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It Is What It Is Cast: Patriots-Dolphins Week 1 Preview

Sep 3, 2014|

WEEI.com's Mike Petraglia and Chris Price preview the Patriots' season-opener against the Dolphins and discuss what to expect from some of the rookies.

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Welcome inside Gillette Stadium everybody my name is Mike petroleum and finally the 2014. Season. Is upon us some -- is always by patriots expert columnist and beat reporter for WEEI dot com Christopher price. All right Chris the great unknown is upon us is Bill Belichick told us Wednesday morning here at Gillette Stadium. What does -- mean that's the patriots get ready to begin their season in Miami against the dolphins by the great unknown. You don't really know what you have in terms of what -- interval when you look at your roster until you get to the regular season you can do all the offseason workouts you can view all the training keeping -- can do all the pre season you think you need. You don't know who you have until you get out there inning deemed it actually means something for the first time in however many months. We have a game to mean something here for the patriots -- if we're gonna get a chance to see what guys like -- newcomers like Darrelle Revis can do what someone like Rob Gronkowski can do. Back after an extended period on the shelf can Steven Ridley. -- that workload. At running back can -- Julian adamant continue to kind of work that he was able put in -- so. All of those questions will be of the get a really good handle on where this team is really two plus quarters into this thing I always think back to the buffalo game last year where both teams kind of our feeling each other out over the first. But really the majority the first after about a where they were -- you get sent to where this team and that game really had no flow pretty much up until the game winning field goal. By Stephen gets cow ski at the very act exactly in so you you want to get a sense of where you are as a team you know you get a sense of what this guy can do. Under real game situation the guys LSU really the -- the younger guys how they respond to stressful situations can Dominique -- -- talking to immediately placed second ball how he responds to a certain stressful situation when when you get those guys out there. James White. What's he gonna do in in a real game and a real game environment what can these young guys do candy produced once the regular funerals. Is there a particular rookie you think makes the single biggest impact. Or will play the most snaps on Sunday I think when you look at this rookie class it's not -- 2007 but really they're not a lot of spots to fill on this roster really. You can before the draft he took a look at -- roster Domonique easily probably is not gonna play a whole lot of snaps if at all. I think if there's one rookie he should look out for on that it probably need to be James White -- why it offers you a little bit of a change pace. Back patio working out of the backfield maybe some special teams values while there's gonna be won rookie who's gonna have impact in this game once and getting through anyway. All right we did have a chance I'd had a chance to ask you bill -- Jack about Rob Gronkowski and his work ethic that leads up to this point. You know Chris there were a lot of people who questioned whether or not Rob Gronkowski was doing everything last year to get himself ready if he was. Too worried about that broken left forearm. And there was a lot of speculation and the patriots had is dated a soap opera here at Gillette Stadium. Last year -- this year there was the talk that the patriots wanted no part of that and there was no you know subtle message. Not so subtle message I should say delivered to Rob Gronkowski a -- If you're going to be on the field with us you better be ready to go in season number one now. Belichick told me on the Wednesday here -- -- that. The K that's not the case all we have always -- on the Rob Gronkowski works as hard as anybody inside that locker room to get himself ready. Not only on the field but in the film study. In the classroom whatever it takes cute he. Does what every can't get ready to be on the field. You take that the way I do that he'll be ready he will definitely be playing albeit twenty to thirty snaps on Sunday. Yeah I think when you take the situation into account. I think you have to understand utterance gonna be a little bit -- because there in South Florida the conditions are gonna be a little bit difficult to bill talked about replicating they're doing what you can can replicate that Miami Heat. I think at the same time I think the Gannett really kind of hold off on a little but I don't think we're gonna see him go wire to wire I always think back to October game blasters first game back. He was gassed at the end of that thing I think ultimately if if it was a beautiful day like today sixty degrees sunny kind of nice cool breeze. I think you might seem play more snaps but I think ultimately they want to see what he can do we talked a little bit before about kind of that first game we don't really know what you have. I think you still don't know what you haven't Gradkowski common back after that knee injury I think ultimately to your point I think it's a very good when. I would look for him to play let's say a third of the snaps a third. Half the snaps on Sunday all right Tom Brady also held his weekly press conference. Here at Gillette on Wednesday. And he was asked first and foremost about what he looks forward to in his fifteenth NFL season. Some things I thought were interesting I asked him what he does to take care of his spotting it says I'm not gonna share those secrets. I'm like Tom it's just your diet. Stuff like that any it's like no those are closely guarded secrets but I've worked years and years and years on the get myself ready so. You have to respect app -- on a serious tone. Tom Brady going into his fifteenth season. May be safe for the 2007. Season I think he has his many weapons as he has ever had in this offense. And he said so on Wednesday talking about the fact that we can go from option aid to beat to see -- really. Switch on the fly if we have to one particular option is -- work. I think a lot of that goes back to last year in the foundation he was able decree with some of the new face is -- including Julian -- but I know he wasn't a new face but. Italy was really the first -- -- he was a fully integrated part of the offensive you know really offensive mixed but you look at all those new faces last year. That because I -- -- confidence in Aaron Dobson in -- Amendola the key for them going forward now is to be able to build on that chemistry be created last year. And take that to the next level that's going to be the question for -- when he talked about this passing game. If you talked about comparing it to the patriots passing teams of years past. Ten may take that foundation and really build something. All right Tom Brady. Also asked then this is comes as no surprise about the Wes Welker for game PED suspension. Out in Denver Tom Brady and Wes Welker are his closest to NFL former teammates can be in this league. They are of course both spotted publicly at the Kentucky Derby in -- and according to pro football talk. That's when Wes Welker took some amphetamines. Some Ecstasy laced in that means and got banged fort by the NFL drug testing policy. Tom Brady said on. Wednesday -- to let stadium that he's a friend but right now it's not about friendship it's about getting ready for the NFL season that's why I'm here. Yeah and I think that was the -- that was the response I think we all expected him to give -- you know it's your point I think it's a very good -- I think those two guys are very close. There remain very close even those affected that that walkers in Denver for you remains here but at no great surprise in that regard I think you kind of laughed about it had no you -- We're moving on you know the but the focus is on the field friends I'm missing of this is not friends on the right this is time for business. And Tom Brady also asked that when he was at the Kentucky Derby if he indeed -- Wes Welker. Doing anything untoward to toward its own body and that's when he laughed and set -- I've got no comment on that it was a bit about nervous laughter because she can understand Tom Brady. And that it has been very close with Wes Welker since their first year together back in 2007. Yeah and then this is this is again it's it's it's no surprise for -- to give the response that he did going to be interest to see the fallout especially on Welker comes here in November. I I don't know if it's interesting when you consider Walker's career. A guy who has suffered that many concussions he's over the age of thirty. You wonder if this be the end as sooner rather than later for him -- given this recent you know the bad your the most recent situation that figures into does well. -- -- to watch how all of that plays out for him over the course the 2014 season. All right sunshine temperatures in the eighties our first chance that a prediction and from Christopher price for the 2014. Season the season opener patriots dolphins. What will be the score I think the patriots win this thing 2717. Again I think. We're gonna see two teams over the first two plus quarters even though the division rivals even though we kind of know a lot about. Both of these teams and they're pretty familiar with each other I think ultimately you're gonna see two teams kind of feeling each other out of the first half I think ultimately in games like this my experience -- talent. You'll wins out in the end I think the patriots have more than enough on the offensive side of the ball to put a point seven points which really you consider the New England defense to reveal New England defense. Guys like a boat mail when Wilfork back in a 100%. Revis in the mixed. And you you you start to think you know. -- you know they've done some good things in Miami but I don't know if they're quite there yet again I'm -- knowing the 2717. Charles clay they're speedy tight end is somebody don't plan to keep an eye on on the Miami front of things is trying to and a hell looks to get his offense. In -- Under bill -- the new offensive coordinator he runs a hurry up kind of like the Philadelphia did Eagles did. Last season that will be definitely something to keep an eye on. On Sunday yours truly like to try -- will be down in South Florida in Miami Gardens. Covering the patriots and dolphins be sure to cover all of -- follow all of the action -- for price. Yours truly on WEEI dot com. We'll have complete coverage both before the game during the game and even after the game. On WB PI dot com Christopher price unlike the -- it inside Gillette Stadium WEEI dot com.

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