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Will DJ Bean just be our friend? The Producer's Podcast 9-4-14

Sep 4, 2014|

Sam and Zach discuss the return of the NFL, the Haka Dance controversy in the FIBA basketball tournament, and Sam makes his plea to DJ Bean to come on the podcast.

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We'll soon we'll proven fruitful and you know what I quote I just about a twelve of improvement. -- -- see them darker than they have. Video face yes it really wasn't -- Yeah -- just don't even believe. Exam. Being alone time -- to should the left. So in a different song of the interest on where that that this step again. Listening TV producers podcast triumphant return but we are slowly wealthy area -- brokers had to either had to take a breather. My. It was tiring but it was glorious -- exhaust Ian and phenomenal. And we got through it. On to him. Bigger and better than a year I'm better things bigger because those are little kids better because I was intrigued me that were -- a look at the anymore. And that's kind of irony though. Want to lose collar audience. -- well hopefully enough that today big day not only our return. The return of NFL. The National Football League are you I -- for you Jack I did pretty excited. And fantasy players go in today got a good game tonight. Ready for it. Ready for -- two. It's. This is sportsman in July and college football -- last week who care jacked up about bad. Sorry it was -- -- the way you can't vote in college vote in I was the football team about their pretty bad that right there you know -- He football team you're not gonna appreciate college football some of that habit is your football team didn't do anything this year which won the college -- Yeah absolutely what happens in every -- what happens and they lose one game. And still got a chance. For the off now I'm totally excited about college book yeah no on the sarcasm completes our a year CAC through the hands up to me and I'll watch the playoffs I'll -- for famous team it's with -- because he's the man. OK I like -- but that's about it I only watch at the end I don't care about. Oklahoma -- -- one double -- school -- -- -- one double -- school first we don't play one double A schools slot -- not a one double A school basically may be treated Michael one double -- school oh who they are super bird. You know and all of a lot lot tech fans out there yell a lot tech fans listening to our podcasts. About those couple. The big news in the NFL this week that I wanted to talk about it. Wes Welker. -- -- Do into reportedly -- Molly. When he first and then is that what. So he got I saw he got suspended four games. Where things in -- it means yet apparently and Molly is Molly was laced with him. That means you share his amphetamines were laced with Molly. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I think those during trading can't you see him and Peyton may -- team on the field that -- -- is that he -- Jake if he was taken Molly would have been a lot better dancer than what he displayed on the field right there eight just because you're on drugs does it make you better dancer -- -- into him now. It should now does he is has them as a man with total control of his body when he is -- and anti America should be able to dance like among a teacher education a good word choice so suspended four games I was watching me. But the four games -- for the amphetamines after the Molly who's just tamale he -- it would have been a substance abuse violation he would not put in that program and had no games. So keep it becomes and says. I've never done that in my life I didn't do any amphetamines but it sounded like. Took the Maliki no he said did he say he he goes I didn't I don't even know were to get gallery I don't know Somalia and he later -- says definitely she is initial thing was like. Took the Maliki yeah I'd done it but it was laced the -- This this guy there is a famous I mean that tells you how screwed up the and I -- drug policy is now. So yes he what he they get in trouble for the drug he took. He got in trouble for the drug that was laced with the drug heed to that might think he's got to check his product Manny can't be taken some -- -- -- who who would it -- police is Molly with amphetamines I assume it's matter. Assuming somebody crushed up the matter and put it in his back -- I am I would assume so what he's got a test that stuff -- because you tell us that there's tester kids yet they don't exist. He's the pro am here to do that bad just we'll probably should be doing Molly. I'm fine with him doing -- Kentucky Derby I don't care I don't that experience. Might have been having read. And that horse virus Thompson's story his article about the conduct their rigorous than before nine read. But you read that it's ridiculous and then. Picture -- well early and it gonzo journalism or journalism in general want you. How can how do you know or not you can if you don't replay clearly do read I was just trying to play -- -- and in some more sarcasm. Body over my head today. My biggest problem with them and they'll drug policy is like who cares. Again Josh Gordon wants to get high but that makes like a better. -- his recovery. I want to feel they -- -- I want like Josh Gordon to senate and painkillers. I want to get sees all the time. I want him to sponsor lined -- like sour diesel. So this in yields go right to end zone it might be there are high enhanced. I think I didn't I think as you like jump -- and over media attention to pilgrim Jimmy Graham would be agree that we salesman. -- court right now selling cars -- -- -- in the league are -- we addressed it. He's actually selling cars did not like he's fond of the floor -- like -- buy this car I think that's exactly that's not what is he he's. He's what's the -- ambassador. For the car dealerships like so like he -- like dinners and point he totally staff seat and I there -- seven and the egg. Package used cars I don't think you know judge -- like nine to escort you don't know heavy human yet on the floor talking about them miles per gallon that the I'm not just -- -- -- is what college -- -- -- knowing exactly where -- you know Baylor in the big twelve I have a lot of experience with the Jeff scored in. And he's now -- selling cars on -- used. Lot remembered are speaking of Baylor that brings -- -- and -- this completely put you on the spot here. Wolves just crazy NFL pick like predictions this year in my top domestic -- run of the -- with the playoffs. Who does this my first one is RG three is going to be terrible now disagree why's that. Because he used several last year exactly. But it is going to be -- of the year before and nobody was knows that he now is like trying to pass all the time now I think anything gruden. Those grew dancing QB's -- man they're good stuff. Ari do you have any created the predictions crazy predictions I think. The lions are gonna do you really well this year I'm almost that's the only team playoff yes. Wild cards via wild card. I think the falcons give back. Back into the playoffs. That's not going to clearly and you ready for the craziness. You ready for the great when he wacky thing. Brown's win ten games. Which are closed and mark him down a marker that clip. Who Brian -- with a little absence of -- man. -- definitely a special John Ohio died -- a package moment this package. -- the money package Monroe package whose money in the bank maybe win the division. Yes if that's the divisions not I'm not a strong division this year nobody I have to point out to the listeners at their you're sitting here in a brand course. That's of staff my team I'd be like me saying the patriots again we in sixteen games. And mine now my suggestion is less ridiculous than -- -- suggest involved get daddy airs at zero chance at a here. I have margin is zero -- the browns would more than eight games. Now I disagree. And -- -- is gonna get. Booed out of Cleveland and it's not -- him he's from Cleveland eleven and that they hate him now he's now two interceptions of one game and he's going to get murdered by the dog and disagree. Because he's gonna have four touchdowns along with those two interceptions has long -- miles lost in the pro ball. That's another absurd absurd prediction -- Austin doesn't have a growing remember that so he can't anymore. Is used to on the field. I guess. Poppycock. Peacock guys. Pay you. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- The incident a bit absurd to me -- advertisement. From the school. Patients every -- a -- anatomy who has is that you. Who's that in some newsstands. Sam Bradford. Never heard of them -- knows him Bradford who's in there should be an -- Peterson one side we won't even go there. Why now that plan to you and win the Heisman he should've. Oh and it's still upsets you -- Because it was like does Pedro not winning the MVP of say yeah yeah yeah that's aliens and same thing they think you AD the truth because you as a freshman. Only reason one and over him. -- Who doesn't even in the he has even have any more allies in -- he's vacated. Because of all the -- yeah 'cause they're cheaters up there. Over there OO and OU is free of all scandal not all scandal voter must not a lot of scandal right. Fair enough. All right. Aren't going into statues they were they unveiled that Ray Lewis -- we've seen that. No is in he's in the growing unrest the groin breast that'd be like just the white suits matter with a standing over the body. That's going to be the racist -- that you it's a big government and I guess they're true we -- famous quotes to Ray Lewis -- on the stadium. What they're pretty famous quotes on their same Ray Lewis like. House divided will not stay and regular -- Trees trees do you miss riddle we hold teachers to be back and Ray Lewis regular invented America. Now. That's the time to play it out Baltimore. All right this now becomes the voice -- the podcasts where at least give a shout. Or unofficial sponsor. The USPS the United States Postal Service you know that you. Everything I wish that I -- so I ordered something on my -- blasts. And they space and a FedEx I had no choice did you say you ordered and don't mind me it wasn't a bond. I had no choice incentive FedEx that was supposed to arrive yesterday. You didn't arrive yesterday because it was broke. Those those bastards you those. -- USPS wouldn't do that Yahoo! wouldn't have -- You as. I was in a the other day. It was raining out I had some great banter we're both of the people quote the post officer -- both of knowing just like jokes jokes jokes on jokes I left those like. That was a good experience. USPS. Dot com used. Why dot com can they go into the actual post office and of course the camp but I wonder the blue dot com in because we're like -- rival's stance that comes don't know mentioned the name we got we got dot com to -- the post office. There's got to stay with master general to postmaster general what -- there. -- So. That they like to announcing now -- now do weekly picks column on WEEI dot com. I'm so I've become a writer of W the -- com you can read but he writes gentlemen yes ladies so I wanna know -- by one if there's going to be some sort of like. Initiation into the club of the great illustrious WEEI dot com who who like who are you among now. Christopher frightened shoulders and you are you rallies the year well as a big names disc jockey being. Here's the thing. DJ -- doesn't -- follow me on Twitter. And I haven't trying to get Ivins like maybe now it's finally time for the DJ being hand this is the time the DJB you've heard that you have grant. He's like the one person at this station -- like young in my uses the Internet he's on the elements and thinks is cool basically and -- -- But I like I've been trying to play a much like Godot they're just like ask him the following a tournament like I favored a lot of his tweets and like respond now that. I met him in person probably 45 times. If you -- if he walked in the today -- -- today he'd -- -- your. I think you know who I am but I don't think he'd say hi. Do you think you know you're -- and your name. Now -- on the library on that level I've never gone out to him and introduced myself well as -- I appreciate his craft he's like very unabashedly like like he loves. Early eagerly music and you just like will. Openly talk about that he's not afraid to tiger about his love for the -- music and I'm like dad I wanna be your friend will be -- friend -- follow me while we are listening launching given your Twitter handle. Between the link of this thing that I -- he's just this portion of the podcast yeah well known about the be absurd but the best black lists and through our. Thirteen minutes of of their hopefully -- and hopefully. -- -- -- -- Hang on there's a DJ being but I'm at work and have them on the next podcast I'm bomb -- justice here's the really hot topic are now here's the rule. No Bruins questions because I -- I want a near enough time in server rallies like I wanna know about DJB. Like where he's from. If he was like a loser and -- and profile. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- We guarantee you live your room. Yes so how terrible that -- -- TJ we'll hear you're screams yells. And calls for -- -- -- help. And welcome on the the colonial -- Speaking -- terrible music game right along there with terrible Nancy and wanna go on to this fever Hough dance she I knew I -- to tiger and stared at me. And save me oh my god and swear to. Like. Though. Stephen Adams who is on my favorite basketball team in the Oklahoma City Thunder got big key -- and he is awesome love to -- -- used in the big TV is awesome. So he is from New Zealand in New Zealand as a culture role. Tradition. Yeah -- AE. Have got this pocketing all blacks do before the game and it's basically it's like they're stepping like all blacks rugby yeah. It's what we can dance and intimidation and but I like not to actually -- image is colder cultural. Traditions. So they did it against but who is again against the US against the US though. They do their dance. And let me tell you the US today tight jeans hearted and Kenneth Faried witches dumbfounded and confused about what -- ideally I haven't seen or heard about it pure gold because Theres just. They have no idea who these trash players are just like. An early part of that if they move towards the other two regulators are just trying to intimidate -- stepping forward despite what. Like the Hawaii does it they had they do that as well my alma -- it against the same kind of thing. Where all the US players were just really really confused and just in. Wanna be anywhere near them at the time. And and on Drake would dollar comes out and start making fun of -- Twitter on Twitter egos they really thought that the applicant intimidate ads come on now some some of that effect on the actual freedom front coming at what the big key we -- he does. You need to respect my culture. Do it and deleted that -- within an hour. Well so it's -- -- -- heating take -- like a funny joke you know it was like you directly insult your insult to announce. And -- we all -- I was on Golden State now. And I believe the -- meet Golden State for the first time in December. At some point you think punches or -- I think. Stephen -- -- I don't know if you followed him much last year beat -- punts like fort it doesn't. Sit well you're yes. -- then it'll happen. Before the game the whole field under team showing Stephen Adams to -- -- pocket and as -- amazing towards Iguodala. I like that. You perfect the thing is they have you have to win after you do -- and it -- that it's going to be a really good game yet -- good match so. It should be entertaining regardless and I am hoping and they do game to some sort of confrontation because that would be off them. I used to be an -- -- poor man's LeBron James but I on the man. A map on the now thinks he's all hot stuff because he's on Golden State. Every time he called him ET I think you're talking about eight years DeLia and I get really really not DJ being over here but no I -- I went to a large community is alien but that's just like what's your favorite ET. Azalea song I mean the fancy one. I I know of to the fancy one and then she is although Arianna grandparent knows alone too I really know and I would say -- hear about a year big. Yi fan -- -- -- -- -- -- what she's a female rapper -- and eloquently. -- in other female rapper anymore. More than two zones. The -- dismissed the Atlantic and the -- Really has lost my own argument really really great 321. Minute that you don't you know that the EU. This was the producers podcast. Published. Incidents. Four days -- September for the first day of NFL football. He did say NFL football right relatively good. -- -- Look at this next week hopefully hopefully we DJB. That's the goal that gauntlet was thrown down. -- and he's he kind of I feel like he would be and asked if he doesn't -- it yet pulled out. Now he's gonna know about it you're gonna -- you're NetSuite and it just to Diaz into the you're gonna until it comes on the podcast spam is very count until he gets it. So hopefully DJ being join us next week we'll talk about it and it's clearly not the Bruins we're talking about like. -- didn't most uncomfortable feelings and high school. Like his innards are -- you have any questions that you want us to -- DJ being that our Bruins are related funds on Twitter at. -- Gelb and I am an aspect you can also see my. My weekly NFL gambling picks W yes I don't book. This is your first one there's your first one you have -- a -- -- yet so it got published a -- hours a kick out of writing I'm -- -- just found out about it you know. And yes. I'll probably be wrong but you know that's not a problem won't be the first public. -- They editing your jokes on. I estimated Steinfeld stay jolly referenced and they just they took -- -- -- look at Al will position they thought I was isn't -- and would messed up the spelling things out. Did you. Well that was a notice -- then go in and your you know you're -- on Iran's purpose there was to do I got. -- don't understand your gifts no one really -- that's -- we have the listeners. Are for next time I sit tech turkeys that yelled we have.

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