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Clay Buchholz with Joe Castiglione after his shutout in Tampa Bay

Aug 31, 2014|

Joe talked to the Sox right-hander, who allowed three hits and zero walks in the 3-0 win over the Rays.

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Play congratulations. That I was complete dominance -- -- a three base runners into over the minimum. That was really -- having great command yeah you know. It's not like that all the time -- every time out there. You know very few times -- season where you can throw it your pitches for strikes and behind in the count had to account whatever so it's. I just try to try to keep him off balance and and knew it was going to be a low -- was born and there's other grown oppose analyses these. Until vote for road your seasons or so. Just try to. Try to keep it all -- it's a time when. You found a way to get through at all. And off four pitches were working so well what was the key. Fastball command yes everything works off fastball wherever. I -- -- forcing for a strike you know let's let's -- them to humor comes in. Just the -- on the news on broaden -- work so. They'll start with a fastball that it's you know like this that it doesn't have like every day. But -- how do you explain the they're great improvement from say you have a month ago. Just you know there's. There's really nothing I know I'll leave the numbers look and there's not an art entertainment which have to go out and try to compete and help this team. When the game and I'm and I'm apart of and you know that's obviously wrong thinking about it it's nothing like my season's over book. On the same note you know the numbers are numbers not tell you get judged in the game and it's tough going out there every events in inflated numbers artists. There forget about it and I knew more about and go pitch for each game and you know it's it's helped me on the oil. And you work very well with Christian baskets absolutely you know he's not so we'll run ten times in my -- he's a really good -- right now what. Think he's got a he's got a chance to be great and you know we always wants to learn and he's asking questions to Rossi soon myself -- and everybody that's around and so he's he's grown learned the little things in the game that you know and -- he's he's been great do it 98 pitches is just a basic do you have and I didn't like -- it's it's -- guidance on like that happens.

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