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Tom Brady laughs off Welker questions 9-4-14

Sep 4, 2014|

The guys opened the show by discussing yesterday's Brady presser.

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-- comment on I'm just tired and needs an easy easy target you know we often said. Jerry nine and not been a part of this particular. Discussions. But there are a million reasons why we couldn't in the fill in the blank. Manage in the big leagues BA general manager in the big leagues -- of the case may -- not the least of -- that we don't have the skill set. We understand you know the -- the trading deadline in the waiver wire and all of that but more than that in terms of how would you comment and what you are able to stay. Verses what you really would like to say. I think that now applies to perhaps the two best quarterbacks. In the national football I could not be. Either neither Bob Brady nor Peyton Manning and just not for the obvious reasons I kept the athletic ability that they'd. I could not stand up in front of people on -- -- with us yeah after Tuesday. And and say all the right things about some liquor up kicker which pay Manning actually did say back in the day. And and and take the high road when it comes to a teammate who is just shelved the first four games of your season. Up your nose but this is what Brady had to say yesterday when asked about his good friend Wes Welker -- Obviously the focus this week it's on my campaign that initial thoughts on. -- but it's my parents. -- -- -- -- -- -- And that's what's -- situation their team and set -- and it worked out with this week in this team and you know as a friend you -- so the best but it. Does not turn kindness this opponent time in my folks and welcome. Kentucky Derby did you see him. Take anything. I got a lukewarm about it that. You know. I don't your initial reactions I heard it said Cole that wasn't the best and now. Mean obviously. He probably didn't I don't think when Wes Welker -- -- calls normal watch news. I don't think I think he could've said no I think the answer is no. But he didn't wanna. Indulge the the the grandeur. Oh with yet there along the entire conversation. But to say no comment like why not to say and you figure guys the issues that -- Yep I think he's probably see -- diving by laughing he's implying EC west to create stuff or what course would you that he saw west -- drugs are at the -- I don't think it's impossible. It's not impossible odds as I knew what he would again. A price on -- and stuff like always -- by the bright -- let's just drink a sixty watch rigged up. Obviously watched him drought we're talking about taken popping a pill -- -- maybe. Breaking NFL rules do you think he saw him break NFL rule there's no law against him seeing some breaking with the rule but he then he would like if she was hall monitor hardly gets it now I I think he didn't see an even west's. Raise US wouldn't do that fund rate for two drinks didn't request is like always this is Tom Brady can't put him in the -- -- didn't -- -- that I did it yeah Seattle probably has 42 drinks you know four days a week you did you look do you like he was in the position to make that sort of decision at that of course not but I don't know what he'd drop the small. This is it possible that Tom said no comment because he did not want a lot. Yes yes that's possible minute sand but I would say. If I guess he didn't see him do -- why we used to do you know you're the drug of choice yet people saw it yeah. When you did -- stuff that's because I was absolutely sure you. Unless they were doing it with you you don't -- front of people that's true a huge and immense on the -- general twenties by the -- if I had you know. 78. Scream and Nazis and me which is the gammage compliments mix it -- -- an audit of the name it if it. -- free streaming now -- -- that you -- the -- to -- excuse me to screaming Nazi let's call rock straight up -- you did occasionally when he was or screaming Nazi otherwise I don't number represents a year or so and so I mean that's the only real break out of the -- look like in the commode comes up exactly Hitler -- yes it yet but the must ultimately very -- and elsewhere. -- but but -- after it separated them I wasn't you know were saying oh jeez this guys here can put him. In this saves Google. I don't think wet welcomes any inhibitions to begin I think he's that kind of guy yet but I I don't think. He would do his -- and I'll just my opinion okay. Because I'll give him a lot of time on his quarterbacks of all time now it's why is you wouldn't do what you would put him in that position but why it's -- -- -- and just explain it to -- -- cocaine in front of all -- friends I know it absolutely you do it if it's possible. You do in prospect of limitations. Yes technically. Yes there in the clear on me it's not impossible you could be right. I'm not sanitary and ugly -- my point is cut summing up snort it is little different throw something your mile and drink it. Is still break in the law Craig in the rules of the NFL it's still so you know you can't do public from a world. And a I don't know how much private time common and west that their luxury box. I'm assuming you do you mall you know you know -- from everybody from the corporate. Not knowing it's up for it. Some of the soda machine that's trouble I would say that's. Wes Welker can't spell plausible denied building much less understand and I would think. That at a certain portion. Of the day into the day into the drinking pattern. I don't think he's worried about what Tom -- -- doesn't. Right of course yeah me and you think he announces that it well we talked to Charlie assays are you like some older you've been around guys -- -- -- like Somali time he veteran guys are so hammered appeared that they ask him that's him looking for stuff for an. Not a could have a couple of them. I won't -- be any different. -- he catches for us guests have been around guys who do drugs and they don't to confront and even drug guys going to stall in the bathroom they don't do what he's. -- cricket -- that he's drinking the guys were drunk -- our party boy you do you Molly go to the men's room where you do and you know in the corner by yourself when you drop -- -- drink a drop and you were spiked. Shorts out front in request is -- I want to slips -- -- I think. Brady probably -- said now. And and even if it's not entirely true we could its -- now he's just also really uncomfortable. Because he's course hardly do any post who's the woman last. Are doing now I don't know she she it was a good question it's set against him can discern who despite. You know well this week is on my campaign that initial thoughts on what what happened the last. -- Don't read all -- and colorectal. -- let's suppose he said I said. That's akin award it'll happen not a big lap Edwards do as a new -- that's it can of -- it hasn't he said now enough then let's move on it and check back at -- profits I have no comment on that you open a possibility yes -- -- Top to bottom yes could be the the answer could be the affirmative will even if he saw knock is that correct what would not just say absolutely not because he might be line has been enhanced point. Maybe it's the uncomfortable with the -- -- -- -- -- each issue this at no Ayers. Well -- -- -- from the question if you signal we prosecute. Now now to why. I don't think it's a lie I know but I what is it that is alike that's why -- is that guy I know and our Tom's always ready for everything it doesn't sound like he was ready quite. I'm quite but I I believe him. More than I believe Peyton Manning. Oh well it which thank you which which which takes us -- -- -- I'm an audio notice saws valeo -- good -- up press conference like Tom did in front of the assembled. Media members and then Mike kills a sort reckless. The Denver Post up to his own horn said in the privacy of a hallway. With a Denver Post reporter many was considerably more revealing with his thoughts regarding walker. The -- become close in the past eighteen months -- teammates level level here's the quote. Nobody feels worse then west does he got up and spoke to the team today apologized to the team. And I've been talking these past couple weeks knowing this might be a possibility he's not been able to sleep he will learn from it and he will be better for it. As a team we support him we stick with him. It is not easy to stand in front of a team like that you find out during a time like this who your friends are who sticks with you. Meat and west and Jacob Tammy and Britton Colquitt -- little Bible study together. And we're praying for him a lot of guys are thinking about it it's not an easy time but I think he'll come back stronger summit. -- that sounds like they're talking about some drug addled. Addict who can't control self or a guy who you know. -- African brain tumor some -- praying for him -- -- because it was hammered at the derby and he drops Somali. That is what Manning -- thinks or does this circle back to what I said we couldn't do what they do in terms of this. I would say on Peyton Manning and he -- put the first four games I'm pretty sure that's about 25% of the regular season at risk I say this open. What that Pelosi and out comes back what a -- they come back to. Plain human nature if you like somebody in the you do something like this you stand by if you don't like that Mikey didn't like manager anchors obviously somebody you -- that's probably true that likes well -- in response that there he likes and respects him he's pretty he's Welker. Absolutely but to say you prayed with him wouldn't you say your prayers as. Give me an example prayed for him they did Bible study together -- now rightly or currently -- honestly a muscle to keep -- -- might argue that my -- little and that scared if you Hughes died before -- -- separate years -- You're trying to categorize that might. And they said that -- now isn't horrible. -- -- -- But -- really think he bowed his head prayed and asked the lord help. -- well you think he's line. -- our final duel by prayed for -- -- well how do you pray for Wes -- just example please give -- the strength to weather this storm for the next four -- that he most of what the board crumble which you do is always stewardess and -- -- -- -- to -- -- for reasons -- visas that let. Wes his brain a return to -- concussion. In Somalia flow of the way. And over the way the highway I think in all honesty Peyton Manning's best. Exit though it's more thing to do steroids what they -- UH UH and try to help the team and try to enhance your performance. And the one thing that I agree with Wes Welker on news that he's he didn't take -- performance enhancing drug. Certainly don't enhance your performance by taken amphetamines in in May. While -- hammered that there are now. And oh it's got out -- probably did not work it out probably didn't although. You know he might have. In them before the derby on the gym -- on the day of Saturday a lot of open. On the -- -- I think that was a day planned out to have some -- but the aired this is new there you know it's a broad day workout day rock. -- rocket -- work out you know little lunch little Molly. He left the team down they should be -- you should be pissed that ago apps that I also think demanding looks at and says yes it's down your season though. But it's probably the best in the weeks four weeks I even thought of self which leads the -- box set that I threatened John Fox didn't go to the Premier -- -- -- topics now so we didn't bow his head and pray -- -- These four weeks market. But that's neither here and Rivera when there's good for him easily -- -- don't write -- write a separate subject correct -- I think applies to rationalize -- easier. And -- a blessing in disguise as a somehow mitigate what west dollars yeah I don't know some good what is it that you could seize. Here in December January -- that was a good break that he got those four weeks off Andy cleared his hands literally and get back on the field. And after the bye week for the fifth Cain and now they have a tough stretch they could go to went to. Probably go more likely for everyone who knows maybe for all the way in them amending his right now. But you've got to look back someday and say he he was an -- sixty games season after that third concussion. Anyway well. The other reason Manning probably missed practice it's not like Wes Welker went -- murder somebody and has done with the team but he needs him. In week number five he needs this got to compact does not need to fracture this relationship have west say menus. Just all over what do you like some anyway amendment guy he likes him. Brady likes of him I think he's a football in -- as a football which he has by guys that he. He's innocent like Apollo stricken Somalia -- between men and thinks it is -- discuss -- and prayer group. It a little Bible study out that easy -- him if Jesus 157000. He would hand and a hundred bulb that's true that's what the difference is WW JD. Bracelet would yeah that's why he's doing. But the difference is -- -- we're told he was overpaid by fifteen ran unlike -- you give the fifty and back to the port. You got out of the infield bombs for the people out to the people who like busted yet have no money. That -- Churchill Downs needs the money. -- like Jesus but slot. You know position. That -- has that element de -- he's not my big guys skinny. Executed and it -- have a speedy -- You know she did Jesus would have been RS no no no no I was in my -- -- Yeah it was a kicker kicked -- of the barefoot -- that it definitely Tony Franklin. Isn't he could take pay and also that I don't know that's true similar pain tolerance to Wes Welker -- yet quite but pretty similar. This is dirty little secret in the sausage factory that is the NFL locker room yes hey they don't care that he's taken mall right. They do care and -- they think the Celtic caught. They carried a cut but that is mitigated by these latest -- injury. They know we could use a four week break they know that they appreciate that -- Neumann week five. And they know what Wes Welker is Wes Welker as we said yesterday. Is a daredevil Wes Welker is a madman. This is how we -- -- like he you know returns stunt double play but it. Maybe -- and again I say this all the -- to Wes Welker at fifty he's gonna have. Head injury issues -- brain's memory problems and he probably will he'll say fine I'm only 33 now that's a lifetime away on this is what I do as well I'd love to do. He's been told a hundred times it is long term. Affects for the beating he's been taken. In his NFL career now but it doesn't keep an open mind at all. She's going lives it's where he's always lived it's he was in pop -- that he was undrafted. Not recruit -- Texas Tech and and was like the greatest returner. In the NCA and then on to the NFL undrafted. Make a team. The -- Just when we talk among. A -- -- hear from Denver art is now missing if you are just good on this action. Our wide receiver. Very disappointed. We honor the league's policies. The other extreme confidence. The guys that we the receiver position. Bill by committee. You know guys step up like you and me lose somebody latest injury or suspension. That we have -- -- had -- been able to practice -- cleared for practice. That doesn't necessarily mean cleared from the games so you know sometimes these things -- blessing in disguise and puncture. 64 weeks and gave him plenty -- time. Public commissioner it's a one game suspension every time they step up as a step up we need for what it's true -- -- fox is right here is is -- they arrived -- -- -- for games -- -- is a good a good thing. You need to put this -- -- and -- some. Not yes he would play probably yeah -- -- so. Never doubt Welker and he wants to get back on the field. I think when he -- that baseline test the cheats cheats -- those capacities and that's often. He knows all the answers. They'll change the question now knowledge and get the -- is memorize that -- only can memorize memorize it play it -- again yes yes and you'll be back out that we. And I think Manning feels just like fox feels. -- disappointed can be fixed a blessing in -- long run it's and I don't think he ever bowed his head and prayed for was well let me ask you this. If if if you think. I understand it's two different things gronkowski and and and Wes Welker if you think he could not sustain sixteen games and watchers think four games off with help his -- -- If you only think there's a finite number of gronkowski games what is everybody rail against the -- that maybe that could be a little more conservative. And had to miss a game were to. You know he's helpless you feel you've all seen them healthy right now -- go a 100% 202%. At. Al does not matter whether he's feel in my mind it's a matter how much punishment and this guy take the way he place and by and large -- that I'm not changing the way I'm going to play. Weaver -- -- -- the Golan for his knees again to a -- -- NFL defensive backs. And linebackers sixteen opportunities to chop. Gronkowski the sequoia. -- you do -- -- -- what Israelis would you -- your idol I would well I all I don't I'd rather have him in December January and on February 1 and -- and question and I would in Miami tech game since September off. -- what Belichick would bullet you and your whole -- you know I don't know -- object to what about the state would -- me when he did to -- You taking an opponent lightly right I'd go to the scheduled pick out the receipt that it -- is a guy but we don't need you to date on. -- I already predict -- play every game say he feels again you'll say feels like you do he'd be -- planned twelve. One way to lose a little banged up. How quickly that you know a rib thing about why I want and then -- take a couple games start in November especially if urgent -- teams. Well I don't think he looks at that way -- me is the best tight end in the game I believe. You know -- to put him who who compares to Patrick. To me Gramm couldn't block like -- you put gronkowski and blown out ACL. It is about a block holograms. That -- receiving statement that it -- so broke -- ball Rockies ball. I think is such a weapon that you could never say. In a complaint panic as you might get hurt let's Ian and we need -- and we are having is that's Celtic thing is that we think I think all three of us agree this is going to be. One game between the patriots in Denver right it's in Iowa game means home field advantage yeah tickle pilgrimage means that much are you sick like -- -- -- -- -- week's seventh annual -- although unintended result of course not rush last year one game was. The difference -- -- went for Super Bowl and not go into the suitable in my opinion. One when patriots win one game more. Then they go to suitable the last two years of rock was -- -- for last two years right. But you could go to the super affected the AFC championship game depends on where it played. He needs that one game that's why well conceptions matters that's agreement -- skis. Potential absence is important because you have to whenever I'm in no way the ball and when the divisions even though patrons are gonna win the division by five games. And start the playoffs at home. If they don't look at the by. You have to win every game you have to try to get them home -- Oprah there's no more. Important on quarterback to team championship. Aspirations they cut records that mean they're just -- taken out and they're not going. It about us going to want. A chance -- suitable -- get there with no a couple of bad Adam last year they go to suitable. -- -- If he's a little banged up as an example the solid -- Belichick just. A law practice these little banged up after the Kansas City game. Or after the Cincinnati game. What -- you gave him buffalo off if -- going to be as bad as you think knowing that after that you've got the bears. Denver Indianapolis Detroit Green Bay and San Diego in a row boat to the ones were I would want him fresh and healthy for if he's a little bit banged up these health and I was gonna. What's a little banged up. It. Happened on the tee it up you know. -- -- again in the most irresponsible. In it that he had Brady told. -- the other guy ought not. It's. -- Brady is like they're back older he's too often get -- wanted to do if chances that's meatballs and -- -- -- 115 million. To. Maybe 66. Point he's not complaining that -- us what's more drive it's gotta get their brother -- apply. The you don't think the same way. He thinks like he -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Amendment law is different than when -- Out of Joseph Gibbs in the Washington Redskins three or seven years we have soccer mom. This just. Like to do with running score. Is Brady should be in the air at 55 to three in the know I was well our view that no he should. It's apparel because it's not a danger holding for kick. Your your perfect -- it. Now broken arm not real it was 150. Dollars. There's no danger -- -- it's ever been holding rupiah eight. And -- logic went up 55 not the tuna roll in off. Then either. Hand it's he would probably as if -- -- -- just not right shot was cheat because the race I grew in Belichick's mind changer who's quarterback in any danger to. All world that it -- -- to -- the seven. 7937. Like that assistant manager and is in the back. Determine. People. Oh. We followed to the gates well. And oh could have everything. Here in Lincoln and Biden says. Well on the back -- the gates well. No hell gates yes. We had to ask gates. 288. Ballot I'm -- skulls on top. Cole yeah. That would look at the grass outside -- outside the monsters house wrecked a look at things sort of follow that would it have been hammered on the banner. If he -- BP. Is gonna fall long. Ago. Shouldn't get -- for a temperature now. And it's a human dry out but I. Am now yeah. So out of the gates of hell and could have changed everything in Boston when we. Got. -- -- Always where they've really --

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