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Cyd Zeigler of OutSports on Michael Sam 9-3-14

Sep 3, 2014|

Cyd discussed Michael Sam's likely signing with the Cowboys and how he has been treated by the media.

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We referenced a number of sids Hitler's comments yesterday is our coverage of the Michael Sam situation played itself out. Up by way be re introduction so it is a commentator and author in the field of sexuality in sports from out sports. He's the -- of par which Massachusetts went to Stanford university's. Act. It's the most impressive thing Sid was on the men's Stanford man's ultimate frisbee team where you any good at this. And you know I would always bat -- and ultimately is via your pastor good guys the team. Seven on seven that yet have you ever watched ultimate frisbee I. Like for five or ten minutes total yet when because. The during the summer sport senators top ten plays often has -- because there's such a big place yeah sort of new football is the ultimate frisbee with rope. Touched down a hundred yards on the -- it that far. Are there are other positions like soccer forwards and defensemen and cinnamon of that type of thing you're just like walk free -- That is essentially. The reader for positions. So the -- special I was as fast so I went and caught a touchdown I was I was I was terror alone the -- It's. -- high maintenance of that which -- -- -- while. You weren't there aren't aren't Michael Sam. As reported today is going to show up -- of physical and Dallas and perhaps probably more than likely. He placed on their practice squad in as bad as that team is defensively I wouldn't think could be long. Phillies called up and put on the field in the big league paraphrasing I don't mean people were urgent about correct the wrong. You wrote the other day if Michael slam is not. Retain does not -- an -- job in the National Football League the league has a problem with homophobia. Is that about accurate and and on the day later. Do you think the league has a problem with homophobia. Well look the fact that he was not at Dallas Cowboys after the draft. Tells me there's there's some I mean it is that he view of the SEC defensive player of the year. He was glad that we put 249. Pick in the draft no SEC defense clarity had ever gone leaders in the fifth round. And the fact that he wasn't signed right away I -- took 48 hours working with the cowboys that. Desperately need any help that -- get. I mean they only have one guy have you ever recorded a sack in the NFL the being needed help on the on the defense supply and so. But the fact that it took the -- 48 hours to pick this guy up. After his. Pretty darn good pre season that tells me that there's a lot more at play in you know that it was interesting that the cowboys admitted. The state did a poll of some of their daughter and as to what does he should bring this guy -- So they don't do that for straight. Do you think the rams let him go because of his sexual orientation. Or because in a meritocracy they had 53 people who were better the Michael. It's hard to say that it there was homophobia play with a -- -- date drafted and they gave him every chance they could. Yet a team like that with -- of the injuries and and and some of the strong play they have -- already with from the veterans the defensive line. Hard the same page keep more than enough pain he had the wind and executing attempt he -- the line with a lot and do do the one rookie that they can keep Westbrook he can play ball tackle and end and that does that the huge deal that other kind of versatility. So -- -- diet I'm sorry said that if you're not good enough in your mind you think he's good enough maybe to make the rams and he's not good enough to play for the rams I think it's hard for me. To buy every other league team in the league didn't put them on their team guys that good enough to make parents because they're homophobic. Okay well holes look the let's create. Ryan Fitzpatrick compared the Ryan Fitzpatrick couldn't beat quarterback of the New England Patriots. Disease gives you no -- on the -- -- -- brought the quarterback in the NFL yes yes. That's the same thing -- -- -- in the Ramsey was -- enough to beat out the guys who were already there in the. Tablets on the table that was brilliant but he's good or not vehicle our defense has been in the NFL and the fact that he waited around. At the way he did in the draft in the way he did with the after he was released held me does something. But that they took all of the players to -- that was okay -- they brought a bit. -- that they be treated him differently than they -- that he was straight. Why isn't that. Understandable. And not Sam's fault Ed Ed Ed Ed world and would the bills. Player tweeted out it's ESPN's fault it could be a lot of baggage is that a lot of distraction and I don't like those words but. It could be a case where it's not Sam's fault but he's more trouble in these were. More trouble. Look at that that is that is simply people being uneducated if you talk to Jeff Fisher and less need an. Every one that he has been with for the last several months they all tell you. That he was not the court distraction. He was not a problem he was a great kind of -- around. And Fisher said very specifically. To quote media circus was simply a couple extra cameras and a couple of two questions. And CNN and ESPN reporter asked him players about the showering. It's almost -- somebody at. -- about their showering has its own hole no they're called the super. All assistant CI I happen to agree with I think that's step parts of a bomb where we we you and I think. Don't agree as I know he's a very good player I you know I think that's wife use a good player. We on the -- right now Jordan which was has a -- right right the cup by the players I was making a big deal about the fact he was -- SEC defensive player of the year is meaningless once again in the NFL it means nothing you know Tim Tebow was Heisman winners SEC -- -- the street right. OK well I'll look at -- football focus with to lot of teams use as in the evaluation of cut performance. And many many many -- offensive and rookie defense to -- Who performed not as well -- it's in the pre season in NFL games. Or on practice squad or roster. Yeah Pacific preceding games themselves mean less. And practice again -- I defected to sacks against the fourth tackle and you don't you know we didn't perform well at the Columbine and but yeah. I don't talk about the -- -- have game tape now come on. -- car buying the matters is that it is more than what the beat the -- string tackle and all. So the fourth quarter pre season the third pre season game as a -- like you know. Said tell me how. He beat Purdue I'm sorry that -- -- be with the Cleveland Browns with the team been all last year's civil penalty he was from that fourth. String guys. You don't blame the rams they drafted -- they're the only team that in draft them I don't think he would have been drafted. They drafted him they gave the shot he wasn't good enough so if they felt like they were all set at that position why are there ways to pick. Or they had one spot to -- And and might cut being now like I can play tackle and then the eastern Westbrook the undrafted free agent rookie who. Who beat him around played very well -- I you. You want to it it's hard to say it to sort of kept -- particularly would because versatility so. I I get that they had one spot and they didn't -- much. We're talking with us exit ziglar -- -- sports in your -- it was the predicted or expected. I don't know what to call -- dust storms distraction upheaval in and around the rams locker room. Far less than what many doomsayers said would be the case. Note that's what it's what I've been saying her for years is this whole thing at Seoul. -- -- Ask you a sort of -- you it was there are a lot of people -- -- my god this is gonna be like -- and -- needle in Miami this is gonna tear apart the rams this is gonna be horrible there's going to be distractions every single player in the -- gonna have to answer question after question. About having a gay teammate in my estimation it rose to none of those occasions and back. The exceptional the ESPN report was barely a blip on the radar would you agree. And and the rhetoric out of my second part of my question is I ask that to say that this doesn't that mean a tremendous amount of progress has been made. Well I don't well see here's the thing. I I think that it would have been the same case -- years ago so I I I think the sports. Transformed. By the seven years ago. When John Amaechi came on Tim Hardaway said I hate gay people. And that it was a real wake up call for people because even people who were almost all of the book then but. I'm might not understand that but I don't hate people. And I think they've transformed them I think we're just now seeing the result that transformation. Europe and advocate obviously an earlier -- journalists as well be an advocate. Do you need Sid do you need a a star to be your Jackie Robinson. No we can we'll never have a Jackie Robinson because Jackie Robinson. You played Major League Baseball in the 1940s but keep. You couldn't even drink -- certain water fountains where we are with. With LG BT writes today is. Completely different you know I I -- only they're only a couple waited and I feel discriminated against it in the culture so. I just believe that would where society -- a woman or have a Jackie Robinson because. Our late for. Oh god bless you for -- -- a lot of people do make the comparison and it's absurd. But again do you need -- star to really knock down that America's Sam in -- we all agree is a marginal player at best. Do you need a guy in our first round pick a starting quarterback and he gave me a difference. I think that the power of -- saying the bigger than that because. Michael has had to struggle. Every step of the way he struggled in the Columbine he struggled during the draft. And he he he got cut from the team win at the end of the year we look back. He will have broken down every barrier if he was indeed being crowd. They're either people's civil of course that I could succeed in the NFL -- -- built into the questions that guy with all the people questioning Michael -- him and he. Still. He's siding with the ballot cowboys in the heart. That -- what he's doing right now is far beyond what any superstar could do. I guess and you know of other gay guys in the NFL who don't want the burden of being the guy knocks on the barrier of being. Play in the role at Sam's plan right now does that bother you and have you considered. Loading them. Out of I would never out somebody's -- but I think that the biggest thing that they don't wanna do it is you've got. I I really believe that and talking to people that they just don't want. All of the brouhaha. About being today they just don't and they know that it's -- conflict. But -- and we just got done saying that there was no gigantic desert dust storm in the rams' locker room when he -- and there and I don't like to project. The next guy the next Michael slam that comes out in and -- it might already be -- -- -- -- but but one who's who's in college -- -- and the whole process repeats itself. There will be -- around this guy immediately he would just be a footnote if that. Would agree. So what does this so there's a huge disconnect between the how closeted athletes. Perceive being gay publicly and how it really is and you're right it's -- it's not going to be is that they think they -- they also think there. I thought that my parents were gonna disown me what I like about it couldn't have been any different there's a huge disconnect between how closeted people. Feed the world that and how would it. -- -- -- yet there are there they are afraid of the media's. Destroying their career and they are afraid. -- over -- -- will reject them even though none of it'll happen and what how how little book. It just depends is that -- it is the Super Bowl winning quarterback. It's going to be even bigger. Let's go -- it's gonna happen in and correct mean you know from wrong a feel for -- -- thinking -- the next 20/20 five years. Just a lot of people who come into the league already having come out 567 years before high school early college. -- can have these guys come out while they're professional athletes who gets more more comfortable and as you know it's. -- it gives her high school -- now it's just not that big a deal. I don't mean this disrespectful said but it's it's sort of like the novelty at some point and I get pretty close to be at that point now wears off it's not that big a deal it's a good thing bad thing to a quarter century from now just it's gonna be actually no -- you know -- think right. Well I think that you know. The third string offensive tackle for the Houston Texans coming out in a few years just won't be a big deal but. On -- -- to. Put the pedal that. 25 years from now eight Super Bowl winning quarterback -- future hall of Famer those guys coming out will be paid. Do you didn't you used to out people. Body get -- -- out sports. But owed no abuse never doubted it -- always an -- not doubt people wanna stop now. Approximately us I don't think that would be good group or me or for -- -- good talk and give thanks for the time we appreciated any of those -- next give us a prediction what sport what level let you know what what level playing with the next. Michael's MB we saw with Jason Collins. That was kind of you know he was the tail end of his career Sam we'd only been -- have a career what's the next -- gonna look like it. And it's just impossible to tell you know that the league that is that the most gay friendly in the NHL but. -- chill of the only the court no current or former athlete has. Ever come out there than there is no openly gay current or former NHL I think in the end -- -- -- people think of the multiple look at the NFL. Get a thought that the most. Current and former after it's come out so it is just impossible to predict because it all up to win one person's ready to do it. It's an -- of you know the answer this but I'll ask the question anyway whose idea was the Michael Sam and Oprah television project. And out by whom did it get crushed. -- was I think it was Oprah's he hit a and and as he approached his team and you know it. People really made a bigger deal out of that then then make sure it is. That that was never going to be some Paris Hilton reality show it was going to be. Of a very. Hateful -- series much like they did on Michael -- the year that he came back and cameras followed him around for his first year with. The Philadelphia Eagles so I mean who killed and I think there was a combination of the -- than Michael's team and and I think -- even Oprah herself figured this is not political but that -- People meets I was disappointed because you know if if Mike was not a with a team this year. And he had the and he passed up an opportunity to just make some money that's that's that the people would force them to do that. -- Davis said ziglar from out sports and he is the pride of the Stanford men's ultimate frisbee team. Thanks for the time this morning sit enjoyed the discussion in the short track and field and the Harvard's track and field team as well I said. Sid joins us on TNT.

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