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Official NFL Predictions 9-4-14

Sep 4, 2014|

Tim, Lou, and Christian lock in their official NFL Playoff Predictions.

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He's just playing music selection plan. Which you wanted for a wonderful wonderful wonderful time of the year why is -- just upbeat for the holidays because this is the most. Important exciting. He's the warm place to let this you guys carving out early hours of the night to watch the first game and it absolutely. I -- but I think that that's more of a Friday. Play NFL starts right now but. -- Friday go to weakened a little while weakened -- -- played a couple days earlier -- started that relates Sunday. Yeah I don't know I've been -- this remote. There we go this couldn't pick honestly tell you know feeling low score the involvement of the I think this -- I'm either don't go ahead because I don't care what kind of mood I'm feeling -- -- it is an announcement I got my new ones come on missile -- everybody's in the it was the most wonderful time of the year September. Opening night. Seattle Seahawks. Twelfth man raised the flag misery -- -- it was written like I don't know the bailout. And loud didn't pick in this game well. So -- and so that. It's gonna push somebody off that. -- that's not edit. I was who wants to go first -- wanna do this. We're doing our official NFL predictions. Or 2014. This -- were Joey rolls tape and throws -- bad predictions in -- -- in just thirty days -- -- Lou last year he picked. Elkins to take on the Texans in the through horrible death while well -- -- -- That one well. Every year's team -- serious team from each conference that falls at -- -- multiple. -- tease me and then there's one that comes out of nowhere -- makes the playoffs are tired of some discount gonna go with. With with what ethnic group try to make waves. If you go first are you go for -- -- -- preemption -- sacks. Since the Indy Denver are not aware of you to go with that in the AFC winning a division I felt about it. -- since the Indy Denver I don't know -- Los -- that audience agree with you -- -- -- -- there -- -- a couple of definite -- with San Diego's wild card team. And JETS. A whole -- I -- really up. Now -- that's my that's my it's Nancy you're damn right now -- the -- -- Denver and Indy of 2000. So we're gonna go it's the -- Schroeder was right -- and represent the AFC. Go art so west I get amber of course -- pats in north but the ASEAN the ravens -- I think that's just my wild card pick the south. It's between India and Houston. Many -- think Houston's going to be the Kansas city chiefs of mission has Boehner for Houston -- -- 11 marks. Look at look at it there's always one -- much better at just craps the bed. And new -- chill over last year they were turned the ball over like crazy. Just a new at Mississippi and haven't Kansas City this Illinois turnovers by putting Ryan Fitzpatrick getting a car right now it they -- right now all right quick assessment. The saying he did a great job of Christian Hatteberg overt and stayed -- the rookie of the freshman who really can do the same thing -- -- go to college football but don't worry about fitness -- Penn State -- That it wouldn't speculate that if I don't I saw the wild -- get at least a -- take in the assisted with India okay played safe. Okay and Houston is my wild card -- and the Steelers are by the wild card -- yeah it is for -- I did yes I -- put Pittsburgh what they have seen. Title game in a title game it's going to be Democrats. -- control home field advantage. And negotiable I have five months when he got bands New England Indy Denver Sweden where your universal although Indy Denver over the north. I've got Baltimore OK you can -- -- people of the same guys. San Diego and Cincinnati is my long cards in news institute got to Denver over New England cannot Sasha got -- Hard. All right it OS Holbrooke called write it yes they won't write it yes got Denver in a suitable art Denver the Super Bowl being New England once you start of the -- -- season. An -- like that pick at all. Billy what why because I wanna go to Phoenix are. -- the Super Bowl. We're take it all kind of like -- look at those have to take -- until we predict the pats go that does happen well it you have to somehow win I think right now bad karma bad energy from ten minutes. Just change it -- it all came when you're having them -- -- and adjustable I'm OK with that don't ruin our trip wanted to play golf hang out tend to you know radio row. You know the Tex mex -- I'm not invited a -- that Internet. Not invited to be personally I go to there -- you -- here. Yes satellite -- -- -- Rocco let's usually do -- it now I you know Iowa that I -- now the SEC championship game for Alabama about that -- work. -- It. Sort of and it turned it over America Phillies Seattle New Orleans agreement. Clearly -- battle New Orleans. Green Day apparently did in the wild card is San Francisco and U -- mean this when will it be your right Chicago but done and there. Please change your mind via our I like I asked you -- -- -- -- US Milosevic actually -- that this the I think you're a picture and audio visual Butler you'll. When you get -- as a wildcard. Difference -- coach partner of if you don't have to make the playoffs and I've got. Philadelphia. Offsetting Green Bay in the NFC I'm going to Philadelphia dark horse team to the Super Bowl the NFC. That I collected -- -- like you're Super -- lots of offense. Seattle and then Seattle even though they've. And a good job so far just in the new rules apparently the polls on. Yeah -- -- necessary -- and you go with the system by Democrats are solid and ought not let you go thanks a goal was -- An analyst Zain divisions Billy green bagel in Seattle. While guards in France and Atlanta I was off a year. Because I believe that eleven years straight last place team is made the playoffs and they will be that team this year to be altering. Finish -- tied for last Green Bay beat Seattle that's wee -- That's with 45 -- that are deployed that are blowing 45 to 44 to get all yesterday get well I mean the more you play in green -- for you five good for you suitable -- you sat. Just what you know right now we'll take the point -- to want to be one point game. Go with the over parroting the over and the point. I'm guys in and out nugget you're left and right. I know you're dropping it like it -- I thought I got Seattle Philly we all have the same divisional winner Seattle Philly. Green Day and the New Orleans Saints my wild card is -- -- I -- they have brand. But who else do you think output and from the embassy. Well you said this earlier Detroit they try that's right yeah Detroit rock city. New coach what a whole -- our guys get its -- that is and -- yeah that's right. And then I can imagine the circles prediction is 45 to 44. New England over Detroit general Fauria. Losing team. But Super Bowl MVP with four touchdown I got I got to FC champs of game to get the seats. Playing Seattle and -- the seats winning seeds get home field advantage if that's the only way you gonna beat Seattle in the playoffs not gonna go to Seattle. In the wintertime with that crowd it's just not gonna happen. And I get the pats beating the saints. And I have to score yet. But they're gonna win. Iran and ride off into the sunset at saints on pat thinks that you have so liberal New England you have what really over Green Day Denver over -- I reachable the Sox. -- to use one Nancy I don't know I don't know why else yes I thought Phoenix by the way Jonas -- Yeah I know I've got -- and not sort of assurance that we're going. Who regard donate a drive and a boss yeah let's get let's get a game under our belt. Within that that the patriots actually play games. Listeners not to vote go to. -- -- Oh that's great but I got my good friend a lot of Arab people you across the glass they're the realist became New England Patriots homer off. This talking about go to the simple and eat any equally -- discussion until like -- first playoff. Gave -- is all -- to where -- -- prognosticate right now a -- digital audit the user wants to block there because the bars close at one. -- got -- bought our hearts go out next hour early if you're gonna open later than one or not -- don't. Sort of Super Bowl. This would change ruled -- Beers they closed last called 1250. It's actually pretty good thing for me it is caught earlier you ought to go well beyond the -- the house that you know. 10 o'clock -- you leave it like six nestled in -- at all. After twelve bad things happen this is true. This is just hit me that were out there -- when the super -- show early. Yeah particularly since three hours to dumping throws stay on time right in Phoenix time today they stand on actors and I'm seeing now. So it's 8 o'clock until. -- we're -- with that in general to get done pretty. Back to bed and go back to -- talk about the first show their. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I I got an idea what will this victory mean to Tom Brady's legacy of bill Belichick's legacy top of the hour 10 o'clock everybody got a retiree who needs to win this suitable more greedy or Belichick. Could Belichick -- adjustable -- -- will this win put Aaron Rodgers in his -- class. There -- good these days we'll -- drivers go to Drew -- need this to eclipse Tom break. Iraq and -- it become the number one court beginning I love you guys are talking likely still going to be the quarterback went -- a problem -- -- I. That I still are Super Bowl and the plant is. Here is. Our Super Bowl and regular season predictions where are we right where are we -- -- 6177797. 937.

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