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Tim Hasselbeck on the start of the NFL season 9-2-14

Sep 2, 2014|

Tim joined the show to discuss the start of the NFL season and the future of Tom Brady.

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Three Dennis and Callahan and Manningham on a patriot Tuesday we spoke with Tom -- this morning rounds 620. Tim Hasselbeck joins us on the AT&T -- a conversation with Tim. Is brought you Biden corporate equipment morning Tim how are you. Well morning good morning I -- I'm going to say did you think you'll get the answer. That yesterday I think not starting -- -- for any parent -- -- Australia let him know we're not yes we I think trivia -- -- is abiding hatred but it's like a colonoscopy stimulator of. The origin of the you have to. All right good public this to this we're real quick what people don't know -- -- -- -- didn't win best director for the golf -- which director one that you're ten. Our Bob Fosse for cabaret -- scenario anybody anyway the it's Derek. Cart is in the stock for the raiders making him and David the fifth. Brother combination to start an NFL game. Palm canyon in the in the four. All get richer not so. Also they are Korean Ty Detmer. -- -- -- in the Limas does. The have to do and integrity you have that. -- Let me see here -- and just count very. And -- wedges and or right. Plus the car to make five at the I six was a five going to job our job here. Service so there's not a message is that you -- Brought in -- yeah. Yes yes cars have done I brought god there is ESPN. Radio in Seattle got a picture and you'll let Ivan Drago. It is like Dolph Lundgren -- True. Okay now who was on deck with Hank Aaron that is that now and I caught the ball -- -- that we are hatred. Fortunately I'm told I'm told I got about -- -- baseball trivia. HM odd couple hours ago but Tom Brady played it very close to the vest with us when we asked about his increased excitement level. With the word that -- is going to play on Sunday. What does he really think if you're Bob Brady what you think about the fact that that's what he's cleared to play and crawled is going to be part of my arsenal Sunday at 1 o'clock. Well I think we're Tom -- in the end it's really probably what the rest of the league believes is that outside of Brady himself. Brock is the most important offensive player. For that -- often you know Morse code then. -- terrain nor you know in Amendola felt sort of you know we've been. Gentlemen as well you know hit it like it when you look at it that way Saddam. That's quite excited about it being the difference maker you'd have to wait you're gonna play to win one. You view specifically. Prepare. For Rob Gronkowski and so. You know anytime you you've faced an offense for from a defense perspective and you have to do special things for player. That means that the offense understand that the player can dictate. The type of response but you'll get when you. -- and outside the numbers or you bring them across the formation in the in the keys that that'll give the quarterback. Terms of how they're defending him and and other also defending everybody else. Makes it different and it makes your job as a quarterbacking here and so that's why it's so important to have him healthy. I held -- we do this around here every year and may be its arrogance but I don't think so this year I mean can you made it a case for. Any other team in the AFC east even coming close to the patriots if Brady's healthy this year. I mean what if he's he's he's obviously -- And haven't him it'll be healthy and it seemed like every year there's a little something you know that we don't really know about with amex's you know what foot era. An elbow or shoulder and you -- that's very things on the injury report but. My guess is that they're going to be significantly better on the defense of side of the ball the fact that they probably have the best corner in the game. I think will make a big big difference for that group. Also some other players that I think it'll come on and in May be be better -- in the past they're like. -- -- zone and Jamie Collins and so. I think you look at it on the defense of the ball no question about it -- of Brady and Crocker healthy guys and make. -- there's no way I think anybody in the he's you know compete with them men. I think the challenge just ends up being is that I don't really know without anybody's real well there it certainly isn't. You know. Promote player or -- perspective. Cop but it that's that you know fan perspective there with you guys in the winter months. You know that's not about the end game -- pitcher. Well even -- Brady's not healthy and -- is not healthy they'll still win this division. It's just to question them by how much -- That -- who upload grapple voted no are they still win. Yes I do this I do in fact I'm not sure another team in the division. Goes 500. Who's apparently pick in the finish set up. Not middle aside I I looked I think it's a legitimate conversation. You know -- it. That might be a little rest of Fermi based on the fact that you know -- -- main. You know let let's say it happened early in jumper Apple's got played twelve games on how I feel about that. Well think of it of them I mean you gonna pick wins for teams I know you're. Second page was to win the division Tim when you say twelve wins thirteen wins fourteen wins when you get that specific. I think the -- inland. I think they went at least twelve games. -- and then second place at the dolphins eight Nate. That's a four game and it could be thirteen or fourteen wins and I'm guess and they win this division by four or five games. -- -- by the potential I didn't look at the situation in buffalo mean that they knew already. That the Torre looks like it's imploding and I think that baby. Through training camp has. I get to change course -- how they felt about the Emanuel Tom. And then you're obviously in Miami there's been a product changes that. I do think that that team can still. Steady improvement on the football team in Miami. And then what the jets elliptical the Lockhart the jets as I know that how they get -- player of the quarterback position. And to that end up being calm because I think they're wrecks and make them competitive on the defense so ball so and Iraq. They win that division like that that I think what really matters is what happens if you get Denver in the post season what happened. You know you get India in the post season canvas -- you know what happens you know at that point. I think really and the determine how you feel about these. -- just one quick question about this coming Sunday Miami as you know Tim has a completely new offensive line five guys that until training camp commenced. Never played together is up to the patriots advantage to get them in week one before they kind of figure each other out. I think it's a big time advantage and I think one of the things you do is that everybody. Oh. That he's that type of situations. That you know we're gonna. We're gonna test them for a check about we're gonna see in the end I think what you would do is on passing downs you know whether -- the response so far. Whether it's bringing you know pressures where you think you know communication be the key with with people walked around demand. You show one side you bring forth on the other side or do something like that because. You know everyone knows that went on offense but why it's important to have the communication you -- have to go for want you ever want to got to be don't want for the right -- And so I think what you do -- -- -- -- a couple challenges. You know in that regard to see if they can if they can answer that they can't. But you can come out of what they -- not generally speaking while a lot of people will do early in the season. Against the group that hasn't played much together. -- and whatever way you can possibly quantify it is how much less of a command at this moment. Would Jimmy drop below have -- Ryan mallet has of the playbook. Problem like you know it depends on on now let's progress you know through. Throughout his time manner and you know -- saying that it changed now I think what's important is that you know through training camp there might be. You know a lot of volume because. You're installing various things figure you're exposing people to the different concepts that you think you've made. Jews throughout the entire season without that you're focusing on Miami. You have a totally separate game plan and then it'll be skilled weighed down from the perspective vote. You know all the different concepts now you're gonna have. You know ample and a third and then three to five calls handful of three and and 68 your third 68 calls and -- You know you know eight processor and -- on third down you could -- short yardage package goal line package and so. You actually being able to really dial in just on the game plan and so. From that perspective. We don't -- me drop lotion have any less of a grasp of this specific game plan in Miami. Than any other cornerback -- is gonna have the same amount of time to study. You know what. They're installing this week for that specific teams so. A bomb -- I don't I don't see it as you know kind of going in. From his perspective -- You know a little bit behind the eight ball because he's a rookie and and -- may -- yet some here in the system. We -- talked to -- about this earlier so you know you look at the way Belichick's done over the years whether it's Malloy. Seymour. We just some Welker we just saw this past week with Mankins. When your time comes Belichick does in the year -- early rather a year too late he just has a history of doing -- by the way and -- it's almost worked every single time. Do you think do you like do you think that Tom Brady is going to end his career with the patriots who think the Belichick will. When that time comes make that decision he's gonna go somebody else. While I think. One of those things that that he has done and not spell check is that it above forty makes that decision a year earlier on I. You also have to look and say well -- replacement you know you can't just take any. Flapping off you know home off the street and says okay well. A blood -- -- it is it is the next guy -- not yet you have to look -- -- brother Michael bishop guys you know I mean -- word. It was somebody that they really -- could play and so. I think. What makes me probably a little bit uneasy about that situation if you were to look at that Brady. Is that there's -- second round draft pick and somebody which is which is odd -- Com. The guy played pretty well and in the limited action that we -- play in the pre season they decided to keep them and when it comes time to kind of make a decision on film. You know Brady is going to be. Rookie he's going to be he's going to be at a point where most guys are continuing to play at a high level -- -- but a few guys have done in the past but. -- around forty years old you're not exactly. You know outside of I mean I just look at Favre and Peyton Manning two guys that have forty elect okay -- are playing pretty good football. Outside of that I don't know what kind of guy is that the that the case and so. You know it depends at that point what he wants to do but I you know I guess you've. I I think it's certainly possible that they've moved on. Before columns -- to -- -- -- -- have you ever been part of a team that at some point whether in training camp whenever trades away a highly respected veteran and I asked that's like -- -- this. What's the emotional or dare I say Anderson probably overstating the case psychological effect the locker room. When they wildly respected guy like Logan Mankins get straight -- and we sure I'll find out from the patriots they said all the right things you know next question go west Bilbao. I can't say that I've ever been in this situation like that. I think -- you know every year there's a surprise cut. You know there may be that the somebody doesn't make the team that the guy's spot should've made the team and somebody that made it that the distinction of you know I think New England situation is different than a lot of other places and I think that's why you get you know go ask bill that question is that. You know that's. They've got a pretty good track record of that and while it may be unpopular -- aren't comfortable. I think ultimately what happens is people kind of understand that. They've got to worry about doing their own job where they're going to be the guy that's out and so you move on and you know it it's stakes at times because there's friendships that stakes at times because you -- somebody can really help you. At the same time. You know -- -- a pity party about it doesn't do anybody any. He did not -- knowing what does his job as anybody in the league of conveying that message and it seems like the locker room certainly respond to. As always some Hasselbeck good stuff by the -- missed one quarterback brother combination that beat Johnny and an army and tightest ever yeah I don't match up right out of at all. And -- restart again -- -- on -- did -- that you did waited yeah yeah. -- much older brother. What keeps and Jordan Palmer Carson. But Jordan has never start the game -- yet so for the you bet that the thing with the apple in your thing we. You use that. -- I don't think he noted is that it's when you you know a movie when -- that's a pretty great and it doesn't that pretty much up your Blatter not about what's going on the movie. Whether it's a great movie but -- jeopardy and four and was freed at the time apart just right on the floor there. Like big -- and that's why that -- -- tops the docket next week. All right thanks for the time Tim Hasselbeck doesn't alana minicamp on the AT&T I don't want to know why our conversation with Tim Hasselbeck is brought to you by -- policy that he didn't know the -- you it's. But he was. Yeah I. Should know that more than five. New McCown mound McCown -- their name yet. Knew that at -- that was very nice to -- very I think we get a little more time and -- media you're its impact -- be of combat direction and actually -- -- not started yet. He doesn't count -- he's going to be against the sent to drop overnight that that the Schwab replaced. David David. And now David's brother Derek is replacing shot. Right yeah yes and Derek called karma I mean I knew he was this guy I saw most of Fresno State's games last -- on all net fifty touchdowns eight picks. If -- last year. Ranked college team I heard. I heard Dilfer say what should those two guys in practice you orbiter at the Wayans. Like watching a drag race between a Toyota Camry and a and a and a sports car or not close not even close and and Jesus meant to write. Dilfer Jeff is so he's really impartial as all right yeah exactly it was camp and everything and he's rooting hard for him and major -- Commentator 6777979837. Patriot Monday on a Tuesday -- open we will talk with you.

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