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Rodney Harrison joins MFB to talk Patriots expectation, 9-2-14

Sep 2, 2014|

Rodney Harrison joins the show, as he will do every week during the NFL season. This week he talked about what to expect from the Patriots this year. He thinks Brady can play can for another 10 or 15 years due to the rules changes. He also said that due to his size, NFL defensive players will continue to target Rob Gronkowski's knees.

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Like the AT&T hotline we go he'll be joining us at 1130. Each and every Tuesday during the football season Rodney Harrison joining this year. In the noon hour special circumstances to remove and everything around with the labor day's schedule Rodney how -- -- thanks a lot for coming out with -- -- really do appreciate you joining us weekly here on WEI. They married -- good peer group. -- shocked you and let's pick up the conversation for more left -- before the commercial break and he was joking with me a little bit earlier on about why are we talking about Tom Brady come on the radio today and saying quote I'm gonna play until I -- and I don't plan on sucking anytime soon. When this season is just about upon us. Configure it is they'll Rodney it it seems that there's a lot of confidence here that this season the regular season is gonna wind up at eight well when regular season. For New England regardless. Of the circumstances and Brady's long term situation. Might be even more interest in what do you think about how much of a lock it is that the patriots are going into the playoffs with at least twelve victories. Where he got the start right away. We're -- Look at four factors. He's been absolutely fantastic throughout his career. I think -- well that's where some of god coming back off injury on the defense at a couple pieces are here and I think that you -- -- along with the government our goals as the to create which airs week. Our boat check we haven't talked about Belichick Politico. You don't got planet know every year there's always a couple Gaza. Kara you know standout and that you don't really expect great orbit is. And I think every year you'll finally got like Fred I'll I'll look for David Ortiz stepped up -- become what the leader. But that -- -- a real -- router he can't back off suspension I think that's going to be. -- -- problem talk about guilt or at least forty spots if your goals of the rule changes. The quarterback and -- became a political culpability here. Can't you have there's a lot in the so he should be replaced about -- -- of fifteen years because -- change. Rodney we had an interesting situation here yesterday I am not sure if you sought but. Rob Gronkowski yes sort of strip -- it up to his locker called the media over and announced that he was good to go when he be on the field. Sunday in Miami. As you know eight players generally don't talk about their injuries and beat his team generally doesn't reveal that guys are going to play or not play on a Monday heading into game week. From afar as a veteran of this locker room what do you make of that situation we gronkowski saying he's good to go. Well just this horrible things will -- player. Gilbert type on AP after what 23 years of -- players. Did you get on the -- he's been able to try to do whatever he wants to do it could have a lot of backlash or. -- -- so if you like today could pretty much get away with anything but thanks I think he's probably our. You know everywhere he goes to distort where -- goals. All people after they are you gotta play what the status maybe just call up. That aid is about -- -- final statement Obama injury order just you know make this statement and moved past but. And order situation in the padlock that's what they just can't do it's it's really not out of these that your job is clear healthy. When you call upon the get -- that fielder or cups that you spoke with bill. That's one of the things that's. You know guys -- luckily I've ever done -- or Eagles up that we didn't call into what felt it was the -- always opt in Serbia where you're at what happens. But I think that come off feeling before and I know guys. Will specifically go it is easy to be very careful of the big big part of the cost as little girls all they can. But to back get back in the -- suggest they're gonna be aimed at that. -- when you when you look at this team this current team just Tony's fourteenth pacers team. It is based on what you -- sephardic what do you think -- the week with the weak link is for this entire team does offense and my parents. Yeah think of Christian I think we'll look at all -- -- it's it's got a question. -- -- -- I think anytime you get rid of a guy like -- bank and maybe not as structure. Particularly once was but obviously the best. All of a lot consistency at like -- folder and those guys. You know if you have -- that quarterbacks only practical understand how you know law you could make yourself a better offer a lot like get rid of you don't got it in the stable -- life for so many years but that's not my decision that's part of the affable war -- I look at it. A look at the depth -- -- wide receiver position. Still a lot -- -- guys are getting Emmett -- yet to prove that he can stay healthy. Those young got Big Apple Randle felt it was brought its think different but we shall go but I also think you know the debacle -- back. Rodney Harrison -- this writing I gotta go back to what you said earlier where you -- exaggerating or were you being serious you really do think that the new rules will allow Brady to play for another ten years. Tributaries -- that if you if you want to pre season Saudi official economic got they're -- -- -- -- -- -- the the benefit itself. They're going to consider it your call it -- -- just bear to look at all flags all over slate. Now typically will change because all the additional -- will RG re all the mobile quarterback like a lot. Glad you better pocket like -- Any Joe Black hole would play a big article on protect all would be about eight years because a court she graphic -- they took LB. -- I don't see why they can't be productive late in here. We think everybody. Don't you think that those -- stopped DC based even our the patrons last pre season again it wasn't nearly as many as there was in the first three detected just. To natural tendency for rest to kind of let players just play it will gradually decrease as the season goes along. Well I think that's natural -- -- -- Official came out and at the point of emphasis was illegal contact Brad Cole off the players I think -- -- court or not think. After the he's not think that's going to be important that it's got bigger mistake what is. NFL have already come out and say hey we're not gonna back now we expect the officials would hold them accountable to do the same thing if the -- we don't care how it -- facilities it is in the first quarter the first half. Call it like that off a renewed focus -- Although there and I'll pick it up and of course to continue. Rodney the first time we saw this up point of emphasis on illegal contact you in the Patriots defense we're a big part of it. You had physically manhandled Peyton Manning's colts -- that high flying passing attack. Now a decade later Peyton Manning's Broncos were manhandled by the Seattle Seahawks and they once again have a point of emphasis. Patriots fans don't think that's a coincidence they think it's the league catering to Peyton Manning is that ridiculous or is that a conspiracy theory that holds little water. I don't I don't think it's ridiculous -- it's it's good because they'll -- change any -- You know Gilbert now a marquee quarterback for a lot of years and -- bill does not want the -- to order a lot more competitive and they saw how bad the completely violated several uncles now. -- -- -- -- what about -- because they were rabbit because they were holed it or because they just because a great and beat the great golf. I don't know what it is but it was one of those things where -- but -- -- -- should have been punished or any other -- good at OP. Finally Rodney is there any other team in the AFC east that is going to give the patriots are run for their money in the division if so which one is it. And the second. Open but I look at Iraq -- -- make -- a little bit earlier where I look at it but I think that the quarterback -- once he gets in the jet. Where else -- -- he's not afraid that they'll. You've always got a good -- Clinical -- -- the college Eagles that he has the play war -- well yes or more consistent basis few plays great plays terrible. But they need -- part of a couple way of eight PR a little up in between not so extreme it was you know. But I think it's good consistent quarterback click over at Michael Vick back pocket who knows what happened that they're all have a all people -- that -- what. Is there another. Is there another team that can contend with the patriots the Broncos for the AFC title or it's simply two horse race. Think you have to look at the colts are great quarterback play it would help they actually look Reggie Wayne why you are. And at -- the cardinals' defense that -- pretty much -- all. I think the big question for the colts is they're running for bridge since he was at this point last year I think he's got that you know you have to perform well if you -- all well. I think it's also will not be able to combat global -- -- -- -- -- -- Like they're a great LB -- I think that's really expected -- -- -- -- but I had to pick a -- of the it will be I'll. Property in apple cult or -- assault or rape. -- look forward this all season long and we'll look forward to it as well over the next ten years of Tom Brady's career path I thought. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- That's running Harrison former patriots safety or 937 WTI -- be joining us every Tuesday in the 11 o'clock hour.

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