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Butch, Fred and Steve on Labor Day, 9-1-14

Sep 1, 2014|

The usual suspects had the day off so the hosts of The Real Post Game Show stepped to talk about the Pats. Logan Mankins and Ryan Mallett were both traded and Miami is 6 days away.

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It is only Dennis and Callahan and many hand buying name by name home he has taking over the studio. But he smelly feet -- boots off these threats from. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Good morning threatened -- I senator -- -- -- Steve because all he needs a big hug from them it's the real post it this is a hybrid version of the real post it wasn't about McDonnell would be the reprieve from. -- -- -- Well that voice -- yeah you. And yes Bloomberg well why we are in on Labor Day for Dennis Kelly enemy hands organ into a regular DNC show which means -- headlines. Buzzer beaters the regular sponsors. Up Paul shark EA is handling the controls over there are well equipped to handle all that he has -- good man. And -- we -- hybrid edition of the real post game shall select start there we're back for another year the real post game show weakness and do. Lagos to pay attention and I. About it. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- It's coming really kind of -- hi Steve it's human and that com either smoke cigars in the morning. Well I've met that's just gonna we met in about -- assumed group what would diminish admissible -- group it's a vegetable truck and oh by the way patriots fans were patriots home games they shed is back. The shed used to paying into last knocked on the window it will be outside the all pro celebrity technocrats in nice thing about a double B music blaring so loud that you -- Arctic. That -- that might Pia. But instead we'll have all the smoke yacht a secret. You're gonna put you guys through the smoke. And if so he will be far mechanical -- of what nobody in the area. From what time -- 9 o'clock to 1 o'clock if we're gonna deny them their seven get ready like -- -- Yeah right refusal to show -- this morning. I don't know did you run on your motorcycle. I was a bit of smoke -- though often -- to one in the -- of the threatening a habit and then after the game on full. I'm Gruntal. After the game and that we drive and channel seven. You can't get enough Steve -- that through and brought all of a book -- BQS a literally Steve when you get up in the morning you know going to bed -- I go to our country. Solicit -- -- football it's a season you're sucked it up puts more to do it's no big deal right -- -- up -- -- your job reviews you know you move on that's all that I care about the money it's -- look at all speaking at that you guys get -- let's dive right into football touch on the Red Sox and they in the garage on -- stuff coming up in just a little bit but. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I think it was by mark Malone was on here one day years ago said an -- I think people do -- people -- agent talked about its oxygen. Yeah I was foreign government talks but -- any unique situation Fred we get a chance is exactly as to a value league guys. Down a stretch run as an opportunity play a government in -- long long time while actually two years ago at an editor and beauty that is it. It's reality went -- it's good or bad. -- -- those funny not funny but they're curious thing about it is that. In this situation. The most diehard Red Sox fans Kamal because these are guys that. Pay attention to the miners that see what's going on him and looked to the future in terms of what the -- with the the Red Sox have. Enough in the farm system so. While I'm sure every Red Sox -- in the world would love. To see them in the playoff -- The fact is now this brings out people that have been that are better diehards that knoller -- -- -- hear on the radio when you're. Called him the natives also that that's true to those obscene to trade let's trade but cold raw but you know -- that's common in the offseason -- I don't it's an opportunity decides -- But it but I guess my question is when you look at the rest of the games. And it's like an NFL pre season -- -- you're gonna justified -- in other words but colts last two starts complete game three -- shut out last night and yesterday. This start before that -- a third but people. -- are on buckles will say one of two things to say well he's doing it and meaningless situations so what good is that the ones that are -- Buchholz will say hey. Maybe he can be top of the rotation guy and actual where it's been all year but the differences we can't open it it receives annual report to the season so it's still hopeful. Right now you look at the next year for the reds right I -- -- not mathematically eliminated Alia are Freddie don't call that a lot of adults don't go there a solid but we haven't done standings and map when it comes to the rats on a sense of how would be honest veteran mathematician. Hello. Yeah. The numbers committed but they're not mathematically eliminated right. I I don't believe so I think there's like the -- games left but I don't think yeah they are well above about. It can't be excellent at your coach was put on a Taylor I like that we have news where they went on epic its pre season. The expectations that humongous he's Nath -- magically eliminated me I don't know yet that that sort of say -- -- the Red Sox eliminated Cleveland eliminated it from an Internet and out of those Jackson what's the magic number to Johnny men's two news. -- weeks -- 403. Brigham and I regular weight through intricacies pressed rose Steve DeOssie let's go to the phones again if you'd like to join us on this Labor Day 617. 77979370. Hybrid edition of the real post game show back for another season in 2014. -- in for Dennis and Callahan. And -- posh Carty is taking your calls and Joseph. Is in -- good morning -- Hello hello and here. Our guys they won't lack lightning which belong to -- now what should be -- that I mean enlightened Saint -- I try to put him -- To receive probably to see how low bone growth -- would wore coats see if you was not out so much whose performances in the games but how he. Adapted to the pro game how he. Embrace the idea of the study that you have to do -- a quarterback the amount of time you have to put in. And I'm sure they had a pretty good idea before him that he was more than willing to do itself. What's one thing to think about it sort of thing to do it I wouldn't be surprised this Q were also was one of these. Young guys who just spent as much time as he could study was much terms he could talk with Tom Brady basically fallen Tom Brady around to everything the blueprint of Freddie. So the question the -- -- up why did you wait so long it's it's three years let's be honest they have right now but I have -- -- robbery there. But that's what we heard -- want but let's look how it ended he was given away. For nothing was given a body Alex chatroom for a conditional draft pick up doesn't make -- you know maybe that was the only thing out there for a fueled second -- Want to get through his rookie contracts over newsroom that the double as numbers go through the room so I got a rookie that second round pick that. Could be sellers -- -- rhetoric around mount up ballots in the second round pick -- the -- below thanks. And if so he's gonna make small cap friendly numbers Coleman at a picked a guy that didn't perform as well that bloggers for funeral -- -- that's going to be cap friendly. About how much really news. -- outnumbered this year compared to what. You know over the next -- Arabia it up would be -- and so -- overnight we got one of the yes but what an idea there could be who have flu could be the other question is. You he'd have more value before the pre season. Who drew got a better pick for -- before the season's start. I would like to believe so the guy was Tom Brady's backup for three years welcome to -- debt. Would be to be her fourth round is an acquittal than it was on the back up you make any money trade earlier cut right. -- blow a hole either cut. Yeah they all got released before they had patriots had to pay -- any money pretty much two different degrees -- looked at -- DV. Brian Hoyer. Matt Cassel got his chance and and patriots got a draft pick from Monica even Drew Bledsoe got traded for a rough pathetic when I was for a such as buffalo buffalo but he is waste all I guess my point about rhyme out it makes me wonder two things went on to this is all falls. Everybody's talking about. Forever the -- we get a second or third round pick please maybe. His draft stock was higher before. This pre season but. This was a pipe treatment and anybody was gonna give people sick and that pretty huge there was gonna give them Andre Johnson and a third round game Canada. All this and that and to -- aren't -- why didn't the rams go get a clear how does not about highly regarded after this pre season and around the NFL. And was that another notable for him now the only enemy he. Will think about O'Brien O'Brien had no quarterback they have Fitzpatrick. An -- they drafted clown man you know as a -- a from pick. Now they need a quarterback and he's still to come up with the number -- Belichick may have held out this long just to pump pump that up. -- you know put -- out of him out and perform well enough to get the ball so I thought surely would have taken. A higher pick it was out there -- -- it was the GA national buffalo well somebody thought would hurt them so it goes down at Texas. They need a quarterback the Ramsey at quarterback could still lose dome not much action on so. So must not open he must have been too high and it went about the best way to be welcomed back for Steve there's no better way to put up to Gloucester. And talk to our buddy frank. Ramona on my treatment but it might -- Beirut. Frank don't get a -- -- get emotional on us now he's these guys back from football and not get. Amid tight budget and -- patriot. I wanted that once they took my -- DB got it they remember that -- may vote over the idea out. Talking about the red dot I predict when that -- a couple of big yankees. Like called up but the monologue about that the Yankees -- among the Red Sox. It might have a robot will -- so much to be out. Would you shouldn't be a couple blood on the ballot bowl -- it would be. There's always like that but all the -- from last year as -- itself. Like you wouldn't be right last year with a Red Sox wouldn't losses ship of that right bill -- Florida. Yes we -- We likely to remember who wrote that I could remember that. I don't think about what we do that too bad dude but last year. Get away -- -- -- -- he's got it in his WB I know plot elements that what if I think about -- -- it may want -- like Scalia Rangel he donated to charity in Boston what do you don't got to all the way to good dental work Arnold retro look -- -- -- to get a patent. Even talk Evans said -- Freddie friend put Frankie. Lot the -- you have in the if I had -- -- -- claim. The title role bogeys aren't. I don't. Once -- bit -- to -- good -- -- why even talk about particular did that. What one of the bigger and bigger boat beached on CNET cobalt into dole did it at all all the and it's not a big upgrade -- ball -- -- don't want to -- towards -- all the -- -- -- -- -- -- It will offer a little black book I don't know if you listen. The last it would have been nice color -- -- -- I think we actually did that that that. But he did. About it I'll tell you he's got it -- that W I I notebook if we wanna make some serious money on the station for charity. It's auctioned off to know much money that no book or go. FBI raid at -- but I figured -- that. It's that the French members of the mind. You'll tonight -- the skies cool guy all ability -- foot Dennis and Callahan on Labor Day my spotted and many hand but only by name only does the real post game show hybrid version. Which threatens the infamous go to Tony. Tony Petrocelli. Note that says is Tony Tony their. How low the legendary Tony is it Toni originally. Are you want to -- and Ali mobbed the Hagler but you know you've got Tony how -- you a long time -- -- I respect. You -- you Dylan. At this problem to let you get up and I'd look at sign on yelled long and I bet me bet a lot of memory. Okay. Yeah a lot of memory that I didn't need not. What's your own eye candy you at all. Welcome you can hear us now. Now I don't know trigger radio what's. Not on our woods which amount what's on your mind when it comes to Boston sports to. -- -- well and yet what that meant that it the Red Sox. -- pitcher was good yesterday and it was good enough and went at it or. Looked out the problem with the -- action is that. Teachers haven't hit. I mean it really just haven't hit their pitches that everything's all but they haven't enemy what you remember Red Sox team. That's last in the league in producing runs under in the red sexting that left men on base like this. I heard on the baseball show last night but I don't from Maine I was -- and Shaughnessy bop and dumb -- -- And Shaughnessy brought the point I thought it was a good one threats that have no 300 hitters despite the fact is only. Eight or ten in the American League what was last on the -- likes to never 300 minutes of surprise last year was shocked that he it would all the way. The north thought it would mr. -- Arctic into anything right usually that the Big Bang they're in the top but what in our lifetime of the Red Sox ever be in this inept offensively -- motive always been able crews from -- -- mrs. It's got to be an aberration because. You still have enough for guys who have pulled from last two approved when he runs the Hutus. Last year was that big an aberration the other way maybe you had career years were. Or unexpected years ought to belong to different players last year and this year waterfront council level came back to deter most it was no there's no in between these guys -- thought -- had a chance last couple years you're right -- -- worst to first gotta slash it was just. Him. Miracle Rodham this year it was expecting at least from the Vietnam on. Not like that. Old old why they didn't hear -- Justin had we all look for reasons. And I wanna point to a lead -- hitter or the top of the order. I don't think Jacoby Ellsbury is worth a 155 million dollars that the Yankees game however. His value to the Red Sox along with Shane Victorino at the top of that lineup I think we're seeing that. This year they've spent all year trying to replace. Jimenez production in the top of the lineup they -- -- holt. Right who is a man without a position and just keeps producing but it makes you wonder what that pop of the lineup is gonna look like. Next year as they start to steal of the Cuban guy. As the weather holds gonna play somewhere where the -- is gonna play whether Jackie Bradley's. In the mix are not with -- -- great defense and they need a couple of guys the top of that lineup -- table setters or they're not going to be a top producing team again well you know because he laughed. -- it looks like it was a lot to do with him he may have been here in the old pregnant you know faux -- also but when you missed that you know intricate. First guy for a bad. Also on the whole thing falls were Colorado which who would -- be in that bigger difference what's the football analogy you guys to a leadoff hitter in other words. What if the lead -- hitters that important or at least this year you could argue that leadoff hitters that important Red Sox are top of the order. What's is is is that the nucleus of the interior offensive line what's important that may be people take for granted. On a football team like the leadoff hitter or prolific -- on the line. Maybe. Maybe penalties or maybe get an efficient team maybe -- team that that you know you hear that. Isn't going to screw things up is give -- news which you know you have a team that's efficient but Smart. You know that things. Our goal usually go to start off the right way and that's all you we want that you won a table so you want some guy beacon. You want a scenario that you know wasn't gonna hurt too and can also set the table -- if you know your team. Isn't going into the game. With the idea that you're gonna have twelve penalties and and dropped passes and missed assignments and stuff like that oh good good good leadoff hitter is going to set the tone for everything. And you if you know feel the culprits -- that -- simply with a with a football team if you know that you're not going to handicap yourself. By making stupid mistakes and endure all the kind of sets the tone going into the game with what -- Football's if his -- team market you know. We who have Julio Prado will be elected quarterback excuse me correctly. Not to -- interception. Make sure it was lined up. Right there on the right ought doubles it -- -- came in and played vote for a let so what he did was did exactly the game plan called what was in the it was a gut. All the ball long bomb it was the right pass at the right time quarterback who is. Is the catalyst in this day and age -- quarterback and coach -- anything in baseball it's not your manager. What ball coach and the quarterback make all the difference -- only one minutes. 21 minutes it took us four we get to the Belichick and Brady well nobody is what. And if you're an act and the genius of the tube which if you're welcome to the real post game show this -- -- have water -- Which I sure as I asked -- it's ready it's a good point by both of arsenic in the company's appointment you've got a bullet in Ottawa but put reforms. No analyst in the beautiful fifteen minutes or might it might go to -- my is in football it's a coach in the quarter -- in buffalo elect. Want to miss the playoffs for fifth last week the -- yet who's read go to original quarterback. But in baseball it's different it's individual picture the data football -- -- market street need to guys can put the game clintons or execute. I couldn't agree with you more football game of the individual performances that lead to team success. Option baseball's a game of intimate. Football is a game of team camaraderie. That leads to team success right. And so you appoint Steve is a good and it's funny he went there is a site thinking about it. A good team they can get guys on base set the tone get things Cohen is analogous in my to a football team that probably we've taken for granted for the patriots rubber. They're very rarely out -- They're very really aren't prepared or the other team more prepared in the -- go back to the Denver game on Monday Night Football when he snapped -- and snap the ball. Onto the goal post and take the seat because it was the only chance they had to win a game thinks that. Not critical to sort of thought of that but they were prepared the team is that for crime now -- the ones. In two decades scenario and I remember. Playing for -- Parcells and Belichick -- number of them actually throwing that in -- was -- -- practice to write a book. That that's the difference between. Like Freddie said quoting teams and and also raise. Is that the coaching is in place and you're not only your players not to make mistakes which coach is don't wake. Very many mistakes everybody's gonna screw up about a -- is coached GM quarterback doesn't matter. But you limit the amount mistake if you look at the best teams and leave -- these -- teams that don't make those big. Dexter says key hole in the leadoff spot Victor -- was always -- holt has done the job it's Victor Reno I'm worried about. We take a break first segment down here on dollars a gallon in many handle Labor Day 2014. It is there hybrid. Version of the real post game show we're back for another season. We're here for you this morning at six on 77797937. Freddie Steve and butch still around.

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