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MMQB's Peter King with Dale and Holley

Sep 3, 2014|

We check in with the head of MMQB, the one and only Peter King.

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-- about a week of dale and Holley reunions yesterday Tedy Bruschi made its return to the dale and Holley show we have another one today making his return to the dale and Holley show. It's our -- Peter King from Sports Illustrated SI dot com and the MM QB hello Peter Lauria. -- -- I'm like I don't. Doing great Peter ready for football season. I am I about Seattle. Getting ready for the game tomorrow and really looking forward to it I think it's gonna be a lot of fun it's. You know I've picked Green Bay to win the Super Bowl a lot of tickets Seattle tomorrow night so go figure. Let's let's start with a bad news but the big news of the of the day as far as the patriots and Broncos fans are concerned. Wes Welker suspended for the first four games because of performance enhancing drug usage he says that it was not something that he knowingly put into his body. As somebody put on Twitter today he continues the streak no athlete has ever knowingly put something into their body that they're not supposed to use how to display in Denver. Well I mean the Broncos are unhappy because the NFL is always maintained that. It will conformity. As soon as it -- About two. Say you know about a player's availability your lack zero. For the week. The reason why this is particularly troubling. To the Broncos is they organized -- week is that obviously. In a typical game week Monday and Tuesday are being played a date -- game plan. Was completely finished for Denver. Even though they knew they were still a possibility they have Welker in this week's game plan. So now they're gonna have to go forward without it -- without them I think they're going to. Output Jacob can't meet a lot in the slot you know when it went Welker was gone last year. For three games can be played a lot in this slot and they got a couple of rookie receivers are gonna work in the air too so. I don't expect that it's going to really impact. How they play this game or what Peyton Manning does in this game. Because -- is very comfortable he proved it throughout the Dallas Clark for a couple of years in the slot Indianapolis. He's very comfortable -- a bigger body in the slot then a lot of it is. You know Peter even before the concussion there was some -- before the suspension there were some questions about Welker and had to do with those concussions multiple concussions. Do you think you'll ever be the same player and and is there are legitimate case to be made that maybe should retire. Well Michael I know that that -- I've not talked to John Fox about this and Welker hasn't addressed either. But I do know that fox. Said publicly in Denver is that all we can do basically just follow the concussion protocol he's been cleared by. You know physicians who examined him and not just team physicians that physicians who examined him. And saying he's ready goes so I think that was the one thing that was missing in all of this. You know we need to suffer concussion all concussions are not created equal. And so it's easy to sit here it stays at three in ten months. And so we shouldn't play these aren't my experience -- -- was. He hit three in ten months that he really needs to examine whether he should play more. And so I think. That's when you have to ask the medical professionals look you gotta tell me right now. Am -- -- nice day of my putting myself in danger. You don't for -- you know 1015 years down the road. Michael I'll never forget talking to Kurt Warner about this exact subject. It is last year in the NFL the doctors on Friday of a game week. Told him it was up to him. And Warner basically. Chose not to play. Because he thought it was very borderline and note doctor could tell him. At that point whether he was you know cause he himself did it's for down the road. And he told me. Quite honestly that. He thought that guys were kinda look at at a funny. In the locker room because it's still. This warrior he knows that if he can't go out there you should go about their Warner was uncomfortable going out there that week. And I think he felt. You know all a little bit suspect. You know -- what we when he looked around at that locker room. After you know the doctors sort of lifted up to him but it Welker case if he had been cleared so. Again I think it's easy to sit on the outside and say oh he's absolutely shouldn't play the -- is one of those doctors appointments we know. You know both our friend Taylor Twellman whose career was cut short by concussions and Chris Liwienski who's done such a great job spearheading. Research in tip into brain trauma both said at the very least he needs to take some extended. Time away from the game. But that just doesn't happen in the sport doesn't. Well it would happen if if -- independent neurologist told him to do so if they if the people who were examining him. Told him that you know you'd need to step away. But again and any -- Chris Liwienski knows this are better at night -- adventure Taylor Twellman with his experience is unfortunate experience goes a far better at night in. My understanding of of this situation is that what you have had multiple concussions. These these doctors who examined the players take that into account. And take into account. Whether he -- impressions are happening. A year. That that he took from swearing here. On the field even though he has the additional -- in his helmet. That more concussions. -- And eat you know he he took issue as it. And so I expect that. Added dedicate. Where he just got tapped or he wasn't hit that hard had a concussion. I I think that the neurologist probably would have said you need to take a longer time recovering from us. I really do wanna talk about football but before we get to the football talk one more thing I want to get your take on the significance. Of these six game suspension. Or were -- yesterday. Well I thought it should have been eight but that's a little bit of a quibble. I that what he did so egregious in Seoul that top. And as an owner of a franchise and it's one thing if -- player biggest players sometimes do it. Incredibly stupid things -- to people in society do incredibly stupid things. And I just thought that borders say it was really over the top and I that should've been gone for half the season but. The that it could -- six games is significant. It's taken them away from his really the only thing. Eddie does other than you know its interest in music and so I think it is significant might go but. I think a lot of people got hung up on the fact that. You have players lose things. You know saying if they get suspended for four games here they're dark. One quarter of their salary a year force seventeen it's technically of their salary for a year and -- should've gotten more but. I mean you know the average NFL team takes in about 250 million at least per year so you tell me. Is it going to be that much different if he loses 500000. Verses two million and being. You know it sounds like -- huge difference but for the owner of you know what team in the most lucrative sports business in America I don't think that the -- so that's significant I think the the amount of time away from the team as the significant measuring stick here. You wrote about the trade of Logan Mankins in the MM QB and I guess given bill Belichick's history we shouldn't be surprised when he does stuff like this. Putting year in your best -- sent an opinion. Was this because Logan Mankins -- had slept was -- a money issue. Was it -- a possibility of getting an Aaron Hernandez replacement and Tim right what was the reason behind the trade. Well I think there's a lot of layers to this story there's no question. That Logan Mankins wanted to end his career a patriot. He did not want this to happen he wanted to keep his kids. And it definitely is New England. EE EL IC is that. Personally I think Mankins would have probably. May need a deal to stay. But. It's clear from what he said to me that he thought the patriots were asking too much. And I also think. It's clear that I don't they can -- -- -- wanted to giveaway. On this money especially when they're would be at least one team out there willing to pay. And you know I think in cases like this I always make. It's unfortunate. That a guy he would finish his career with the team that -- started with but in the NFL today. You don't eat it is it just Bill Belichick it's it's a lot of people who. Relatively speaking it. Speaking totally bottom line people. And deep -- with it was Belichick and I'm sure you guys talked about it all last week. You've seen it with Belichick over the years. I asked somebody the patriots organization the other day. And I'd be looking back. Have any of these moves really backfired on the patriots. I mean Richard Seymour played well for awhile at Oakland there's no question about it but. I mean a wanted to -- -- hey you know and and having the first round 6% stake so. It's really hard to -- what the patriots have gotten. Either these deals either especially in this case up not just talk about the four which could be. Depending on on the books could be like under intent pick in the draft which is very valuable take. But you know it's clear. The patriots are still searching for that offensive tight end to meet up. Eight not only to be sure for gronkowski getting out what happened stamp. But to make up for some of the offense they lost. There in this. I don't know where you have the patriots going this season but with this trade would this move. Change your opinion about the patriots does it. If you have what are the AFC championship game with a Super Bowl the you -- back to all they can only extended AFC championship game where they can only extend to the divisional round because they're gonna have some problems on the operative line. I'm now I have -- -- in the division and but not going to the Super Bowl I've got Green Bay over in the in the Super -- But. I -- this doesn't really change my opinion about that very much because. It's not like it's Logan -- it is pride power over you know he had slips up. He was showing that we're here a long career. And so I don't think -- it is you know one of the five premier -- in the gamer like that it probably not even in the top ten. It's going to be it's gonna be difficult to replace them obviously I guess it's gonna be Josh -- But I don't I don't change my opinion it's -- I still think that. In the patriots. There -- they're benefiting from the fact that the other teams and their divisions to get their act together. And still are searching for a long term quarterbacks in Miami might have hit the jets might have it buffalo. Getting more dubious by the day that they have it that. The patriots just remained really fortunate that. -- every other team in the division for a long long time have been looking for a quarterback of the future. Now Peter I know you're covering you may have been covering the giants at the time and covering the angles early years a Sports Illustrated when the streak began. Where the NFC just dominated AFC in the super all year after year after year some close games but for the most part it was a mismatch. You think we're seeing. Repeat of that now is NSC that much better than it than they have seen. I think he had it he is better in the AFC I think the dominance has been overstated a little bit I mean. You know on any given Sunday. The patriots could go on the road and beat any team in the NFC and I say that seem to think about Denver. And as the season goes on. I think I'm going to be able to say this -- think -- Indianapolis. So. I don't think the gap is huge. But if you were asked me right now I mean I think it is in the best status three I would certainly take it is that it the opening of this season. I would hate. Seattle and Green Bay right now over any team in the in the AFC. Peter final question for me given the shackles that the NFL has put on defensive players in this league. Are we gonna see a 6000 yard passer this year. You don't dale it's very interesting years ago. I predicted. It's very in the Eric Rogers -- -- -- for 6000 yards. And he. Scoffed at me he -- you have no idea how difficult that would be -- we were talking about it. But I -- problem. I remember seeing and so on what I've what I've met him in Green Bay this is in the summer two years ago -- said. You have to realize that the NFL. Is always going to favor the offense which they're making new rules and these points of emphasis. Could be really really interesting this season because. Dale I'm just gonna take one quick story last week. The New York Giants played that we -- in the final pre season game. And they -- with the play in which Zack Bowman. The giants quarter. Put his hand on and I forget who was. It might have been Tompkins acts like but I forget who was. At about the eight yard mark -- put his hand on the wide receiver. And it was I I must say gentle guy it was not pushed off his route at all and the flight came out for illegal contact. And I asked somebody in the league office over the weekend -- about watchable look at that please help me is that really could be called this year. -- -- really call that you looked at it and he didn't make it should've been called but. I believe and I believed strongly on this -- that. These points of emphasis are going to -- activists say the -- intimidate but they're gonna be in the heads. Of defensive backs. And they're going to affect some teams quite a lot now just tell you one other thing. In the pre season. The starting second area of the Seattle Seahawks OK Byron Maxwell -- sure it Earl Thomas and chancellor. Played a total of 285. Snaps. And they were called servers zero penalty. -- note sent to pass interference no Willie -- -- no number. And Richard sure it what I mentioned in this state -- in trading at peace scoffed Denise said. I just played football and no rest is going to dictate to me how I play legal cheap everything and so. I think some -- Are going to be cowed by this and it's going to influence some teams but I don't think that any impact on the game. I don't think is going to be huge. Except. For the quarters. Pool. Go out beer and play a little bit scared. And go out period and -- in and really. Are saying they themselves don't get a flight they'll get a flight. I -- but I think the majority of defensive backs are just gonna play their game and let the chips -- We will talk football -- each and every week during the season normally on Tuesdays this week a little different with the Labor Day holiday Peter King from Sports Illustrated. Always fun we'll talk to you next week. Thanks very much guys have a great first weekend -- didn't.

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