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Headlines, Headlines, Headlines - Nude Celebrities, 9-1-14

Sep 1, 2014|

Hackers obtained hundreds private photo's of celebrities such as Kate Upton and Jennifer Lawrence. Also, Market Basket is back in business, and Pete Frates and his wife Julie have a baby girl, Lucy.

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I know Kirk many hand no Dennis -- Callahan it's bush Fred and Steve and for our DNC. And time for headlines brought you by AT&T they cover more than 99% of all Americans. Building a better network so Fred did you know that eighteenth he covers more than 99% of Americans. -- -- -- -- -- Well you know there are yeah gravity -- and -- to -- to do a flurry of -- I don't -- -- that you brought to you by AT&T they cover more than 99% of all Americans building a better network well this first story. And headlines is buzzing around the Internet these days if you haven't heard over the last couple days. And apparently 99% of celebrities are not being covered. -- series of explicit photos appearing to showing -- Jennifer Lawrence have hit the Internet as part of one of the biggest celebrity hacking scandals to date. It's in The Herald today it's all over the place. Jennifer Lawrence. Is. Among any lengthy list of celebrities that a hacker claims to have obtained nude photos. Of her and others female celebrities the others include Kate Upton. Candace -- a poll. Current -- -- -- Cat Deeley Victoria justice Arianna grandy Kirsten Dunst and others including Kim Kardashian and Selena Gomez and Rihanna. And hacker reportedly. Bomb packed into an iCloud leaked it allowed celebrities owns and computers to be -- And they put out these photos which. Are not only nude photos but according to Jennifer Lawrence is people they shoulder and some on comp in some compromising position. What's and I. Steve the leading digital. As we speak a representative for Jennifer Lawrence appears to have confirmed to quote unquote stolen photos telling TMZ quote. This is a flagrant violation of privacy the authorities have been contacted and will prosecute anyone who post the stolen photos of -- what. What's the -- get -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Let me ask your question poverty on TV would you -- -- -- At -- How much do well c'mon let's go on as an article that says real obvious OK but. How many of these people. Why -- -- putting naked picture of salvage some clout they're coming that you -- I you have some dispute about that -- -- of his his ability to Atlanta mall of an ambulance. But why you put naked eyes -- your request explicit. Very cute pictures -- -- little of what. About that struggling actress right right and you do what you have to do what does that seem to get to the top right -- that rule when you get chewed deleting the evidence results keep that -- his card last year and actually. Packed into the hackers to put through us just incredible Jacobs larnaca of this -- Wimbledon -- us here's a couple of other twist to this story -- as separate -- -- it. Well do you -- -- -- Twitter account right Fred of course do not friendly journalists don't do not -- -- pictures on his Twitter. Right now -- closing reportedly shot went down accounts ones are doing them all if that's what that's that big that's a big. -- for torture. Well the it's not unprecedented they just did it would James finally the New Hampshire native and American journalist who was beheaded by ice as anybody that reach weeded. The video data or gory pictures of that was their accounts were shut down like I can understand what the figure but hasn't Twitter always been about hey you were all about the media and this is what it is absolutely and I understand there's a lot of critics of -- Steve you're absolutely right about criticize this find out the common sense prevailed in -- one I think we -- a -- -- -- Should we put out their suit and animals were deal with the reality is we need a plan. Seuss' if you are running Twitter and you're on Twitter for a fuel running the account. And people were posting things that you thought crossed the line. Whether it's nude pictures of celebrities -- acted -- without their permission. Or something so gory you appoint the value might be to you you would let them continue to do that there are authorized pitchers now. But a picture that showed what these people four. Not dealing with crisis but when someone hacked into that that to a enacted into it particularly legally but little difference boy you're talking about these pictures. Also wanna stay in the tourism business and Twitter has lawyers to handle things like this at least the war's most definitively said. We do not meet the legal headaches. That may or may dot com. From. Being a lot -- these pictures to be re -- There's no doubt in my mind that lawyers spoke at a high and it's celebrities were some cash but my. My question that would be. What do you figure out. Pictures and I want another another twist to this story before we move on to the next one is that for reds Hilton. The celebrity gossip Kirk who -- parades Hilton it's a west is almost pet that Pat Perez not as Perez Perez Perez Hilton has apologized to readers. Because -- originally did when these came out was immediately put a mop on his Brussels -- girl gone a little time later he'd been censored the pictures. Perez Hilton and -- -- took down the completely -- is comatose Steve I reacted in haste just to get the post up and I really didn't think things through I'm sorry. The gossip king commented further tweeting at work we often have to make quick decisions I made a really bad -- today in the made it worse I feel awful. And I actually saw five years ago who posted have been bought me an apology whatsoever but he has become. The celebrity gossip you've got -- -- -- whenever he's become friends with all these celebrities. The bear for he called the mistake five years ago it would abused dog the first vote illegal pictures nude pictures. Of people come Q when you think it's -- to to to put a month. Hello. And -- in a different part of his job. For right now. Well we move on which headlines its story number two and this -- really I just want your two guys take on we all know the story. While this is Labor Day 2014. Market basket is back people are evangelical. About this saluting my wife. They're stocking the shelves again -- FitzGerald -- Harold has an interesting article special Labor Day. For market heroes your take on the whole market basket trauma. The fact that it's back to demolish family Fred to Greek immigrants have built an empire -- almost sought Wal-Mart -- the world. -- greens on what you want remember even I did you and I agreed from hanging out with him -- you know players get out of content owners fortunate tick on the market basket and street post Labor Day don't have enough. -- we wore one guy one Apollo one guy I was doing one thing the other guy didn't have the power stop eliminate. In -- clash and and it's a great great school. But there's a lot of competition coming in and you can really run -- it all -- fine tuned machine in order keep competitive and keep prices competitive. It'll remain to be seen if they can stay at their -- Restored wolf fade out now but it will be very interesting to see where are thirteen he. Takes this right this franchise now and if if you take system builds it into an even bigger empire more power tool -- he takes this and all the sudden. In what has become a very competitive. Our marketplace in New England now with with places like pricing web -- had offered in Price Chopper in Stoppard -- and Shaw's. Now all of a sudden if you if you takes this article self. We're all these people -- I don't seek gone south or for two reasons one is where new englanders we need our own. So there's been so much press about this I think there's a loyalty factor with market -- -- -- New Orleans -- pocketbook my -- but -- that's always been part of -- -- -- -- 20% less when you go in there -- other place -- now you've got one guy in charge of the whole thing yes and -- -- -- -- business decisions where those workers to support. Also you -- I taught them about one of those -- -- and have obamacare. When you can have X amount employees you have the patriot right. And also the minimum wage goes up so at some of these places you go in this less people chicken Elop has all the self check out. Before when a middle wage goes up the people are checking out there are no more I read about what the yeah it paid people. That's added on to the product you guys make great points to business decisions could affect what is their differentiated forever. How they treat their employees the loyalty that that the the benefits that they give beyond other companies and how they treat their customers -- is one level to -- read about it. He sort of the B to -- supply chain part of it the vendors that are all affected by this very as loyal to market basket but again bad business decisions. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Be bill bill bill is all the console there for their products they'll be fine would mark best prevent him. And I mean you if you go to moved before this all happened to have one in -- and in Chelsea. Right over the total -- approved Charleston it was worth the boot the told to go over there because it was huge -- and all little mid incredible programs. But now all of a sudden. There's one really charged one miserably -- -- decisions there's no old. I mean there's nothing steering his way of making this spectacular there's also nothing in the way of making this -- sources -- -- the Pacific that's going to be. As adjusting historian along with. Here's the Ira recognized when I go in there that the prices of very crude up better than anywhere else. But there's other place you go -- -- -- by chopper shop or trouble is a place that -- to go you gotta be as competitive about a member people's that it would. Our our final story is an inspirational one and I can never get enough of this specially after going a box old time baseball game and hanging out. And -- -- -- for now meeting Pete Brady's and his mom and dad Nancy and John I believe. But -- -- and his wife Julie yesterday. Gave birth to their first child. Lucy FitzGerald. Ratings the baby was born seven pounds eight ounces nineteen and a half inches with a full head of dark hair just like her dad. According to calm. Lucy's paternal maternal grandmother Joseph grandfather Joseph car caught. Screw this up which -- a marvel at everybody's healthy everybody's happy wanting we've yet to determine if she throws lefty or -- but how about a story. They're paid for -- dresses terrific disease started the ice bucket challenge is now father and I asked them about it that night and he's not talking. I met for the first time and he had a smile -- on his face and I had my three daughters with. And he'd look what are your three of them and he was just blinking at the so what do you think is going to be like to have a little girl and he was just you could just see the glow. In his face justice is an awesome awesome story that they that they have a baby girl -- and it. Well the whole thing -- out of this challenge and the bottom money donated. Also ends up -- -- child greatest gift that god in your view it is the Greeks were all parents to win you know. I can't imagine I don't think any of us can imagine there but for the grace of goggle I would the disease. Like ALS which let's be honest as it is -- deficits. Is just a matter of time however. To me this story as it's gone on is not about how Pete bradys and others are living with. What is a death sentence to me it's about how they live. -- and this is the latest example and Oliver PI for delivering right -- poppy for I mean what they're always friends from BC Freddie. Mike Gambino the BC coach I -- pocket a phenomenal job -- that night. But his family is amazing I was -- -- huge George -- Reyes. To a measure is grew openly and he's still alive he has LS had a historian in my house on fox about ten years ago. And he was that he was like he was then and George wife is a judge in the have a family again purse for the horrible all the goes around mail last. They should continue to be an inspiration for people and now the fact. That Pete and Julie have a baby girl Lucy FitzGerald Brady's a better story. For a -- agreed to protest what triggered drove -- that's headlines brought you by AT&T they cover more than 99%. Of ends. Building a better network time press take a break back -- more DNC with Fred Stephen portrait after this.

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