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Three For All - Nude Celebrity photos leaked! 9-2-14

Sep 2, 2014|

The iCloud was hacked over Labor Day weekend and over 300 scandalous photos were hacked from the phones and iPads of celebrities. And the guy who replaced Michael Sam, Ethan Westbrooks, got a tattoo on his face to motivate himself from ever having a "normal" job.

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Hey these guys know more than just sports educated well traveled passionate boss didn't Renaissance man in the DC east three or wrong. Number 30 yeah it's kind of three threes overall venture. It's real for all these days with MF. Free throw their budget by the months of solid construction needed -- -- they've got you covered this do we take a whole bunch items that may or may not be sports related withdraw them under the roof of the three brawl and any hard since you're filling in for Lou today. Since you're the guest will let you go first what is your constantly and well referral mine is very much sports related because it revolves around Justin Verlander. Off his very. Well endowed. Girlfriend Kate Upton and they often say that life imitates art well this may be the case. I don't know how many people remember sex tape the movie with Cameron Diaz -- not many because it didn't do that no box office good news for them though it's actually being released I believe in Europe this week. And this little scandal could help them -- and I of course being the iCloud yes iCloud which claimed it was not possible what happened in the sex tape film. For the these these. People having sex to the joys of sex and doing every position -- for that to get out there all their friends family through the cloud the main character in that movie -- nobody understands the clout it's a mystery. Well at least one hacker may understand the cloud because he was apparently able to. Now people are still investigating but get into area iCloud situation where he was able to get a lot of nude photos about a lot of famous people. And has been making their way around the Internet I'm sure you saw them -- I saw a -- yeah I did see that Justin Verlander Kate -- ones -- guarantee Christians. And the only although I don't know who did. Know the -- a lot of with it will pick it up because I guess I'll expect more from deducted. I sort of several large ones I seldom Kirsten -- ones the girlfriend. His days Arianna grundy is in there I mean there is an endless list of mostly female celebrities which has become a bit of an issue for some feminists out there way they're not more. Penis photos being distributed by these hackers because chicks I don't hack slice and nobody wants to see penises it's solid bottom line of this world. But this is an interesting scandal so if you're interested go online search that you can find. Kate Upton in her glory I guess you'd call it although I found that little. -- more than. I was I was disappointed she looks better with clothes on and she does -- but loaded bigger backside and I use them yes she's. No way -- natural. But that's she's the girl next emitting more natural that you want to -- well I'll be honest if you're secure in the store I'd be quite content secret into the Euronext story would be here in the studio in the basement Gillette Stadium -- us that's true. I Christian what do you have and we took your original anticipated three parole when he had to rip you for making -- watch this saved by the bell movie but go ahead. -- you guys remember who that you've been Wes bridges right please give the -- that -- Michael Sam's job it'd take it he earned it. Okay put the -- about this -- -- -- -- when he was in college he was working at a Toys 'R' Us in Sacramento. While he was playing for the Sacramento city junior college so. He hated that job so much and he never wanted to -- I guess what he calls it normal job again. And you want to motivate himself to make it to the NFL thus giving him only really one option to make it or never work again. He got a base path to the -- it really tell with the face tattoos but he's got a big giant tattoo right on his upper cheekbone right. And that was the reason why he got the -- too -- didn't want to work -- and that was -- have a normal job. I guess so I'd -- you're thinking okay. What was that was that was just something you've ever done is their job you've ever had that you hated it so badly that you did something really stupid I guess to get yourself. Buyers. To get well I think I want to appear. As I went on the radio and subpoenas a couple of times and hit it ready -- -- Well it's on the heels of your great movies joke from day after the classic -- even transition from one showed another booby transitional humor right no question -- Christian -- the -- sabotaged myself for a job on workers like generally say that did you. It -- -- a sudden the Redskins of course. Well no no -- note specialties whenever -- -- do whatever they put it to overturn I'd made sure I was always miss my clock. Punt return I'm taking up a lot of -- tried our allotment. On hurts my elbow leverage on how long snap Howell. How old how many how many kickoff returners out there are finding out for the first time that you were looked out walking. Well no doubt add value they usually happens when your older you just you know you feel like just -- above it you know and and Seattle's on but it turned all the time. And we routed to -- her especially the really good to go over there was one of them. But by the time we got here Els -- in my -- I was like I know that's for -- and dirtier players but everybody was on special teams like. Every starter it was almost hustings for Bruschi Vrabel -- you David scholars place specialties. And it covered -- where does this I don't care this is not for me but -- -- But we are making sure every time -- let's look at the way I got back to -- -- I'd like he was because I was backing him up. And whenever that they'd put me -- damage started terrible stuff they were. Brave ma had to stay on the field -- like to act. I will review our you mean jobs is nothing more on you know cutting it and that's -- Now the closest thing would be field issues I definitely to break dishes to wash dishes did so and great dishes Italy wasserman. A -- I'm a little distracting Christian because I'm reading the story that you brought up about this Westbrook got the rams. And the quote is one of the great quotes of all time. This is in explaining his mentality about the attack to face. To motivate himself to never actually think the lead in there is this is in failing to explanation of why it was a -- -- did you -- actual quote Christian. Obviously OK right now. This is marvelous I was just like well I might be okay to go ahead and get it on my face because if nothing else it will help motivate me. Either BA guard has attacked tourists face looking for another job or hopefully a naked in the NFL and I don't have to work too hard and anything else. I don't feel like it's a bad thing right now I don't regret it it speaks for itself. Now that's some secular level thinking right there itself exactly and there's you can you can see what if tattoo on his face it is always it no you can't -- it yet says laugh now cry later. Which is perfect considering the mentality of the whole situation. It seems funny now but when you're cut from the N affiliate go back to Toys 'R' Us they're not gonna hire you they won't because of laugh now cry later on your left she. Yeah this the guy that's -- yet Toys 'R' Us in the first place you know some some football player and it junior college he's in charge to make sure. All the you know all the bikes and all of -- -- expected there nicely tucked in a row and all of a matchbox cars and really all political when the store closes. Let's be honest he's he's going to be out of the -- soon and all he did was eliminate about 95%. Of his employment opportunities. Professional wrestler -- -- -- he's got a few but porn star pointed aren't you. You see the picture the picture that have a bullet I don't know if you guys that it really looks like something -- you know he's got this person Drew Brees. Double birthmark on his face well looks like demand for the heating it to pick fast enough to. Yeah I didn't want -- work. Brees because those girls gonna play until he's fifty as well so you won't ever have to work again. Other -- and we were up against it some to save mind for upon further review. But. I will get to a percentage you're gonna particular appreciation for this we -- blitz off the out. 2 o'clock -- right. Tomorrow that I could save for remarks -- I think we'll get to a damper upon further review we come back any of fortunately you were not part of the pre show just. I mean arguments that took place between Christian and -- and I. About college sports in New England. And -- really to be a Boston College football game the battle for the -- state we're gonna get to that if people missed some of the many comments that Rodney Harrison made about the patriots and Tom Brady will have those 4132. Doses. 90% of the --

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