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Xander Bogaerts Player of the Game Interview

Sep 2, 2014|

Joe and Dave talk with Red Sox shortstop Xander Bogaerts after he goes 4-5 in the Red Sox 9-4 win over the New York Yankees.

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-- and UN move -- -- 221 year old goes seven for ten indeed -- bomb and knocked in three women are you NAFTA after. We have -- do that though you the phone -- and -- positive. Sanders is something you like about Yankee Stadium inside looks like do you really enjoy the big stage here many -- do -- have to affect an out and oddly enough. I'm just going out there it's I haven't seen enough I'm happy enough like I gotta have had a good night tonight. You were -- for Jeter. Yeah. Were probably knows there when you are what you had a relationship the and we have a chance to talk to him a little bit not much -- -- I talked to the fifth through to. The short it's in great that they had an he came over to the fact that we talked to this. This kind of -- you know hopefully I can just talk more wouldn't you know. -- can you express. What he means to you it is a guy who's played the position you're playing right now what is meant. Do you growing up and watching him play. I mean I definitely matured sort of have to pick up the left field like. Good good way to through the bag you know since the start really view you know -- he's not laughing and Carolina he's definitely one of the best his best players in and in all of baseball. And had a great career you know also with preferably someone you or admired you feel like you know it and. Danny you hit the ball hard especially the last two days in -- -- -- those balls you hope to left field day and then. Are you were aggressive on the first pitch to with that home run that is that somebody trying to do -- hit that first fastball a little more frequently. I mean cart is viewed you know laughter -- Syrian -- It's -- has been. You'll you'll fit in their first test or a return ticket and allowed so off for -- is that through some new era through YouTube you speak -- that a lot of you've had to have a lot of ethical goal like that you know. What what is the number one thing you think you learn disease dinner. This season and that they have three million things Zander and it's September now but what's the number one thing you think you learn. Does the big -- that we and our domestic pits you know just be very focused from pitch one. Still though don't we go up there just aren't giving the first restart because it was a given the first as well he's ahead of his ability don't flatter -- whatever you're going to south. Get ahead of the kind of you know -- off. This attack attack and you -- be -- Q have you always hit. The restaurant's -- does and I think that makes a lot of sense to you want to improve so much and especially going to your left that shortstop Harvey had done that. I catch the ball first I mean early on with -- and I try to be a bit quick enough to territory the same time you know but. After. Just I -- -- -- to get out there just are victims that were sort of doing everything you want more for. Was and congratulations the first four hit game of your Major League career. Great place to do it here's to many more they do a lot of hope for is a very more things that are the Yankees and are always fun to talk to Sander broke hearts that. I -- milky bases provides such enthusiasm it's that just sparked off -- are -- great kids did a great kids -- around his teammates adore them. And it and you know when they're combining for seven hits they love him even more including two home runs and that's pretty sure it's other its size within nine to four.

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