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Headlines, Headlines, Headlines: Hacked celebrities 9-2-14

Sep 2, 2014|

The top stories of the day as recounted by Kirk Minihane.

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Well okay headlines brought to you by eighteen to cover more than 99% of all Americans building a better network were you aware of the new rules that got put in place while you were -- on vacation I was on vacation on vacation while I wasn't aware of set rule but my guess is listening to headlines. That the innocent whoever's in -- -- and at university in that seat correct is doing headlines via yes would you think -- didn't go smoothly I think you should ask for raised today yeah I'm going to. Say mixed reviews really yet it was bad. It was a little shaky but his whacky this recovers up. Toward him but was. Buck was good but -- sort of like if you pay close attention. But seem to get pissed off that you were like hanging on every word -- lately has been all more sensitive than usual he knows. No I was excellent and he was excellent as -- call wasn't great headline out. Of that requires an easy decision arts -- -- you guys are talking about about it was that. 9 o'clock hour on Thursday maybe oh yeah that he segment. Rockford Charles Dickens conventions. And yeah -- -- rights right there weak or -- and he also says them battle Medina. Yup and weird I I this is August. Analysts most is a great example all -- people who would go to the economy and spent all OK I always I can take like it take for its most places government would think it hit it in. That issue has offered Hillary's agents like -- Ares stood big and he -- our picture that's not weird but it is because normally. Would like a big hairy woman. It's like hey what's that necessity in the Harry -- the guys who like bigger women that's obviously. Different it is winning -- And she have not separate Mac. Why you're gay guy with a skinny guy the guy's gonna be here here than a woman presumed not necessarily solidly -- matches. Attracted to your wife to buck six. I think he's down for a little talents that well. -- -- And now this I notice announcing. A -- not biblical sense of military tries. Got your pants and show me -- right yet. You talk you shoot it from -- -- you know you don't have to ask in the course it's -- -- Spicer is not enough. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Why does we have people can't transfer of Portsmouth. This guy can break it figured out I asked. The private accounts of famous actresses and the note and share -- but how I didn't think it was possible it is a Jack in the being stuck at the top. It's as the clout they played pretty well. It's not -- -- -- not not that building at the computer it's not like in -- puts. A picture there was avenue B iPad as -- -- I don't is that guy sees evil but he Smart man and an iPad that we want some Smart evil guy out of -- -- something up profitable with his life in this well not always on the right now he's a pimple faced kid in the basement actually in my previous -- just want to literally -- in in Georgia sounds like it's not he could be steal identities and -- in the people's accounts and buys stuff vote surge just look at for some new -- If you ever thought sending taking a picture of yourself now the bottom it makes me blush. Well Campbell -- -- the quote. Oh now. He should that you put pen to paper sign a contract you -- -- -- -- some truth but I guess not now now. I feel weird just I just feel weird. -- a good angle from years that's the other thing maybe one made a lot of new wife always I mean she sees in. It. Six we make -- reality she her -- seem like she goes she doesn't strips the you might need -- picture pictures of the people. As a -- and -- Jennifer Lawrence. Kate Upton. Kirsten dunce of some of the but the images apparently obtained thanks -- flaw in Apple's iCloud. Storage service and hacker claims to have images up to 101. Celebrities. And these are good ones so far. -- -- -- -- I will say this Jennifer Lawrence as a young face. Well to do these pictures look like -- -- -- old -- looks like she looks like she's about 73 the sixth time I looked past her funeral mr. it was weird and I put my avatar since nobody's idea episode that I it had to admit that I can be OK you're at it it's just enough. Check out some of that and and it aren't. As Joan Rivers -- that they're still on life support families around it sounds not meant that duties in June after I was surprised how bad habit -- work force. -- this was really having a throat procedure I was wondering say anything you want my Joan Rivers anything in she wouldn't be offended because that's how she -- live right can we can joke about -- And we can you -- croak so much that's that's about it CNN the couple months ago which surprised me because she is. The biggest in which the jacket off saucer in history that sounds like in -- Yet -- -- -- right you know Don Rickles exactly that toward she's. Category like that sounds like it's going to end here in the next couple days and and is Melissa gonna like survive with doubters and -- fifteen something that should -- and -- act like oh my god poor orphaned child. -- -- -- -- -- -- I think Joan -- network -- The 300 to 16150. And got to jeweler ray Gosling -- should go to Vegas like you know. Stand on stage -- the phone book and all those old hands would pay you know. 200 boxes -- me say this the -- pretty good documentary honor a couple of it was a it was a better than the Siskel and -- not matter though it was not a right and shown up and the -- vote wasn't as good as this is different about the same Joan Rivers a piece of work it's called I think it's it's it's actually good he's got some work -- they start the documentary short in the morning with no -- ready for -- -- which -- -- that -- just she's pretty -- given that. She's nuts she's wonderfully -- and we will Jesus is just not dead it's just to work -- he talks about media. Two works works works -- the 150 -- he does such stories that she's on life support or just in critical condition Bartlett supply support -- -- it. No notion medically induced -- right so attempts publicity and sell that you know that the death to the synagogue -- she hates to launch of this that we we got to -- to four weeks at MGM grand yeah -- apparently under detention a symbol hands that it. Got it dead. The cup produces will be ready for what she croak of real honest montage all Joan Rivers August. Material yeah. Let's think fund that voicemail the work on that progress. There is not let the right now orca voicemail and didn't I didn't use some match and -- laughed. You know why because I expected kind of -- surprised by this we had and I'm glad you got here are as funny as hell very. And then I said I'm gonna leave it to the chimps and will be gone into the into the cloud. Cover it's gone. It doesn't seem to me that typical is now they're starting to figure like in other buildings like apartment some dollars. You should be able to transfer a voicemail to -- -- -- has happened on the radio yet no one out there is no no surgery or researching. Nearly forty years after taking a New York city's music scene by storm the Ramones to set the conquer Hollywood Martin Scorsese directing movies comic punk pioneers. Political who says. Receive its course and see if you guys -- scored Martin Marty Marty Marty -- a. This will be good because agree yeah you like them hello all of us -- moan don't you know twenty Ramones yes I do believe that. Good -- Kutcher I'm up by us. He's just. All right desires right -- seat blitzkrieg -- beat on the Brant rock and roll high school. Serpent bird. I wanted to -- it dated Amish drive and -- five but it. Okay on -- great story -- mining bureau overrated people say they like -- like Jerry did you ever see you my concert that. It's the greatest concert and you asked the question when they. Like the second most I've seen Springsteen more than I've seen anyone else. Number two mindless Ramones really -- -- and there'll yeah -- element saying twenty years it already in the -- Right yeah let's say twenty years ago -- -- I've made. Twenties. Three years ago make a point five years ago okay. Or what statue limitations question of Syria border security guys at Rancho and you know what is. It's an hour. Not rehab expert to rank in the Reagan thing out of Atlanta or Georgia -- -- you blows in our mouth -- like three and half you know this is just hi -- boy is it was much easier to time the drugs Ramon show yeah I can understand right. Right Marty Scorsese directs 2016. Is believed release -- that it does it right and probably -- could be pretty damn good store will will they offer them part of Joey to Howard Stern is that he would take it all now. -- I will play -- the good question I'd be funny they've put an Adam for the all the ugly as goofy is looking actor. Who could do that. It was a 65 or something in -- agrees to see if that's me that's an ugly group got from cuckoo's -- all the -- but they are crazy could have -- it isn't it too. AstraZeneca which is named instances since I was the ghosts are dying ghosts ghosts yet. -- cattle were Laura yeah have you guys on -- Ito -- is that we'll beat you gotta be a young ugly guy. -- young -- -- -- smugly about Paul either the five rights exports was five. What do you think the -- sausage. And -- right. LA article for that I know to their songs. -- -- just look them up for you to play in the segment. Well she got up box office suite and guardians of the galaxy number one again biggest movie so for 2014. And 275 million dollars they say. This is the worst box office. Summer summer since 1997. Why is that. No great movies this year and -- -- you sequels that came out really just one item in order a lot when the game to game stands tall starring -- -- pleasant really had a long released yet and think that's what that is a potential blockbuster -- -- more -- -- I'm sure Libya trip to fight film I've seen it. Pubic. Any inclination -- guardians of the galaxy. Now I think I don't know what it is I don't either our narrow that's the -- that made it she asked what your kids that are ridiculous here maybe go but -- no desires and it was it was fantastic. You sought yeah it was Great -- you spend your I saw when I was in California. Oh and yes yes at. The movies. Now that is the night before the -- and on the pop portrait what are you -- and a half. It's the ability of the them the girly crush royalty it was here that day yeah with like -- you looked up. He crushed her literally yes yes what it widget -- the movies it was like a pretzel dip and cheese it was -- and he he. Sausage did something yesterday that will shock you your core. Up about that -- -- Well yup yup yup yeah loss -- -- -- The stewards did that the super -- I don't but could take him somewhere in men would pay teachers see the story and he -- would -- -- for the replied yes yes you can buy this product that fits right in the zone so want -- yeah. It's illegal in America in the US you it's for international flights. Stick it in and the person from you can't recline to great invention yet been one defender. They're just not have seats recline -- He does leaping into the for a client and I don't I don't as hard as possible. -- I'd ever do it's uncomfortable it's unfair. You know when you do when the guy funny you'd get a yet and it's all there. He's gonna do what I'm gonna dormant the body over to buddy behind -- -- which is to be deck that that's fun to write but I can imagine buying a product like going into. At Brookstone -- by a product just to show yes I would I -- yeah and if you get caught with its copter in your plane in the US. You know -- -- divert the flight the rest they will take away the divert the flight and the guy did it to the U -- people. That's different echo -- like them complained that it it Don King Wong headlines brought to you by AT&T. -- sausage did something yesterday that I found shocking. What that is -- I want mass discretion again it was the first time I think you guys answered simultaneously. Any question immigrants and disagreed and the question was. Will Tom Brady retire as a patriot. On 3123. -- know. Like Tom addressed it we will address it Tim Hasselbeck joins us at 805 in -- patriot that's got a patron Tuesday.

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