is it sort of like you know after the fact but. I'm sure there will be on the will continue to be punishment but. Ray Rice is is. He's gonna appeal a lot of this doesn't -- and see how the NFL handles especially in light of the new. I'll report that's out that as says the ravens kind of knew what was common before the NFL did. As far as. Boston College is concerned I'm amazed that game last week is USC. I didn't think that was happening at all. I want to know where that Boston cup football team is bad because they really have struggled mightily over the last two or three years and Steven -- you know who I like personally as a coach very energetic. I think he's very Smart I think he knows how to play the strength of his team I knew coach -- does go when he was -- coach at temple a couple of years ago. When double was working its way back with a big east simple bullet time thought that he would be a great man to take a team that. Had leveled off somewhere and move on and I know that's why Boston College hired him -- in the did it on the ground I was stunned by what we saw on the grounds has a great performance. Obviously I think it on the Ray Rice -- Adrian Peterson situation I think the situations are quite different. I really do I think Ray Rice. Lacking. Completely lacking in self control. At at the time that he had this altercation with his wife and punches or knocks her out. Unconscious we see the videos just. Pretty horrific. He knows that what -- it was wrong Adrian Peterson of the Kennedy evil intent. And what's is I don't think when he was administering what he thought was punishment. To his child. I don't think he thought what he was doing was wrong. And now listen we need a whole lot of education it doesn't mean that he shouldn't have any punishment at all but I do think that intent matters. And I don't think that he green Peterson this is an active parenting. That is. Dangerously. Wrong. And what. This may bring about is a national conversation about -- that hate the fact that you were hit as a child. Doesn't mean that you should be hitting your child today that we've learned a lot about what is the message we're sending. When we strike a child basically that the take away is that if you wanna control somebody's behavior yeah hit a while that's not the message that you wanna get across and look. A lot of us were spanked as kids and so on you can argue about corporal punishment being effective it is short term. But you know I know -- -- when we made a conscious decision we were gonna striker or kids we respect them. -- -- good times -- would have been in the short run a whole lot easier because it probably would have kept him in line more and I certainly don't think that being spanked when I was a kid hurt me. But again -- that the cultural changes we have we needed to bring them along. I'm hopeful. That this Adrian Peterson situation will give us this kind of national conversation about corporal punishment the fact that -- week which we need to move beyond this. -- -- get another break and then we are going to come right back to the telephone to be and had a chance. -- -- Or the text line at 3793. Says John -- with chuck Wilson on -- local 137 after. They. All day. I try to watch but I can't I can't get -- -- or. I've had of him yet exactly and I am yet they go to. I had a blast this week on PBS watching the Roosevelt series and -- see that -- -- it has been fascinating. Fascinating television. Actually gave up. What ball one night to watch the rose three and good for you alleviation and here that's the only that is that shouldn't. Aren't the back of the blogs ago let's go to Ralph and Cranston Ralph good morning on the local sports. Good morning guys outside of the accolades are hearing -- -- wedge. So well deserved that's always -- I got hooked on talk radio. On your show. You know restricted classy as most respectful to people I mean it was a base -- it was such a lost me personally because. I look how much remember the route for that are sisters right. Because you know. You're not majority read all -- -- course we do amazing. And I get a -- you would come as much as we spark. He'd come running in the actual or all of the truck -- you're raising letters predictions and chemicals every single Ingrid in the championship game when the basic. The joke he directed imaginable comment that this -- that area Indian it so -- -- beating and what was that the stuff. You know what I wanna mention my very close personal friend passed by the -- came into my office you know he started something called rebound. You sat down with -- in that would -- -- changer political or revoke probation it's. When he first put it together it was all about spoke about twenty minutes ago. Was about now how we -- compact. Everybody should have a second chance to describe whatever and we put it together. And of course -- it was hard to deal right it would office last a couple of much because. It was just model and stop these rocket which I love them but you know funeral earlier today we talked about resurrecting him. And we are going to do that because it was a great thing guys it was a phenomenal thing. And he should take we would it be what judges in the Georgia which you -- -- the second -- which keep them. Try to understand and I hope this NFL problem at that point shall. We we -- you're saying you know what let's get back to what what's important. Yeah well said and I'm glad you brought up Marvin is that the rebound foundation. Did try to deal with kids who had made a mistake and get them to kind of turn their lives around and a positive way and I think that's a great legacy that. Great job yeah it's so many good tennis is more you know that would probably would yes he he says look this is go to work and I believe in it right away that we each quote we changed the name. He gets some sort of called the war and that's what gets a response because they'll walk on the floor of oil as an immediate recipient Marvin. Gonna sing with checked just to me -- I mean that's how strong. People will be trying to journalist we it would all of a structure but I couldn't. Just bring Robert alt you have the work that abused mother that however that -- I would agree with that will -- -- thank you very very much for that appreciate that. David also announced don't know either totally yeah. Standing Cranston hey Dan good morning thanks -- Hey John chuck and honesty you. Thanks delegates and only twenty notre Welch and watched him go. Now you do -- -- -- so you have basically the handling of Rhode Island. Well I I could. I think I think -- -- I think beyond the arrow -- no no not at with all due respect -- a wonderful person and is he really should be credited with. Sports talk at least in this area shocks the one that took sports talk to a national stage and it was born right here and ground. Object in the public are there around again no I am I just want. Real quick and up against it. I -- my thing and I fired repeating table yeah apologized but if that second -- -- video hadn't been released. But any and XP don't want. What -- -- know it's got a -- thank you I think that's true -- he -- he'd be playing right now Greenpeace -- would be. Possibly under you know some tight -- Possible suspension pending the outcome -- -- what -- changed her. It's amazing how -- just up one video and it created such an avalanche what's going on right now. There's no question about that and listen one of the things right that's where we're headed I mean -- you have to assume now that almost nothing you do in life. To be kept private. And that's why you've got a relief you know. I'm the president doesn't change the amount you know I mean a one time but the one and -- me about this is the lynch mob mentality that happened. Went something like this going on everyone jump. So we didn't. We were were very much reactive rather pro active. Well she. Thank you Dan for the phone call -- is trying to answer the phone and inadvertently the phone system here. Hung up on -- so we apologize for that but that's what happens when someone has to point to all the buttons on the other side. Just wait weren't you around here. All right it was somebody else that we need to break don't. Are -- done this zipped. It's all over. Chuck this one by -- defense. It was it was fun -- you so much help people where if they want you know to sign up for clinics -- get the rights involved and even feel how -- can do that yup. Good even field dot org. Check out the website. And if you are interested in having youth sports clinic this could be for young athletes or for parents and coaches. Please get in touch with us because so we wanna get in front of his many groups as we possibly can in our message is pretty simple. You know the way you win matters. In this is all about learning values through sports that are gonna help you rest your life. Follow him on Twitter as well that chuck Wilson -- being you -- that even field dot org. Is the web address it's been fun but Leo we can do it again John was great thanks so much the invitation was funded. Get back on the -- again thanks Scott Levine's studio next week. I laxity on the road next week but I'll be a part of the show because I gotta go visit the kid at Marquette make sure he's not -- enough. Next week's my week in the -- and plus he probably will need a mile to buy -- so that's what we're gonna that's what will be will be in Milwaukee next week with. With a rookie that's gotta be here in studio will be part of the program. Saint Pat's time same patch channel if you will next Saturday morning 7 AM go local sports 1037 -- them. Even field is a nonprofit character education program organization. It's dedicated to helping the next generation understand. That how you do everything in life. You -- how you compete I reach goals. -- from local sports show -- case.

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