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Headlines, Headlines, Headlines: Another journalist beheaded 9-3-14

Sep 3, 2014|

The top stories of the day as recounted by Kirk Minihane.

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All right headlines brought you by AT&T cover more than 99% of all Americans building a better network. And now every second journalists killed you know by racists you saw yesterday saw -- is now -- -- -- -- also has by the way New Hampshire connections -- Cuba. When you some and you Mount -- rape though I'm from Southern Union yeah payment to -- nonunion victory John. Was -- yesterday. Sadly once against this is now to. And which for some. Activity on average those days they say the next -- is going to be British so yeah good and I was like I think Cameron has a strategy in place -- yeah. Good news is that Obama up and down fourteen short journey -- -- made. That's not an easy up and down the bunker over -- not -- agreed on a serious question two questions -- Like Felix to question what -- it first of all we hear all about Obama playing golf. 193 rounds now since he's been in office to know anything about his golf game. O'Donnell out you know I was handicap no lefty you know be in on itself team this is better golf -- is a basketball. I hope so god that's awful basketball why did you do we know she's like but we knew about Clinton and in fact Dan Don -- -- Who's now odious PM wrote a whole book about presidential golf right in Eisenhower and a pollution now and Kennedy and who played who didn't and and and but we know nothing about Obama's golf game except that he plays in the middle of the -- works crisis is the world is facing. Would you like to know Mendel American reporter if he cheats would you like to know he's in good yeah. You know like what is -- -- care. Not to be interest Campbell union employee union right and guys like. 183918. Way -- 200 times in the last what that second question. Subtle off -- -- -- off as a -- OF what was he doing there. I've not seen any I regret about fifty stories on this ICC verdict got I don't know about where are where we were tot he heat freelancers for time and other magazines he's been there for a long long -- times was captured in C area. And he was exchanging emails -- people back here before he was captured saying that most of the time he spends hiding. On the run or trying to write in observed so it sounds like you know EEP. You knew it was in danger all the time. And a lot of these guys seem like adrenaline junkies may wanna be in the most dangerous place in the world. It's like. With -- who wrote in the book fire wrote book war Sebastien wrote the but the perfect storm -- Sebastien about older -- younger and younger he wants. I think he wants to be in the most dangerous places in the world and here in on the right from whoever sends -- -- -- but. That doesn't that's secondary it's not like they're being sent there by -- got on the bus and a rich now in the -- is still Kona. He was in Afghanistan that's -- and HBO. They think Jihad job might be involved with this one as well yes same god yes same guy to guy may have been the and he's -- fully in the hostage in the video was mother -- us the most heartbreaking thing to look at now she makes and other video says you sound a bitch. We're gonna get you human sure. Yes he -- that. Marty says that's. Because it's -- government and I'm not saying tomorrow but eventually get a real leader it's only two more years. And start you know. Start by either Hillary Clinton would be a better leader of course you need to be good leader now now -- issue better and Obama coarse texture makes. Good point if Obama were really really good at golf we know all about it. That's true that we know all about it that's probably true interestingly enough quickly we talked over two years from now the every time we see these GOP polls that -- far away it's not even close. Romney who said he's not running keeps saying he's not running is up. Point 530s or forty points some of these polls the GOP stuff so. I do wonder -- -- would come back for a third time I don't know it's he's a young sixty when -- geared to -- do drugs that'll obviously snowball snowball and all and not only does anymore well no dog is named Molly. Yet it is yeah yeah yeah BC did you see the doctor Richard MS document tournament was -- better than these Siskel and -- and it was good to see that you know -- no evidence that I know necessarily but nothing at all surprised -- I suggested Saudi born the last -- but it was it was it was okay. -- -- -- -- -- -- released before the election would help the most pretty good yeah I'm sure that Netflix votes -- the monopoly according to golf digest Obama has a seventeen handicap so -- point three. Yeah properties of recalcitrant. The day Iran anyway ahead the latest Iowa poll he's up twenty points there's nobody else. Because no one knows. We have trouble. Like we're having with crisis then it hurts Rand Paul because he's an illusionist notices in the morgue bee headings we see in the -- demand there is that stuff engage you to answer or respond. The more it hurts Rand Paul your guy or are endorsed legalize heroin correct -- endorsed him and endorsed Michael -- running -- Mary Ryan and on next who I saw people on the street corner lol yesterday bunch of them holding Marion Ryan -- can you imagine. Matches she gets that kind of you know passion was to. Well and they don't know about that Jerry Remy that's -- well. United scored their government ignorant voters Jerry. Voters want that and actually wac in the streets of us I'm sure I'm 95 degree day out of a -- guys have some issues but there's no way. You can vote for -- -- not sit there and say this woman failed to shop has blood better chance he sellable for so no way. Our here's here's the big thing in movies get ready for this -- like on the problem -- what's -- -- -- -- to James Brown jealous of what you could watch. To not much but I do I was all set to go to. When the game stands tall the other magical tour but my idea son's football coach told them that the in the world and it goes team. So he decided to not go we may. And anyone go to expendable three. And I sit up pass. Really I don't want to go with him to the football. With the football team goes now now now it's in team building putting American hide in the back trying to supply the ghost fumbles three -- football. I mean at best buy myself. And elect you know I don't -- -- -- like Alec the new thing. Ford the -- in movie theaters it's opened one in LA. It's it's the -- smells. It jerks it sprays it's smoke you jerks these -- move your around and give this award I think it's sprays on you smell you smell it. Do we need that it's an LA average ticket price 27 dollars. And 800% capacity rate the first two weeks and how much content is available. Very few expect those three was the first one played better and avatar re released transformers had thirteen before the engagement for transformers. Mean 300000 dollars parties in the galaxy also real big want to be -- as does every 3-D does like it look like it's coming out yet plus it ads all these other really has experienced Dwight he's just -- seven -- Jordan's Furniture like your -- rumbles -- does that yeah yeah but get a little spray water yet. -- it sounds like something you do have to drop Somali Brian and like I want free. Adobe horrify it's good point but yes or it's. Yet there it talks you're changed hopefully you outpost including Boston by one of the cities are you moviegoers can chance and a for decent college crowded theaters you do -- -- -- like first game as people behind you bump but -- -- people and funny blocking. Practical left a few days -- -- on on matinee when this is no small aircraft matinee crowd but when I do the show I can -- will be at 9 o'clock at night. I'll I'll possible you on the weekends at one struggling afternoon I occasionally I will out of my skull and much anymore. Possibly that's what you -- The dumped in the theater I don't even know I would watch him. Oh yeah boy which is tremendous seat that you should see a policy that whichever every. -- -- Warm. Beach tragic as these crappy Jersey boys and that's true that I should trade go to Jersey boys which it already done and her candidacy should have liked it yet -- Pittsburgh a -- became hands with a pregnant waitress. It is wedding reception try to pour alcohol down her throat and resisting arrest shepherded by the boy for an assault police is there but as you know John. Go to a portrait pregnant girl walks by -- kick -- a vision for such -- you do you do mark boy is 33 of Kraft was charged with -- Harassment -- terrorist money in the altercation during his wedding cruise aboard the gateway clipper. The -- a problem that you have I have a -- it's like all the spirit of Boston Logan's girl whose brother off duty state trooper -- was accused of assaulting two Pittsburg police officers. Yes this is not the this is at a wedding on a cruise at the reception by hats the drinks got an argument -- -- -- -- hours and grabbed a pregnant. Which is now start just it was gonna happen you're waiting I was disappoint a nice ball where you're probably eight. Lucky -- -- Enjoyable time on pasture yet so Leo it's the this is third Russia's 2003 via the programs and what do you guys. Think it the terrorists and Libya into all the airplanes. The Tripoli Tripoli airport Wright is like eleven. A picnic or adding it is a dive off the balcony and they're doing now. But worst -- committed to calculated and and drove into the shallow end that would immigrants and -- then the next. Just loaded loaded that would have been great but they have control and airport including all planes. If you're terrorist what would you do -- -- -- is that how to fly them. -- -- and a flight school in US lots of room as we announced -- -- and I don't care ending soon skip that day yeah. I'd dare him to try to fly. Really tough crash and kill themselves. Like crashed into an embassy now at a crash take off screw you look at the story you say they really just have the planes. Like they can do what they want and -- fighter jet planes now there are likely place yeah right that's what. Com I don't know what -- I wouldn't. A coma CEO of who you wouldn't now that Brookline not leave the Clinton's lead attorney table I would I would outfit and take all the seats out. Nice couches and it. Like trumps drug policy terrorist who in the and we get some. Netflix on TV in there. But I don't they just indicated try to started up and sounds like get and the price probably right they can't fly and am -- gonna try getting desire to learn how to fly no no -- Now Jimmy Graham -- big thing. Tom Benson ran out war Drew Brees started months and they're exactly I've always been curious about it like -- like -- Really -- but I wouldn't wanna do. We take your kids know -- don't -- -- it yet he happily football now that would take -- -- up the process of it is interest. Yeah you know I mean I mean if you had your own plane and you just -- Go to -- -- ten minute those there was almost always crash -- just confidently -- I would die like Newbury port. Probably net crash there -- the globe would celebrate. It is -- global -- Buick that distributes its ultra oh sure yeah and they probably would never mentioned you know that. The email sideline report you don't die happy now come on you'd be better off. Crashing like Malaysian airlines and disappearing from the radar and never being heard you forget it would be like the mystery of -- -- gas equation that's -- gone I know what was. Which they don't look -- now there's three next big things since they're not looking at our. Deliberately to read your seventeenth was the they have to take all the reporters and all the June 17 was. -- -- -- -- take all the reporters and all the people interested -- put on the market baskets to follow that what happens CNN baskets and are stopped you knew it would -- I think we're gonna find out it was all a stunt publicity it was the greatest Arthur G-8 PR stunt in history now. People are going to market basket not just cause they think. Those good workers don't -- the workers are you couldn't complain because he's -- -- -- now I just hands out there and people were labeled just running. Like he was in the like rotten tomatoes -- he touches him in the right over your perfect yeah. But it's amazing still don't talks -- telling stories about. How happy the workers the work. How grateful the our customers. To go shop there. On the market basket is going to -- an unbelievable thing glassware benefit from this for the next decade -- -- -- -- -- -- -- radios -- -- to -- -- -- that is -- little -- Up costs and now I'm not all the subsequent TV Simon she bent on driving through the states not that I ever call -- I'm not against -- -- -- -- This is a market have a -- and a -- that seems to. Super Stop & Shop I don't but this -- -- you -- -- -- the -- plates got Matta yeah yeah this market basket right their lol. Right off -- now. Three minus would see if you -- you bye bye and left if you're going out about this I don't Russell what about what you would see as you have the challenges like anyone -- that's not true he hasn't drank a beer that's never smoked a cigarette -- Has never. Chewed tobacco libretto dropped Molly radicalism never. But -- that the market basket. And evidently was marked as. If it did seem longer did -- that seems. I grew up and member of the wreck we -- was the -- is definitely up there like north. We I think the closest one is Ashland to me in met him I just don't spend any time -- Google. Places for your report Portugal's. -- I'm just things random evidently park Boston Garden yes you know it at Foxboro Stadium. It went to Bruins practice. By the way to prospectus. Is what to do Ramel a lot of time stood right next right. It adds. You know John Sharp or practice -- old teammates yesterday. Imus I read about that distinction practicing to get new teams about. That are. Tactics that's headlines brought you by 186171. More question for many this is his beat. That we saw. -- alarms and Qaeda in new food drive and Kirsten Dunst looks great the great real quick there's a 101. Of these celebrity new yeah. That have been -- the openness. We -- the rest of their common. That's -- -- where. -- this anonymous -- sit somewhere his laptop waiting to release that drips and drabs. It's like the usually the last couple days. I he's on the run the FBI's chase right you think he's enjoyed you know. I hope so focused -- wanna -- -- I don't I don't I don't look at the invasion of privacy it's horrible it's wrong we all agree that you said the market basket thing was good for market basket this is good for genital warts no absolutely her stock might. Opinion ever went -- -- really great actress but what she was okay yeah BC extra help. -- -- -- Get up -- at the same feeling -- have -- big -- -- big moment I think you've seen most of her already and she's gonna look like in twenty years that's a good point. You know it's not going to be going and Verlander and avenue naslund -- national quit I consider that you -- -- -- but -- 98 more. -- -- There -- and he -- he's gonna be like Megan Fox is going to be. -- -- -- -- Going to be like it's bigger it's gonna be like -- George Clooney Mark Wahlberg -- pretty Sophia version there you know good. She's almost gave up there -- we feel like you've seen most of our ready that's my understanding is one and -- could very will be the senior senator from mr. state. -- -- -- this motion at a senior center and market junior and any of the ultimate Scott Brown Odyssey. This warrant the exodus new self because. I don't know why she used to respect. To Jessica and -- -- did mention him movie yeah. -- -- -- So Thursday. -- can afford to get I think recent output it's gonna you know there's she does now she's two for 6777. Point 7937. Saves it from out sports joins us at 930 we'll get back into the Wes Welker situation. What to a is colts -- Jim Irsay again cannot be the first to be indignant yes it's half a million -- -- like fining him five dollars. 0806 games is nothing major storm watches it or iris print or radio say they they should take -- the colts suitable yes and -- draft picks right this is one of those times -- -- has got no support or where you just went out. Indignant each other we will discuss that we --

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