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Rodney Harrison: Gronkowski's knees could be targeted, 9-3-14

Sep 3, 2014|

Former Patriot and current NBC Sports analyst, Rodney Harrison, joined the show yesterday and touched on Rob Gronkowski. He mentioned that since Gronk is so big, it's likely that opposing safeties and linebackers could target his surgically repaired knee this year. Tim and Christian talked about this possibility.

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So with your level or lack of sympathy for the players and I'd be surprised assumptions you went through the system yourself and you played as an apple -- and a -- of sympathy for tight ends. Specifically. Are tight ends when it comes to their knees getting taken out because Rodney Harrison was ominous yesterday. And suggested that Rob Gronkowski is going to be targeted. In the knee in fact I believe we have Rodney talking about that here. And order situation in that locker refs swallowed patients can't do it's it's really not -- to the media that your job is clear healthy. When -- call upon it gives you all that field across all cups which is all the do and that's one of the things that's. -- Gaza Kaloko ever cursor or Eagles up that we didn't call attention to what else -- what about a always up in Serbia where you're at what -- But I think that come -- -- -- -- before. And I know guys will specifically go at his knee -- need to be very careful of the big big part of the cost as little -- all they -- Back to back it up in the chest they're gonna be aimed -- that they. They have to. We have to hit a blow you hit Rob Gronkowski by yourself high above his waist. At its tip line. You are gonna bounce off. Like this you're not gonna get him down and lets you have friends that are helping you'd taken down you have to go low a lot of you have to go -- -- -- his knee start that is me. And then work your way down and then make him jump over you or. Or does make him try to avoid USO he would have just going down because you're not gonna take -- if you do you -- them high. He should take you for a nice five yard right that's what punitive or cricket from rock your defensive back now you have such little target area that's legal to hit. You're gonna be more inclined. To go down and go along these tight ends right and some bigger wide receivers about a guy receiver over the -- all the guys that is the notables strong CDC guys are vocal and it. Other -- and when you said the Brandon Mary weather's. The other TJ ward the TJ swear juror who's been involved in a couple things of the past two years you know even. With Wes Welker in last -- was Dustin Keller during the -- right gaming people out to said listen they're telling me. I can't -- Heidi. It's like got to go low it. You know it's. He's got a point but. You know he's got you know going forest head to knock him out you could still go right below is that -- your -- to get him down. Just not going to so if you really wanna be sure that you're gonna make that tackle and make sure he does get a -- yards after contact you take his legs out from underneath them. Ed Abbott -- publicize people. Try to go up -- -- -- -- You know and there's really no. I mean I know was it. -- -- vice president of football operations last year after all these things were going down. He came out said he was going to be monitoring period NFL's remotely consider taking away a little -- to get a call at the Rob Gronkowski rule would Brady had dug the tuck rule. You don't like the whole. Did did the way they called -- that the holding illegal contact with the Ty Law rule on officially you know now he may have the Rob Gronkowski rule. It makes sense to me to make it Dustin Keller rule but the fact is that. Would you can it help allow them to hit a war work and they hit anything below. The neck above the knee above the waist -- that's the only place you can hit them but could be a possibility. What Fred talked about a couple times over the past few weeks is current house he's gotten healthy and gotten back towards playing again more people. Have brought up whether or not it was a dirty hit the first place three got taken out at the knee and I don't know how you can called a dirty it was one of the few legal it's that you can have anymore particularly in this day and age where players are actively being told avoid hitting high. So you don't get a suspension. Or fine for hitting somebody in the helmet or. For -- on -- purpose a fifteen yard penalty. You know what else are they supposed to do. And I know that oftentimes. Tight ends -- the ones that are most drawing out honest because the kind of patterns that they've run. What's a little bit shorter. And they have to go over the middle stop faced the quarterback and then turn back up field and the ones that are the most exposed so I'm a little bit. I'm glad to hear you say that even though your former tight -- your part of the brotherhood. I don't think the gronkowski hit was legal. Though legal was a dirty know what a dirty of get. Now because a -- so the way you get back get the defense that your tighter alignment or wide receivers like cut blocking. So these that mean that cup blocking is legal. I mean they've they've changed the rules to protect the deepen the linemen and and -- -- the backs and linebackers and all and and every other position on the defense. Used to be able to cut down whatever you want to you can cut the many of you would made even worse you -- cut down. And out there were all of you could roll clipped their heals more at them both Gaza and -- -- terror there in the up. Or they would end up in a -- and make you were doing it to try to hurt them or put them out of the game. It was an effective block and it worked image they felt heart and that's what you want it was a plus plus we got to block like that. So I never really played against guys. It would come into the huddle older players and altered. Older deepened the backs are older people fans and they were black over the hopefully hey guys. This -- tea parties today. Abolish deputies went wild like it's it's an easy -- Koppel Armey. It came almost like -- unwritten rule that even though you were allotted to it that. It was frowned upon it -- throwing that block. Innovative watch you because the opposite returned -- -- was greater if you did got block. You know my figures like listen if you can hit me when I'm not look at in my head. And I'm gonna cut you as much as possible because that's gonna slow you down if you know you're gonna get cut. I can come off the field -- are gonna come out feeling like -- trying to hit you cannot touch you wish to call it a reverse hit blocked so. You would go into -- lay eggs and and you swing your hips around so if you miss on the initial cut you can get them on. Second time around by -- your -- around. And had an -- and gave them a greater chance of falling down if it's different look forty taken -- Jimmy Graham. Six months later as Jimmy Graham is coming back are we asking in knowing whether or not it was dirty hit by him according. Knows this I think the dirty hit my teacher award yet. -- mean it was brought up when I sought Comcast last night and where was asking now Steve Gregory about it in -- what are breakers. Gregory basically said no that wasn't what else you sports to -- me his response is no one else you're supposed to do is defensive yet you have a decision to make you want to get the guy out are you want him to -- over. But you have you have to Mickey business decision -- pat period times split second. How is what it is when you watch whenever I watch the -- koskie. One that hit on rob. -- -- could void he could avoid that hit -- he's he probably be -- a whole lot it looks like he knows it's coming. Okay and instead of running through -- almost have to do. Know that you just have to give a body like you just you need to know that if you see that guy coming at you heat seeking missile you do know that you just give up -- You remove your feet from the ground almost jumping up. OK so when he does go -- you he's just getting hit there always gonna hit your feet get there and you may flip over a little bit more. But it's not a taker in the sentencing -- avoidable at all -- I could see illicit. Split second decision it happened quick you -- safeties over there it's a seam route you know coming at you. This is -- -- yes. Based on the circumstances and then Alec -- like 220. Knowing that they're gonna come attorneys are really looking for. 6177797983722. Texas 3793 set and I do think that some of the patriots fans have to be aware of have to keep an eye on because I think Harrison's right. Do you think people will target him do you -- people go a lot of haven't 98 will be all the more inclined to do you sell. Knowing that he's injury from critically teams in his own division and secure this weekend but also goes and he plays of course is dangerous. But it's -- -- market but that also comes your injury ideas as far as like you know whether -- tell he's not that whether -- hurt but -- -- You don't want a team to know what you you have to tell you what this target -- need because you're trying to get him down there's targeting a new President Clinton and the client is just going like -- sister. If I know your hand hurts I don't -- archer and you broker figured I'd smacking your finger at each ticket I've got I'm trying to irritate the hell out of view. I know your ribs hurt. I get a chance that it be one in the ribs I am going to give you one in the ribs yet but the gronkowski thing this week has nothing to do with that everybody knows what gronkowski is coming back for what just flipped over the fact of like it's an injury situation and bring you back -- start this conversation. Why they would not want the pages were not for a bunch of different reasons that I -- -- that I understand why Belichick would want somebody. Stay quiet about but -- initially when this first happened when the story first occurring gronkowski cannot during our show and said. I'm gonna play out like upgrade we did it on. Well we all I wondered out -- did we doubt that we all wondered immediately the first thing we thought his spell check okay with this. Culture -- this and we all universally said I guess she must speak as gronkowski wouldn't be that stupid woody. And sure enough. Belichick comes out yesterday and says we're not ready to say he's gonna play yet so expect another season's worth of this if he is taken out that he again. Yet -- -- like that coming gamble once he's in. You are here for you were here for estimated heard about this there's always like Tom was always on injury report. Like his shoulder was always -- -- even though he was that he was practicing every day he was always listed as probable -- you know doubtful or you know questionable while they look. Some coaches -- Coach -- cant stand the injury report I don't think they should have to put out an injury report. Be frank with -- I don't all you know why they do though I mean it's all based on betting and all fantasy football or gotten up to the ball comes in the play it and -- actually was. It was based on you know Vegas and and spreads and lines go to Joseph in Portsmouth joy your -- for seven WEEI. -- -- -- So they all want all. A national special person and so look I -- by. And it got it and number I don't you know what you saw all those. That lets you -- so this week. So good. So. I mean why aren't I remember at all. It's a yacht a ship was -- went all will force. Tony Gonzales -- I. -- you get hurt -- There. Are all. City and the port and I don't really take or. Well and I Greg -- BQ you're onto something we've been talking about for a lot of just basically. Slowly he place so you know the Smart guys know the guys really -- hit by one guy. They know more hits or comment and he just see how we place. He says he's physical he's he's he's up he's a machine he just doesn't want to go out it's just not in his DNA. Case so he's gonna have to learn. Protect himself better or he will not heavy long career and really that's that's really the goal unity it would be nice to have all the records but the goal to make that this job. Into a career and the guys who learn how to protect themselves into. You know make their careers longer. Preserving their by preserving their body are the guys that are gonna -- thirteen years yet. -- -- get to see that no I think it plays it's been an issue that it is and that's part of the reason why get a little bit. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Pissed off when we have the semantics argument about whether or not Rob Gronkowski is injury prone -- who can call injury prone yet wanna call injury prone it's. Is there's a style to his place. Injury prone might be the broken arm. On the point after touchdown there's nothing injury prone. About the way he got hurt in other ways -- you it's -- susceptible to injury yet he has based on the nature of the position. And how he plays. Is she. The got a guy that you don't want -- your team because he occasionally answer I don't think so I think you still want Rob Gronkowski and your team for -- could possibly happen because he's that much of a threat. But there's been a lot of that as gronkowski start to come back is he injury prone -- -- When you can say about the point after touchdown thing but obviously there's something else royal -- that is something else wrong there before he just got his arm broken. And -- after touchdowns in the -- that. I -- -- -- it's just like anything sometimes -- -- just by running it just happened she hit the person at the right here time at the right place. And no it's not brittle it's just bad luck is not a job loss drew. Not the same thing just in New Hampshire you're an -- percent of -- -- a couple of cartons. They real quick to thank our I think it was what brought under day in the -- WS. Diatribe and a little bit more well put together time that is. I don't think back I need to get a grip on life in an epic that packing and let them from that I doubt about it laughter. And I didn't just I would be here. What other sport basically outer hull cracked. But some -- -- as amphetamines. Right so let me amphetamine -- -- and that's what's coming up the department of that so reported that particular matter at all. Know when making it matter it's a pretty clear. Picture and then he tried to sidestep this. -- that he thought it would retain its a bad job but I am I would slow Paul. Excuse -- that you need. And it could be at the Kentucky Derby. Alarming gaps are I mean your professional athlete and they go that that money -- you think you'd like. Him and our hundred dollar bill that they. Event and not expect there'd be some backlash PR life. -- -- the backlash by him what was the backlash by him does have a good time what's wrong with him like you know he just won 50000 boxes spread that love the spread the joy that. You think that would be backlash based on -- Anybody that so logical. Rational human being. In his position. We realize it's not a -- put it before and underdog -- I think -- -- now bills. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- That we would never lock into Churchill Downs and see who our hundred dollar bill to everybody and their mother acted all souped up that they want to anger and color. It's just it depends on what I had in my system -- Zito got a caller and I did have. -- -- money why. Should I mean that's I guess. I cannot I never thought about it revenue good time and how he chooses to have a good time with his own body that's. That's never gonna happen agreed but you. Did fault him for taken something that might have put him in the mood to say hey you know comedy duo does it take -- water money give it to everybody is -- such a good mood. Well I mean he's he's a spot of what equipment was on body yes. Okay that's that's that's my point that regardless of where Iraq and whether it was recreational that was laced with something. That stripped the this creed -- the cream your -- you know that the Barry Bonds was an anti inflammatory cream. OK from my ankle so has got to the -- -- -- you allocated but -- got to go to an organic bars or Joseph gotta get it I rode my ankle. Two days later. I just I had this drastic -- in my entire body. Okay summer -- so pistons damn doctor. And as a -- It's myopia fault dude had a turbot or not he could have a license amid a back -- Yeah okay it's my ball particulate put the -- -- plant to agree on my ankle. I think you that it would make the swelling go away. Play my association cover that doctor. -- this is one of those was one of those guys that you meet and as you beat -- all the answers. Tuesday at our local leads you. Site of -- has now the bad Molly I -- from pop low public Spain right next to the check of OK I got in his adore the dejected -- a last 6177797937. Dana White next -- 37 WEEI.

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