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John Farrell: I still believe the Pedroia injury was not intentional

Sep 3, 2014|

We speak with the Red Sox manager as the season wains and get his take on the play of his many young players, as well as his full take on the incident in Tampa that left Dustin Pedroia with a concussion and out of the line-up.

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I've talked to the manager of the Boston Red Sox John Ferrell brought to you by our belly insurance town fair tire. And Mohegan Sun Jon dale Michael Steve DeOssie is here -- well how -- I'm new -- -- are you today or great great. Because we only talk to you once a week occasionally things will come up from the the past week that a minute refer back to and I'm sorry but do -- this but. I wanna go back to the game in Tampa on Saturday night in the play in which Dustin Pedroia got injured the elbow to the side of the head from foresight. Do you feel that that was an accidental player and inadvertently by Forsythe. No I I went back and a candidate to replace multiple times and right after that happening and then again after the game. And I think it you know something some differing of opinions might exist but. I saw a guy sliding in head first he had the bag what is left and then he was. I think going to break his momentum. And reached be on the bag he became -- contacts. You know it in the moment and at full speed. I could see were foresight might have thought they might collide head to head and was giving his arm up and problem to protect him. But to say that he you know -- out of his way to to throw an elbow is in TDs. The left side of his head I think it's probably. Going a little bit too far. Now that doesn't that doesn't say that don't -- concern -- -- with PD and in the impact of the talks. But to say that he had the wherewithal in that moment at full speed to say that he's gonna go after a guy. I I saw it as too much of a bang -- type -- place. Did -- history between these two organizations. Both short term and long term. Figure into that at all because they're -- bad blood between YouTube. Whereas here there's been some incidence on the field but I. Again I think this is a reactionary type player rather than one that might be. Originated what with the hit by pitch or something like that that there there's no time trying to premeditated type of you know. Action on Forsyth park and you know you you have lived part of that history and have been very much part of it but to say that that was playing out that situation I think that's probably too little too far. Did you go back and -- just because of your curiosity or because of that history that we just talked about between the rays and Red Sox. It you know my god I don't know that really. You know you -- you go back in the kind of see what what took place because given the history you know that these types of questions you're gonna come up and try to gain. A view that. In the moment in real time and and go back and and take a look at it slow down and from a couple of different angles so. You know no questions are gonna come up you got to form your own opinion ball. In the moment and go back and look at so that and that's from my opinion lies are I don't think we're settled out of his way. To try to get him. I you know speaking of Dustin Pedroia we were talking about him a bit yesterday. Still having some symptoms from that collision. And and you look at the numbers even before that collision and you look at the numbers over the last few years slugging percentage numbers have been going down steadily. What do you think he needs to do they get back to. Being an elite player he's still a very good player on the console like a bomb but. No he's certainly not Obama got it I know is not that but what does he need to do to get back to the Dustin Pedroia that we saw. You know 43 in four years ago. You know Michael I think what you don't -- it's clear that of some injuries over the past couple years that the you know affected in season. He went through obviously the offseason surgery last year played the entire year with a torn ligament. And I think it speaks more to -- competitiveness and it and the pain threshold than than anything yet the numbers say what they do. And if there's the ligament affected his ability to drive the ball particularly the -- last year that might very well in the case. And you know it I think he's still trying to get through some of that to what extent. And I can't say that it's. You know. And main reason why you see some of the trend as they are. So you know sometimes players go through some stretches of time because of hinder other -- that and you don't might take away from their peak years. And what's as does the manager of what's your role in a guy that you know like Pedroia oval to anything he can't get back on the field. What's your role in tempering policy tempers enthusiasm but making sure that he's not. Pushing it to the detriment of some of the future. While that that's where the the input from medical staff you you balance the information that's there. Anything and he's dealt with in the past was always laid out is this wasn't going to take away from his long term. Production nor long term health IAEA and you also -- -- look at the player because if there at the point where they can play with a certain amount of discomfort. That then you have to include them because what he means to us as a team and our team leader. You you don't wanna be absent of that but. Don't feel like they're the medical staff and and the doctors that performed surgery on him in the past have had a very good grip on all that so. That that information which we go by. We're talking with a Red Sox manager John Ferrell as we do every week on our managers report. John -- Betts was an infielder up until this season he was converted to the outfield in the minor leagues. Sort of continued his trek quick trek through the minor leagues and is playing a very good center field for you now offensively and defensively. Is his position do you think going forward going to be in the outfield here. Are going forward that that's where we view the match you know I know that there's been a lot of talk with the addition of -- to steal that that's gonna take him out of there but we all know that. You know there's still some questions surrounding the guys that are on our roster we wanna get a healthy Shane Victorino back and by him coming back -- 2% does that change the dynamic at that point well that remains to be seen one other changes we might go to roster wise during the off season. You know might. Affect us as well but for the time being you know for -- for you know for me to put him back on the infield right now probably is a disaster disservice and and not putting Milwaukee in the best -- that does to move them around so much I mean he's advance so much and progress so much. With his reasons routes in center field. He he's gotten the point right I think he feels comfortable on defense -- side. It shows up that he is a swinging the bat with. I think some of the authorities showed throughout my early career there's a pretty dynamic player that you know what we're seeing in the competence in the athleticism play out nightly. I know it was a middle infielder. You know making his way through the minor leagues. Do you think is it possible we could play third base at some point in his future. The other one thing delegate lead early on when he played left on left side of the infield primarily shortstop. Collective throwing was best suited for second base now as he's moved the outfield arm strength he should increase because -- lengthened out the frozen which is making. But don't know him but one thing -- we wanna be careful of is that we just don't assume that someone can all about quickly go from one you know take in the infield moved the outfield which is probably an easier transition. Then it would be coming back and reverse them from the -- back to the infield. And again it if there's an offseason. Decision that. More readily addresses that -- situation those are all things that are our remained to be seen. That's easy to say man this guy must've been working hard after a four hit night. But in the case of Zander Bogart's. You guys have said steadfastly never considered sending him down. You you want him to work it out here what have you seen from Zander Bogart's that would. Result and a and a night like last night. Well I think if you look at the games played since coming back from you know the seven day period where you know looks like he kind of caught his breath a little bit a little bit of a break. Has maybe allowed some things to that you know to it to settle. Lou -- maybe some of the pressure or. You know some -- the challenges and he was stationed at the time but the one thing Michael is not London up to the front side as he didn't. You know prior to the -- for the DL -- so. And it just slowing them slowed his body down is allowed him to recognize pitches more clearly and seen them stay behind the baseball displaying. Accuracy and some other than the leverage in the swing come back in the play in him being able to drive the baseball. When you're a situation like this in the season's going exactly how you might of four sought. How do you work with the veterans in the grind it is the long season in Major League Baseball is there any thing. Different that you have to do to approach these guys in terms of you know historically competitive based. Well -- and we have -- guys -- -- are driven by personal pride and and regardless of you know some unfortunate. The way things have played out this year -- it up to the trading deadline the changes that did take place. They're they're still professional they're going about their work as saying. A done otherwise certainly you know you look at the standings in the -- Laura and no one likes that I can tell you that. But it doesn't take away from the competitive nature that -- within each guy and you know we've made some changes to the lineup and the offense has become more. I think diverse as its energy and power -- this has been a major contributor to all that. So it doesn't seem to mind that we we've got to go out and NB. I think committed to one another. Two laden and compete as we have been. John final question from me how do you. The balance September call ups and wanting to get a look at guys yourself. Which you've got teams in Portland and Pawtucket that are in the playoffs and and you want them to succeed you also don't wanna be taking players away from them at a time when they need them the most. Well -- you know they'll I think the biggest thing is when we got the guys over the trade there were. They were merely players that we had the game a true understanding of who they are as people and employers and and that's Joseph Kelly. You know Allen Craig and unity and assessed the so -- three primary guys but. In addition to that was we've been. You know take a long and hard look at. At smokey and we we just talked about. And our our rotation became extremely useful so it's not like. We haven't taken guys from AAA they've been here and these are the guys are gathering information on you make your decisions -- planning on a look into the offices and. Well we got the John -- questions you can could be dining with John Ferrell Mohegan Sun during the post season in this week John it's pretty interesting. It says this guy's name is Ed barber from its -- but I think it's actually Steve DeOssie because -- -- question. Sounds just like DDoS these questions -- Smart -- I've I've never seen these people in the same room. The question from from at -- similar to one of the Osce -- few minutes ago how to keep your team motivated. During the last month of the difficulties. Well Lisa before -- nativity at the trading deadline is that you know the one thing that we cannot do or four to do is sacrifice what our standard is and that is that to prepare. To the best of our abilities and to go out in and focus armed Mexican your game plan that. That to me is a non negotiable and I and our guys understand that they buy into it in and we've seen. I think relatively consistent performance from a number guys. And and the guys that come over you know they certainly contributed to that assessment is being one of the main one offensively. And a lot of changes tonight. Yes -- effect -- going to be at their base they're gonna give up Miller broke today down just. Maybe catch a little bit of a breather in his own way and -- weeks will be at second base but other than that were. Were pretty much out of the lineup that you would expect that Napoli beat down today is rotated Larry Craig there will be a first base. And -- Multi -- and just just around the outfield. John we appreciate the time as always thanks we'll talk to next week. OK guys started -- our NATO -- that is our Red Sox manager John Ferrell brought to you by our -- insurance town fair tire and Mohegan Sun. We've got a whole Lotta stuff that we still got to talk about what you guys the Wes Welker suspension. Peter King will join us later on in the program. We'll get the calls we view as well it's dale and Holley Steve the offseason houses while Sports Radio WEEI.

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