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Julian Edelman on MFB, 9-2-14

Sep 2, 2014|

Julian Edelman joined the show to talk about the departure of Logan Mankins, whether he would be ready to go at QB if necessary (he's not), the Miami Dolphins, and ... fanny packs.

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A little bit early pleased to say. -- an element wide receiver and is it fair to say now third string quarterback of the during the patriots brought just like the -- insurance is that on year. Player -- -- now. You know I don't even though. I think we didn't we we got another guy from. -- the Cisco practice -- -- GAAP -- you never know but in a pinch. Should come to it you rate go get the arm loose definitely -- now. That was followed if you he wildcat -- -- you know maybe a little option right Giuliani bust that out still right. I mean you think about that stuff. From time to time but you know. Right now we're just worried about Miami nothing about a third string quarterback -- -- we didn't JaMarcus Russell thing we put you down and your knees in the goal line couldn't go seventy yards like him is yours and now. Without a doubt I cannot contact. Several well what we're talking about Christian there you're now in the game week mode game prep mode is it's sort of a slap in the face reality check -- this is really upon us now that word game planning for another team or had you started to do that a little big Conan pre season game number three. No it's it's. It's a sense of normality now. You go in you have camping your over there in your practicing all these fundamentals. You're your practice and scheme. And you just run employees. You run into situations now you get to. Game planning and think about an opponent in you know look at their strengths their weaknesses how you gonna attack on. How they they're gonna attack you so it's definitely. Normality now. You back in his grind and you know it's something you've been around you you know that that -- and I'm -- crushing can say. He knows about that -- system it's a lot different when you get to normal season does anything change with -- Tom I mean obviously those two -- sort of the leaders of this ship here. To -- and any more serious regular season game week and they've -- last month month and a I mean this is what answers to count so you know there's that there is a little sense of urgency from everyone not just coach -- Tom. I use a sense urgency urgency forever -- just like when you go from. Training camp the first two weeks to playing their first game you get a little libel action. And then you go into your third pre season game and it's kind of like there's a little more any. And then you hit the regular season and it's it's now accounts so. You know that's how it goes and you know we had a tough opponent division opponent. In Miami with you know solid defense come back an offense that's. You know explosive. Just a pretty good a really good team right now and you know it's going to be a big battle for the first game. You know it was with pre season you know we don't spend a lot of time early breaking down the opponent were -- we're usually looking at the battles that are going on on offense at certain positions for the patriots. So now you like you said you're watching game film and your started dissect what they do what you can take advantage of based on what you guys played him twice last year and the film you watched but there any differences defense of lead at them that Miami is doing that. You know it's like okay this is something we need to pay a little bit more attention to. Well you know that you're gonna seed them and they're always going to be able to get to the past quarter. The pass. The quarterback because they got to they had a really good pass rush. They they brought in for negating the play there left corner right now. Whose feisty instinctive that player. Who he's played a lot of games in this league he had Grimes over their use one of the best cinematic cut guys. Who who can read quarterbacks. On the edgy new Wilson plane at the safety yet don't miss a new addition. Who's gonna come down he can hate she. -- -- surveyed the middle of the field. Nominee and yet the Davis kiddies come an end. And plane as a third corner I mean they had a lot of different personnel groups -- they had a bunch of guys -- -- to play football and you know for not on our -- and use these guys are they're gonna some some they're gonna expose us. -- element with us here on -- through seven W yes patriots Monday and Tuesday mentioned and again what receivers always loved playing against him right. Yeah I mean I -- accessories out pain in the butt. He's he's a competitor and you know eighties he's played a lot of games like I've said and you know he's he's been known to maybe. You know get in there in and compete to the full. Length of the play but. -- we all these years so that they can't touch you anymore that's we saw the Nazis and he's not allowed to -- a single finger on your right. You know we're gonna play the game the way it's being played being called. You know both teams have to deal with that and I'm sure. You know -- -- being called tight that a tool everyone's got to make an adjustment if it's being called -- loosely. You're gonna make an adjustment to that too so in our coaches do a great job to making the situation in practice. Pretty hard. Pretty -- parable to games -- tough game situations so hopefully. All that coaching and those drills in the practice -- translate great to the game the game feel are you curious at all. To see how it is after what we saw on the pre season how is officiated early in the year in on I'm you're not worried about how it's going to be officiating to -- you know game day. Right now you're -- heard about you know scheme. That they're going to be in you you're gonna worry about the plays that were installing right now in all this kind of stuff so you know that's. That's football for you know what one day it's going to be. Tight game loose game. You can't really think about that is both teams -- deal with that he's got to go think about doing your Simon. Just as coach talk about the arrests that are going to be calling the game you guys did any indication and then once he does is if he does. Does it kind of breakdown based on what these breasts are more prone to call so you kind of have more awareness of what you can't can't get away with. Christian how'd you know about that. I mean. Obviously. There's a scouting report on. On everything in this game a pro now. You win patterns. That news is labeled cheerleader placements here. And that's key in Miami has -- press that Washington is pretty good sales. It is stepping in it a little ahead. -- -- Miami still set their shooters like right in the visitor's area. I went on wildlife. You're preoccupied with them hopefully I mean is this do that. I don't know is he going over the this is the right stuff on the ice and try to figure out of the rest are you know the rest and we are not going in just a simple in the media yet. Got the hottest used by the way. The -- -- just out just. The public to hear around the league deepening of the -- wouldn't choose. You know increasing hatred and you know the best interest from around here we don't really think about -- not I -- Miami -- yeah weakland discussion of the afternoon game. I really had. -- there was this -- let me ask it to personal things first of all -- drop below if Brady should go down -- -- -- Rob -- can step in and pilot the ship accordingly that's number one and number -- the departure of Logan Mankins Brady was on with us earlier today and Dennis and Callahan. And said -- the effect of look I dealt with my feelings last week and I've -- And you like Mankins is well. You have a similar mindset that in that regard you talk about those two decisions. Mankins moving on and also problem become in the two quarterback. You know with with the -- -- -- situation that happened last week. Like I said are last week you know I love the guys a teammate but as Tom said. We're moving on were thing about Miami. In -- team that we have now. It is a business. So a lot of these kind of crazy things go down. All and as far as you know Jamie drop below. -- his job is the back of Tom Brady so. He has to worry about what he asked do I have to worry about what I have to do because if that situation wherever to -- That. He knocked on wood so I don't know that's. People I think he's just moved -- microphone and literal knock on wood you know that that situation overcame you -- -- be prepared. For what you have to do is an individual to make everything comfortable for anyone who comes in so. You know that's along with a tackle another receiver. The kicker I mean -- whatever. I mean injuries are part of the game and whenever something like that goes down he's got to be prepared to a kind of do your job. Speaking of what you have to do is an individual you obviously had a great year last year hundred catches thousand yards it looked like and in training camp and even some of the pre season games you work. Getting down the field a little bit more we saw some examples where you seem to be. Sort of using your body to shield off defenders is that. Something you'd like to add to your game maybe a little bit more downfield threat. You know -- to do whatever that the coaching staff and in coach mcdaniels asked me to do alone so that's going down the field if that's lining up. At right guard if that's in a -- special teams for Scottie oh that's what you're gonna do so. In a lot to see -- come Sunday what what my job will be. To do. Less doing the go lakers and the colleges curiously don't ointment you know going -- made his announcement yesterday I was -- they're laughing about it because it's just you just don't. Think that you know bill's gonna say okay go ahead and give him the green light to make his own announcements you speak. Do you think he. It was a there -- some. I guess that apprehension on his part really do go up there and say it because it just feels like that was out of character for you whenever somebody's hurt they usually don't. You know. Did there -- no breakdown of sell so many usually does the forum. I don't know that's a strong. Being -- maybe. He lets his situation. And I don't know if I didn't even see the clippings or -- thing. He's playing Sunday it's good for you yet did you notice I can't did you have an indication they've. You know he certainly was in the number one model that is like -- you plan. You know he's been in their practice in. Working hard. But like he keep on. Preaching around here you you kind of worry about what you have to do. If he plays that's awesome because that's a huge weapon in nights you know probably the best tied in in the National Football League. Much in my opinion. But if he doesn't you have to worry about what you have to do and go out and and do your job. That was well I kind of brought that. Like the Dow all roads lead back yeah we are seeing a picture before he leaves because he looks like -- patriots and pressure up the practice field in Washington get your Fanny pack full intent to. And then -- so I believe that's a flying squirrels at Friday's world that was right by the practice field there on the squirrel trying to go out there and -- -- -- Well done until I -- of -- on the Fanny pack -- -- -- with the Fanny -- good. You know. I used to kind of make fun of my dad sort of impact and it's kind of in -- jokingly manner that I'm wearing it and it's fluorescent green was so it's from 1993. -- Which is it was an all smear. But. When you're wearing sweats and we have the luxury to Wear sweats to work slices and you know it's. -- stuff falls -- your pockets your wallet your keys may -- it chapstick or two. So you have the Fanny -- to -- keep all together. So I'll out of Fanny pack wearing guy who's not a surprise pick their and I and I -- railroad I call it more of you know like a man that's me and it's actually -- where it's like the back right. Hit areas just exposed pocket there aren't they kind of looks like you're going on a hike. That's where those small backpack in and exactly. Where in the Cheney or you can dissing us are you convincing yourself. Quote -- it is called solicited them yeah I do around and 93 it happened why deploy -- and you -- -- -- because you know doesn't have because of that swagger and don't pull it off. I'm telling you when you see a bunch of little kids New England Fanny packs all the taxes we -- Fanny pack just felt those notes thanks I have and it's become a -- I this Julian element here on a patriots Monday.

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