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The Herald's Ron Borges talks about why he chose who he did for the top 5 all-time NFL coaches

Sep 4, 2014|

We check in with the always sunny Ron Borges for discussion and reaction to his top-5 of all time NFL coaches list/column.

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If you get chance. Both local papers today have their NFL preview sections and a -- like to read what Ron Borges has to say -- Very interesting piece today listing the five greatest coaches of all time. Only one current coach made the list probably surprise some folks that. -- ballot check was on that on the list of the five greatest coaches considering our next guest wrote that piece Ron Borges joins us right now hello Ron. Alarm. Oh billion -- I'm really happy because. The call at the right time I would fail are very long. Par putt. And it it's like gambling you know I lost now. They would only a couple of but -- didn't. -- when you well when you have a chance after you after you write it NAFTA you see in the paper and after you read it. Any second thoughts on any of the five that you had on their. Although -- you know. -- all the -- and was very heavily remarks and I -- more than a fuel like. Well all the football compatriots. Some work which you wanna know what now happen to me it was like -- But. I don't -- Guilty to a record -- it -- a lot no question about it. You know he. And org put guys step unite this. Greasy and -- help all of and it's been implemented that continue to keep one -- championship ball all the ball well. You can argue both ways that I area I think what this -- demands of the job in the and the salary cap issues which are I think sometimes you'll bald -- -- I've felt he he couldn't. They see him make that distinction. And -- right now in the -- and the other piece were forgot to list you write about. I've just a party had to deal with things that Belichick didn't end and vice Versa and so. There are almost playing two different games but it's gonna come up with a lot of these lists just got -- out they got -- -- -- let it let -- fly but. I was still surprised to see not only -- Shula but no Landry -- Chuck -- Know old George -- I think yeah if you don't and be honest you know and you can -- or any of the an -- -- There's no question about that. -- They are not aware -- -- so elegant well when he percent. It was. -- -- look at -- when he percentage. What was good you might think. He did have the force who -- of course and that cheers and they were that you know that you routine. What a great coach a guy -- well have a lot of respect for. And helped who wouldn't here about it go to like that's ritual. -- -- so close for the five guys that -- Hit you know the community now that you guys oh. On a panel that didn't go out there -- -- that. If you put. The bar Lombardi had a Paul Brown he invented everything that ever get Erica well thank you work. And after a programmer carry that one again. So. Who you know. -- -- the analyst our program might I ask. He would bet a lot stopped the question about that. You sort of Clark shot you know what whoever put him on. I don't want to do and that and I think get people liked. -- them you know. Yes not a Clark Shaughnessy your laptop as head coach George Allen can't get caught up. That now. Very different you know back and a lot less teens and only -- A long period -- -- action. And actually. Competitive than it was. What we want them but you're sure you can make it. Are out so well here in America -- guys look at the overall winning percentage. You know what is it you might now -- -- guys bombing in doubt it would Belichick on the Internet radio audio losing coach. So which is strokes early and -- are you going that direction. Most is gonna ask you this they softer gentler kinder Ron Borges that you put Bill Belichick in the top five. -- don't know. A lot like what they want to put him with the idea. I want our -- battalion there you know sort of you know which kept it in competitive for a long time we have obviously we have our differences and how he's done what he's done and and all that. But he went five. You know gonna fight global TV. Whatever it is now works as 2013. Years until. Pretty good. Yeah. He did it would defense he went about it but he got there with the offense is that a different ways. But it artist one was not NATO it is number one because the velocity that he watched. Oh lord and it kind of caught -- you know -- and. Eight the only guy look at the one he won the wintry pupils with. You know just three guys playing quarterback none of these other guys have a friend and Little League many many years. Gary is stock analyst all the hall and coaches -- all the great coach and next on. With the exception you'll get the job altering quarterback. Guys but you know -- -- you know we're talking about a freak him on all these guys. Had great players now Gibbs didn't have at the quarterback position that we listened some of the hall of famers. Now on his team and maybe he was responsible for these guys going to the hall of fame but he did have -- monkey did have -- Grammy -- have Darrell green he did have John -- -- -- hall of famers so it's not like. -- Joseph Gibbs just got on the Arab. By dint of his. His his genius in his well. Well now that you're right what -- the most position the most important position quarter -- You don't have anybody to close to -- and anyone with three different apps what like one word would not. You know -- that often aimed at the end of very -- all of -- good Michael quarterback he didn't have. You know -- three -- -- so. You know I think if you look at Belichick over time. We'll see how it goes. But I think I thought that you know there's been all payment and Seymour got a pretty good shot obviously Brady gonna make All -- and are you looking -- so -- get three -- four. -- -- -- -- Although it might -- kickers if finishing but it. It -- not to talk to your brother and about that one. Well probably it -- can carry our tourism resort and I made twenty straight -- it out for a district I mean that's been out. We go farther into the last that we your game and dental work. Lot of straight up. You know quick point cricket player I'm -- as well there -- so I think and the point eight yet and great players to. And but they again you can make a whole list of you're probably victory of the -- to take them off with three other guys in there and you couldn't really. Stated YouTube at their local team. We're talking Ron Borges the Boston Herald Rodney and we said there's only one active coach who major list and its bill ballot check. Of the active coaches in the NFL today -- second. You know. Good question I mean I think guy elegant you read any record a lot of games. Drew a lot of games people kind of get them confused -- and -- -- And any change you guys are real about that many many times. The idea that people's reputations careers and made. On -- game. Came out it's this will over the lifetime -- it and you know -- -- how does the rest of the way Kansas City but does. It is a winner. I'd say he's. He's pretty good choice. But by the same token can you be on the list of the all time great coaches ever. And not win a championship. What -- a couple of there's a couple and halting its they're very difficult you know -- -- name come up and has come a number of times and Nadal -- And what else were to get to the people an -- -- -- and and kept by the in the early part because. That's. Who wouldn't. Players are attracted to bring this the guys in the all same tournament at peace with -- -- guys All Saints play on either and it helps -- -- forcible when he. And don't tell me that her now. There's only 30% of the rest of players ever played football or altering quality -- is complete it's at stroke but it plays such a big factor that I think. For coach really art I mean look I think that -- -- consumables that never even been discussed. I'd never even been discussed that I'd like you within the Roman it will. And every game. I think part of that as -- and you hear you you're out cover the raiders for awhile if you look at the history of the raiders. I would put him as the third best coach in raiders history after Al Davis and John Madden. Well let it be true -- you know he didn't win that he would head coach accused of polls. Champion seemed an addiction was a -- to Gothenburg start figuring that he was the first Hispanic head coach -- to -- -- intermediate fractured nose and got about five civil war are you a moment Larry one. Water to the assistant coach to detect in the Bible. -- -- -- Indicate he would only -- -- -- and I think what what killed it's it is what's at net with a few other guys including speaker. You know we made a mistake coming back and trying to duplicate itself. A Seattle once it's gonna do it didn't Carolina. That would actors. And so they get lost in history. We brought up. Marv Levy in bud grant two guys who went to multiple Super Bowls but lost. They are both in the hall of fame but does it hurt them that they went to the championship game at and lost those many times. I mean. A little -- sure I mean there's there's certainly never in the destruction of the greatest coaches and the least of what do you think you could -- -- -- -- I don't -- I've also partly -- one of the most remarkable numbers need to take a team that that you will -- years to lose. I mean it is the most educated in the one. And they between now and then. You know of course they're hopes course one country to history to take them back again I was really -- remarkable coach yeah everybody. -- -- you can argue in a lot of great players they should want annual Scott Norwood. Intricate but there's and two more layers of paint on Sunday. -- post and expect and in history but. And that's why I I and then. Not put as much weight it won't probably do well and actually -- -- the patriots were all there. Dominance in in this decade. We want most usable -- skillful piece. But it really gone the other way didn't until you get credit for the -- But in the two they lost people yell scream around here on the ship ornament they -- little by any more than one year. Old little -- off and fortune and -- Ron you have your list of hall of fame coach is you can also have a list of hall of fame coach is when it comes to media invasion and in that case. Bill Belichick will be number one going away in today Tom Brady. Choked it number one and there ain't got his own top five is on top five moments. But Tom -- out of practice today. Belichick's not saying anything the players are standing thing let's just try to figure it out. What would be a good reason. -- Tom Brady who's not on the injury report will be a good reason for Tom Brady missing practice on on Thursday before game one on Sunday. Oh lucky Turkey completely. No later in the -- sometimes they you know Michael you'll you'll get a day off. Yeah and I don't want drawn everyday as old. Like I -- right source you can see that world strange and looks like a hum. Now -- doubt there's I don't know. Particularly ineffective awards announced it would know the particulars -- -- -- about it. I'll put my -- on Sunday at 1 o'clock summary of the plane -- What was my guess too but I but I also admit I got nothing to base that on. Now -- rpm based on guilt that. Went left I -- initial write me out. The exception that you wouldn't -- post so. I have to assume that he'll be there. -- got -- it -- without gronkowski he's such action I don't think -- considered much. Could be wrong about that. Just. Think it's pretty hard to go from not mean you know you're really having contact practice. On the golf -- and -- Like fire. Difficult especially that the. Our have our final question for you as up and -- of coaching what may be doesn't and a and a sense. Who's the best team in football this year Tony fourteen know who's who's the cream of the crop. Well -- beat Seattle in arm and I I opened it -- schools -- them this year mostly because this thank there's not that much between two home. -- -- -- Already has -- America blue steel so. Act like pick up an Internet that it appeared. I think he'd get nervous when you finally. Two and that antecedents starts. I thought they'd probably probably yeah. They the defense I civilly indecent to you know Michael -- but the -- Offensives killed police and decent. Travels -- well. They've got. -- -- And it's backed by a pretty. Able -- in the early kind of old school you know and Iraq have a lot even though a lot of Republican running backs yet you they've got a lot India. And they stopped you. And at quarterback of this club like the old -- well aware they didn't ask Brady's been quite so much addressing the -- in the duke in recent years. And frankly -- most it is. Natural that. Ronald what was enjoyed talking football with the I appreciate taken a few minutes and interrupting your golf game to join us. -- yeah I like effect but I now federal bailout altered to make that walk up pretty used to be any time the erotic. Ron Borges the Boston Herald. Joining us right back to your calls in just a moment here on Sports Radio W media.

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