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Tom Brady says Logan Mankins stood for Patriots Football, 9-2-14

Sep 2, 2014|

Tom Brady was on D&C this morning and spoke about the Logan Mankins trade. Brady spoke glowingly about his former teammate. MFB try to figure out how upset Brady is over the trade.

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It is it patriots Monday here -- Tuesday from Foxboro it's -- Christian Fauria Lou Maloney -- not in today he's off. Joining us instead any heart. Patriots football weekly what you're of -- and before you first Christians aren't. That is happening is it good or bad usually angry. First -- always a good mood that's not all -- a lot at all this a lolly get TV broadcast I can hear you but I can see you. Right. CU because they don't put that on the screen so like I knew when you guys become like -- -- has drawn pictures on your face from Iraq and you're in the last game -- you -- -- -- -- -- you graduated from your inability to draw circles around a person's name -- -- drawing faces on -- and he. -- -- I'm doing now and I never did you Andy's right the pictures edited pictures were good. I just said that it did so yeah I still on. And that really mastered that stupid toasters they really needed it just doesn't work is a real hard. You know it you know -- -- stated Dick Grasso and never blames his tools. Yeah what about your. Point you know -- -- it does that sort of guy. Is -- wide circle which stopped it but. What I hear my head. Tokyo were doing those attacks well -- I'm just not use them anymore. You couldn't even put a simple check mark next to me no no at first it would end up like one name up could have. Let's talk gronkowski check and -- commonality we took the adverse public use it right bigger. -- like this is this has been worthless is that ever made in my life. In -- at least top five of us are used in the -- and a proposal to about that I switched to take it and it they capped off the menus and -- additional. It's gonna stay in your lane and that just really got my -- in catches up that is not my late next promised an ass and take it out altogether just put a big giant flat screen TV there's so we can actually see the field a little better. We have the boring -- back -- here we don't of the cool couch that in itself that you got to sit under in the broadcast Bob's discount furniture and you bring some new stuff I don't know what Chris -- had -- shameless plug up. I think the sponsors happy. They flourish in your house and get the Bob this temperature in your house that -- how -- -- I've been plugging them everywhere -- -- they should be. Commercial for the like -- seems like twelve years ago back for a minute of pavement -- relief in Massachusetts yet. And they gave me a bunch of furniture as late payment so amid this I still at it nice chairs. Beds and dressers -- you -- it it was those muscles look. Lot of patriots have made their way through that commercial for Bob's Chandler Jones who will talk to later -- -- don't beyond all of a letter on an 11 o'clock -- Julian element at 1045. Rodney Rodney Harrison -- or else. -- ever did I think Vince Wilfork may have done it at one point I didn't know Christian -- but. You know look at it and those that was back in 0203. As before there that -- orbit in Massachusetts I did drive I don't know where I drove to somewhere Connecticut. It was a little to none and acted go to the store debated every stores in Massachusetts yet they just they were starting to work their way in there. And to monopolize a whole furniture business like they do now. But that stuff. Writing I was like it was a great Christian school -- you know that you know that was his nickname back then. That's why I've heard it was or Colorado I don't know that's touchdowns. Because you get through tomorrow like the twenty he would trip over the nineteen and he -- for. You know pulling out there until they're able got the right Julian Wright and a guy who could SGC there was a method to the madness deal by the time he term like 32. You just don't feel like running and -- feel like getting hit. So in order to preserve my body I it was a executive decision to make sure that -- preserve my lay eggs at my head for as long as possibly yes this somewhat correct. But not really you mastered it though because you made it look like you were just tripping so you really defined job well -- always somebody around me and it is I got the balls thrown a lot merely. It's twenty it and is really where I did my visit renowned and he gets Nestle the past. But you know is it just like once I knew I got the first down Mike that's good enough. Since you guys hear Tom Brady and his talented and short yes now last night Andy and I are both on Comcast the angry then. I get a little angry. Angry. Outburst makes me angry. Got angry. Anger -- -- for suggesting that the Cincinnati Bengals are gonna content for the aids the ads in any back into a corner and item made a bad I'm probably gonna regret later what is life. Have been angles or Panthers better record we got to the Panthers. Panthers. -- -- ago. Yes the Carolina Panthers he backed into a corner nine I lashed out but the debate that we had was is it okay. What you -- -- was even on the set yet Europe with the other guys and your debate was whether or not it's okayed its all operating. Sure and you made the argument I think you're right about this that it is and it should be. That at the personnel decisions don't go the way that the quarterback wants them to go. That still should be OK and I think a lot of teams on different times. Have gotten too concerned about how certain employees. Are gonna react to decisions that they think are best made in the interest of the team. This was one of them how they went about the Logan Mankins trade is certainly a debate we've had that debate for a week straight -- guard is dominated sports talk. But the -- I'm so glad Rob Gronkowski made the announcement that he did yesterday. He's -- -- talk body skill position player again somewhere John -- was very happy about damn time the guards I know right. But the partial. Lester is an actor Jon Lester -- what it's turned into but it's not nearly you know six months of Jon Lester pockets but a week and a half and a big deal. It will -- at least Jon Lester a left handed pitcher that's a premium position in baseball exactly -- at Charlotte -- out there Tuesday. So the argument that it was making he's an order means is that it's okay. Yes what the quarterback is pissed off about some personal -- is because his friends might be gone. Might be better moved on the -- that it will debate about whether or not Logan Mankins leaving and Tim Wright coming was really better for the team. That'll be and sure what's -- as the season goes along here during the course sixteen weeks but. Brady was asked about that specifically today on Dennis and Callahan and the civilians. I haven't really spoken to anybody about it you know I have my own personal feelings are very very personal meaning how whatever those are. I just want our team to be the best it could be for this year I want the players and I -- Logan Logan is a great friend of mine and nobody stood for patriot focal more than him good you know -- also -- you know he's moved on and I hope he's happy and we'll keep in touch and we got a keen to win and so. I -- really think too much about what happened in the past. And -- actually followed up with agree about that and he said that he's. Had some natives try to move on is the dolphins are coming up on the schedule. OK so at least not surprised by that. -- I was actually waiting for another cut. The -- I don't put whatever feelings I have last week but you know I've moved on and I got to move on because that's what this team expects me to do with Miami. You know come within your -- they always thought in my mind is how I can be the best quarterback against them and how I can try to go out there and lead my teammates and be a great example and -- motivate her -- enthusiasm -- -- for the team because without that then you know we don't feel less opportunity to win and you know you guys know eloquent. Where I was going with Christian -- this is what Andy was talking about last night in the settle for Comcast is their heads. Developing here anyway there's been a little bit more of a trend where the patriots seem to be willing to do this whether it's okay what Tom or not. Logan Mankins gonna go to Tampa whether it's okay with Tom or not they're gonna draft Jimmy drop below in the second round. Whether it's okay it would Tom or not they're gonna let his buddy tobacco quarterback that was never a threat -- in the first place. Go to trade to the Houston Texans we're seeing a lot of this of late. Is this because he also is in the waning years of his career is gonna be forty soon and they can afford to do this -- what's your take about which seems to be. The organizational willingness to do things without necessarily the blessing. All of their star quarterback I think it's great. I think it's the way it should be I think it's the same thing when fans get upset at a major move. Are you catering to your fans are you making the decision that you think as Bill Belichick is in the best interest your football team. And I would just give back to things that they've all said to us Brady has said to us Belichick is said to us owners own. Coaches coach players play and Brady has often said I don't have a say in personnel matters I'm not the GM this team I'm not I'm glad I'm not those are tough decisions. If that's the case will then take him at his word and do what you think in the best interest of the football team and don't. Keep -- or your backup quarterback because he's Brady's buddy or Logan Mankins because he's a good friend that's been around for a decade if it's the right move financially and on the field. Then it's the right move and move on. Yeah and our -- why why people think that Tom. You know would be involved in these decisions it's just it's I don't think it's ever been that way and there's been so many people who've come and gone who have been. Frankly probably closer to him that Logan Mankins and they were kicked off the -- they -- released or -- or cut for one reason or another. And you realize that you cannot be a player and a coach at the same time and you can't allow yourself to be emotionally attached to any situation catcher and because at any point in time. That will be pulled from underneath you and you'll be left going why why am I so meant well because I start to care you can't care -- it. Here's a quick to. When I was -- this in the stands out more than anything that it never happened me in my career there's this young kid. It's a third or fourth round pick in Seattle. And with -- -- -- so they are really relying on him to play great -- great personality everybody liked him. Remember that the second day of camp he blew his knee right in the middle like a nine on seven drill OK so there's tons of people there everybody kind of standing around him. The coaches are so preoccupied with keeping to drill going that they physically walked over him to move the drill twenty yards down the field. And they just move the drill that they still move the -- so literally what some people walking this kid who was surrounded by some trainers know coaches. And I sat there what is going. -- they don't care they do -- do not care the most important thing is how they can win and how they came prepared to win. And -- how they can convince everybody else to -- the same mentality. So when you pick a situation like that he's not necessary the same the same thing but it's -- from the same cloth right you're talking about. Guys -- not being emotionally invested that's what the NFL is really about its top -- that is football talk about all the goodwill stores. That's what it is. So the guys who are pretty learned early on when lower Malloy got cut when they got real lawyer. Like -- -- as one of his best friends at the time -- went out together they hung out together. There's a little -- -- going there. And that I think was the first indication that while this is the way it really works in the NFL Walker's -- think. The reason why it's maybe a little bit more pertinent now is back then Tom Brady was in don't any work is the patriots were let him go anywhere and he probably didn't want to go anywhere. Here you fast forward to where we -- the present day there's a quarterback that they like playing behind him that they just recently drafted. He's coming up on forty pretty soon he's got his -- contractual. Situation and moves that may or may not make him happy all the sudden seemed to be a little bit more of an important part of the conversation because. Well there's a light at the end of the tunnel when it comes to his patriots -- if you wanted to go some worlds and things around here. Didn't appease them so the question I'm asking is is it a little bit more of a of an important conversation to happen now whether or not Brady is happy with the moves being made around him. Because his future. Here in New England might becoming a little bit more to an end to what were willing to admit 6177797937. I may be buying it. Too much. But I think Brady has the ultimate respect in Bill Belichick and his decision making. And I think he's probably learned over the years lawyer Malloy the the sky's falling we're never gonna win again 31 nothing in buffalo. And only did as well when a couple Super Bowls and I think he's seen it time in and time again just this team under bill Belichick's. Direction. After a move that is quote wrote quote unquote emotional or bad in the fans' eyes or not the right move. Generally works out generally bill has plan BC and ready to go and asthma and I think Tom does a good job of compartmentalizing as he said. He had very personal feelings this week I'm sure he was -- entry was upset entry was questioning but when he walks in this door -- says do your job I think he understands his job is to to a Bill Belichick 2002 and I think he does that a phenomenal job of keeping those two things separate. -- the Brady had to say about the prospect of retiring as a patriot and not having his patriots career come to an end. Until he wanted to. There -- -- where I'd rather play and know that I know loved playing for the team and I love representing. This team and and hopefully I can do that for as long as you know I -- -- and I think you know when I -- called tire but I don't play on but improvement but if so hopefully that leads me to be in here and there are so -- that rather be. -- quote of the year. Best quote of the year. I'll retire when I soc. And yeah. Quantify suck though that's what I would ask what can Christian will be used tool to Andy's point -- music onto it and because. How do you quantify because in my mind back when I was you know 37 years old -- same -- and I was retiring. I didn't think I sucked -- okay. But when I look back on like honestly when I look back on it. I've realized that that was brought up my way to suck and I was like not nearly the player I thought it was especially when every had my retired pilot that. Retired reportedly it'll still don't like whole week Powell. How in the hell was I able to do that at that age I'm in my thirteenth year I must've had just living in a cloud because I can knock it off the line. I can block decently I could do the goal lights up when it really couldn't run away from people it is it was just tough it was tough. You know would they be at a certain need there for an older guy had a commitment to some young kids and that's really how I got that last year. But. Get somebody else is -- patella and the only way they're gonna tell that is by letting somebody else play in his spot because like any old. Heavyweight fighter they still believe mentally -- they can do it is body has to conduct yet. I I think what -- getting into his. His definition of -- here might be different than his definition of sucked in Jacksonville for example. You know if he's no longer a top five quarterback if he's no longer leading this team to. Deep into the post season okay that's -- by Tom Brady's New England Patriots standards. But if he goes to Jacksonville and he's the fourteenth best quarterback in the NFL. -- pretty damn good by Jacksonville Jaguars quarterback standards and that's that's where I think you get into trouble is not only just the athletes own internal interpretation like Christian just talked about. But also the external interpretation is he's not -- and after the patriots quarterback anymore maybe Jimmy grapple it was better in three years. But is he better than the quarterback who's doing a crappy job in Cleveland or Jacksonville or any of these other cities who start the year and say we don't have a quarterback. -- does it surprise at all Andy -- -- that. Out of all when you look at all the great quarterbacks some of the last twenty years so include Joseph Montana and there you know who played for different teams did you ever think. That Peyton Manning will play for another team did you ever think that Brett Favre would play for another -- mean. I don't want to and it would be yes I did -- as the in my mind they didn't look that -- Days or so far gone now of star athletes always playing to the end of their ten year because the teams especially in football have so much control number one. And number two with a salary cap being what it is the maneuverability. To get players off your roster when you want to just the way pro sports is structured now. Those are the exceptions more so than the rules shall I tend to think they usually it is going to happen. I feel that way about Brady right now and still or in the last. Is he rework his contract and announces in advance this is going to be my last year New England or this is going to be the last deal. I sign and when they released me then I'm not gonna play anywhere else I almost expected more the other way to be honest with and -- Yeah because it to me that's. When you look about when you look at the patriot Estes and their players of the past who have played for the patriots drafted by them there's -- whole career. A sort of pay Bruschi. Kevin ball or Troy Brown a guy like program. Those that's the exception to the -- like to appoint him that does that most guys. Dull and with the team that drafted him and a lot of leaf list. They're angry because they think they should appeal to stay and they -- these bills finished their cricket that's what everybody really wants to do. They want -- they don't wanna move their spam by time you're in your tenth eleventh year yet you normally most guys have some kids -- in school. -- cutting great shape themselves and their communities that believe like like Logan Mankins wants to leave go to the -- of four month by about a week before school starts he hit me. You want that. But so yeah I think would be surprised if it didn't happen with pre. I would be too and you know one of the key differences is the greatness. The great ones never think they're done the great part of why they're right exact drive that competitive desire they can always overcome any sleight any chip on their shoulder its motivation. And no disrespect to the guy that guys that Christian just mentioned. But Kevin Faulk was a great patriot he wasn't a great NFL player there we're not going to be 31 of the teams beating down his door. When he was you know deciding to retire we're gonna throw money at you -- -- still think you're the guy. There will be that would Tom Brady not only is he quarterback is one of the greatest quarterback ever play the game and I also not sure that this is the modern thing. Mean Michael Jordan played for different team -- with -- for different team. Willie Mays played for a different team you know these guys that are truly elite players they hang on because that's the drive that made them great. They can't give it up. 61777979837. Get some people call in on this that we will get through when we come back I do think there is a little bit of a re feeling elements. To that line about all planes July suck and I think your onto an Indy which is. He's got to realize she sucks a lot later than what the patriots are going to realize especially -- the guy behind him doesn't suck. Like maybe the last guy did. They'll pull the trigger a little bit more quickly on this than what Tom Brady is expecting results also text 37. 90% when we come back 937 WEI here on a patriots Monday it would Julian element coming up with top of the hour Chandler Jones. At 11 o'clock the espionage for the regular season has already started it will tell you who and how next on 37 WEB.

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