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Vince Wilfork: It's better to go to Miami earlier in the season

Sep 2, 2014|

We check in with Big Vince on a Patriots Monday as the Pats prepare to travel to Miami to take on the Dolphins in week one.

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I do have to admit as he was saying and I was thinking. With the story be totally different if they were playing in Miami in December and would he say all while I think we have a huge advantage if we played on their in December. Mean you know you -- football team is going to Miami this weekend. You know you don't want them thinking oh my god it's going to be so hot it's going to be so miserable you want them to thing OK yeah we got an advantage here bill says were okay were okay. It's only after you get off campus to use your phrase that you it is like c'mon now. Right so. Here -- the dolphins. Your home field advantage if the patriots isn't September. For the patriots home field advantage against the dolphins is. In December. -- that's the way it goes so it's it's they. -- -- a plus support that's at forward to Miami Dolphins. What do you expect. -- four points. It is the usual three at home. Not a gambler at all. The usual crazy as usual really get from being at home pickles at Pro Player Stadium would over the -- at these days the Pro Player Stadium. And then at 14. Miami. In September. What kind of game do you expect. Is or is too early to tell. Divisional game he personally -- Miami's. Rotten things throttle and a think Ronald why why are brought this because you don't brand -- offensive line literally all five guys differ from last year sound like the patriots. Well model and I don't fly that you know new offensive line. Knew which opened to line up losing Logan Mankins. Some uncertainty. About the receiver position so. Well let's talk to patriots nose tackle Vince Wilfork threatens to -- roll call about Miami that he does is sponsored by big Y world class market opens how are. From there are your story and it. You're going home this weekend man it's always good to go home. You know you right now. Bill Belichick told us an hour ago sit right here. That he thinks coming out of heat and humidity of training camp. It's to your advantage to go right into the heat and humidity of Miami as opposed to going down there in December when you been practicing in the cold for two weeks. I agree naught. Because you're you're you're still kind of in the maternity care mole until you actually you know play your first game so. It's always good to go ever -- you can -- when -- coming out of training camp home home would hold myself. What we do wanna begin in December policy and you can you Buchanan called his whole way Aaron got to go play. A place like you know used in the war Tennessean or Miami somewhere Florida where did you think you know commerce occupied in the -- so. Topic is do we plan you know -- -- down absolutely you have to -- and move on from there. I played college ball down there obviously did you ever. And -- -- time at the University of Miami -- -- opponent come in there. I'm not talking about you know Florida State to somebody out from the midwest or West Coast come and they -- just the toll shaken by the weather. I mean you do allow people talk about it afterwards but as far as. You know going to a game we didn't we never thought about you know people coming down and -- -- you're gonna shake them and all that stokes and articles stories now when. Up there against a -- -- by the company and talk about you know come down and out he was afraid of coming in the heat but. -- playing man you know I was never thought about it because how the firm believer in always bit. No matter where you play you plan between you know you definitely don't -- -- -- -- where the mother nature is mother nature you have to deal with. Whatever she gives us so. I've I've tried not to -- one you know how the -- is going to be -- the police on either going to be. On the -- whatever it may be. I just try to focus on my opponents and whatever it you know whatever that wherever they happen to be it just happened to be dissatisfied -- -- events listen to your interviews that the past few weeks really during all the training camp and it sounds like. That's like your philosopher -- something man you really have. You're you're putting this in perspective playing football a year away from football really must of affected you mentally and emotionally could you just give us some insight into. Some of things are thinking about because it seems like. You you really are in the moment for and in the moment when it comes to playing right now. -- targets are you one thing you know you've seen me as someone who is gone and I have not had a chance to be complacent again for -- here it's our pleasure and heinous up -- you know that's one thing that's I mean it's just the -- something that you you love to do you. You know he was born into and also has taken away from so you have to. Find a way to fight through and -- about -- you know how odd that the last stop was being in the little. -- means you can go in the visible to some games. These you kind of get a sneak -- -- you know our coaches. Look at the game and is totally different so. Now I have appreciation flown since -- being in here and coaches talk about some things and do some things that they do because -- not comment and actually you have to you know -- you put. He's just -- appreciation from what we do. And I -- say you don't miss it is called it. I have a chance to be had gone from a man we settlement that would ban but things happen. But now you know he's coming back -- -- on that look back and that would look this you know think about where outlaws -- My main goal is just to keep more forward and just. Block out everything that is playing football what I've been doing my whole career are more likely football then. The wrestler -- right now -- focus toward just plentiful on the merits it. We're talking -- New England Patriots defensive lineman Vince Wilfork one of our patriots Monday regulars. -- your quarterback Tom Brady on the station this morning on patriots Monday set I plan to play until I suck. You guys know when they suck. Oh yeah I hear you know he's. You mean by that it is gain. No one -- time to walk away from so. And an after saying when he goes and -- play his game until I come into the lead that no other way around and you know bill comes and they had just don't think you have you know what it takes to toll in the more -- -- -- you know where so. But there's there's the respect that that I have for the game you know when that went on my time as a result and -- -- you know and I don't thinking about it other than myself wouldn't know. When my time is up playing football but one result is supplemental I'm not one of those players wanna stick around for -- years who just. To collect a check whatever they may be good. One I feel lucky and get the job done at -- level pianist powerfully to walk away from again. Yeah an NCR -- imagine -- -- be top position for. Some of those guys to be an opinion on that position now but. How about some guys who used to be stars and not these stuff but that you're not good enough to be stars anymore in the in the air there. They're backups so I mean. To go from being the star to a backups in not being able to play this seems like a pretty fine line they'll be tough to figure out wouldn't. I mean it depends on the situation people maybe and I mean you never know. You know I might. You know use abuse are American and as the situation -- -- whatever it may be. So you never know. You know what is what is it that you you'd beat out -- square. What you who was in the Stefan now the sun you know million members of going down in the way home more. You can't move where where you -- she can -- now did those things that. Should alarm you that you know maybe mayor's staff we've given -- but if you going from you know being a man -- want to -- -- Already got a good setup in -- you governor and have a situation that -- different you know law. So you -- -- as a person and -- in the visit you have to distinguish which one. Which one it is. You know and I think nobody know -- best but better player. My impression of course conceivable that. If you have a clear and he's still on American war of steel a Pro Bowl it. I mean and he's met in saying that he's -- put. Net out on the field where did this you know -- got to do it yourself. There's a problem. You have to fix their problems so. But I have too much respect for the game you know when I when I feel lucky into that I can't do it had a noble man are I have no. You know I have. I would come to deal and say you know what I think I'm interrupting his compliment to step away from the game that I can give you what you need from me. And that's isn't certain levels now on the knuckles -- for the industrial. Itself. Vince you've been part of the leadership group on this team for some time now and and you know the list of guys is a pretty impressive when guys like Tedy Bruschi and Tom Brady and and and Rodney Harris getting guys like that you lost a member of that group last week when Logan Mankins left here what does that mean you personally. Coming. This I mean it's tough when you have to there you know you played -- -- granite which for a long term. You know. Not here anymore. This is so split discern. And in that there are things of business and you have to treated as a business. And the funny thing about that is you don't realised and introduced at times who. The country's contract situation you know you can play football all these years for five years you know certain contract. Come up do you start thinking about well. It is a business so you get caught in the moment. But the same time you know -- it is a business so business you know it happens all the time. But I've you know me person argues it is you have got a goal like that what -- -- to this organization and he has the personal. You know that's just you know -- local -- but at same time you know. Visitors do I wish you could have been done differently. But you know what. Com on the I don't have you know I can't make those calls book and bill always try to put us in of this situation there's as a team as possible so. How when it comes -- situation right there you know I'll be you always do was keep -- -- fourteen. And that you know we -- and I might not agree with their return but the sense we do have a team that we have to. I'll play for and we got a brand that we have a place for him. We get the ball will continue to roll over because what so we understand and -- got heavily -- a whale. A lot of guys interpret the sense now understand the business part of the game and that was abused part of again so you know you live you learn you see some things and -- your career you start to understand you start appreciate you know every year every sick and they were down that you play you start appreciating a lot more. Just being a part of this game not just. Bettina two -- but his game in general because you know all of those -- to play at this level and we -- about trying -- also. We have to really be appreciative well what we have special when it comes out of the will be low also. We want them and won a few in the work and say you know I'm going out. You know -- do. And I've dreamed of doing and I loved -- do in the play in the football game so. Need it you know it is just business as time you have to be -- for. -- a final question for you involves Mankins and heard so many people personally people talk about this toughness and his toughness is legendary. Can you give us an example -- -- you know home better than most an example of his toughness that might surprise us or blows away. It. It's an army -- you name it. You name them announcing his jacket banged up twisted in the terrible messed up shoulder messed up and all of a sudden he's presently plan is just. -- he have a mentality as a defense to play here and I'm talking about I mean. These as a player not just you know even Joseph blow -- talk about -- mean because there's so. Whenever you -- Havel -- tripped alarm with a decent cement Calhoun. He's going to be a problem and he was a problem I think he's the one of the toughest -- has ever been around. Our hands down meaning. You you may have armies he eats either -- top that list and there's so much stay evening matches. -- on the field but -- field Colombian president gentlemen I mean he beat you would give his shirt off his back. If you ask them I mean he was why he didn't say much but. -- -- place you know his -- spoke warned him he didn't have to clean up and -- once you step on the field you understand you don't get everything yeah. The man he was given that day. All of it it's fun did not finally get to play some games that matter in the end that we can all watching and have some stake in. We wish the best of luck on Sunday will talk to you next week are great you got to -- at it's at patriots defensive lineman Vince Wilfork. Sponsored by big wide world class market. It's funny we're talking about guys leaving here and and and guys departing this team and Teddy talked about you know guys on the defense leaving and how the team reacted. It will lead us to four -- four coming up top the hour we're gonna talk about. Guys that Tom Brady may be in particular. Which were still around after they have left we'll get to that we'll get to your calls as well we've run through our patriots Monday guess that means a lot of time. For phone calls with you guys were broadcasting live from Gillette. Ought to patriots Monday Sports Radio WB.

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