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Tom Brady on the Logan Mankins trade 9-2-14

Sep 2, 2014|

Tom Brady discussed his feelings on the Logan Mankins trade and the return of Gronk.

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Our conversation with Tom Brady is brought to you by AT&T northeast electrical distributors howls -- cater and digital federal credit union what can DC's say DC you say for you early Tommy -- a for the stadium. They get the morning and no -- just about time I get up ultimately be at practice yesterday. There's more to do today but not as early this morning. -- -- said -- and get on the phone this morning there's a state he hiding near their Foxboro exits so you know keep under a hundred. When you and you when your approach that exit. And I had some unfortunate -- a few years ago so yes. I -- sure appreciate these states. Would stop and go. Eight yes that's happened. -- that's the did you ever think this stop you just to meet you. And they wouldn't that I drive for India inconspicuous car so it's not. Read you know per hour here. That's a good move yes Curt Schilling and a Lamborghini once -- And he gets stop -- say I must say the car that yeah. Yeah they want stop doing that Toyota Prius that he Brady twelve license political strange right there -- -- -- So good -- yesterday dropped breaks it. Bill was happy with that it's it's it's uncharacteristic. For any preacher whether you're gronkowski the 53 man on the roster to give away what the our roster status will be for opening Sunday. On in my guess it was yesterday. We're pretty -- and I didn't catch -- he said I'm good to go I will be out there on Sunday I'm gonna play the way always have played probably not taking all the steps. But it will be out they're doing battle with my friends. Well I hope so I think that's -- -- does the -- the -- that's gonna go out there the better so I don't know what. You know we've we've we've just very that we practiced so. You know I think it was trying to get they're learning each other and you know the final -- finally been picked in the endeavor on the actor brought stability to be ready to go so. You know we're really contributions are -- of chronic be one of those guys and I think that makes our team better but it. You know we got a lot of plans and you know we've made contingency plans for everybody be you know that's that's just we'll get to do. Based on past experience Tom do you notice a change in the tone and the pace of practice in this week coming up. Vs everything that was getting ready for just pre season when the bullets start flying for real on Sunday. Absolutely this is the you know these these count these. -- -- goes in the final standings. This is when you're expected to be at your very best of every bit preparation. That we've all done for the last. Six months since in the last season comes down to this particular case so. Yeah there's a lot of urgency this week you can't afford any mistakes in the guys that are out there. Those guys that have done the best job over the course of the off season put themselves investor positioned -- and so. I'm excited I think it's a different feeling yesterday then. That and that all year because it's just you know go off for so long and you know finally get an optical out there and do something. That really counts and that's -- -- in the final standings. -- you guys were tied for second in the league last year points and you didn't have this guy this this is perhaps the best red zone weapon in the league can you just. Put in words what Broncos keep means to you -- mean do you literally get excited that the thought of him. On the field and healthy in the red zone. Yeah that would keep the eminent. Indicated teammate for the last four years you know we we know what he can bring to the team and what his ability is what he's out there and what he's capable of by you know not only his. Own ability -- how that helps the other guys too because. You know it's hard it's hard to pull one -- on the distant -- I can hold up looking so and you make it more zone coverage and yet make. Some double coverage and then you know -- they're gonna figure out their schemes to try to stop. Your best players that's what the defense -- to -- they try to identify what and often straight -- and then they got shut that down so. We get trying to identify what the defense districts -- -- try to you know opposed things down and so you know we've got to. We've we got a good group of guys that you look at they're gonna cover brought -- -- got a rodeo the content and when he's out there he's obviously. A great art it couldn't decide if it's yeah it is agility his. Ability to catch a football and traffic and that's what he's done over the course of his career so that's where it got so many touchdowns as you know -- just. He can you get such a big country if that made applicable surveyors didn't go make place so. But it is being electrocuted if they cover and then there's other options so we got a lot of guys are excited about it. I'm really excited about our offense and the work that we put in and guys really final hole for themselves -- You know that'll that'll really get the chance to go out and prove it this weekend so we could talk about it and talk about different. Groups in the game we're talking about -- from plays and fifteen cents. You know now there's only -- probably plays will get open -- step in the ninety's but. They're the -- one way to play this weekend. There's report last again it was Jason Cole since you were very upset and not happy -- the Mankins steals -- fair. Assessment of your of of how you felt that the time of the deal. You know I haven't really spoken to anybody about it so you know I have my own personal feelings that are still very personal thing in. You know how whatever those are. You know I I just -- to be the best -- could be for this year I want the players and I loved. Logan Logan is a great friend of mine and nobody. Nobody stood for patriot focal more than them but you know there also -- he's moved on and I -- -- -- and we'll keep in touch and we got a game to win and so. I hear really you know think too much about what happened in the past negativity I dealt with. Whatever feelings I have last week but I know I've moved on and I got to move on because that's what this team expects me to do and with Miami you know coming -- -- -- that Billick thought in my mind is how I can be the best quarterback against them and how I can. Try to go out there and lead my teammates and be a great example and you remote operator bring enthusiasm that you have seen as. Without that then you know we don't feel less opportunity to win and if you guys know eloquent. Is it is it is the business of football god easier for you -- from fresher perspective over the years say verses you know 1012 years ago when warm lawyer. We get cut during -- -- person make this thing you've been able to sort of rationalize this is the way it works now. Absolutely not I think it's. You know those. On the -- very personal person type of person and you know it's. You know I have. A very emotional person so I don't think those things have never gotten easier for me and I don't think they ever will but you know he got a couple of groups with that also. And learn to deal with things that mature way. You know you we don't know we as players it's the business side of things to you know we were. We were there to play we were at their run businesses -- their. Enjoy the camaraderie with thirteen they enjoyed their playing experience with thirteen minutes we played for one another. You know and in you do whatever comes up -- you move forward so. I think that's part of you know that's part of the sport. There and begin that it happened you know you don't. Don't know what's gonna happen lecture tour note could have been here at that and the year after that in the first -- you can play going to be dealing with desperate. I you know now a chance to move forward to move forward took with the start of the year and you gotta bring the best attitude you -- and when when it mattered the most which is now. Tom Logan aside to the extent you can. -- -- sharing how this works when somebody that you been in meeting meeting meeting rooms with for three years like Ryan -- -- traitor to -- Does that departure go as it is at Texas a -- called you see that person what do you tell daddy you spent in all a lot of hours with the last three seasons. Yeah and everything all these things that happen. They happened really quick and the coach said there were 800 transactions or something on. Saturday suddenly you'll get a chance. You know you just you. You shall work when they have won their third again thank you guys or whatever the next station opener 53. You know I really kind. You know sit around a table -- talk about great things a bit tedious you know they're they're armed with that things are going in their lights and you know right particular. Situation -- he. If you move at all with his wife and you know the patriots move on and you wish each other luck and well we keep in touch and I keep in touch with -- capital and David you're burden. You know Brian Hoyer executives or -- a referendum but did not -- post personal. So -- -- -- difference for the rest of my life certainly Ryan will be -- you spent three years of you know all the emotion and energy spent together in your friendship that's what is one of the really gratifying part throughout. Played professional sports and the relationships that you build with the people that matter -- So much in your life because you make such a sacrifice for them and and accept this sacrifice for you so. Though these things are never easy and you know it doesn't take away from any personal relationship with the business relationship that the organization has some particular players and you know you just. But definitely one deals with the differently but you know the way we do that we choose to. You would pick you move on and certainly this week and yesterday in on you know we're just focused on the Miami Dolphins and how we can go up there and put together the best player on the -- they're trying to kick. You know kick some -- on Sunday. Our Tom let's set aside the people who left let's talk about the newest guy who has arrived. Were you impressed with Heidi and Tim writes. Ability to grass apparently a lot of stuff in a short period of time. What haven't had you know look at say it's it's been a short period tarmac have been. In a steady what he's been doing you know as much as part of the coaches haven't been focused on the -- can mice prepped for us from Miami and in. In the -- I'm feeling great tendencies and so but I watched him to play a -- lot last year because we we had a lot of games will be sought kept playing and -- Because that this young number 81 that looks like good player so. I'm excited I am working -- You know he's he's a good player so I go the other night game from the sideline -- make a lot of play out there and hopefully to go up there and keep make him because if we're going to be deposition that you were there any deposition of the big. Contributor on -- this year so it was. You know there was a lot of contributions made by the guys last year this year you know that that are hugely important position between the type of position and they're here and hopefully you can add significant about that along with crawled along with. Who may -- and then. You know whoever opens -- play that role at some point so. I'm excited about the -- -- -- about all the positions that I think you know we got a good group we -- definitely a car and are committed to each other. The -- -- you know go out there and really unleash it on on Sunday. And anyone I know you're focused on the dolphins and I don't like to think about you know your professional -- we talk you about this every year you wanna play forever. As big goal if you wanna stay with this team forever as a goal to be one of those rare guys who retires the patriot and never. Leaves this organization. I'm not there's nowhere I'd rather play and know that. You know so I you know -- for the team and love represent them. This team and and hopefully I can do that for as long as. You know -- that. You know life -- retire I don't plan on but -- throw them out if so hopefully that leads me to -- -- -- and -- -- so -- I'd -- -- -- just. I love this game and I -- working hard it is. You have got a lot of people we are told me that the -- couldn't do I think that's always been great motivation for being that you adequate to accomplish things and I think I can do so. And hopefully it continues to play at a really high level from -- time. Did it bother you to see Joseph Montana and it chiefs uniform. Well that goes back to the business side of football and you know I don't know what that situation I wasn't really around when those decisions were made and it. You know the people here you're expected this business to perform that's what football's about this is not a you know. Personality contest this is a very highly competitive game where your physical skills that. And what it means to between. You know they place value on that. And you know if it's that value -- It's within the range then you know great if it doesn't end there to watch it and you go somewhere -- you go somewhere else and played -- -- no one else watches. Where you wanna play more than that when you retire the social growth. Make other decisions that are released so. You know -- -- you know the work of art that is number try to be the best but it can be further blow it out to be that -- Hopefully the team -- -- and if they don't and operate at the top stay at some point let. You know that's that's what football's all about. Yeah I am now maybe I'm promise sick two years now it happens -- Belichick says you know there's the dork here you still think you're pretty good. I don't see him at. You from from Adam obviously Beckett that you two years from now you go play for the cardinals. Tom Brady ordinary errors on the accordingly users and walk away. I don't know they're gonna -- gonna tear the uniform off -- on -- Tom someday. Yeah probably -- you know that same company and it. You you have long term goals in your head because those -- things that motivate you and sustain you -- The only thing wrong term in the reality is that supported. It's a contact -- anything can happen at any time anybody's career could end and one particular place. You know so -- got a temper that with your short term goals to and so. You know yeah you have long term goals because you. In those motivate you over the course of the year that you -- short term goals were in moments like. You know this up focused on your your foot world football more -- focused on here you know what you could be this particular weeks so. You know that this is this game changes so quickly and things happen all the time every week that changed the course of people's career of -- and that their course of the team and if you could just focus on. The short term when you folks on the short term folks from the loan terms and when those looking to folks on the you know that serves you best so. Yourself goals in the back your mind is personal goals. You know certainly this time you're you put aside whatever personal goals you have for the success of the team -- the team sport. And you know our guys have worked really hard to get ourselves in this position. Go out there and -- our best this year and that's what matters in this year's most important it's only here we have. And you know guys it. July and then to do get a chance to contribute to it they wanted to contribute question really injury. Because there's really motivated come back can shorten with the cable so. Idea there on the side of the this year what we have been anything after this year that. Now that that's to be dealt with at a later time so it's just that's kind of format now. Well a lot of people are concerned about the patriot offense they think it's in good hands you got a few more bullets in your revolver the shooting had last year what people are really excited to see unveiled Sunday would be what seems to be an improved defense. Nobody would know better than -- you go up against them every single day would you say this is an improved a markedly improved defense from previous years. Well I can look at every team anesthetist. Go to these guys but it's you know -- -- -- -- -- purple jeans and prove it and we've made all these changes in this -- gone directly and it now get this guy committed saying the -- You know whatever -- think every -- -- thirteen mr. has 32 teams that are very hopeful you know and the reality is that probably not the case but it's just. -- really hope and opinion. -- that's what we get to book their place in -- on the field later. You know you go out there and give everything you've got every week if you regret got a test to measure yourself so. You know. Europe but it certainly in my opinion of what I think you know it doesn't matter because they're gonna get a chance to go out there approved anyway. Our defense our offense or special teams groups in every other team as well as -- -- -- everything they got a better condition -- pleasure but you'll see. And hopefully we do Woolsey but it. You've got to go on earn it every week it's. You can really hard to win it's hard to win any game here it's hard to -- good defense it's hard to be good offense you've got to put the work in. And you know I think that we will there be. -- -- -- -- You know the expectations which is to be one of the best offensively but don't want to make it easier for and on -- sentenced to blow up their car and it. We're gonna get. The dolphins' best this week would definitely get the vikings' best to get the raiders left and you know that's that's what their expectations are so. Who knows we're going to be better or worse I certainly hope better. But you know we're gonna have to go up -- group we got confidence that we can do it. But I mean that's that's what we play these games. Have you ever got a good explanation why not every single year but most years the patriots played Miami in September in 95 degrees and in Miami comes up here in December in zero degrees. Should schedule maker reversed that. Well last year last year we were down there in December yet. A few years ago began in December so I think it you know rotates with the Beijing Games I don't know goes in the schedule I can only imagine what. With the stadiums. You know obligations -- In all the things that going to scheduling and by we couldn't and it's. Who would want that job oh my god you know that that's that's pretty yeah that's pretty rough so you know we got. Whatever the schedule on Debian we have -- -- week when your week threesome have got -- later you know we have a Monday and then. Practical and adverse to anything at this point night games and and no play buffalo left in the year so. There's really no no really you scheduled -- -- got a tough schedule could it's a sixteen game NFL season. You know it's. -- whenever we play whoever we play. You know they're going to be out there -- just -- Libya they're so when it's cold it's cold for the other team to -- when it's public it's gonna be this weekend. You know it -- be hot for them to and you know our opponent is the dolphins it's certainly not anything else but the whether it's not a crowd but the opponents of the dolphins and that's where preparation is such words. That's where it starts and finishes and if we could be our best to get -- concerns will be happy on Sunday afternoon. -- get -- here with this if my information is correct and it may not be I believe the team gathered at a really nice spot pop an asset level knows. Who got leg -- fell into the bushes. At at at at. -- both are deeply though there are those early internal team phones. Votes did know didn't this lethal in the -- I don't know I don't know -- You know that's a great weekend could really signifies. The end to camp there. -- mister Kraft has always you know and so generous with his. But it times and certainly welcomed people 100000 given no sort of all the different players and you know it's a great week and really kick off the year so it's fun for everybody. Our top it all starts for real on Sunday thanks for the title talk the next week Erica -- -- a great week sombre David Dennis and Callahan on the AT&T a lot of conversation with Tom. -- you by AT&T northeast electrical distributors howls lubricate and digital federal credit union what can -- you statement.

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