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UFC President, Dana White, talks Bones-Cormier, and Ronda Rousey, 9-3-14

Sep 3, 2014|

UFC President, Dana White, joined Tim and Christian to talk about the feud between Jon "Bones" Jones and Daniel Cormier. Jones' brother, of course, is Patriots DE Chandler Jones. Also, Tim has a big interest in the Woman's Bantamweight champion Ronda Rousey. Dana had a fun story about here kicking a couple dudes asses.

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We spent a fair amount of time in recent patriot fund is talking to -- Jones about USC's. His Brothers Jon bones Jones and Daniel -- -- quite a robbery gone now because of the injury. John that's postponed -- to Dallas so what clubs and Howard gets the ramp up fourth. And whether or not Chandler knew what we were in fighting ourselves to his part house attracted to that on the air. Buehrle said yes so they know awkwardly saying well we'll see what happens though depending on the playoffs against the patriots and how they're doing the post season what -- now which it'll go out to Vegas to -- joining us right now toxin USC with fight night. On Friday night at foxwoods -- UC president Dana White -- how -- you think -- come -- -- with them at me I'm good thank -- army. Let's look at the card first double and then we're gonna get to Chandler Jones Jon bones Jones and Daniel Cormier but you've got a big fight coming up the headline fight is shocker race SuSE verses regard -- Osce. How much future potential do you have in these two fighters and how big of a deal is this match up as the headliner at foxwoods. At the big deal -- -- 185 pound division both these guys are our look at the title shot and obviously these -- -- the baddest dude that weight class so. A win win Friday -- is very big for them. -- -- how do you decide. You know who gets this that the shot in this headline bad match how does that work as far as -- as far as them working their way up the ranks. Doubt -- -- obviously you know that you're enters the top ten ranking system and the media. Ranks with a guy on that and and the top twenty. What these guys to break into the top ten that are fighting each other they continue to move up the ladder and an -- you know a win for either one of these guys. Over the other is as a big deal in the 185 pound division. It's also about Jolo zone from Bridgewater and his fight coming up on Friday today and. Boson is just died every time the guy -- -- up winning fight of the night or one of the knockout or submission to the night because an absolute stud. Gordon Friday against Michael -- got to the winner of the Ultimate Fighter that that's that's quite. Going to be a war now his son goes to the Dana Farber Cancer Institute he's part of the -- funny was actually on with us during our fund raiser a couple of weeks ago so. He's a local favorite and we've got a vested rooting interest in -- what are you show what's his shot against that the Ultimate Fighter winner. Joseph Biden is is dangerous in any fight that is that the kid got unbelievable missions. I got great stand up and it an unbelievable Chad biscuit or go to war wolf flight over to the bitter end. So Dana. My Michael's here Tim has a thing for one here most popular fighters -- -- rousing. -- -- all you're actually yeah he's actually a big gene is actually in the week. Like -- -- so like Ron -- it is what -- training. Do you in order to get her I guess you know ready for her matches this year -- train against guys that it -- just to give herself you know more talents. She always strains would actually came from judo and in judo you know she trained but mostly mad. And let me tell you what man how about just -- -- the -- a few years ago -- that I would -- to bring women into the into the USC and she came to my mind to one of them being that the -- yet. Puppet human beings you'll ever meet your big game changer in every sense of the word. I mean I don't know if you guys ever heard the story. -- that the movie theaters before she ever audit data like this -- you still doing -- -- Q&A movie theater and these these two guys came in with a two girlfriends and sat right behind her it's a -- basically the way she explained it was. The girls part of their feet up water -- -- like all the year bought the entire movie. Talk and answer in the appalled like those obnoxious people which -- we saw the movie was so persuade Republicans over. She grabbed the -- all the pulls it off and throws of the movie screen. So the boyfriend were like you're gonna go get out blue and you're gonna do if that's like no you guys are ignorant you know if I guess the whole movie theater -- clap and and Shia. Push comes to shove those guys came -- they grab their -- of the beating up ball aboard right. All of this bag yet and and that -- to my next question that I don't know I you know. How politically correct this could be is or because they -- there some beef with Floyd Mayweather you know whether you know he could take on a front row seat. Would we ever see here in the octagon against a guy. All the I don't think so you know the reality is that. It -- you can't -- I mean as far as me being present European organization can never put on a fight between a man and a woman but I'll tell you got. -- -- walk around anywhere and believe me if if -- guy should show took Russia to Russian. Dana what's the future of -- -- occur on a fight and what's holding that up right now for Rhonda. Well we're close we're close to getting -- dot. We'll get cheated done you know soon here and in the world now we'll see when the fight of the -- And is the issue wait to potentially set some -- that might be a problem about what weight weight class they're gonna fight are a lot of. Noble fight at 135 pounds for -- -- belt a lot of people think they're -- they can't make the weight but. Lot of people have no idea what we're talking about. So you don't you guys had did the job bones Jones vs did lukewarm -- But it got postponed. Due to I guess I jog got a little got an injury right had a late injury by Andrea. Where did all excited about this we have Chandler Jones on our show every Monday. And we talked to him about -- a little bit and just -- the -- here this is what do you say about. He isn't his and knowing zero opposes them again career yet looks -- disrespect you last they resisted doing it here in this sound a little knowing I mean he's he'd be a Muslim myself I mean. I never -- I. You know I'm the youngest brother on the baby I have I don't know about that police -- -- Arthur and I have Jones as the middle brother and then on the youngest. Tom but whenever I see them negatives in all of kill me John Q Munich stuff like that and that's nice to do as a little kid but -- -- -- he downs and they -- little upset and. I sellers Chandler Jones during our interview how do you interpret that I think Daniel Cormier would interpret that. I love love Taylor toe battle Olympic pin in the patriot guy so. Are -- from Manchester right. Are all broke broke from opened up in the masters stereo -- of Manchester I'll get. You would you ask Boston writes he got you got some background against the patriots are your big patriots fan and I. The in the yeah I used off some Medicaid to start applauding when he was getting drafted. I told -- -- jolly guy that helped raise you will be if he goes to the patriots in the hands of course the patriots. But. Yeah that it's funny to hear talk like that big big got out Chandler Jones talk about how he was the annoying little brother. Will -- speculate if is there any football player in the NFL right now that when you look if you watch the sport to watch the games on Sunday go man this guy would be great for us. What got guys and it is Indiana -- are so big fast explosive athletic you know if they would have trained. You know at a young age in god and you know basically focused on mixed martial -- the way they focused on football yeah I definitely would -- they'd they'd be right. Did it again to go back the Cormier Jones -- How can you recreate. All the hype and all the enthusiasm that was building for that based on the leaked footage that went on the satellite back and forth between the two based on the brawl that they had. Promoting the flakier recreate that naturally or what do you do to help promote despite what's. -- -- it is what it is you know that that all that crap you know what when that -- -- I was on vacation you know we have we have the guys stand up there he was one of our appeal her -- -- you can tell -- -- when that whole -- went down. When he got shot right through this step and repeat banner. In the IP you don't recreated it just it's a great fight between two -- -- bad astute in the world and you know. Everybody's gonna wanna say it. Which it would let me next door sites -- You know absolutely kill you every discipline but he never he could never kill me -- America needs its rights you really should strides. Does any bad hole it actually does. A lot better off the bat that never -- what happened is we do goes. It's basically like if Obama a lot of -- -- right now so they keep -- in all the different markets no we would do that somebody. Somebody had. The -- the mics open going into the next interview and they got all that stuff and and we actually after that after that they -- now we ended up getting more. So is a date set for the for the next fighters -- -- right gathered yeah they're white men. However in January it's it's early Jarrett is the first we dated January when Dana thanks a lot for coming I was really do appreciated able -- the event UFC fight night. Friday at foxwoods resort and casino be there -- car SuSE it's taken on -- see that's the lead event and Agile is on is going to be on the card as well. With the connection we have the Jimmy Fund were deftly behind him Dana thank you for joining us here. Just what what they get people can't make it to the event it's live and free on fox sports one. Fox sports -- thanks a lot for the upload then we'll talk to sooner right thank you -- -- -- -- -- president of USC here on -- days. With MF the.

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