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Patriots DE Chandler Jones joins MFB, 9-2-14

Sep 2, 2014|

On this Patriots Monday (on a Tuesday) Chandler Jones talks about getting ready for the Miami Dolphins and his upcoming battle with Brandon Albert. The guys also asked about J.J. Watt's 100 million dollar contract.

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It's Tuesday after the holiday but it is a patriots Monday here and 937 WEI. Christian Fauria meets in men's and any heart in for Lou today Lou out candy in where in Foxborough. Pleased to rejoin right now. By Chandler Jones part of our patriots Monday brought to us today by ARS restoration specialist town fair tire and find mass money. Dot com Chandler all right thanks a lot for coming on -- April week one. I'm doing well let me I'm burglars goes. Well you know I understand last week when. I was out Christian asked you a very important in depth question about your psyche. And we wanted to replayed -- -- -- Are you you're your psyche your psyche still com. This book Kristen asked you last week we want to replace brandy and anybody else who missed a week ago you seem like. Such you know cool -- guy you know better reserved. Do you have to -- Deep deep into your eighth hole. Please note Chandler after Christian asked that question had you found a way you dig in you are able to get ready frequent against Miami. A. Look you know via. You and let you and you. -- -- -- in the minds they had that on the is the book is -- -- and put our -- -- Well you're you're gonna have to do you know that -- they hold to it because you got a big challenge this week. Branden Albert so he comes over so they repeat yet it is the don't have an an entire new offensive line one of the guys as. Is -- and Albert you know horrible player. They're based on what you've seen so far you'll can you break -- ran out four and what's what's what does he do that well. Branden Albert the great play in those restrictions there on our Miami but not yet he -- -- very very big individual down. But the thing that really impressed me just what what -- aside you know of course I -- big guy you know it can talk to me. I told them -- so it was borders very very grim search you know not you know bite on certain mold and things of that nature. But and -- -- of their -- on the side of the slogans are really yeah. -- there is a bit of unknown heading into the first week because obviously. You don't know what the other team has to offer quite frankly you -- don't know quite just yet what bill and Matt Patricia has to offer for you guys and how you're gonna be deployed so was there. Sort of that excitement of the unknown this week. This happened back completely -- -- profession are. Popular professional football where you gotta know when or how to adjust our you know there's going to be. Greater -- I don't -- you might say. Unknown we know what he's saying is you you don't know how does nothing to visit there. Taylor Jones reticent Chandler we were speaking before you came on the air during -- trending now update about JJ watt signing it won -- -- hundred million dollar contract. You part of your job is to get the quarterback a large part of his job is to get the quarterback when something like that happens in the NFL like your position. Do you take notice and save yourself while that that could be me some net. It all congrats congratulation today you know I'm very happy or. McConnell there has been with them but I you know our biggest focus is getting a court of that this week against Miami. You know -- Feel well done and hopefully I can get the rank him so much as our. So now so the my adult revenue. Office and coroner bill later comes over from Philly. Now obviously you know he when he was definitely you know image Chip Kelly they. It's time to tended to I guess speeded up every now and then but you guys you guys aware of that are you guys prepared for that. You know you know. Plan planet -- in and week one -- you never know what you negate that with caught a question to Revere about. You know being prepared or be unknown you know you know they're thinking you know they might do certain things in previews and change up. Until -- -- when he might have to. So that's about all will let you know -- -- you know hoping for the best and -- alerts you to get there. Chandler sort of piggybacking off that I know bill always preaches few guys to just you know control what you can control and do your job but. You know a factor this week that's outside of your control will be the weather in the heat and having you guys get a little taste of that in those practices down in Washington but. How do you approach opening weekend in Miami knowing that you know you're conditioning is really gonna get tested. Yeah you are actually you know the last few good days of practice we had. We has -- out -- out there and even credit. I wanted Miami weather breaking out kind of -- -- and you know it's our job as part of their guards out you know that's used to get extra -- or. Another New England getting -- or what mr. -- and you know on the -- you want to start from an -- Listeners can do to help -- your win in look at you you're prepared to be far -- like you know or whether fingers. Not that much you know we have guys -- this morning. The favorite major but. The biggest names had been prepared hadn't won -- to -- -- to submit. You talk about your matchup with -- Albert obviously he's the guy and -- that left tackle but. You're chasing a quarterback who has a pretty unique skill set can be athletic doesn't necessary look to run. How does that affect how you guys who will utilize your pass rush this week. Yes -- got it right very very athletic quarterback in you've got to impeachable aren't. Or -- on -- it -- you know thought that was more my data to be laden in -- as well you know. Just to contain them you know -- like you have to agree is that these very versatile. You can make big plays an art such article and he definitely get. Get out of pocket he can. Jerry Jones of us here on a patriots Monday -- men's Christian Fauria any heart in for Lou Maloney today so Chandler last year watching the dolphins and they're in prime position to make the playoffs for two weeks left to go I thought they were in the I thought they position themselves great they had two losses late and I'm still trying to figure out. Some people think this is the team that is best suited to give you guys a run to win this division. What was missing from last year that they might have this year to accomplish that goal. And be the kind of team that might -- -- guys heels throughout the course this season. Always thought like that every change united mine as well. Pitched well in every team and it was difficult job and everyone around organizations out. -- -- -- A bigger obviously you know people would say or think the actual pummeled process -- the better team because each each and every Nazis. Certainty that kind of bit me so out and I think our team. Gotten better as well I'm not one punitive so that's played -- come down yet. Well -- that -- say you know on the typical that's been prepared you know predicting in Beijing notes and and you know I got to come up and be prepared to execute whatever the coaches are restored to -- week of practice you know day in and day. What's -- -- what's what's the daily routine for you now that the pre season is over and the regular season has begun. In the mundane -- of the football season can start. What's what's is there -- that you do this every day to kind of get yourself ready as far as his routine. Yeah personal woes are right now I'd do all must let him during the day not I've tried -- studying that night and that's something that I do you know especially. On. You know planting and -- planned during the day Oslo and all my brain to work during the -- -- outside of some AMBER Alert sounds funny but it's true. Fumble when they met at war -- -- probably so united -- left in and day out visualize myself you know making plays network allows you to become. That -- football player. You know some people a lot different you know I do a lot of visualizing and try to you know help for my dad and they're trying to you know -- and yet -- -- from parents. There and I believe you're -- want to put out a little bit. Well. What do you pursuit and when you have a -- -- please stand up from a new study from like 9 o'clock to midnight then. You -- and -- but I do I do regulated and I can't produce it now. Look at it -- look at this competition but I'll work with me. It's -- Tom Brady was on our station earlier today with our morning show Dennis and Callahan and he said that he wants to play -- sucks and I don't plan on sucking for a long time that was his exact quote. When you see Brady across the line of scrimmage in practice how many years do you think he has left and do you think they'll all be here in New England. You know look at -- it's funny that you you'd never you never know. How you can never -- you can never put. A town north duration and I'm someone you know leaders that are their career on you know Tom Brady extras -- blog I know is that it is very. Us Smart player you know I enjoy cabinet -- as a teammate. Armed well you know -- their competitors. You know I'm just want to learn and connect the Bengals games the way altered to the American people are you know well that one -- and a and as you know I don't that a -- -- you know I enjoy having monetary union and there's no certain apartment and I'm probably you know whatever you -- thing about. That's -- they'll let you know about that that the decision to recognize a result. Chandler I don't want to lead the proverbial witness so I'm just gonna ask this question blank would you ever wary fluorescent green Fanny pack. Of course agreed saying that the terrible occasion. You know you could Republicans -- It's very -- he did not know just about an an average Tuesday of the game week of the first week of the year. -- Where. Yes he did he -- -- fluorescent green -- -- packed into the studio and out giving way and I know we're serious on how he had a fluorescent green Fanny pack in the studio just about an hour ago. You know you call them to call them and pick -- -- -- -- lives. An issue. It's usually -- -- -- at concerts and that's your main topics of conversation ward Julian elements Fanny pack and Christian grueling Julian. About the placement of cheerleaders in Miami so close to the visiting locker room is that something that you're acutely aware of what you're -- how to play the dolphins. There are many army people used to go to. It -- We wanted to wait and wouldn't let that go well and we want that the -- -- by the way later in the season if you get nectar -- and apparently based on what gronkowski said yesterday it's okay for you to reveal year old playing status you know that now right. How much you knock on wood before -- And yet you won't -- her and her. And you know are my biggest thing is big and we get it doctors when we get it back. -- Janet thanks leopard coming on as always -- real quick before sickened by here why did we need double overtime to beat Villanova at home in week one. You know I'm still speculative and -- not gonna call that in camera big ripple. Look at I guess basic and applied before the next game all right. Aren't they are going -- -- -- Johnson during the patriots are knighted for his seven WEEI. Is.

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