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Headlines, Headlines, Headlines: Coakley wants the Olympics in Boston 9-4-14

Sep 4, 2014|

The top stories of the day as recounted by Kirk Minihane.

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I see the cause we'll get -- the second or first headlines brought to you by AT&T to cover more than 99% of all Americans building a better network of headlines cut discreet and intercepting text from the 617 to actually -- -- Jerry. Sure it is currently that it props at every single one of our -- is clear on the concept that fair to say like India hey Jerry I'm 42 years old I still used the word gay. It's -- it's never going to lose use our vote. Leave our vocabulary. I have a -- neighbor and I use that because I've called gay in the past Null. -- you know what -- got it right we don't do talk now well you know to use the word games this guy needs forced the mershon. OK well maybe for time Randal get a there's any change changes about it changes name column now just -- that just -- Just -- one Randall yet yet not yet be remembered gates to be first. Right carries a little dust up when people were trying to buy. -- -- -- Jersey a professor at LSU tried to -- because he had him as a student yet. And the NFL wouldn't allow. This is one of the words they have certain number of words that bright light on your back yet and -- it was it was one of -- -- and change the rule the democratic -- the great music Michael -- changed all of it's true you can -- sale actually handle it changed that yesterday. -- -- Michaels in the -- Almost like a -- horror movie extras for trying to reach for world these governor's debate market. That -- had -- -- Coke and then media Steve Grossman. The guy the other way now to talk. Upper body broke outsourced Donny Donny Berwick has half of the percentage in the polls that undecided. He's at eight undecideds ninety. While I've been catch and decide. For the into the right it's quite a battle that is -- I saw last night and tried a move bad each other right yet what I can watch some debate because really -- so -- -- I was watching the debate -- against a -- she's wonderful -- I'm hoping she's over the streets music -- a little she's very powerful person. Now you do you know which is now that's. Jail. Could happen. Yes. Yes obviously she's the cops pull you over and tossed the bag the week in your backseat and go right. Out of your backseat to -- I -- mark and I hope she wins and run -- we a couple of Washington's new column much. Right right Marsha and I -- -- on props frankly -- -- nice to Jamaica like a very good thing. Well they asked last night we have -- -- beating myself don't ask her about the Olympics in Boston witches. 2024. She's we're trying to get this and master she's four against. And -- and it should it cost to host the 2024. Summer Summer Olympics. Why not just -- pretty -- I think we should quiet. I think that it gives us an opportunity to invest in infrastructure now that will go beyond. The Olympics if we do it right we've got a great planning committee that's looking at that making an investment. Put Boston on the map but also would give us opportunities to build a new things we couldn't do otherwise. The ball -- Olympics is the single dumbest idea I've heard in my library history. You do yeah I've changed my mind -- absolutely have you been here -- it's -- billions of dollars at least to me on the air then that's ten years. You may be I here's here's the thing I I don't sounds good it's good. Political speak to say we need more infrastructure we need less infrastructure. -- traffic jams everywhere and now. The guy the only one -- on on the -- the guy who -- for an orange barrels yet that guys make a fortune because every road you go down to highways side grows as they're digging holes and fixing sidewalks everywhere like which sounds good in theory. It is causing massive do you like router -- -- -- -- Allen says a couple of years old you know eighteen miles eighteen minutes yeah let's do what they -- I study out this so this and I'll show you freedom Eric and the breakdown. But I could -- degrees six -- a lot of make work projects out there that are causing. Traffic and congestion yet everywhere yes I drove to Virginia couple weeks ago and -- right now the entire East Coast from Portland. Com Portland main corridor down to like Richmond Virginia is one massive traffic jam on the entire scope. Only think it's like enough Florida. -- -- South Carolina and our guests so bad. A K the tiniest little ourself at the border right that's what people pull off the south of the border than analysts say there is no there's no worst stretch in America driving from here toll. DC yeah she's worked all right that's the season worst worst and there are -- barrels from here to there. 'cause there's so many projects she's wrong we don't need more infrastructure and we shores she kinda feel like we need -- -- -- -- immediately the other thing is that aside trap site infrastructure construction all that. All these people these people from the Boston Olympic you know she's -- in people's. These these people somehow think it's a great idea. Need to go to the past six or seven Olympic sites in C velodrome. Weeds coming out -- a I think we'll use is vote oh yeah yeah yeah. I know we got other things to get to like -- one other thing from this debate that's that they all agreed on they believe they dog grimaced at the asked about the death penalty for a Joker. That's what he should receive the death penalty and they all agree. October or do you favor the death penalty for your horse and I have been accused of Boston Marathon. Death penalty has no place in American jurisprudence death penalty has no no I've never supported for any reason you know just wanna get on the part of your -- I don't know where I'm shaking my head now. As pathetic. These three moon bats than -- our -- to live happily a graph jewelry eyewear real cold and inflated basketball as attorney general Coakley feels that way maybe she's right leadership deserves a life of cable television yes and cook food you know. I think he was just misunderstood as -- just know he's an open up high -- truly -- -- is not fully formed an -- -- -- is jealous of -- ago we thought they were the two of them are like Dan -- but I early bird and Dominique and it is a -- stupidity and it is incredible -- whom she was already email -- -- Texas -- -- -- ago -- -- what's next petty topic we have has filed by the -- don't you think he went to school. Where he got out of graduate. -- say he put it before guess it's my guess out of jail Middlebury College in Vermont that's the biggest move -- called to the mall. That's a good but or like that this disclose the physical safe -- regret that well as graduate Wesly India. Williams but hammers -- close immerses them -- in immersed in an arm pal Harlan Coleman is his crying today it but he got out of Harvard Business School. This year. -- and in his. Already right and crazy and that columns and making the globe proud when she got central casting. The you just don't yet know the song. He is alias fancy no you don't -- you azalea. You don't -- -- we're -- out I know who she is I -- of anger it's the it's just like -- -- that -- banker is the number one song of the summer according to Billboard Magazine I'm the guy I've ever heard -- here for the first time. -- are saying towers and -- And I know our feet and made an an instant American in this -- And I can give in the season basically yeah -- -- man. Like the plans and they'll give them to is Ike is in. He's is about Kris Daniels now in the imaging MRI. It's it's anything like that. I'm -- I'm bringing. She's number one song of the summer was number one all some. Makes me -- drops the mall it. But to go back to the -- to -- up that's that's the original. She's off the stage couple weeks ago oh that's now off the days all the Steven Tyler the number one song of the summit saying it would not Charlie. Actually see acts very good. That's -- and I accidents. If you name fight if -- they did pup tents on America right now originally it. Now stern does that I don't exodus. Now BellSouth and Roscoe Beck. Right -- -- came up with -- another enter your list of five. Groups that are only letters or numbers of the five best groups ever that are only letters and -- -- only five. Know him one more than we've yet. Would you would you have number one is clear to consensus due to -- RPM number two would be -- -- there and here's -- struggle and I have ELO that are not their name. Among -- you honestly that's not the and it. Reference is correct your average per have you ever heard but it's on their nature yes light SSL -- -- it's at now and but and for that reason I left ELP because you do hear people call mammoths like -- correct don't of people -- -- Electric Light Orchestra yellow is -- yellow number three. By default to the B fifty twos -- the -- suck -- it. I know what else is and they saw the Eagles got I got one we'd never think of this UB40. Yeah that's not UB40 -- by the way. That's a submarine. It's it's it's Britain's tax form wryly yes like 1040 here and you -- forty in his red red -- welfare reform it will perform that in the you know one of -- anybody else for forget taxes and sure this. Hundreds -- free access to break in excellence in I have access now but that's in. Access to change by an access to groups say the letters based on the AC -- I am not a big fan that much and B 52. I would say that agree with that -- the authority goes out. He'll allow their kids that out just like CCR doesn't count -- no good Clearwater revival people call them -- something clean auto policies are also Electric Light Orchestra -- an -- -- -- that's not what how they refer to as a matter -- -- and that's all is Alex setting its meat -- always follows I -- -- it. REM is that would -- the what does that mean -- around my movement that's like him don't forget the name -- and I do believe it's into the night. Just so you'll you'll you'll drop this because AC DC's. -- He has that thing that ultimately line legally true. So AC DC would before we need -- it keeps being the object here yeah it needed to fit. And WA. Yeah yeah Osgood. And with what else that I thought -- that's simple it's password with the passing of call -- bluntly put that's they have. Don't get access now. You know not doesn't work don't feel like immigrants and I can't if you like we were upset now did you know with AFC has got that. That's not that I -- to break a promise right back the -- up like good headlines that you skip who again later a couple of like it's the election that put -- -- yes yes it was scary one shocks all this this would I. I shot what about this surprised me I didn't know sharks attacked. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- But I would if it very scary to headlines front and right handers and cute too I'm glad she's on there too. Right I'm wondering what you said once he switches. But yeah well. -- calls next Mike -- and Red Sox assistant GM at 845.

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