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MFB discuss the release of Michael Sam from the Rams roster, 9-1-14

Sep 1, 2014|

7th round draft pick Michael Sam was trying to be the first openly-gay player in the NFL. With only 7 days to go before the season opener, the Rams released him on one of the last round of cuts.

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My -- ability commend Mike played well he has the ability to place some points and if she's it's got to be the right place it's gotta be if you know was -- -- until two years ago the difference between a good player an average player in this league is just snaps. Scott what is it the big story locally. A third string quarterback being treated for sixth or seventh round pick the big story nationally seventh round pick that doesn't go to law practice squad. And it's all a matter perspective yeah the Michael Sam's story being the dominant story training camps aside from John and and zealous oppose this offseason. And then the other one happens to involve -- quarterback so we'll go berserk but in both cases the report -- the actual team in football wise it's not that. In all likelihood not that. No no -- really and it's it's when you haven't established when you have Tom Brady though always the biggest question is going to be. The backup quarterback it was that way last year. And this year was fun because we had Revis talked about those -- one's gonna play what's gonna do Browner how many penalties he's got to get those Jeff Fisher the rams my take away from what happened my. Sam is the rams. You know oil and -- is basically in the favor as they probably had very little. Intention of keeping him -- seventh round pick you showed the way that he -- getting them but three sacks and six tackles in the final game of the pre season a lot of cases that should be good enough to get you to make you practice squad but with the numbers that they had along the offensive line. I'll walk away from this -- at the ranch is in the -- give him some tape cannot data showed him play a little bit. If you appear -- similar to -- -- a -- resist -- drafted by the team -- local everything -- don't look at that front four that that defense. That's pretty good team we pushed them pretty nice job over there with that defense tonight your. You're free to go and New -- so now -- revealed in -- Get a good opportunities that -- well at -- -- the tape on -- I think you'll be just fine. But again I agree with you you know -- record record traded at a seventh round draft pick a cut its. Okay and an ethic the good news is that which is -- Michael sand football well. Haven't heard anything -- you seen anything yet he get cut because now the sexual orientation nothing like deck is he not read. Out sports today and there was. -- couple suggestions that he should latch on somewhere he's done enough to land on a team was almost like passive aggressive hinting at the rest the league you better signed into. Somewhere for the civic duties to -- he has done enough to get a practice squad. I would think. Let's say but again he did enough to get on -- to what he showed on film he did enough to get on saint louis' practice squad this year -- numbers. Of the defensive line question. Mean giving notes that he played well it's just that we really good we have a spot for you. You know ethics say you know at some quarterback played really well and he. I don't eat it be sure Obama may have a spot on some practice squad that's worth thinking that mostly I think you wealth. Yeah -- Jacinto just. You know what public and -- it would be you know just and I think that's the ramp for a great place for him to go because it was obvious. At the debt that it was -- -- stacked against them you know it was really going to be an uphill challenge from based on how many players they had in west -- the other undrafted. The undrafted free agent rookie was -- you know plan you know multiple positions with a little more multiple. And Sam was really a luxury item as a third down specialist. At in the and he wasn't really. A popping on on special -- that's really what he needed to fuel is that he was able to become a special teams guru that he would be on that team. Then you can have the ability to problem in there on a couple of third down position to not take -- miss a spot but he wasn't able to do it. But if he's Michaels can. Rate. Defensive and not Michael Sam gave defensive end. He's Michael Sam straight SEC co defensive player of the year not gay SEC player of the year. And he gets three sacks of the pre season and is the best player on defense in the final pre season game and he gets released. Doesn't some team pick him up by now or a team stay away from them now because they just don't wanna have the attention of Britain mom or just be practiced like. If you look at it there is part of the Fisher and he hit what there is no issue I I really honestly 100% believe. There is no issue with his sexual orientation. And how it affects that team you're always gonna have some knucklehead say something stupid. For whatever reason grant it. It's gonna be done but there's no way you can sit here and tell me. That it's gonna have a -- OT go back to look what Chris Long said last week we get over it nobody nobody is affected by this it's not -- issue. Go to bill in New Hampshire bill you're not a threesome Libya. That article doesn't add that I started that report and take a modern history and a guarantee that the I think that that don't want it don't you start tweet about whether same bank did blaming ESPN and you can even go in one. Although it well bill you single. What the report about the shower thing NE SP it was reason -- get cut. Well that could be some of these players such as I respect that fact that it just it's just silly you don't want to deal with the story that that's the thing. -- the -- SPN's issued team. Has downplayed the whole thing teams it was joke that there that I wouldn't it be and yet and it's at eight bailout. Obviously rise these these these. -- players are -- you know. I rate little it would bring them up to all of them they'd elect kicked around these young -- -- bailout he would -- you know. You know the Michael and sort it out there they where they are culprit and that state I think -- back story there about just it doesn't come out and making -- -- -- Yeah you know what bill bill at the same time though it was a player they gave her the quote. You know that's what I think he's been lost in all this analysis was a player that -- -- a knucklehead you -- oblivious to it for some things maybe later in the show. But. He really thinks that that report was a recently it -- -- yes and all the other teams a look at look good outlook is happening to. To St. Louis Rams the doubles the quote says that that Jeff Fisher house that institute based on his sexual orientation no. Listen guys getting yelled that it's gold about it head coach for saints felt that they did. The night before some bar but it coastal wanna hear about all the questions they don't wanna answer. I'll Wear it to do about guys I twisted and more than anything else is the fact this Westbrook guy was a surprise out of it -- -- surprise -- they knew how good he wasn't Michael Sammy though he was APEC. Was going to have to bypass him on the depth chart once training camps. Blige seekers -- -- -- Marino's final spots and Ross you've been beautifully special teams. -- -- that's how you'd that's how you getting on the field that's -- reason why are keeping a personal aria. I can only play -- to keep a guy situation pass rusher -- whatever might be who can't play special teams. No I got to fill a roster at a film a special team I can't I have this guy to solicit their not doing anything. And hopefully going in it's like an extra guy in weeks three weeks for -- who played a field. Westbrook show up veteran special team. You know it goes but who exhibited during his last pre season game against Miami he has been did this thing where they -- like spot -- every last play that he did. All looking got to arm on this sort all of he's got a -- that all look he's an honest tackle late all of -- is great it's always set the edge. It was like almost okay -- were making your case that he should be on the team. Based on the -- if they're replaying it now. Nigeria but again no appease the SEC player of the year and he straightened plays very well on the pre season and maybe he was perceived as being undervalued on draft Dick has -- back com line. You look for job right now. Yeah it was so ridiculous topic is used it and no I don't think use my face like he picked up because he's -- I think you might be failing to beat on a team right now because he's gay I think that might have a little. I -- that -- -- to sifting through right now I mean you've -- It's like oh that's overtly for hockey -- Sunday rather -- a year year issue less than 24 hours at clearing waivers. Means that possibly mean is it just sort of looking over three of 45 different options that thing which is better for you Michael mountain what's the rush. I don't know does that and offers made haven't heard anything to that. Yeah I resort -- I think it's. People know like. During these pre season games other coaches are are -- from other teams are scouting the featured senator -- -- Scott Peterson and the Philadelphia Eagles game to buy those third fourth string guys. They can grab like this Kelsey quarles from that the -- aside native from from the New York Giants go to Franken Brockton frank you're on night 37. -- like a guy that frank happy Labor Day. -- happy -- did you listen I'll have a tyranny guys are -- much grapple. And I don't know about are you guys still but almost like in the game against the giants wouldn't. -- and I know he's a walk but something tells -- -- like that you know. Belichick knows how could this -- is that he may very well treated like the the next he's got that all on one in our. To at that -- currently there. -- rural Montana. Let's put it up and drop below Joseph Montana being to Ron Amadon. I'll Steve Jobs a month to the next great quarterback to following agree quarterback kind of like -- following Peyton Manning -- I don't push it for me right now all right yeah I hope your right to Britain you pushed him a little bit -- say Ron Amadon headed large body of work -- UNICEF felt. And at Brigham young. That was kind of evident that he was going to be a special player. Is a better pedigree there for him come and and then there was the there is for doubtful right now plus a clearer pedigree yes -- set. 6177797937. Texas 3793 settling -- at least one more here let's go to law -- on a car phone Paul you're 937 to the other day. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Among -- it all on -- way to being downloaded beach. Period sort of by two cents Imus. -- the problem there amid a nonstop from America. These natively either especially intelligent all mentally bout. And that's that that sector this -- on the wire about really doesn't believe in prior mallet that does best that. Or maybe police -- Ryan mallet too much he doesn't need to learn has that attitude. Well I'll hold them well those over the though it's random it is only the third quarterback what you have to look there ought to back. I'm either when they have a guy like -- -- can -- in an emergency situation. At -- blog you need. You know any more help somewhere maybe you know I was in black and now I'm angry guy and got a seven terms about the -- the wire something like dial them. In our -- yet W bulldoze open they had this to train and get some off. Well they're not good again much more than what they got that much is clear and I think that the value of the player was more before the draft. Before. Camp started you know maybe they could've gotten something in the fourth round of the fifth round for him. The belief. That he was going to be the key component. To go to Houston exchange for Andre Johnson was always clearly very overrated and I think we said that back then it was gonna take more than Ryan mallet and. It to deal even if -- to the to say the patriots could have gotten the 85 rounder. In dole before camp started. If if Tom thumb Belichick on those guys and thank you -- before this stuff before that even though. For the draft him for the camps start whatever it is it's it's. I got -- -- that anabolic liabilities reputable insurance here is it worth the guy aggregate get a fifth round pick but I need to get my eyes and the next guy. Because a we drop the drop below two straight Ryan mallet he could come -- camping grapple low gains could look like the practices before the games. Indeed it didn't say Jesus and mean. We traded -- out for a fifth round pick. We -- held on to Jimmy could be -- back up worst case scenario is grapple always great. And we only get a seven well it's taken the argument a hole on number four gators even if we needed that job as far as a draft pick goes I'll take that risk I don't think that they screwed up by not -- humor earlier on. Because -- there was something that they needed to see before and they lost a couple of rounds -- -- -- So albeit they can sleep a lot better at night knowing that they've let this thing play out a little bit have more from me. Hey I agree a 100% -- not surprised that they went about it now when in fact if -- stretched it even a couple weeks further with the luxury to have the two extra guys because of Tim's and Brandon. So be -- -- one of -- all that much you know what maybe the Texans still would have been there. -- the Texans still would have been a trade partner at that point. If especially writers Patrick stinks which I think he's going oh yeah oh yeah baby is value goes back out again. If yes Texans are desperate because it's Patrick stinks and they can't go to Tom savage. Yeah I think yeah and again they just as Houston just released. -- GM so obviously there they had -- situation where they are trying to figure out also need to finance from case you don't often weren't happy with him so. You know they trade for Ryan mallet and remember. Not only is -- bill O'Brien who's over there but it's the former quarterback coach here with the patriots. George gutsy moves over there also a ball those guys were here when -- mount was dropped the so. I just think we have some. When you have when you know the guy that you bring it and you there's some history there it's such an easier switch is just a trust factor there. What we come back we may have found that almost pro football player ever we'll tell you who it is and why next night -- suburbia.

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