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Sports Sunday - Pete Frates and his wife have a baby girl 8-31-14

Aug 31, 2014|

In the midst of this segment, Steve Buckley was proud to break the news that Pete Frates and his wife, Julie, had a baby girl, Lucy Fitzgerald Frates.

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Scored Sunday sports -- WEEI. And buck realize this is right at beginning -- me a couple of hours doubles will slow this morning to realize this is the final. Sports Sunday. At least for the next several months with NFL Sunday taking over. Starting next week. All of the all the patriots coverage all the pregame stuff -- -- -- miss coming in here on Sunday morning I am gonna miss coming Aronson and monuments were the porch and you. Been a lot of fun where -- -- this weekend by the way is another reunion with the -- dogs are. I'd. -- found its -- common in Braintree acting. Narragansett I don't know -- as I know that easy this was. It may be a family thing involving his kids I know that he made it known quite awhile ago he wouldn't be here and we -- sports. And you you've been great to work with this summer but. This has been the case for many years at WEI and recognize that football is is the big deal here in the fall and I think it's dale and his his crew -- yeah I mean you're starting next Sunday morning and dale is a very good traffic cut. Yet when you have multiple people and voices and. Your match -- breaking down film on the radio yeah. In which not many people can do what I mean I don't mean that is a dig at Chatham nominee to be able to do that -- does it and and you cannot understand you -- -- smarter. It -- it's weird because -- if you if you do we do for a living you're you're scheduled changes as the teams change yes so as a for instance if you work in sports media in Boston. Unless you like one of the card carrying axes and knows every day football writers elect Jeff -- and -- and and and then -- on and and on and on and on. You don't do a lot of that. -- if you. If you do it in a Shaughnessy Brian Meehan and so forth you don't really pick it up to the Sox had a so last -- because the Sox winning game six of the World Series we collectively we're all running to be Triton. Tampa Bay and right in Saint Louis and in a lot of wasted pick up the patriots until almost November. This year because the Sox are dead and buried. And that trucking out all these different kids in that traded Lester and they created Lackey and so forth. World we're all sign on a -- beginning with we -- -- won't be in Miami next week but I mean it's all football for me from the. And we've talked about the world's beat the -- here and retired about backup quarterbacks to for a month via and interior offensive line. And secondary as I educated people several weeks ago saying the patron to carry three quarters saved ourselves a lot of time in just listen to this show everywhere -- all -- militant -- -- you don't redeemable football. As -- they get record three quarterbacks granted they'll be still some -- fluctuation between now -- inevitably are invited so it is -- different W -- you've made it through all the way to do is not released now the next hour and twenty minutes yes and sports Sunday will be over until after four and I'll be -- -- and malaria and you will be Golding and that has denied denied denied. Speaking of and if you techsters in Texas and anyone of course the morning asking for your opinion on this. But one of the guys one -- many. Cut yesterday was Michael -- By the Saint Louis rams' Jeff they have held a press conference that he is Fisher pointed out a cut all four. On the seventh round picks they also cut are only sixth round pick. But obviously with Sammy -- that added degree of significant weren't worried spots on on everything went down with that yesterday. I can be as open and all my god I have some important news to delivery here -- News that Michael -- is is gonna have to wait god bless them I I just got a text from my buddy Mike Lynch intact at channel five. And I am enormously happy to report. Right now that are by EP phrase became a -- this really. I -- just overwhelmed with happiness right now. According to Mike went from channel five. Lucy it's Carol Brady's was born this morning. A cool is that our buddy -- phrase in who was at saint -- feel the need to appeal time baseball game. I don't think I've been this happy and one time I -- -- -- EUS -- crying at sporting events and I can almost cry right now. Now that's great -- and Julie had a baby girl this morning. I I just can't -- looking at the -- Lucy put Carol Brady's born this morning. And our body peace treaties in the fight of his life realized. Born the day after a BC win period it would -- it's been for the free gas it up after a day after a BC a wimpy was there it to. The UMass. My goodness and I in the day I am I'm just so happy that premium. It is. Good for them good for the whole filming date if the nicest people and this whole ice bucket challenge thing what -- -- has spent with the ice -- challenge with everything that that's meant to yeah. LS research challenges. Educating people and understanding what Ellis is raising money yeah it's I mean Pete Brady's has done more than anybody in history. And I'm not exaggerating that helped raise awareness more so -- the Garrick if you -- -- at that. I talked with Jonathan guy who wrote the biography luckiest man to commute times bestselling -- apartment. And he points out now granted over the years the Garrick has his name -- and attach it -- the name Gehrig's disease. And but at the time -- the -- the luckiest man speech in July 4 1939 Yankee Stadium. Most people did not know he added an illness that was going to kill him. Very little scant little knowledge existed outside of personal experiences. About amyotrophic lateral sclerosis. And you had to have somebody in your family have the disease understand how truly. Richard it is then. Most people Yankee Stadium that day in July 4 19398. They knew that he was very sick. His career was over but -- kinda by and get a recording John tonight they they kind of but that he had something on the line -- polio. That he wouldn't be complaining more but he -- certainly be around in the awful news. And and be even up to these that the this year a lot of people aren't fully cognizant. But what the disease though about what what Pete -- is done via his his I -- account. In his appearances before congress in its willingness to -- so much life. With so many different people has raised awareness and -- raises money and money raises hope to -- And this is -- free gift. All of and his gift to all of us now is a child a baby girl and I couldn't be -- What a summer man it's going to be tough to top the ice bucket challenge and now lot. A new addition to the family Lucy was the middlemen again Lucy Lucy -- Gerald great race that's an an instance my mother's -- maiden name is the Terrell I'm out FitzGerald. I'm ever in a more happy perfect. That sounds great crystallized the bucket with a Sports Radio WEEI. We'll take a break we'll get back to the phone calls coming up hang out pivotal Red Sox pregame.

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