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A trip around the AFC East. 9-4-14

Sep 4, 2014|

We take a trip around the AFC East, and are joined by Omar Kelly from the South Florida Sun Sentinel, Sal Capaccio from WGR Buffalo, and Manish Mehta from the New York Daily News.

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-- -- 48 and then. The NFL season is upon us tonight good days with the NFB operative is back in studio. Christian Fauria boomer Loney and meet him bans on night 37 WB I. Or to go around the AFC east to start to an hour as promised sponsored by climate designed systems get your 69 dollar home -- pre season precision tune up by calling 97829060. -- do -- 97829060. -- two will start things off with the first opponent for the New England Patriots it's the Miami Dolphins. All mark Kelly from the South Florida sun sentinel joining us right now. Omar thanks a lot for coming on there's a lot of discussion here -- doing when we were having -- ourselves to open up the program one of these something's gotta give kind of situations where the patriots are so good their openers but Tom Brady not exactly. Up to his normal high level of success when it comes to go on to South Florida play against the dolphins to six and six of his career. What do you make of by the Miami doing the matchup to start. Lot of old. Six and six in this career. Would you weren -- portion of -- leader of a point where. Tom Brady had won like seven straight games and often -- living up in the second match these. On it it it it's a situation where I Brady is Brady called fame quarterback. Belichick is Belichick -- all -- coach. All both of those guys are the dynamic tandem Indiana bell. Along with their bare in a long that they haven't dropped out that much that hatred are still going to be -- I think they've really turned up the volume from a defense standpoint. Of adding Darrelle Revis -- -- a -- new element to your defense giving up it will work in May -- action that really turned up the volume on your defense. I'm an -- match -- of the opposite. However the monopoly at the standpoint I think they should have taken a step back -- it has awarded do that they'd just be a lot -- it. -- -- the the not the Miami Dolphins offensive line is is kind of in the same boat is that the -- topics like five new starters. You bring a Branden Albert who wanted it strapped to know -- county as of yet. Any avenue opposite corner no more Mike Sherman's bill -- it comes over from Philadelphia. What's different is this offense go look at the Miami Dolphins as opposed to last year. Drastically different I think the only thing you compared to. In the -- adult eagle rock and because they'll come from Chip Kelly system. He helped you would like I was I call it should be -- I mean -- and helping people go from an average and at quarterback the number one captured the belt. I think this often very dynamic I think it has the potential to be extremely sexy on the question is do it is the leader -- -- play caller. Are they -- this pressure -- horizontally and vertically. I'm -- the -- that -- Barry I can go to spots that are open receivers they you know aggressive with -- checked out I love the op -- not a question it. And it beat the scene and it became quiet port. So far too early really hadn't found his match and -- created the blueprint to stop that op -- -- I think if you got another good -- about it and it certainly gonna get my -- an opportunity to develop and become black quarterback about the band that he'd be a topic deep out. But right how it it's really about execution and we never know what what's gonna happen when you when you broke. Is that the biggest question really is come down to that if she spoke quarterbacks right -- I mean is this. This it is just the US same question last year to seems like we always gonna be asking that about him. I don't think this -- I think next year when -- you know -- at the end of may they got up into it is up fourteen point seven million dollar in your option that. They don't necessarily have to pay it picking -- book or the ports to. I'll look to the first bit of the -- year. -- I certainly he's got to show you that he deserved to be at quarterback for the Miami doctor right now he's somewhere in the -- in terms -- here's a quarterback -- and that -- -- group and you really need to stop pushing his way to that second here and shot lead you to the top and quarterback in the NFL. Good to continue the investment that we got I really need a lot of growth development problem. He looked better than he's ever looked he's connecting on the beat box popped -- then does not that important to hold off the the ball too long it was an issue so we take lat that I'll be checking the ball down -- -- -- the op at the spot but some out of pocket abuses that led in the I'm Ryan. And people know I'll -- he would beat and they absolutely you hit it. He's got the same athletic measurable RG three he's just not a bigot RG three. The question is can use it in it -- and run for -- -- first down the game and I am. And it -- continue to be patient in the red zone and impatient on third down which has -- great -- of -- two years. Are you have a chance to be a very good quarterback -- straight to the front seven. Right now yeah. Not that doesn't put them because their linebackers are garbage. I'm I would say described the scene in the deep -- the ride and and the secondary last year the second are only allowed. Illegal -- touched down at -- -- I touched down the entire season and one of them looked at Tom Brady who. Who threw a touchdown pass on only a couple no long year. Are the doctors have proved that cornerback unit they've improved say the unit. So that I had an edit that out I cut out to a -- but they've improved that court at both cornerback spot and they -- -- It should be interesting to see what happens now. Seven it -- good but the linebacker. It just because. They really struggled last year they were the main reasons that -- a -- of out of 998. Rushing yards in. And fourteen rushing touchdowns last year and the golf really people played a shell game movie called meet peak and strong side linebacker inside linebacker. -- now our beat from inside linebacker -- linebacker Philip Wheeler from weak side linebacker to strong linebackers so. They are they really didn't play the shell game at the linebacker unit which will backlash -- -- be interest in that he would help them improve. They'll continue to be a weakness and and -- wanna get the picture the -- because. Tom Brady gonna be attacked -- one back. Omar thanks a lot for joining us we'll catch him again in the season I hope you enjoy the start of the campaign thanks for coming on here in New England. I that is Omar Kelly from the South Florida sun sentinel from Miami to buffalo we go we welcome suck I should do the show the WGR bills' sideline reporter. Sell mile college classmate ought Costello following brand from Syracuse University that we -- that the -- significantly older than me at least a year to write -- All he had episode significant actually -- -- and I -- more hair than me but you know I remember a few times because we are not actually. In the exact and very real live in the same dorm and I think you -- -- on my floor I remember correctly and look at the few jobs and your co owner but yeah and I. Think also you might have been responsible for getting the alcohol that wound up going into my system before passed out here for because get a better fake idea that I did do. I get out of the crowd also a bartender -- -- -- bar that help TV guide had a pop -- -- now for now years later we are twenty years later. I realize I would use. The fact I. I saw was the word out there sell our people take in the pre season for buffalo as a lot of optimism a look like Manuel is getting a better or look like Gus Sammy Watkins is going to be the be all end all rookie of the year. The National Football League since high expectations. What are people saying now the pre season no is over in the regular season is ready to begin. Well you center right that's our what we -- going -- that preceded that and then the balloon has. Pretty much top because of what we've seen at free the united at beginning of not really progressed since last year. And quite frankly you're reluctant now Adam -- field my sort last couple weeks appreciate them because. -- dealing with a couple of different rib injury people from going over the middle and I am getting in bowl game so it looks as though alive feels as though that there's not as much. Optimism here and remorse here because remember guys that you got -- first round pick next you're Cleveland and as much as I hate talk about that with the fuel calls every day about people. Oh my god he is not the -- now we capital first round pick next year depict the retired quarterback so. Know what's gonna happen all that being said it is true that and all the bills player a player projections -- Among them I think they were very very good on the hot seat and they I'm sorry that preceded. We didn't game plan for anyone talked to get a read on the -- showed very little. And being an appealing idea. They get electrocuted in in the fourth Harvick pulled anybody they were emotional straight ahead trying to execute but it didn't execute that's that's that's the concern concern is Vijay. In the skill players around them very good stable of running backs. Good wide receiver -- leaves the -- from Tampa you mentally acute concern. So we also brought over Brandon Spikes and he EJ Manuel was not voted captain by Brandon Spikes was were -- a -- as we word that he was voted captain by the team. I know and help -- actually thank you guys know. He likes to run a -- a little bit and he does that in practice and get an -- in that you brought in your shoes specifically. Were in. Attitude. That this team did not have over the last several years. He comes over not only from New England. Would he when he organization tradition that they've had over the last several years -- Also got to come over let's remember that ignoring the is that kind of -- tandem -- in other necessarily. Always going to be opposition coached L linebacker he liked coach or whatever but if these two guys -- -- or from knowing -- to catapult. Reenergize the altered your ball below which was. These fuel -- need to get a little bit and actually embraced by brought over I think it's a reflection of why he was thinking cap needle in a one year deal. I think -- -- may -- -- -- they make them you know show shall and then the love as a leader that we watch you here we like -- here because. They likely go to -- he's been really really good in the preceding stopping the run an area that -- -- much improvement. You know sell last couple years or Ricky talking -- expecting big things in his defense in buffalo original host of the front four and and the names of their and it's that you wonder you know is is gonna happen this year at all amazes you talk about the office a lot here what about the defensive side. Well the front for the -- in -- in the senate you know Mario link title in Marcel Darius Jerry Hughes went up staying here last year. And really have been terrific getting -- union contract year. This late -- that franchise record guy 59 sacks last year got a lot of time in the quarterback. Obviously look very good job of getting the ball and he to our turnovers interceptions specifically. Lot of that was a product of -- -- and so incomes -- from the jets that aggressive style. He presented a different position. And now he's in Cleveland and he's gonna run that he and they're so. The only thing that was lacking though what is stopping the run they were very bad against the run last year that was a point of emphasis going into this year. And they bring over Brandon Spikes they're gonna try and do a few different things that linebackers Keith Rivers was signed. So he knew very well it was equal Alonso lay out potential rookie of the year -- was second in the key voting for rookie year. Holiday -- now. And the -- one -- really get hurt then Nigel grab them loose and Italy and Portugal under a tremendous job. He can be suspended because he had the -- lax policies and which now into the appeals process is finally caught up to me has suspended one game soldier reports from any -- to stop the run. My guess the run -- numbers are going to be a lot better but they're not gonna get many factors section I think bill's fans. And -- coaching staff overall organizational say that because there'll be less they played -- last point score. Sell as always good it's not -- thanks a lot for coming on -- -- BC Syracuse down here Saturday after Thanksgiving we'll see here right. I would what are. Adam all right that is that's out about chip from WGR. Buffalo bills' sideline reporter my former college friend and he's not line when it what happened up there. And -- to New York we golf management of from the daily news joins us right got to talk about the jets. Here on 937 WEI. -- thanks for joining us are things in New York just get ready for the regular season. -- well yeah yeah. So I look at it is the jets in the number one threat to the patriots to win the AFC east I used the term threat loosely because I do think the patriots will win the east with some comfort how close do you think the jets are -- giving them Ron. In this division. Well -- they're probably going to be -- that second I put my hand is my guess I don't think anyone other don't want an early this year. The jets are really that much better record -- and what you -- -- your ilk are cheap date may appear close to that. 190 this year. I think the win nine games maybe they're feeling it and gain actually -- gonna win more than -- and -- -- I think without everybody maybe. The jets will be and I want this to -- but that tradition it's not gonna happen this year. Where do you think -- geno Smith just holds on -- this job everything Michael Vick is there for more than just kind of sitting behind them. I haven't hit the law trick that I can assure you that he would -- that exactly like you know attack even though he went through some. The horrific moment and currently stretches eighty had a back that they felt comfortable at RBC that much for now what might -- so. If you know dark struggle out of it even more importantly they're looting gain. Because that they struggle. And Ryan and -- -- morning -- -- not hesitate one bit to look at it might make that partly why they got it. At this weekend they're lucky early -- have to be directly attributed to the quarterback like that -- playing well and to suspect secondary that they had. Given appoint left and right now they don't change but it it's because. The quarterback position primarily. And I think -- like they will be in their. Below what have you seen during this pre season during camp. That convinces you that he will be better this year obviously you know Jeff Cumberland was resigned to -- comes over from Texas Tech but he signed Eric Decker. Has he shown any improvement based on the new weapons that he has. Incredible what they split from the creek eaten it that it didn't errant ball and you saw argued that. Come into fruition in December. You select the first couple -- in the seat and you really took care of the ball much better in the final four game stretch you in that. In the creepy thing and really that direct try to -- -- -- do it it -- surety that can make the critical mistakes. -- mistakes that late in the first well we let these in. You can click at the right time critical fault in -- -- high -- cup is enough in that defense that they'll be able to win a game. You know the X-Factor course now it's with -- The injury on the back end the Dimitri Patterson situation at quarterback but didn't really that the general managers what you know and I think. At the quarterback spot in general and create it because of that issue on the back in that really. But the monkey and they're actually talking about how -- you can indeed be the front. Line is absolutely out the front seven pretty solid but that that is -- a lot of question mark. Please give me a best case realistic. Record for the jets by season's end and a worst case realistic record by season's end. And an -- and -- at everything break right there were predicting that finished and six adding more realistic landing but it. 88 it -- in. It -- get you know an industry early that you fear I think contender I'd let -- and they were -- to go -- that happened. There are helping anybody will be surprised at the scene felt somewhere between the seven -- range. Now that happens worst case scenario. We talk about Ryan's job be -- in jeopardy. Yet and I like to negate the effect any one year -- expansion in the he's in there are simply out provision that in the end it day. But I don't know what the jet that the surely make the playoffs. I Alex say that they got -- win at least night gave the -- the issue cropped up in the secondary but. Think clearly believed that they -- what talent and make it left here I really -- undeniable. With the upgrade that you match -- with Decker crashed out in the back at quarterback Mike Vick. But -- -- upset about me into going out and fired eight -- regret in the first round. I think it in Britain we say that they're better on paper so does that mean that they're there. We -- eighteen directly on amateur because again you look at the complete picture here. And admit that they were. Not an eight when he -- even though that a record edit and are openly that -- that matter they clearly over achieving the break. You that -- had a great against the patriots and one other game lecture -- well so. I don't look at that early in the -- what I do know that big finish worse in any date in the probably not what you know it'll be back. It big attache date depending on how they get that that they were in total there -- be other possibilities you expect. Any special opportunity -- really do appreciate the time hope we'll talk again as the season rolls along okay. I'd that is -- Schmidt -- from the daily news covers the New York Jets.

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