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Ryan Mallett traded to the Texans, 9-1-14

Sep 1, 2014|

The Patriots finally completed a deal that was speculated for weeks, when they traded back up QB Ryan Mallett to the Texans for a conditional 7th round pick. Mallett will be reunited with former New England quarterbacks coach Bill O'Brien.

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So when they get Andre Johnson. Mallet. That's coming right play every day -- gonna happen. It's been waiting for this whole time great is that when we first start our show was Netflix one of the -- talking points about us that how can we give up big time receiver Andre Johnson. Kevin Love. -- -- -- Not biggest barking out all for mallet PV. That's a -- master at that a couple of candidates out of the -- at. All -- Gerald -- shorts -- -- the hall has got a green yet peavy and mallet and get all those guys back doors. Out of you if you get whatever happened to trade late -- all right city of Los Angeles. Give me Kershaw you to -- Colby. And how you view them -- and I'll give you less certain and I'll give you brought it in the -- and so did growing corporate dollars in. -- the revolution. Simmons is a great idea a couple of days ago didn't -- we decide to swap out our half day for a full day later on and then it's gonna woke up this morning as. Instead of awful thing often. -- Do you. -- DD here this is great now is great. Does almost north -- Colonia almost. Just for the commute to see yourself as the only car on the road in -- while such an easy commute now when you're driving in here tomorrow. -- Tuesday Wednesday is going to be probably the worst traffic days. -- lead -- failure called ex employee got everybody's going back to school school buses are back on the road do you feel good about this morning. Is this just more knowing that quickly could take you. -- -- -- -- -- 35 an hour and half the 2000 -- no no no little polyp Ike which is nice. And I so what did you think when you heard yesterday that -- have been -- to. Houston side from what we just reference witches Waltz about time after five months of talking about it that this is now come to fruition. My initial thinking was I thought we had a pretty good scheme cooked up by the time -- left the studio late last week which -- they hold on a mallet for four weeks and then let him go because you're holding onto extra insurance should Tom Brady go down. You've got a guy that knows the system and I can go out and punt for a back up to -- grew up -- he's there. -- make a move after four weeks to get somebody else to take his roster spot we decide okay we get a -- of the year now that the two drug suspension guys are coming back. But that's that's what I was thinking that's what through my head is so much for our master plan which I thought made a lot of sense. It totally debt. Yeah me so that was at a time we were we happy with the UK with. The Dakota got more to -- they should've gotten more. So a seventh round pick a conditional sixth all in all seriousness it made me laugh at ourselves for even thinking that he could be part of an Andre Johnson trade. This is all they're gonna get form that was never gonna happen given before that I mean. I don't think that's too far off to think that that could happen based on the fact of what. You know the release of that bill Bryant had with Ryan mallet. You know and just you don't really know what he was capable of hadn't seen him. You know -- maybe bill Bryant thought you know there was something there he could fix him you know not really happy with Fitzpatrick -- looks like he's going to be your starter and top seventy -- cut case you know. So yeah I could see that plus he got the time Andre Johnson didn't look like he was too happy he wanted out. You know for guide Cheney you know new coach coming in trying to change everything and everybody on the same page don't want some one guy who's your best player cause of -- like a city. You know I could speed -- the -- after this pre season you listen to his value does not use it. Nosedive yes I don't. I was surprised at all that I mean. When they sent mallet from Andre Johnson it's that obvious to -- a lot more is that I never understood device bite people at time. Last couple years Americans think -- gonna -- this -- third round picks tonight -- get a second pick or third round pick -- saving the fifth round pick you should be happy. But it didn't shock me one bit the guy sat behind Tom Brady he would great training camp we never really got into a game in the NFL 24 passes. There was nothing other than sitting behind Tom Brady in effect the it was a third round pick to where. Any team -- NFL be drooling over Ryan now the goal and give we give up something -- I was shocked one bit they only got what they got four and that's one of the reasons why they held on don't. Is that they realize that -- why should I trade this guy going to the drafting get a sixth round pick. It's not worth it to me and hold on this guy it's finally draft. That's the other quarterback looks in camp first it's just there's no rush to do it now I don't the democratic gotten anything good. -- it's clear that they thought that going into the draft had a good shot at getting drop below they like drop -- -- -- -- him higher than other teams did. They wanted to go get on and they had it in their minds that likely. Next season like for 2015. Drop -- to be the backup so let's hold on -- ballot if this drop -- kid needs a lot of time to even be active. On game day or so that we can think about going to a game day I should say because they're all act now is appointed on Friday talking about this but. The may I guess -- insurance policy wasn't just for Tom pretty but it offered -- drop below two. If crop -- wasn't ready to be counted on. In a pinch on game day they could still go to -- nobody figured out all grapple is ahead of the curve after all. They can make this deal but. Obviously the leverage of being able to trade him not in advance the draft not in advance of training camps that was gone so he -- as a conditional sixth round pick. -- doesn't necessarily mean that if they'd trade him at that time of trading him that they could've gotten -- Fourth or a fifth rounder for -- I think some people are doing that analysis that's just one -- timing. Has a lot to do with it is the same sort of debate that we're -- -- Logan Mankins a couple days ago the timing comes into play here it's part of the reason why his volume was down. Yeah that big with crop low it was one of those things we just really didn't know what you had. You know coming from a smaller school not -- playbook the last two years of his college career mean that is significant -- There's a learning curve you're just not sure how quickly he's gonna react to. But after that first receiving game when -- started he just stunk up the bad just missing layups really it was just confusing. And they drop all goes that it plays as well as he did. As a rookie and after especially after having such a crap beat. Pre season practice we were just throwing balls in the dirt throwing interceptions. Not been on same page of any either wide receivers. He played great. Malick it's hurt -- game he starts his second game plays great again. -- and Brady started. Grapple with the first quarterback and -- came in late and then he played good just kind of knew that -- It it didn't matter if -- you're gonna keep -- Is if grow up blow just really struggled if you just really struggled religious regardless once he comic conduct caught up to mallet. What I think past mallet but made no sense to keep three tight ends or to keep him on a roster other right -- ready set -- Was on the wall in a nose for example league they traded -- a lot of people came up with -- we should've seen this -- Good luck. You know good luck if you saw that went coming and you know if he -- usually in Vegas strip out there were negotiate behind the scenes and it was an issue -- Roger and went on people thugs who -- comic Logan Mankins why did Americans driven to do it -- And that's my first point and I'll -- that it doesn't yeah I don't get that golf became my point is that which have seen this one coming. Yeah Ryan now because some people said that Logan Mickens at ocean scene I don't think should you should seemed a little. The signs were there there there there are signs based on the team that they drafted. That's something was going on Debbie is like you said the shell game yet they don't or strategy pitch but it went -- yet -- Connolly all those other guys -- see you know slowdown -- go on this one here. You know it's a question of is is primarily back -- quarterback well in week three he played seven snaps in pre season in week fourteen play African down. Does that sound like a back up quarterback do you mean nowhere does that sound like a back of. It expected this this deal was done a lot. At least in theory it was done a lot early opposite diseases don't happen we we talk about this forever. -- talking about mallet to attacks -- just yeah I mean it's just whether smoked does not necessarily fire all the time but this one made cents. Just to release -- that they had a quarterback situation in Houston. Then as this as a pre season went on. You just tell okay grumbles a lot better and more importantly. Problem is just a you know he's just a better. Future CEO. He's -- he has -- he has to make -- of a better outlook -- a man who could lead men better than -- could. Guys are gonna follow drop below what you're saying is not only does drop almost serve the purpose better -- being Brady's back -- but there's also the prospect that he could be starter for the patriots once Brady goes and you didn't see that part -- to the equation for Ryan I'll -- -- I don't know how Madonna told the story you talk to these guys in the pre season you ask him all pretty much the same general questions. You know what do you work god you know same answers are usually from from the guys who get it on the Smart guys you did you get a humble. You don't spots you know listen even -- Brady play you know there's. Facilities need to work on it's a Kennedy name mall but I'm not even close to where wannabe whereas Mel was dismissive do push up. I remember sitting at this. And legislate it just didn't I don't like I don't like to -- cares of itself by means to you want about his demeanor you know during a press conferences. Mean everybody you know -- and cells different ways but it just did it look right it didn't feel right. Today you know man and I love affair drop most well known now you know since I see fireworks every time -- -- rom. But it's just different I think any must concede that it's it's easy to see and I think that is huge what it comes to. Whether guys believe Hewitt in the huddle whether they're willing to trust you. I think that I think he has it and obviously he played better and I'm also was raised you phrased the question back to me what I -- it was my area. In my opinion to a my reaction to paint it as a third string quarterback got treated for sixth or seventh round pick. This is not the needle mover that it feels like right now because. I think the patriots and the rest the league eventually figured out where water had found its level with Ryan mallet. And because we're so reconditioned. -- think quarterback is this big deal the quarterback is so important all the time anymore over the quarterback is monumental. This one isn't the monumental move was -- Rob Lowe in the pre season. The monumental. Paradigm shift was Jimmy grapple. Playing ten times better than we thought he was going to based on the early training camp in mini camp that he had. That's what the needle -- Nice not to you and sought to loss but there's plenty of people out there that even going into this week and kept screaming that Ryan mouth back up because apps are ridiculous to think Jimmy drop will be in a rookie. Can handle Ryan mallet knows his playbook Ryan -- was in the game is somewhat comfortable there still people -- and the -- across street. So you know -- he can't say it's not really a a big need -- more about people I think are surprised by this is that when -- guess what they're saying it. 61777979837. You can text us 237. 937 if you get a reaction to the Ryan mallet trade. I was one that was saying all the way up to the and then it kind of made sense to keep -- around because if you got squeaky. About putting a rookie quarterback in there for a short term fix it Tom Brady got hurt -- game. Or Tom Brady was hurt for a week you could turn to Ryan mallet. Apparently they're fine with that now go with a rookie quarterback and good for them that. If they -- -- trading go use rating go on the one thing that I do look at in Satan. It is the fact they've got too much for roster spots they've got the two extra roster spots they could conceivably. Hold onto Ryan mallet. By themselves war insurance should Brady get hurt early in the season. Not to bring some interbrew -- off the street you've got to got the drop in the third round that knows the system that knows the playbook he's there. It's four more weeks of insurance. They decide not to do that the time was right now focused used to wants -- maybe Houston would want him in four weeks. Maybe four weeks from now the Texans figure out Tom savage is good enough like the patriots figured out to be grapple is good enough I don't know so -- take -- -- there and decided to. They can that get into C -- savage savage isn't. A drop blows all that much conference Symbian number two yet another rookie in another rookie and you know maybe he sees the -- and trade partners there are now split a little rookie and says you know I'd rather have him as my third string with the original -- here in New England. Emily grew up below rookie year you know come NB a third string quarterback just watch and learn but he played so Wally ball now out of town savages and now law. And look at it saying he's not rated -- Rebecca to meet somebody Billy O'Brien got a note Ryan now a little bit. Bring him in at a -- can be our back up over seven. Remember you don't have to get reminiscent of that first pre season game just have to might just to add to my point about how you should act I should be they've. How you should speak to the media you'll. For. Not at all. I so this is -- August 7 after his. The ones whose first pre season game I just you know listen I know we had a bad game but I really think that was pretty much. The beginning of the end for him starting in that game playing as bad as he did. And I know you -- going to be graded on how you talk to people like economy is an indication of a case is this the face of our franchise in the future. OK let us and that's just yet they got me to admit I -- it right battle was exactly what he said. I think it was what happened in the field because everybody that watched pre season such -- drop below it was just like my god but he was -- Also advocates of the game. Because he played so well. And I always -- is nothing to do with Ryan mallet. If Jimmy drop below plays well and shows there's no need to keep Ryan -- if mallet plays great you get a better draft pick when you trade him. You know if he doesn't play great you get a conditional sixth or seventh. To do it but Jimmy drop -- ever showed which he did -- in game one mile while what does this. It was Jews don't need. To listen enough of a doable right amount in camp and everything to do -- -- -- I think he look good no I agree I was beginning the end. I agree because I think it was their approach. You have three quarterbacks coming in if they need to they were hoping that drop below might make this move. Possible by playing as well as he did but based on what mini camp look like based upon what training camp look like in -- got in there -- physically played game. They didn't have that luxury because he didn't play well enough he didn't show that he showed in game that changed everything. And I think that the rest the league figured that out to you get the point where you Marty. Major cuts you've got your roster -- put together. They're not gonna give you a fourth fifth round pick it it's going to be something -- like this I think a lot of people are looking at. The I'll return that they got from Houston's and this is all you do get for a guy that you spent a third round pick on. As a quarterback sums wrong here you blew it by not trading him earlier. Well they want to trade him earlier 'cause they didn't know what can drop below yet. And they don't wanna go on to a season where there close to the Super Bowl and it Tom Brady goes down for a couple weeks to hand things over a rookie that there weren't sure of yet. Now they're more sure grapple that was the paradigm shift -- not to -- wooden mallet it was the explosion. Of Jimmy crop blows ability to play in game situations. That made this a foreseeable result that's the way I look at it. Yeah you don't know which is what just fine that's I guess there's no regrets kind of way you do what you want to work out. Bullet to lose point in his second round pick -- ever -- going under was third year in Ryan mallet. He should be able to do certain things of this point as soon as he proves that he can't -- listen you have a second round pick or reason. As I go -- second round pick early -- round pick. There was already established tight end up playing for the Seahawks. -- data cannot deal draft players and a person -- around those guys to sit on the bench they want them to contribute right away. But the problem mallet a little a little bit to Britain and his defenses that. Was never able to show what he really was capable of doing because he never was able to play in real game. Matt Cassel was the worst quarterback I'd ever seen as a back -- I thought this team was school rude. -- Brady went down based on his two years performance as a backup quarterback patriots. He proved me wrong he was able to go through an entire season after never ever not playing in college since he went to Chatsworth high school -- camp -- valley. He was never able to play. Finally got a shot -- -- is all wrong can now be that guy. Based on what we've seen. To now -- out I don't think so but it got -- look at think about that situation I think Matt Cassel and I changed my mind while people he was I was wrong about castle. We don't it's like -- were talking about the Red Sox and their prospects you know sometimes it's better if you don't see them. Maybe as the case with Houston and bill O'Brien is seen Mal practice but he has really -- game. NFL games so he values what he thinks Ryan mallet can be this week and talk about the Red Sox their prospects maybe it's great to not bring them up. -- teams out there wonder what they could be and not what they aren't seeking get something for them but at least they got to pick or maybe a sixth round pick it's not much but. Who knows after four weeks if nobody else wanted him -- -- that cut him anyway. Don't leave bill O'Brien. Makes out and that's the -- because it returns in -- start in -- Republicans who got for sixth round pick you know but. And you can question. You know we say like Ryan now they screwed this thing up a third round pick but. First up I never wanted him in the draft from the plane game which he never did so check right I mean he never wanted to in the play. So he -- still time. You could say what you if you have someone sitting behind Tom Brady why even you know. Why even draft the guy know what white to sign a free agent glimpse at their views the seventh trumpet like to use third round pick up the three years he served as insurance. I -- -- -- it as you want it was Hoyer. Over two years he just set their vacation Needham and maybe made you feel of a better having him back there -- delegate vote go to bottom. Years later you get -- maybe six pickle and a seventh round pick whatever might be I don't think it's complete loss. On the fact that -- said -- used a third round pick but. He did it was insurance. Thought it was amid this point to got a -- did not drop all behind Tom Brady now Tom Brady's older. OK now I get have different thoughts about discovery that's why he reached the second round this guy Betsy may have the plight you know -- -- last couple years of his car trip Ryan mallet. I don't consider a total loss it's never thought much of them -- not happy to play it. I pacers fans what is your reaction to the Ryan mallet trade 61777979837. You can also text at 37. 937. Up next the -- trade was big story and remember the big story nationally was Saint Louis releasing Michael stamp. Shouldn't have been well we'll discuss next 937 W yeah hands.

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