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Dale and Holley's Four at Four - Memorable NFL Openers Edition - 09/04/14

Sep 4, 2014|

We tackle four topics about the four most memorable NFL openers in our memory (Patriots' games excluded)

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And Hollywood. Credit where credit -- Only NCAA basketball tournament that's what. But the -- better job of having music that's immediately. Identified with their crop. Nobody -- better you know you hear that music you know exactly which. An example -- that if we got a study this stuff you wanted Carrie Underwood but she keeps me Sunday night on NBC it because of special interest for. Not what they built by the way -- and Hank and I think you know. If it's or. Four -- But for. Me. For a four -- your way AT&T this out of a team effort more than 99 -- all -- Americans. -- better network in the opening night in the National Football League I think about today's -- war. Great opening night or opening date performance. We'll start in 2011. The New Orleans Saints face the green bay Packers and it was a battle all game long. Drew Brees threw for 419. Yards and three touchdowns Aaron Rodgers also had three touchdowns passing but the game came down to the wire. It takes the legs out from underneath the offensive lineman Bryant drive back. And then here comes back now the life. Sort of sense of revolt that ended. That's far away if -- was a great end game I don't know that was a great opening game in those guys can stop the job and I think that they -- Surprise a lot of people is that the New Orleans Saints and you know the things -- -- about the -- you think about Sean Payton's imaginative offense. Drew Brees put it up in the air. The fact that they ran. In that situation I think it was AJ hawk. Who made a great job was great stuff there of of Ingram well Michaels was veteran whose job we've known all yeah he's he's -- but I doubt. But yeah that was a out of a terrific start this season I -- his daughter calls them what are the you know it was confused didn't feel that you probably if the other others feel the spotter. May have been confused you that's it for us. Under the -- And that's right away our guns piling Hezbollah ever say anything bad about Al Michaels got belted 27 dollars for the night you're probably not it's all -- I -- ought yeah at a neighbor's home park as you know what -- -- -- back -- the upper deck and regret Al Michaels. I am. -- Yes yes we are Michael Michael a question for you guys. So Drew Bledsoe went number one -- went number two who went number three in the 1993 in the draft all that's a good question that. Was it Blair Thomas. -- it was another running back however from the University of Georgia garrison our summer. Garrison Hearst went on to have a slightly above at a -- career. And then in 1998 he broke out and on opening day he went 96. Yards in overtime for the win. But now I've got back from. He's -- there into the field here the perfect about it. There. I thought -- out by the way it's like football is the only sport where you get some actively hiding in the background in the middle of a touchdown called. You don't hear hockey you know here's the well -- -- and -- it occasionally it is BA. But for the most part it -- say you don't hear him talk. Not a problem. Yeah I don't know what he. The only time I'd like -- got a slightly -- about the guy in the autographed picture of the play by play and the actually that's an awful -- of don't match. Does it you're right but Max doesn't have somebody sitting behind him some Lackey sitting behind him. Screaming and yelling and cheering for a basket or touchdown on the old ones we have some guy. Cheering in the press box that you have one. Did you have an effect on there was ever anything that she thought op Ed article all you beat somebody at some point in time yet somebody that's going crazy in the background now. Lost in this discussion is of course that touchdown -- -- New York Jets and Bill Parcells to crush on their lead time it. Doing Jeff just and. We know that from the play by play by the way I know kicked Al Michaels but it's got Lilly brought a more flourished that would. What -- -- -- mop up like garlic cloves and America when I'm not that wasn't. Three. Me. Last year and opening night the defending champion Baltimore Ravens. Face the Denver Broncos well and they. Faced a buzz saw on Peyton Manning torched them for 462 yards and seven touchdowns. Okay. -- It. Lot of trigger finger tip about this but I'm -- passes were -- very well. Here's the back story is if there was in Denver right against Baltimore. Game was supposed to be in Baltimore. But remember now the ravens in the Orioles parking lot. Andy the Orioles would blow their games are important for the US and it should say they've won all their games. So it had to play the game in Denver instead of ball. There. I mean don't they know Roger Goodell that just respected. Super Bowl champions. Had opened their season on the road. Orioles affairs. Somehow the -- -- to think that if David Baltimore as it was supposed to do. Six such. I. And survivors and if I doubt it out on would have been that game I guess they couldn't open unseasonable -- it was thirty scheduled to be in Denver -- When -- never. That's true to argue about the calls for Al Michaels with the -- race pretty good look like Al Michaels. It probably accurate on the finger -- catch is that that kind of right there without Welker guy he -- product. Time now for the AT&T NFL opening weekend memory. This next and final game was a battle of future WEEI broadcasters on one side you had Michael Holley on the other side -- Tim -- with the -- first the Steelers. And Mike how -- you kicked a living. Rap about it -- Now the only reason that that it made it was because. Let's be honest Michael -- to get many opportunities that Cleveland Browns highlights in any package we have review. Can have a confession. Wasn't a browns for. Really really drawing up -- not a browns. Had a Big Brother. A pretty much. Did whatever he did. That whatever he says I -- -- if they did whatever he told me to do that true that you have so he was. An analyst you find this hard to believe based on like who I am right now I'm a bit of a contrary -- no. I think they're pissed off all of our relatives. Who were brown stands having serious. Angry you grew up in any hurry and not angry browns fans and you can look at the history of ground to understand whether angry lot of heartbreak it. So he decided he was gonna -- for the Steelers at the times he was were. In the coming off championships office it would stand to. It's July it's still so until that game you. No until I went to school in Pittsburgh affect care group yeah I -- people that contrary I think again please people. But you know what's interesting about that. So -- lose that game 51 enough for the Steelers to the next game hey bounce back hey how it happens to anybody. Gonna come back strong. They gave up 41 points in the next game with Cincinnati out. So you open the season. -- -- -- -- 92 points about 92 points the first two games this season and you know today. They they make the play. That may have been. One of the finest coaching jobs of -- Korea Cuba on the top five. Coaching job you know that's what left him out is always tough but they make the playoffs and we wanna play off game. Before -- before about as good as the yet you're in Cleveland. You're a Steelers right now that would go to Pittsburgh you were a Cleveland you know what the Cleveland fans at that point -- just at that point Greg I was just focused on. My career high five and I'm Beckett in this business -- just say that you that how you. -- about your -- -- I'm sure that our roster to average I don't know did you -- a fan of that particular team to correct. Is that continued today. Not a fan of which of the team you you -- a fan of the team -- in the town ritualistic. Right that that are those that continue tonight from a fan of the team Boca. Just argues that being contrary -- and it's good for this fiscal. If you quickly on the needed to and I think that's good enough -- gonna bring it right block and particularly good but -- By the way -- for those. People who work we're texting us and say yeah -- well Bledsoe Marino 1990. And 94. We left the patriots off for Reeves. Opening I CK sorry at all your support for putting -- our. We were looking -- league -- today and not this early patriots wide will do that tomorrow. Europe for Richard -- In and I to music mentioning Greg. Being a fan of the ground. And from the command says the more from another confession I'm concorde. -- -- -- -- -- -- Got to -- some courage to be a fan of the Cleveland Browns this earnest by there was cross into the. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- He fumbled. That they that they had instant replay that maybe it predicament that's the ball crossed the -- report from. John Elway with his own. Yard line. His -- two yard line. They needed a touchdown -- bit or replace I'm just telling you do -- really have to be invested it got to be got to be courageous. Like the patriots fan what are years ago that shot at a time when I was doing right now the man he's in touch now. OK got -- backed up but the true. It's Cleveland in January you know the weather sucks. OK that's fine. And some yards and some courtesy yard but there's no way. They've got a -- 98 yards and -- -- -- Britain and I was a little bit. -- the industry backed it takes. Congress that report team right now -- cute girl and yet Pittsburgh Steelers density of Pittsburgh to go to college and and -- Pittsburgh after. Now. Are you still Pittsburgh the -- and a UNT and fans still rooting for the same TO and I don't know that dealt with that was many years ago I think. My mom it before and cows and my mom may have. Literally and figuratively slap this not -- I remember one night one. What it was a month with the -- money and I you know I met Jamal and I really really ever come. That god -- from mama. -- you want but I've. In the raiders were playing the Steelers. In the raiders' winning. I'll. -- it was a really. Close to perfect. Which -- over me and I was crying -- said. And if -- Rivera with. A it. You must be tired of the reason your crime and let you stay up what -- and I -- -- -- Aetna but the thing. Like the Steelers any doubt that it cannot let my house that were gonna cry when they got a bit of bad.

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