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Three For All - How the iCloud was hacked, 9-3-14

Sep 3, 2014|

Last weekend's iCloud hack is supposedly NOT over. Tim and Christian create a "Fantasy 5" of which celebrity women they'd like to ..... see!

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It's been days and it. -- -- -- -- We'll start in the interior has snorted it right into it it through a bit low on time solved. And I know of one of the sponsor of their birth because I'm really proud of the segments brought to a spot because of all the construction in -- group they've got you covered. As a result but stoppers under one roof because -- free for -- doesn't have to be sports related for a few moments here. We've been spending a fair amount of time today on the cloud situation if you do get a CD Yahoo.com story that takes some time outlined should. They just bring your lunch your -- bring it up on your computer. -- your feet if you take awhile to read through it but it's very in depth look at how the cloud was hacked and all these photos got out there of all these celebrities. And we were discussing this before the show started. And it got Christian thinking about. This is how I interpreted your challenge to me in the first place and maybe I'm wrong about this but I thought at first you wanted to come off the list. A top five list of who I wanted to find out what's in the cloud. Because there are more people are coming out right there are more hacked leaked photos coming out what I wanna see this could be revealed in the cloud. But now really that's not really we are going but I'll give you my list. Understood the list is you're -- your your fantasy five OK we -- that are fancy football -- -- real that is a real -- several state. -- whatever you wanna call OK so you have. -- -- out of jail free card. What what in your life so listen up hey if this opportunity comes by your way and these and then everybody's you know in on it and it vital K with it. Who would be your top five list of people women. OK so your most important -- girls have a crush on you -- what you are role traveler what would -- well initially. I was gonna go with. Brooklyn Decker Mila Kunis Miranda Kerr Lily Aldridge and the one that you're expected me -- -- you Corrado. Okay that's originally ordered out of -- also now what I thought it was just about who have we not seen yet that we are now going to have revealed to us in the cloud by the attacker and his original bat after big time -- always got things for a man it was a -- what it would be like. -- nothing in about police and and all of broadening our Mariah is here to include that all pro I just a hidden in body rotten in the next yes the funny rotten idea body -- -- look at Bonnie are really shouldn't because you'll all be fired for doing so you're doing -- -- -- -- -- Maybe -- porn star of the year international tattoo she got short brown Harrods. But they -- again. Oh my god this is such that embeds Carol do brought Iran here. Are you looking tattoos everywhere you should do that on the servers -- gonna get in trouble obviously Aldridge do you agree on all the other one that I decide to throw and then was -- hinted. You know just it just a hint it is just Hinson was named Mike hot body brought it up for it -- not. -- -- -- the look of -- incident and you'll see Jesse just saw. JES. As -- In two and a buff we like nova spelling -- -- -- and now I did -- get it I get a nice little -- and she didn't Playboy playmate and she's also been on -- point now bunch of times that's where I first found out about it OK and she's just the classic -- Pam Anderson back with him Anderson was Pam Anderson yeah I know Barack. Seven familiar joy you know just again as I did not know but I don't go -- and it really familiar with dirt so that is acceptable five no it's good I see an accidental cloud five. Are you guys yet all you got -- -- on their my little different feet. I have a crazy. I have to women all over the place like as far as my list goes OK so I have a word that's that's as far as it goes is a list this is my less. -- -- And no actually okay -- at. I've kicked -- -- number five. -- I have. Sophia -- Dara. At number four I don't know -- of the -- women you know Kirby the emotional -- me whenever she was a headache I have yet but so what McCain misspeak hopefully. -- misty Copeland has. Yes I do. Under -- she's the validation or LA just -- I don't know yet just like you used to hear like holy crap you don't know over the seat when you envision. A ballet dance you think totally skinny meat eating hamburger. Okay not very Kris goal like we just not very attractive hang out there on valid answers really yet -- must be what's wrong movies about my why it's taken me to a number of fund raiser events for the years. The circuit she covers covers the what the society seen -- fundraisers I -- I don't look at that video. Yeah that under -- commercial the video. It's like one big payoff for the wide shot we see your standing on her toes and you asked earlier -- that we heard Glazer -- jacked up again and it is was all right so. Alyssa a lot of still I can't get a lift from my thumb but there was a whole you know she's quite the good fight and serve is still there but. Not put out already that that you point -- that's what you think for me in a -- -- it will not about your trampoline but in a collector's. Now now now she. I don't really had on the list that was expected date and the number one arguably my number one is Gwen Stefani. I do believe that I hardly know just it's like completely opposite of -- track to do. Pasty white skin red lipstick you know it goes through that cultural looked at -- North County renowned then but there's something about her that -- and OK I have ever I -- women all replaced operate. Great way they've allowed out on. You gotta be Joey illegal for you really should have won I would replace it with fantasy list though women that are taken that I can't get. OK got it not getting people in office yet that's not included -- the wife -- -- spirit here Kate then skim and LO is out there are -- -- -- You're lucky behind a lap at a apotheker whenever I -- what we call the -- I don't is gonna do that I wanna add is just -- in the mix. I think California girl -- yes he's got that blond hair you know she's got a lot going on. I'll let I'll mention a couple you know who Olivia Mon is -- Strays from newsrooms is Williams mark anchors from newsroom and yes and you end and she smoke yet. That's not a surprise and just get -- I'm in love I would say -- replace Gwen Stefani with Maria brink just because -- brick store Avaya. Combination of body -- a little money that's -- wife -- Well okay beat you with yes I picture yet I did what she's dressed up as there's -- flair for return to Jeddah. With Jordan knew of her out there but for additional iCloud hacking incident was there not an issue accidentally -- something -- yes yes yes of our -- this is long before the cloud situation but it is the gallery the article the Yahoo! to. Not only is there. Extremely -- details about how this guy manipulated all the photos stored all the photos imported all them. Got a team together to bring them together and put them out but there's almost a scary. Exit no description of how to get the cloud and you know all these pictures in the first place eligible to picket line be for Olivia -- what he wouldn't look at a game you bring into that situation don't. You know I thought more about that they'd been you know it stuff really want to I have to think about that. Are your okay you think that's is gonna happen. Like I think he's some serious though I think they'll -- batting him want -- want to make that happen. Yet as little as some of that going on there that would make great radio no. -- never spiritual guidance for future lifespan would shorten tremendously when I am women all report just stop it. Limited our Chris price WEEI dot com. We'll talk to about the -- is sure to get us to stop violence coming in there right now -- and we got to see what I want chris' first hand reaction. To Tom Brady talking about Wes Welker at the Kentucky Derby from today he had to be there right was it Chris had to say next 90% of -- -- I have -- I -- women all over the place.

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