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Should Amphetamines count as a Performance Enhancing Drug? 9-4-14

Sep 4, 2014|

With Wes Welker's recent suspension for using Molly laced with amphetamines, the guys discuss the merits of the NFL substance-abuse and PED policies.

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And a lot of people but it seems to send one person has to have you must have been removed and to -- -- death route through. It's -- Remember X-Men up through village new sensor instead of very very there was truce. A lot of people have to step up. Okay -- document moss Wes Welker spent four games or PED youths. Immensely Maloney Christian Fauria together in studio for the first time a long time on this first day of NFL action to remember Thursday night get your fantasy lineups in -- of fantasy football it's your fantasy lineups in. Because tonight starts off. He arrives in Canada. Were. Go to -- The medical wrote it and but I not a consumer router -- -- Joey doing karaoke not Lou -- is Osmond I -- I have officially challenged him. Two doctors and yes he's. How to sing -- that is part already for Mike -- existence it's not a Nokia earlier but this is no we're not doing this in studio that we need to go. This is road trip this is ready to go you -- only studio now we don't want -- we wanna go out with the people we've got to find a karaoke bar. I swear that he karaoke bars -- the -- on Christians about the people -- and wrong way. -- Colored car out -- that -- bet that's -- so while she's lived there asleep and I've read the paper -- -- through the and then the first Sunoco and here's what. This is what the littered red here comes the good part of IP that god. And the -- -- the -- that they and you do that. You do that. It's part of an audience -- it's it's not it's not karaoke is it more about how late. How would you -- as well -- not muscular thing about winning the crowd is winning the crowd Russell Crowe to glad hand yes it's not change yes so that's -- Joey I don't know it's it's all about song selection. You pick a song that as a result you know that's the very touching this is an important sought to meet a lot of meetings no boots he sucked it off the states. This one yet yet you gotta bring. -- though CCC and I'm not talking right now yeah he's he's he's merely wanted to do. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Yes ever straws -- six draws yet people are back washing out glossy like everybody doing things -- all your. Legs and it's so heavy -- make those thing are you up to me it's just -- -- -- -- memory I have from that New Year's source boy have those things at the end of -- -- sometimes are loyal to catch -- yeah I tried to. Well OK I -- in my getting enough are you hogging -- you you got those big big strong outside -- bad idea bad idea -- citizens and -- so we heard from Peyton Manning coming back from commercial break about the Wes Welker PDs situation -- you are furious eluded you here Tom Brady you know talking about it when he was asked. I press conference. It was as a chuckle yet had a little laugh and I got the impression that he was trying as hard as he possibly could. You'd dismiss any and -- further questions. About Wes Welker and in an effort to do so he's gonna be as dismissive as humanly possible. I got lukewarm about it. We know. And we hear that last part that was the way you see him take everything right and yeah -- -- see him pop pills good the last part yes it is -- your -- to -- the last part of your resort. -- -- I -- locomotive. And you know. There is reminiscent. Hawk crowd is crazy. Are now on the seller. There's some on line -- said he -- cool too dismissive that's. Not upfront enough about it maybe eating get the severity that people were linking him to Wes Welker on that party day and people were suggesting that maybe he did the same thing -- To to kind of blown off -- way. Didn't connote his seriousness. Just. Seriousness or -- You -- and it at all well that's just -- mean no real people a patriot fans. -- you know I'm just have so he was asked if he -- Wes Welker take any drugs. I can't go any I was a passive aggressively as saying did you do to had to laugh was sort of light. Really peculiar it it's either a laugh yes he did yes but. You know it's a lap of holy cow like if you only knew what happens we'll -- already -- -- caller. And that means or at all if you really -- west you know he would never do anything like that those two options oh my god that that lap and that man is only got a few really solid happened you guys would be amazed about crazy. That whole -- got ports. -- is the purest cleanest guy in the entire league and he has no interest and. Any of that stuff is off yet if -- -- -- -- with a laugh about it. We're here to make any -- and or Robertson. Those guys they ever showed up -- a drug -- -- you think we'd find out about it or are you excel. Well given the NFL may -- -- What do what does that -- these -- drug policy is zero you know hot hot hot. You're a -- down is that no -- not policy and just sit Vanessa you've got. Edit I could care less if west -- picking -- -- you want a hard I don't care personal choice. Do what you want don't shoot yourself illegal steroids or. Yes OK it is so is -- marijuana I could care less to be still marijuana OK I could care less what all of it. Really it's about steroids that HGH from the get about pesticide testing for years ago. Didn't say you made it should be about no age so they're suspending players afraid that it means Molly -- -- alcohol. And yet the aids institute HGH testing three years ago. Have they started it yet you know I think -- I think that's come -- healthy happy if not the way they haven't no -- why. Because Jennifer doesn't care Tony's future steroids. They don't care it's accepted with a fan base nobody cares if NFL players that any future steroids. -- -- They do all they don't I do you care all of a hell yes I did you think you're due to you -- -- in -- -- I don't think it's as rapid as it used to be. Because they are just worked there onto it and you got a light there on the back to guys particularly notes come down upon you can't just it. Yeah -- you don't just put you. They don't or are you know I don't dig a little more style and a focus they're allowed to -- What they what -- start to find out is -- just using. And try to figure out different ways to get that edge in one of those edges is that is that whole -- all makes it's at that -- mean it's that let me get jacked up so it. After all it's like is six insist like little stuff on the sidewalk I don't as a Little -- off an aside I -- toll is reduced to get your heart rate going and -- up a little bit and pitcher excitedly I know it's an enemy the typical career. You know Roy and HG HR a different level yet and it's hard all the units in all the guys that its -- snagged by federal. What -- all this if you could snack rarely just dump on name one is about bank for steroids. Just because they're not doing it anymore rehab soon but -- -- -- -- LeBron knocked -- I got -- AC general barrel. HCH. -- only get Boston running arson because you buyer you -- caught because he gets brought to your house. The NFL doesn't care if they did they would have to be testing for HGH. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Getting old and all that appropriated to focus and Dejuan always going to be slow -- I don't know but you shelf it -- it was due to get a what do you think I don't know listen. They don't care. They're just running around in circles. It's all they care about is in Federer means and we need. It is a shallow hole but the final performance enhancing drugs. I never was wanna consider and fed it means perform to its. Okay is it our laments I I would in a second I -- I would publish a have to. Should -- with what. -- -- Dobbs that it's your performance -- second added that helps the pain and helping managed medically prescribed though by the -- so set in and if you want you can listen you could say it helps your performance -- some -- to those -- and also the lead sort of add a sort of aspirin helps sodas ice -- so we -- you know your stuff. -- -- right now for -- -- did not shoot them up at halftime on just say -- doesn't and it's an illegal drug. There are people out Hollywood could shoot up legally appreciate Alter but it's illegal in the NFL because formatting it's Exxon saint define it. Anything that helps me performance feel because then all my gut then what isn't. What if you're arguing that the NFL. Drug testing policies hypocritical they are here arguing that the NFL is inconsistent with its punishment for not only this but also like we talked about the four domestic violence Ray Rice announced I completely agree with you but. Are you suggesting that they should be more lenient with Wes Welker should they be more lenient with Josh Gordon. Or -- just be stricter against HGH. Stricker against a CH OK. And if he's not funny because it just disregard it. They'll endless and its actually laughable that you gonna suspend guys for and -- it means in wheat. And alcohol so -- -- -- well it just it just went now ignoring HGH. That is. Is it a BHD say I'm all for a and it Laporte and because enough people. They'll tell you that if you're HGH is anyways to get around the whole steroid thing as well so. If you're not barring HCH a banning it. And they you've. It NFL does not hear any guy late ninety's. Everybody accused of the biggest crime they had was -- returned there are just. Just turned a -- a black guy the whole thing. -- are -- just what you did kids she pretty much OK for the kids it was like a laughable. And now the NFL's doing it was like I don't care just wanna watch a good product I get it. That's why don't watch till I want you to superstars infield but don't come after me like you're some great drug policy program. You're allowing -- Yates weekly. In ten years -- -- Chicago what they remembered that Rodney Harrison got busted for HGH or got busted for amphetamines. Rodney yeah HH he thinks -- or they just pyramid or they just graduate got about it for PD's. Eight CH what what I'm saying is when they're putting all these umbrella the years it sounds like to -- -- making to differentiate -- of how people's legacy you're gonna be remembered based on what they got busted for you think we just wish a look at Wes Welker look look at. Barry Bonds. Now -- TDs but what I'm saying is yes I differentiate that the policy. I I think the common fan it's just remember they got busted for AP ED violation. Yes you think that's right. I think that's how it's gonna go down. ICI I don't. -- you think people really don't look at Wes Welker say -- repeat these Barry Bonds -- repeat the same category. I think that they're gonna remember Rodney Harrison Wes Welker Brandon Browner as PED guys they're gonna remember GI Joseph Gordon SH -- guy and I think Wes Welker is somehow aware that too because you went out of his way in a statement. To say over and over again I'd never knowingly took performance enhancing drug and -- only to the performance enhancing drug. But there seems to be more of a stigma particularly for a guy like him was he small scrappy over achiever type right. That doesn't wanna be looked at the only reason you got as far as you did is because you brought performance enhancing drugs I think within the -- community you guys to speak to this. Would you rather be remembered there's a stain on your career that OK got -- because -- smoked a little -- or did a little Molly or would you. Prefer to be remembered OK I was clean what -- came recreational drugs but I cheated to make myself better as a performer. I would try to difference if -- -- Boston baseball for amphetamines. Yeah that's a lot different and being busted for steroids. Or HGH I'm taking green needs cannot take a CH -- not taken steroids huge difference in my book. Huge difference in amphetamines the PD. A couple stories on the heels of our discussion about. Wes Welker and Denver -- busted for games or amphetamines. Roger Goodell the story. Came out earlier today I am pro football talk dot com. In a Wednesday press availability and was talking about the HGH testing which is exactly what loses bring up. In regards to the hypocrisy. Of the NFL drug testing policy. And Dell says I don't know how you get any closer than we thought we had agreed to in 2011. It was in our agreement we felt we had any GH policy that was agreed to. We've had very discussions with the players' association about getting that instituted we think it's overdue to get done we think it's in the best interest the players' best interest -- the game etc. You know my view on that it is and fortunately over the three years a lot of things have changed one minute it's this issue and the minute it's another issue we've tried to address all those issues we think we have. All be happy week and announce we have the program done. And completed. Corresponding story in the Washington Post says according to people knowledge of the deal. Talks between the league and the union potentially could bring other changes for drug policies such as a higher threshold. World what would constitute a positive test for marijuana. A shift of amphetamines. To the performance enhancing drug policy. This substance abuse policy which would be in other words Wes Welker would've gotten suspended four games right off hot PB what. Entered the program for spurs' defense etc. And perspective increased penalties in drunk driving cases so guys and Christians and -- would you hold by the microphone you've -- that those jobs staying in position. Thank you for what it's come down to is we're now bargaining. Drug use. Will start testing your -- DH but you can get as high as you want you can trip balls that you want. But he can't drive is drunk anymore so you give us to drug things won't give YouTube drug things DL dot com -- On -- start test of -- GH. You know you want you wanna have a little weekend better during the offseason you know and go to out of Mexico trip out a little bit. -- -- rooms you know take up pop below sit there on the wall goal -- Google on all nuts sir go ahead and test more. Amphetamines from other former performance enhancing drug policy to the substance abuse. Policy this goes exactly to that argument I got into the caller yesterday that we're talking about and go back and read the pro football talk story from yesterday to clarify but. Pure Molly would have put him on me. List for. Recreational drug use and what is the amphetamines apparently in whatever he took it was Molly was public amphetamines that's why he got busted. For the PEG news. What they're saying now as amphetamines and Molly would be in the same category -- -- of walker gotten. Busted for Molly at Kentucky Derby is the narrative goes we wouldn't even know about it right now because it would have been his first. Then it was you and Broderbund and in the program right. Yeah all right yeah some fine. With that and at least eight CH first off just feels weird dry swapping in a trade drug. Suspension it it's still seed and yes I have a I -- a Smart moments enhancing drugs okay. I think of steroids. The problem is. And I don't I don't think of each each -- natural it's in your body the polity CH exit the year -- -- of people we know that. If you take -- GH commission ratios and you concur and you can use that kind of hides and stuff steroids. You know so therefore to me it's like okay -- get when -- the other sports. Everything else. You know army -- but Federer means there was albeit what are fed -- PD of course is -- to -- -- -- -- -- -- There's a lot of guys that that is that they have a lot of pregame routines that wind up being fed means shakes. Whatever might be all these all these things now the only -- true now I I get it but I'm just saying like. I just I don't think it is I'm talking about. As I know that they grow your muscles the gate then -- the way to make you bigger stronger faster look -- NFL. Bigger stronger faster I'm sorry what she got to 75 run African force 640 I got problems that it's not. And things I don't follow the guy. -- -- a bunch admiral pills taken a bunch or whatever just for that game to give himself more energy to keep -- did himself Jack dubbed -- -- Do more wind that he can run faster and longer it stayed focus longer. I have a problem that. I have a flat out promise that I've gone against guys in the league who've been all that stuff and it's bull crap. They should not BO the ticket nation flag they should be penalized board if that's of their users for because that is a distinct advantage. I've been I've been play -- played against guys that that were on it. Perhaps the year got flagged the very next time -- we played them there were a completely different player. It's like Dane Knight Lou and I'm telling you this upon first candidate firsthand experience. It's it's an obvious advantage for them if they're taking I -- guys here. Nice typical holiday help. Are they still play like this how we held -- I don't get it I thought I got my name anybody but what the hell they -- You retire you start talking -- -- -- that fits well greats all right what does it tell me if I needed it. No but now it's. I guess if you take it you know baseball has their rules and there -- these writers know for a fact. Going against guys who were taken that stuff and did -- did it -- definite advantage they had as far as their physical maladies was. This prominent. Visitor energy during -- just but it also allowed them. To -- longer they would -- during the week they could live longer they had more energy during the week like a week 1213. You wanna go bad press like you're so beat up but take -- sustain their strength not only sustain it. They don't get stronger during the season that we get the we did come faster during the season when everybody was decreasing in their energy level they -- there -- is going up.

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