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Dale and Holley's Four at Four - N.E. Drug Suspension Edition - 09-03-04

Sep 3, 2014|

We tackle four topics all sparked by the suspension of Wes Welker of the Broncos for PED/Drug use.

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And Hollywood. -- Kind of pass the opportunity when. Present a pianist and an anti. And we'll talk about a girl. The lyric free version has you scared. Dilemma Millard field Verizon's. Another wholesome song about what drove him -- Probably not -- -- down the street you know -- -- Somalia from on the streets day -- -- -- are probably not scrambling. Wes Welker in his situation brought us to today's for a four. Brought to you by AT&T. AT&T coverage more than 99% of all Americans building you. A better network. Sometimes. -- lyrics are so good they compelling -- lead to a concert Kevin ball. It involves our first Boston athlete and a little run in with the drugs back in the day. -- of 2008 got caught with poor Juli. As he headed into a little Wayne concert -- Michael. What happened to get involved after that. I think it was a one game suspension. Rather it was but it's even worse and you know really look at it up today -- suspended for one game it was the opening game. It's against the Kansas City right here he wasn't fair to pick up. The blitzing -- city chiefs player with Sammy Morris who missed the opportunity. Bernard Pollard. And Bernard Pollard went into the legs of Tom Brady because Kevin Paul was suspended for that game but do you think that. Sammy Morris. The government's fault as a better. Wachovia walking back it was a fairly more you know pretty character anymore more angry with the system definitely it was. So in directly. Matt Cassel -- Kevin Faulk who grew over the case from a -- about it on a -- -- slow pace of the 42 million or you're talking to the kids don't smoke -- because it could take out their franchise quarterback Tom Brady out of that we're -- we -- to -- -- things you would call to a Super -- -- you remember the excuse. It was someone else's callers to our -- to. I mean -- Like personal Mendel -- close that -- now reveals yet now. And I say that Michael's. It all -- time off to a program that -- are we renaming the show for the rest of the day alum Molly out. -- -- -- that was scary and they found a small bag of videos that they determined. -- the appeals known as a drug called Ecstasy I wanna make it absolutely clear that these drugs not belong to the drugs were found in the bay. And -- relative -- of live on our roads of this told me. You know they were -- and I know this sounds too good and maybe a little bit unbelievable. But that's the truth I have never purchased illegal drugs in my life I've never done and the drugs you know Washington. Today it was in the -- My cousin did my cousins another cousin that lives in Niagara Falls when you've never heard or met before it. At least figure all of in my house who are releasing knowledge you have of this unbelievable it would have yourself a little unbelievable I -- -- who -- protect yourself mark cousins. Of those great post Ty Law after he got caught bringing Ecstasy over the border. And of getting suspended for the season finale in the year 2000. You see this is why they're in a caller earlier. Or text from our Bill Belichick being a control and I am a control freak and the kids deal with the free spirit you remember the back story. What led to the Canadian border. It was a game in buffalo and a snowstorm has snowstorm. Was Troy Brown was Terry Glenn I believe with Ty Law. Maybe somebody else guys went to stay back didn't like it on the you don't have -- little uncomfortable getting on the plane so. Bill Belichick says I -- -- -- got to be reasonable I can't be a part of won't break. These guys are these guys a little afraid to get on the plate I'll let let him stay back and look what look what happens. If you are an NFL coach I implore you clear control freak or you'll be on the street. I don't weaker -- you know it got to be a control. I forgot about that snowstorm but that's. Similar rights to the lead after we -- -- one time. Would live to be -- got -- -- jackets lost in the car directory to win. Schools in the -- religion -- -- plus -- run -- us Canada. You know what your definition that you yeah. Extremely. Sure her partner after her -- and. The 2007 season is remembered for a lot of things the -- those things that gets washed on the table real quick as Rodney Harrison's four game suspension. We're taking a banned substance on purpose. Was never to gain a competitive edge brother. Mark my useless solely. For the purpose of on the accelerator film process. Injuries -- sustained. While playing football I made a mistake. And I'm I'm very sorry for that I don't condone my my decision my behavior. Very very embarrassed by it. I'm disappointed in myself and to any young person any high schooler any college. Athlete. I sent the wrong message. Yeah there was a guy who said. I'm disappointed in myself and -- for -- yes for it except just one little thing about that -- all activity true. Forget what is it that it competitive edge if you're if you guys are doing the same thing you're doing aren't taking it to get. Better quicker or healthier quicker isn't that a competitive it is that a straightforward contradiction. But you're right everything else that's the way to do it but that's how you do you know what -- you -- You can find lots of positives. And negatives all the you know guides. Guys who have who slept on the -- last night. Steal that line from Rodney Harrison sweetheart. I'm disappointed they're biased and yes I don't get this report and everybody I'm disappointed him does resolve it doesn't appeared out of their what I didn't like a -- life support for. Rodney disappeared from dale -- shall we trees you can imagine and I remember vividly we're out there doing the show. And we had no ideals at the door opens and watch Robbie Harris. At the end of the Annie walks -- it -- dale -- regular. And I remember. Taking a deep breath and look at him in the eye and saying I just gotta say this I'm really disappointed. In what you do it. Think Kiki what's going to kill me right. -- said you're more disappointed in me that I. Anyone on from there in you know some of the year that have -- you don't have to think from the -- know I love. Ottawa and Toronto. Fuel and food. Time now for the AT&T New England Patriots drug bust today that brings on. -- And it brings us to the most well known player on this list Nick Kaczur. Gore well Austin wood 202 OxyContin pills and then he decided to turn rat. On his Las Vegas connection had. Thousands of pills thousands of dollars worth of -- mailed to him -- catch him in the sting. Well Bill Belichick what say you about Nick Cage you know easily. Control. What -- whatever it is that's you know matter between player and and whatever illegal whatever part of legal procedure that players involved with -- you know at that time in the sometimes it changes so. If it affects us that we deal with that that. Doesn't them on the player feels that there's any discipline and all that's handled internally between a player in the global capitalism. But we have anybody there from. Byron Barnett but you read the reporter. And let you out you feel let down. You've elected brought. Product a bad men into the organization. On drug dealer 200 plus it's 200 I remember it 200 evidence that there was even more -- we were looking up. Earlier that he had. Over 900 oxy pills mailed to his house each packages you know for 101000. We view him. That was suspended you had to be dealing. You have to publicly not suspended because it was match. You probably fully cooperated with the police investigation as we know how to how to and it felt like doing things I mean I can understand why. The legal legal legal part of the wild wild -- through exactly. Could your side view I don't know pass to protest wasn't his view of mortgages give them so I don't know make that kind of money are emerging field. Auction I don't know. I don't know W Woodruff -- -- would suspect that's that's amazing that's what that's at your -- if they right now. I haven't had given characters lawyer had that terrible announced yesterday that 500000 dollars directly catcher blocked -- from their -- I got suspended its done but it would. We're losers you think of you know athletes -- broad issues -- drug suspensions. Education first and I'm generally speaking as the answer right the most popular nevertheless -- The big 16177797937. -- telephone number. Eight TT tech minus 37937. That we we -- a ball as well right and that was the last one. -- All right let's take it away from the pages for just a minute and pulling it over to America's team Steve DeOssie. Nate Newton is remembered as an unpopular but -- when they have how much. The first time first time he had 213 pounds of marijuana in the event that -- just recreational. And partly how wild. Things -- pounds while out on bond -- he was caught again and all time with a 175. Pounds of marijuana in the -- two hours. About the Steelers cut his claim -- -- -- -- smoking under the user driving -- was that I am etiquette that. And a bit more select and invalid and help us I didn't know I don't know this -- is driving under the influence. I forgot about me do. However -- -- -- little quick math you're used to tour of thirteen rounds. And 170 bucks but we have 388. Pounds. We haven't offered another offensive lineman but would wait a pounds. Of marijuana. What you do it. That would -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I could see myself not being the biggest deal man. I would argue may surpass the record straight up -- -- While ago. -- wouldn't it goes 388. Maryland where it what you supply. -- -- -- Well not right now that's only one Colorado legal Washington and Washington -- an actual page position. Where like you're you're based of this bill for the state of Washington. Should there. It's places. There's -- job and 120000. Years that it goes close to a 100000. There are a lot of gave up to standard obstacle. To -- him -- -- was metric -- -- it. Q4 Q its long ago. Why is it. Good weekend Greg Richards. They're gonna give all have a lot of Null. You know beat and kick mixes from -- -- -- return right back to your calls as well Sports Radio W yeah.

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