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DJ Bean, WEEI.Com, David Krejci signs a 6-year deal. 9-4-14

Sep 4, 2014|

Bruins beat writer DJ Bean joins the guys to discuss David Krejci's new contract and the rest of the Bruins off season.

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Scored twelve. DJ being joining us right now middays with -- it being. He's the one -- the story first English about the signing of David great you know I should say Delhi DJ user after RW TI Bruins -- reports are -- LA DJ air. Greg you full credit did you beat those -- guys to this story as well. All the language and decided I had I -- that make -- sound so great. And I had the numbers. Of the it. Contract -- and the the year in the breakdown and all that. The only thing I didn't have. Well as -- toward the on the no trade clause. I sit at a win DJ personally it's okay trichet DJB when it writes. So DJ this deal for David -- -- I like it I know some people were a bit put off it seems when it comes to Bruins fans that. As David -- she really worth paying this much should he be the highest paid player. On the team. I don't get caught up -- that free agency anymore because it just seems like you're gonna be the highest paid player -- -- good player in your team and it happens to be your turn. It's his turn to get a new contract on the market keeps going up and up he's one of the best players and he's not that much more. Highly paid -- Rask are Bergeron. Was put off by that at all where you. Yeah I mean everything you just said is completely right that cap going up. He's their first line center in the prime of his career. All of that he just got seven million dollars a year it all and all that they could keep getting. I mean I would I would sit Q and the the -- he's -- Lou couple weeks ago. That do it in the brew apps tuition. I was -- we are saying like you who argue assumed she get something like eight million dollars a year from Curlander somebody -- So. 72 -- that's a good number and I know that. Everything people always expect I would say in the pay a whole lot -- Trade oral arbitrate -- -- he's making -- about last week but not these big numbers. And by the time -- his contract is up big it will be well into a contract between them a bit chilly dark you're well. I mean some. All standpoint is the very Smart signing. From Peter -- -- Goodell wasn't there is an error please exporting that they don't retain and so I didn't make -- -- in the world to me. The -- the -- of the league sect company -- you know -- open with several Bergeron Leone's. -- -- Bergeron well that's that's that's a few years later that's what happens you know new market ritzy salary cap goes up but where does he. What is screeching deal stand with was among the first lines a senators or first line. So let it contract begin. In the 201526. He'll BD nine -- eight that are in the NHL and I -- -- immediately when you hear that you thank all the if you actually denied about that are in the NHL you look at the other guys from -- promising that then like you get seven to tie the per cap it in merger deal skin coat is going to be 875. So you look at that you think. Well world it -- you shouldn't be make it anywhere near -- Inco. Can't go to going to be the last European Spielberg. And tugging at a time Crittenton affecting -- and -- -- -- -- in January year. Because this -- will be a lot of 1112. Or something like that. So I mean right now at the start -- a year for the guilt starts it looks a little high when you look at other centers in the league but just like I wrote it today just like these the news. Pawtucket and -- five it looked at the -- right now. But by the time we get into the -- that contract it to look like it -- our number fell Bergeron when he sided deal six. Six and a half a year. That would -- And we're would have -- that your you have to be exciting for certain point but he's suddenly the Bergeron. Contract look like if -- so. -- you know I again I keep going back to it the numbers makes sense. So did you at the numbers makes sense and he's not going to be that Cox doesn't kick in until the -- 1516 season of all these other guys locked up. But it still have this cap issue for this year does is this allow them to wild side anyway that'll immediately help this team for this coming season. Well it's a tripling your -- like it. It doesn't affect this. Christian but it ultimately make this -- -- -- -- in that he. -- always perform to their biggest issue right now -- rice -- and tore recruit. Both of whom are very restricted free agent there entry level -- -- but -- talked to anybody else. So the Bruins if they want to can say you'll take this small number he'll like get. But I don't think Peter surely. Wants to do that because he he's long had good relationships with his players that -- usually takes care of them so. They've got it comes down to the fact that they've got to move somebody had done it expects 3.2 million dollars -- -- spent all these two players. -- upload -- rally that I'm not happy -- it -- million dollar a year outlet. Now -- got -- the start that yet last year was one of the Bruins better post even players in solid crew. I mean crew give recruited Uga -- different make our car like we see we can do. All of those players -- -- or current period after year so it comes down and having moved somebody simple logical. -- -- look at now is charging -- could get the -- bit. They were gonna it would be -- aside all the bulk scratchy in -- acquitted two biggest game. There were up at -- year so now that looking -- and the wonder. In the -- -- it happened and you look at the guy. DJ being brews beer importer WEEI. Dot com real quick here deejay before we go as far as crate she in the rest the forwards in the top two lines how you think the pairings are gonna shake out when we're done watching training camp. Well at thirteen. Assuming you're dead -- trading week doesn't bring back. I talk blind Albert right wing. We terrible guarantee that it won't. A really bad doesn't happen then you look at it Louis Ericsson on the line with -- -- -- -- Air and you publicly about the 82 line goes up Bergeron between -- -- it wrote that there. Are they make it public brutally -- to say hello Louis Eric and what on -- are good obviously Ed is. That they were last year forum. You would. Better but these are very good post he's been. And that he heard what they're giving -- all the little those games thought. Rest for the playoffs. They're -- Erickson -- about her slide in Italy Ericsson was a monster when he was flying with cracks. He got that power they like or that game against Philadelphia. -- I mean Ericsson is accrue your first line player who last year I had difficulty adjusting to new team. And part not all on him part that salt on -- injuries but I think they'll all that -- you put him with David crunchy and that things are gonna happen. DJ that some months ago -- looked in the story congratulations and many languages and now we'll talk to again -- all right. Appreciate. -- DJ being.

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