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Buster Olney thinks Red Sox should call up Castillo this year, 9-3-14

Sep 3, 2014|

Buster Olney joined MFB today and spoke about the Rusney Castillo. He suggested the Red Sox didn't pay him $70 million to stay in Pawtucket. He also ranks all the teams that are vying for a trade to acquire Giancarlo Stanton from Miami, and the contract he's likely receive.

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-- only joining us right now from ESPN and espn.com. Brought to us by. Toyota Nashua and Mohegan Sun. -- -- What's gone as any need to exit you were float around on the club. You know I yes of course everybody listening to look at forum if someone like pulled up -- -- pictures appeared -- -- He gets -- it a lot of ballparks and a massive snake there was near this place where respect your eyesight six foot snake climate tree. There was a rat snake in the most Canadian to ever had -- you guys want that denied -- -- -- -- How -- Justin Verlander to be seeing the same thing right about now but -- -- have you talked to him have you seen him since there's the photos got out buster. Now I am we've got the tigers the giants this weekend and I suspect I know what the conversations like to be like -- Okay back right exactly as -- way out what they're going to bring up about the Red Sox to stars they're playing the Yankees. In the Bronx how often in your time covered baseball have you seen for an extended stretch this season. Right at the bottom or near the bottom Red Sox yankees in terms of total runs scored the American League -- -- and after last night or not still bottom 12. I want it to pay and we actually we're we're looking -- up early this year when they're getting we're getting ready have a series. I think -- -- sometime in the in this in the thirties may be the twenty. In this situation happened it was during the year when Babe Ruth had a terrible year in the Yankees were near the bottom. But -- and you know network quality and and centuries since we've seen these -- struggle that much offensively. -- -- you know you guys now -- are typically good offensive team the Yankees usually -- this year left handed hitters -- thrive in their home park. And that she says many cases this year it's been completely operational here. You know and if they play tonight and starting to the person within these organizations say -- they feel like. And inherited tipping point and the question is whether enough threat assessment of ownership over the edge. A bus and you people see a -- -- -- up at Fenway before the season's over. I can be honestly I don't know should -- they should they move them up the -- that it you know should they give him a shot in the some way to see what happens. I think they should they think it can be part of the team next year and why not you know I know for example a lot of teams. Arguing that these days -- -- cut studio with a Javier Baez to do with -- so -- and -- course. -- DNA unit similar in both those guys -- had a chance but the reason why they did that. It indicates that both those players given the pace. And given the opportunity to fail and to be able to process that -- go into the wintertime with the idea of what they're doing it. -- I would read that sure because you're not gonna pay -- 72 million dollars in -- -- think he's ready to translate right away. So why not and you know it's it's it's signed sealed and it's signed sealed. Deal. So you know the arbitration clock doesn't come into it might result from under the deepen the -- Buster only what is from ESPN and espn.com. Buster also want to talk about the future Zander Bogart's and some of the things he said I feel very adjusting after the game last erratic good game against the New York Yankees one of which was. He's realized as the year has gone along. That he's probably take in too many. First pitch fastballs that in his words were just locked up there by the pitchers. I don't organizationally either Red Sox love to have their batters go to home plating grind out at bats but. If that's something that he's noticing is he someone that can maybe depart next year from that a bit if he feels more comfortable first pitch fastball to be an effective hitter. -- I -- I do actually think it's part of an overall trend in baseball where you know for fifteen years everyone was seeking out in theaters you can draw a walk to go to work deep into the count. But here's the thing in -- pitchers are are increasingly aware of those numbers you know when. That you know Christian Fauria comes up there and he swings at. 5% of first pitches and he can take it 95% of the time in that case in Bogart certainly would fit that category. -- you know that they're just taking advantage of them might try to dealing with the exact same issue right now. And more and more what you -- hearing from hitters is you know what maybe we should be looking for opportunities to do damage is supposed to. Work account because the -- between -- he might be that. You know the first pitch cookie that ball and I am I do think that you're gonna gain adjustment from hitters. Big picture. Going into next year in certain terms of the approach that I've heard that. Type a thing from so many guys that you would have been hitting coaches or managers. Acquire speaking of speaking of big hitters oh what's the latest source Jean -- speed and is that we still wait for some fireworks up here. Well you really spurred my imagination last week with a question that he -- you know they -- DO -- stand. And they'll like spent a lot of time I'm gonna write a column that is tomorrow but I spent a lot of time last week sort of laying. It's getting a lay of the land and where the standard thing stands and first off. You know he's -- guy who right now it's probably the number one or number two financially MVP. But they became the first player. And Gary Sheffield to go 3500. For the Miami Marlins. He's one of the best hitters in baseball and so. Think the question that I asked a lot of executives who last week -- do you think the Marlins to a trade him. And the answer was complicated because we talked about last week you -- their ownership Loria. He's a competitive guy we know that you know he probably is willing to pace and whatever is required to keep him. But is and isn't gonna sign there and at some point cadets seriously consider trading him away and got back from a whole bunch people as. If they wait until the offseason to 2015201615. Months from now. The possible return will drop significantly. On the other hand if you trade in this winner you can get a boat -- now you know an ending to it. Because he's gonna get such a big contract with the next deal and I heard -- -- 25300. Million dollars. This 300 million up as he can essentially. Use that a teacher contract is the no trade clause by telling the Marlins. Look I'm I'm not gonna -- -- anybody I'm gonna become a free agent. And no team is gonna give the Marlins what they want in return. If they -- they can't sign a guy until he can basically. You know go well I'm gonna be free agent but also going to -- not not geeky comedian the Dodgers. And I'll sign a -- the only the Red -- to the cubs or whichever team you want. These and the other question that I had a lot of people who is absolutely best suited to get it now. And number one and everyone let's Chicago cubs' number two the Dodgers. And the Red Sox. And he he know that he's too much further down the list because that the questioner a lot about the Red Sox was. Who could anchor a trade for stand in the way that if he called the cubs Chris Bryant that there are based prospect. He could do it the Dodgers got Peterson. -- -- -- shortstop in the organization. Those guys are considered to be big time top five prospects. In the -- that cannot perceive to have that guy. So Owens -- why are you not on the -- category anchor trade attend an -- He would have to be calling this income disparity -- -- heard from people that it seems that they feel like that the -- such that the put together more volume -- now. There was one interesting idea which is thrown at me by you know again -- rival executive. Lisa what the Red Sox might think about doing -- if they really -- stand with the Iraq. Will -- can't -- but not only that we didn't get studio how about we paid down. A lot of these contract to essentially telling the Marlins who can deal with a sense and we'll give you a really good prospect from Cuba. And paid down a lot of the salary that would be really attractive but the one. I'll fly in the ointment isn't that the Marlins were thought to be not that interest didn't get studio. So maybe they don't view on the -- got. What are your thoughts beyond says producer do you think the Red Sox are sincere about county assessment us. Doubt that the this year and create and sell anything tomorrow and we do they'd have to. You know that they would have to build around guide your Major League ready prospect client guys. Muster only was this from ESPN and espn.com. So -- third Jackie Bradley junior got option down to Pawtucket August 17 unfurled. Basically said that you know he's gonna bring a back up at September. Look like he's playing very well down there Pawtucket do you think he's actually gonna come back up and finish the season off in -- It would make sense. In that they don't then north basically it would have to be taken punitive and they would have to be taken at the time in the red that's organization that they want Jack needed to focus more -- making adjustments. And that the big question now about him within it read such organization. We will he'd make adjustments because I know that during the course the year when he was approached about that in his response -- look I'm I'm fine I'll work my way through that feel good. And. If it even now that we're near the end of the season. They feel like it that just wasn't done in a way that it should have been done. And they don't want him to do that going into next year and they don't wanna have a responding given that the fact that they've got is going without fielder's. I really think you know next spring is going to be aptly each form. And it was going to be huge in a different set still for Wilma Brooks. I you know -- the I know that there is desire within the red sex organs in the middle Brooks go and play when a ball. And to get more bad you get more experience and turn the corner. And if he doesn't. -- I I think there's a good chance you can spend next year in the minor -- date date don't wanna get away and I heard this from a couple different -- That you know that they want to approach the Red Sox the Red Sox know that they were really -- guy middle Brooks. Who hit for power but they wanna do that every opportunity for that to happen with them because they know they trade -- now. It's essentially going to be a cut rate and it's not going to be what they believe is valued him. Could be so he's going to be in the big picture I think we're all going to be big part of it. And a good spring training would have to be big part of it. Finally buster Leicester vs Felix Hernandez 335 great pitching matchup today for baseball fans in my wanna check that out and I'm wondering from your point of view. Is there already. -- pharmacy buyer's remorse from the Oakland days I'm trying to think of another way to freeze it because they. Just a buyer's remorse for getting Lester but it's more about giving obsessed tennis because then they went out and got Adam Dunn. To connect raises a better way or is that really what they're thinking. Well first W tell you and they mentioned before that that when they may betrayed that there in some corners of the Oakland organization and there was disagreement would that. Not because they don't want Lester. Because you know them in -- no less capable of that because that's but it was such. An important part of that lineup. And -- they felt like it was important article about because -- pitcher on a given day he was a guy who could do damage it's mostly a line of built template tunes. And so since he's been out there he had a big presence taken out of -- they know the order and they haven't hit well and I you know wrote that the couple weeks ago that it's. We probably should be more sophisticated and looking at every deal through the prism of the results. But the thing is that the way it's gonna be that the narrative that's gonna happen people Oakland. Well only played one game in the playoffs and they get knocked out the Jon Lester loses the one game playoff. And what history's gonna say is is that the Oakland Athletics. Made a bad deal and if they roll then Billy he's going to be give a lot of credit for being aggressive and being bold. Com so there's a lot at stake I think for him. -- that -- that I'm really do appreciate it we'll catch up with the again next week okay. Yet -- that's buster only from ESPN and espn.com.

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