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Sports Sunday with Villani and Buckley - Pedroia injured, 8-31-14

Aug 31, 2014|

In the second inning of last nights game, Dustin Pedroia attempted to tag a sliding Logan Forsyth. Forsyth's right arm hit Pedrioa in the head and caused him to leave the game with concussion-like symptoms. Since it happened in a game against Tampa, Chris and Buck discuss whether Forsyth had any malicious intent or not.

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We're sitting here during the break watching him. He's a Jeff right now yet. I can't give. Really accurate yet what is that correct -- when you're one of those if young kids -- Paul here here finally succumbed to get your creative and says the -- yet suggests. -- I'll -- act on this aren't going to be you know Michael you -- these guys though. The way it's going to be to get about the open mark parent it's it's yet. It's it. Off my lawn get with it are right. Enough about what the weather was like in 98 who when you NASA's -- Ball State where the actor talking a while war while Jeff. We're watching the -- was 07 and it was BC Florida State and it was drizzle withdrew his look that up dark and stormy night it was dark and loaded -- or is looking for side in a game by the way it was an adult is delayed -- adult. The rain I flipped on the hit. Big of a joke the trop is a flip on odd game I'm in the car wanna listen to the first couple innings. I'm listening to mutt doing -- stock and for a second I'm like where image there it now Tom pennies and late night at Tampa. All of that hell is there a delay. And used as -- electricity have you been on trust I have not been to try while it happened -- a lot of moral. That is because that's all the rage not a travel especially to Florida because jetBlue has attractive packages. So a lot of our listeners have been -- in yards PNC in the trop when -- and so forth. Tropicana Field is it arguably the biggest dump in Major League -- Now there were some -- there was some competition a few years ago chase stadium was just the ball falling down what you use the Mets -- -- there. If you wanna go back a few years beyond that Olympic Stadium watching all with the death trap exhibition stadium in Toronto was awful bad things about the metrodome. I actually an and it's funny should -- is there there is near a second together linked to people like the metrodome one with me more was shot McCadam. We both had been there a million times it was it right downtown it was clean as a whistle. Every single every everywhere he went it was clean inside that stadium it was right in it was eerie. But it was a dome. And a -- of the you know that the baggy in right field target I feels nice I wasn't I wasn't in love with the metrodome I just didn't despise at the way -- Shea Stadium. Olympic Stadium exhibition stadium. The old. Texas Stadium. The old ballpark in Arlington Texas for the build. The new one was was just awful park like 80% of the seats from the outfield but but the but now that all that's gone on the last 1015 years. Tropicana Field stands alone as the biggest -- and they. They've risen to the top it has risen to the top by far of the bottom yes which is great yes Logan Forsythe. Sliding it back -- yeah sliding into second base. -- for those who didn't see it Dustin Pedroia it would -- -- like a close second the techsters corporate go ahead okay -- sewage problems -- Hampshire moves them to the bottom quite a bit number two in multiple ways but. Look like every team played second base -- slide union. Gets the lefty Andy and Pedroia catches turns to put a tag down the right arm of foresight comes up. Over Pedroia is love and clocks an elbow forearm right -- and Pedroia value to -- concussion like symptoms. It looked intentional TO because my question -- world does he need to bring his arm up in there and I don't know Logan Forsythe. -- -- a reputation. As far as I know at least of being the kind of guy that you take a eat could definitely do that why in the world we need a -- arm up. If it's because of that that I have to. You pause I don't know his track record it's -- it's not he's not one of those is MLB bad guys that typically does these kind of things. -- I have to pause a little bit and and I've seen this several times it's our last night. -- I was just getting in my car Foxboro. Coming home when they would talking about the aftermath needed just happened. And it was in Pretoria the game I said oh boy and was until I got home attitudes of the and I give him the benefit of the doubt. Haltingly. Because you can make the case that he was finally get his arm up and around but Korea may be. And again where we're seeing it over and over and over he actually did it real time -- so it's not like key. I mean as he's going to second base is he saying I'm gonna slide had person pro my forearm in -- Pedroia said. I don't think he can manufacture that advocate just you're you're you're it's happening in real time. And its people cheering the ball's coming umpire is the year Pedroia is there. In May -- just anger and maybe I'm naive hopelessly so when you can call and say so. That's kind of worm Adam I I I hesitating only give him the benefit of the though. And I remember tend to have the cycle PA. Recollection of every headfirst slide but my job but that looked to release the weather as they were sliding at first and that looks. Good awkward to me. Alex so awkward to me why in the world and that's -- it where it leads me back to. He was at least maybe try to make some contact they're trying to slide in hard breaking up -- adroit at -- also the fact that. He and I understand all the zapping -- with seconds were watching in slow motion -- -- already okay let me just -- That the text here says. Totally intentional driving his arm through the target beautiful elbow strike perfect. So. Just for the sake of this discussion. Let's say that this guy's techsters actor in his portrayal of what happened. Let's make that one of is it been like that aggressive baseball left Red Sox baseball or is it still punk move well attacks the group. If there's a difference between a had first Alice go back to we think about the NFL. He can make a tackle. Every now and then is gonna be collisions is going to be injuries the nature of the sport. At the same time there's gonna be hard slide to collisions at second base but if you're targeting. The head if you're going. And if -- if that techsters correctly and that's exactly what Logan Forsythe was doing. That's out of bounds that's not baseball I don't care who does it that's not a hard baseball move old time baseball. That's cheap shot. And and there's no other way to put it if that's the case but I I go back to what I said at the beginning he said is well. This course I -- -- that doesn't have that kind of a reputation. Any kind of reputation whatsoever that just looks so awkward to me and so outside of what you would typically see in my mind at least. On play like that at second base were -- just comes kind of lying up -- you know use up a manslaughter charges three of them if I would change again -- it negotiate an example a at 6177797937. The Dustin Pedroia and being evaluated now. I'm on Tennessee's you know he's a redneck so he's got back on. Okay. Com be going through his Wikipedia page yeah I would -- is a look at the -- him a detective Buckley is -- did it finished at. Try to figure it out. I is partly joking it was is obviously -- music yet. Was that really. I'm not even that convince I just think it looks weird I -- it's really weird and if it is. Can because I don't think this one you can make a case or a hard slide. Yet even if he's trying to jar the ball loser tried to anything like that he's an already safe his hand is there and I would split second. There's a difference between a hard slide in old time baseball in a breach of a double play or whatever and going after guys had to bring your arm up how often say it's his fourth Major League season. Three previous years the -- Padres. Easy to forty career hitter he's got seventeen career home run 97 games 257. At bats. Five month when he won readies a 237 batting average and you can then. Take that and say easy Korea bench guy -- popular type fourth. Fourth. Look at is so we probably did it feel that though it's is he he's a burgeoning utility guy who's trying to prove he belongs and so forth and you could take that -- it's so he probably did it. Based Apollo had been able to deduce from his Wikipedia page one career games the second 463018. It's sort sixteen in the outfield fifteen at the 81 game at first base so he's one of those guys is just trying to make his way. I put food on the table for his kids. And that's now on the wind. Elbowing Dustin Pedroia is a way to put food on the table and make my name's -- I might make Joseph Maddon happy. I'm not all that is the big red sex and down at. Who would want that one injury. I'm -- the -- did you miss that all the raised Red Sox games the last five years I understand that. Bite you again you're talking about Downey ESPN do in college basketball what tiger is football and you're talking about something that was a lot of that stuff was well within. The quote unquote -- baseball you know bean balls and things like that this isn't it is is -- hard slide to me it is intentional it's way out of bounds that's eight. Of this because. -- a total moron because I can't see that it was blatantly obvious of the text that says it's a total accident cut -- out. -- -- -- so so people feel very strongly in a variety of ways on this topic yeah and is another one here is better elbow and -- at WWE. So obvious. It's and and it's funny when you have two people say it's incredibly blatantly obvious and they say the polar opposite thing -- 180 degrees separating. Stuck trying to judge fourth site's intention by watching film -- in the right arm back and forth with just to avoid attacked. He did no way to tag was coming that that happens in my case. I just think it was really strange if nothing else it was really restrain. And the fact that he came up towards the head the fact that it seemed like he was. Just doing something was outside of what we normally see in in baseball is boarding tagged in the -- The years he's already in the lefty and is in an arm comes up that album comes out and in. Right hockey term principal point contact and -- 6177797937. By the way Pedroia according to the tweets from on all the one looking -- -- -- Abraham. -- they Ares walking around so far he's a decline comments on a lot date yet Carroll said yesterday that he's being evaluated concussion like protocol. Maybe seven day DL stands in his future that's the case BBC movie that's at second base. Would that be something that would be something as -- came up that -- remember watching -- that's -- Vermont is a little Spinner and playing second base and. It would provide the Red -- an opportunity. And I'm I'm SP care -- not saying this was a good thing that happened at the bad thing I I'm a big Pretoria guy. Of all the guys have covered. In recent years he's won them in terms of dogged determination delivering on promise good to kids Jimmy Fund the whole bit yet it's -- across the board so. On this in the spirit -- which I say. His absence from the lineup would nonetheless provide a forum an opportunity for the Red Sox put bets at second base. Not as a future second baseman but as a trading chip. Showing in other Major League team this is what you get if you get rookie Beth to second base which would then. You never know he's in a trade -- Stanton sail right so. It's funny is that -- -- romo's gonna go differently with that it would provide a forum for the discussion. Want to Mulligan. On the Dustin Pedroia contract. Because I've heard a lot of and and with the understandable. Everything you just said. The type of player pretty -- is there a -- Pretoria and it's type. I don't think they would trade him because I don't think you can treat him with that contract right now my question is from a fan's perspective how many would want a Mulligan on that deal. Given the fact he's in a four year decline in OP as having a bad year and and I can bounce back from bad years and in turn right around and he gets right back to the all star level worry was. I've heard a lot of that sentiment throughout the course of the year and rookie bats for example going to second base and excelling in the absence Dustin Pedroia. I think -- fuel what a lot of people already feel about the if you think you're dead on -- assure complete homer dork. Who watches nothing but -- -- how many cookies Andrew wheat which means it was meant for me every time to -- said that it -- on purpose. On the one that is not an amateur but by the -- many cookies in a week that's that commercial sixty therefore it's directed at me. And like I set I don't like -- did it on purpose to me because I don't get it Alia -- the long story after -- of global format time. Well before my time OK now 6177797937. Let's go to -- Connecticut -- the waiting patiently -- There -- -- it. That I noticed that that you're either talking earlier I would brokers say don't -- I'm on the course more and you know he brought up earlier Wada which actually that's really treated right now -- out. Go government -- point herald today and keep talking while look it up and reduce the exact quote. You don't have to -- -- that aren't aren't night I was gonna give you. About a about a -- for -- help White Sox now he's now here's an -- So it was leading the league with the 2.0 pre air raid at my original game. The so why you know this is apart here so why in the world with the White Sox trade a ride aid left you with the team partly contract. And enough talent to make Red Sox in scream Lester who question mark okay this is against Scott while. Chances are they won't trade Chris Sale. Then again they might finish last -- central and are headed for the years -- losing seasons six years since the last player for parents clearly the White Sox. Have not needs. That they would have to consider moving CO if they were overwhelmed that few teams have as many. Assets from which overwhelm them as the Red Sox. Who could offer a package. Again don't shoot the messenger Scott while parades this. Who could offer a package of -- why aren't. In debts as well as a Major League caliber hitter the likes of Allan Craig. I would I would early. Army greater. Would probably do mean. I would I would definitely do that we're at a military I would that's the one trade of include real. Yeah not -- oh. That's the sequins that point -- fifty. What wait I mean or attack quote. Capturing -- Tyler flowers do you really feel comfortable -- while it that your future catcher abruptly why -- strong compared to a O'Brien can't type obviously more athletic league player actually steal bases. My secretary you and -- the kicking territory that -- is I don't think Joseph telling -- buckles. Are guaranteed to make Turkish and exit. So -- retailer -- plagued by inconsistency. On our web series. On the absolutely nothing. This year I think -- more suited for the -- and I felt very comparable and compatible from last year. I'm Matt Barnes I have the opportunity. To compete for our predictions are you at last I. -- got a weird he had no walks into well it's its tenth straight there at seven inning five run got to. Current interest thing the swearing in net. With and I like it's going -- -- Its inability to when it's got up. While I had big you could run the rule and we -- -- -- the folded before you could run through everybody. It's currently a starting pitcher for the Boston Red Sox right now and I feel like there's a wide range with all of them. Nor I still pretty good about Joseph Kelly. But Joseph Kelly camped in my opinion he's the best pitcher championship team on the EB the second best pitcher on a championship team he's rotational -- He's -- middle of the pack kind of guy which is not a knock on him he'd be pretty good middle of the pack guy other Nat. I -- a wide ranging everything. That the starting pitchers in a -- Lee pitching for the -- sites from Buchholz did to Webster to -- is at work but some of the young guys a wide range of what they can be. And for buckle to -- it's gotten just published track bird got -- thirty. That's a little bit disconcerting you want a better idea. -- what he is. I'm like you just don't happen because he's gotten some of the most of the best stuff we've seen but also some of the most maddening inconsistencies to prop up the cubs last night by the way. To Jake -- give us. I had Jake Peavy the no hitter going accidentally get guys into the eighth inning and a this is that I summit in a brewers to get hit for personal -- who brought really turn me out this year with is. It is attitude lose weight gain. Is inability to seize the moment. PV. Didn't work out here this season I understand that there's communal like the guy and I hope we keep winning games and I hope to brought turns it around too because. When he was in the minors he just seemed like a kid who really got it LP re gets an LP figures it out because it's so much talent to be wasted there. Jake Peavy on his last four starts 282 thirds innings four earned runs in the giants -- wins in three out of four including last night. We took that no hitter into the eighth inning 617779. 7937. With -- until Red Sox pregame at about 1255 or so Chris bloodied Steve Buckley Sports Radio WEEI.

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