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Aug 31, 2014|

Butch is out today so Chris Villani fills in. This bums out Buckley a little bit since he wanted to have a somber goodbye with Butchy, since this is the last show until after the football season. They kick the show off talking about the Logan Mankins trade.

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This -- Sergio WEEI's. Fourth Sunday -- -- Steve Buckley. In for you this morning I don't but well you know what. Like -- little emotional okay because I'd been doing this Sunday show -- and Alan you know your your lovely guy here that nicest person you meet you wish I was -- -- you know I kind of want -- debt holdings nine -- and boy to a hug and which -- working together but would run fat no butch. Had made it known several months ago because he's powerful it's in meetings and all kinds of gigs -- stuff going on that he had bigger fish to fry so. Win when you came in here this morning. I was fascinated to see where you would take the show because. But it -- kind of run down here like Logan Mankins was seemingly six months ago yeah -- know -- talking about a for awhile and cut down day it was yesterday in -- Nothing dramatic for the patriots like stop the presses president couple long snapper but yeah that's the death -- and yet nothing and and and certainly Michael Sam is it is an issue Pedroia leaving the game with a concussion. Did -- I hit him on purpose to not be C man's. So there's a lot of directions we don't show that -- the new NFL drug policy. And I and -- made some good points in the globe this morning that it was all smoke and mirrors. Domestic violence policy that I say drug policy or domestic -- I'm sorry. And so I decided that I was is gonna kick -- put my feet up against Miami head. And see where you took the show let me do the heavy lifting well outdo our help with the lifting at this what you determine what to lift. Coming in on three hours of obviously I was -- about college football until about 7 o'clock this morning yes. And not the BC UMass variety like Florida State Ohio's low since she said I will say and you know we UMass guy you were there yesterday and I was there and had a wonderful time ice. I I freely admit and I helped my editor is listening. IA. Usurped. By right that in answer I I sure. Sure my duties yesterday because I should have been in the press box. With had a paper and pencils and documenting plays in looking a little twists and turns and so -- rent I was in the stands. I spent my -- I had different friends here in the all my friends you know I have a lot of BC friends that bloody -- friends and keep Brady's was in the house yesterday. Not a good move for -- you masterpiece that peace treaties with the disease is the secret weapon he inspires everybody. I know that it was 00 early in the second quarter. And all of a sudden get a text and to unfreeze Pete races at the game home arena throughout the second half those trees and but no serious as I've I mean a yet that what you -- of course you missile. But I was. To watch Murphy yesterday quarterback the Eagles. You don't know his story he was University of Florida use that as eligibility graduated. And missed the final three games and it was a shoulder injury. And it dies Diaw had recruited him because of the Connecticut roots the pipeline of Florida. And the guys Leo second year coach -- BC brings a couple players his former teammate former players at Florida. He attic -- -- -- on in an opening quarterback. -- it was fun. And can he do it against spike higher caliber competition what's offered by UMass. To be determined by yesterday under the sunshine at Foxboro. This kid he easily pass 170 yards we ramp underneath team. And what's the point looked stable comfortable in charge leadership the whole bit. So if if you don't like BC eight BC in general -- -- wall I don't hate BC I don't have that. It's part of my agenda. And if you -- for a reason to get re acquainted with UMass football you BC football. After several years that last year -- you and one year. It's some pretty good work and the younger Williams ties me down campaign in England and part of and the BC program with on the downturn. Jackets its key was the biggest joke in the history college football is the total fraud. And Dave in what they did was they they tried to settle things down by bringing in a long time assistant spaz. It's a wonderful guy great assistant but with the -- rod -- back in the day with the patriots. Taking a long time loyal talented red x.s and those guys and making him in the head coach to settle your program. Doesn't always work it didn't work in this case they needed a coach. And they brought this guy and he's loud he's bombastic everything is his dream job he's emotional. And eat turn on the program around mustard definitely did and again. -- -- BC football before god forbid. But even have to forbid we Dawson college put it off but if I loved it and we never -- that UNESCO at -- -- honestly football. And up but if if you meet any reason. To -- -- race or discover BC football. Murphy is worth your ticket price. Yeah I'll -- BC's final game of the season looking for that hope Y final voting they lose and spectacular fashion of the cues that accused silo based on what I saw Friday night that might not be likely happen embarrassing wings -- possible. It always it always totally yes they embarrass themselves if you'd take Villanova to double overtime to carried only going to be playing basketball. I start -- I'm baseball games you act you can do that you didn't even list me and the thing that I was gonna talk about your big laundry while of top. I just as I said Logan -- seems like six months ago in real time based games -- like twelve years ago -- now before Logan Mankins we. We all work very hard like the final three weeks to get that team on the field Monday night and and you wake up on Tuesday you're tired so or like in annually exhilarated while we at -- on. And we had such a blast and I mean there there are so many of us Linda Lingle and whites not only -- going coaching -- Costco and a couple of younger guys Alex -- Kyle lawless I mean -- everyone really. I'd Jesse elite NYC I mean. And we put his team together and you've got Euphrates who has a LS. And we invited I think fifteen of his former teammates from BC -- And saint John's prep -- -- like Little League and stuff so all his old buddies -- oral style uniforms in the same dugout in his -- Like hang in with his game. Playing baseball. And the smile on his -- entire night. With spell yeah we had -- -- 500 people by far the biggest -- your dad when the game was over. And -- cleaning up next it was stock up on just hanging out just hang you know it when it home that's on the fun. And it was all worth it it was totally worth -- all the work it when it's of that because. -- we raised close to 70000 dollars -- research -- compete -- -- reasonable treatment but even better than all that. But he just just in everyone with stock and he seems so happy that. That was a moment -- -- Yeah not I -- timlin got roughed up a little bit. Begin yet -- for -- for four earned in into an idea but he picks I think news -- Carolina and neither is it great to see those some of those guys like -- Maloney in this major leaguers come back play. Participate be part of it. Give -- -- and even added star quality to a to a great event and I wanna start patriots. And there wasn't a whole lot yesterday like you said cut down day the big news was Mankins and I feel like the question going forward for me in its related back to Logan Mankins but it's just the offensive line in general. How much they're going to be able to. Improve upon what they did last year Brady was sacked forty times continued to run block. Because this team has always been a much more balanced team win win. I mean they're able to run the ball and throw the ball more cell whether this is going to be another example. A lot of hand wringing and frustration. And screaming at -- at the radios and televisions about a move the Bill Belichick made when. You know six weeks or a year from now you look back and say they may -- got it right in this one are much are you feel about the -- are not sure they got it right. I'm not sure the patriots in other words are better team better equipped for Super Bowl today than they were a week ago. Well I mean let's let's go step by step. Don't want Bill Belichick usually gets it right or more often than not more often than not he's -- -- benefit of the doubt for that OK number through. Is dove tails off of number one. Just because number one is -- that usually gets it right. You don't need to be a fan boy and rubber stamp every single move he makes that's dumb. You as a fan. Have -- right have an expectation. That's part of the fun being a sports for the disagree that's why they have sports bars that play bars. Going back to. They forget -- you went to your corner bar. It argued about sports the speak easy back then India yet or not said McGreevey even before it even you know that every NFC you know. He had that at third base alone it was called third base why. There's over by a third base now because it was your last stop on the way home even better. They now like that and and people would good enough said agreed he's in column table and drink beer argue about sports. And the reason Michael McGreevey was called enough said. Was because he was the -- he was the final or only a dynasty in the -- -- that. And he would announce who would win the argument yeah -- sports arguments to be going on a hundred years or more. So if you disagree with a speed is Faso. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And I feel like the the flip side of that. Is. If you agree with it it doesn't mean your -- patriots and with blinders on that goes back to -- what's right he said which is most of the time. He's been proven correct most of the time despite all the and Wes Welker is another example of not the Bill Belichick -- were seen Wes Welker ski car. I still say I still say you real quick on Welker I still say. And I don't care what anybody else says I believed deep in my belly that welcome was ran out of town but no other reason with Belichick like. -- the right that's my I I have nothing to back that up when I freely admit that few would argue the point we'll go ahead but. I just I was there that day that welcome made the foot thing with Rex Ryan was right there in the front row of that. It was second week of January 2011. Leading up to the jets play -- game which they lost. And I'm sitting there watching that I'm saying wealth Wes Welker is basically announcing. To the world that the patriots and not focused on this game. Yeah Wes Welker held a press conference to announce. That the patriots are not focused on beating the jets and they lost to the jets. This is exactly this is why do sign off on what Bill Belichick says about. A ball Borden would material and about saying dumb things to reporters and giving the other team a reason to be you. Wes Welker went up there amid a total ass of himself with those with jokes. And and Belichick was pissed that a year later he's on felt his post game show anything like this ticket to Belichick is -- It it was clear to me that they -- that there was something between those two in -- technique. Not because he's caddie Michael I don't like Kimmel but Belichick is that I don't want that guy in the room. I believe that then I believe that now when I don't believe is that any -- because the argument been made. That there is a similar personal disconnect whether -- Bill Belichick or ownership would Logan Mankins. And I don't feel that back. Was a reason for what happened outside of the fact that. After that contract after playing up the six year contract dispute three years ago Mankins had no interest in restructure and did he get personal with Welker you can make the argument that it did if you believe in a results driven business. Yep either the results turned out to be fine at turned out to be fine for the patriots in the -- elements been able to replace that production and unfortunately for Wes Welker his career may be over at this point futures certainly in doubt. We may come back three years ago we go back Ricky going back not what just for this let's go back three years three years three years. -- thought I saw you three years ago and said they'll come a day when we open up the show -- about cattlemen being eight key component. The listings -- factor in bill we trust. Who takes his college quarterback and turns him into something special. Yeah and that's why I feel like if you do endorse the move and I. I have a lot of questions about it because at an offensive line is a big question mark anyway and -- to be taken nine year veteran of six time pro bowler. Out of that mix even if he's not quite the same player he's been in the past that. Question market gets a little bit older for me. So I don't wholeheartedly endorse it but I also don't feel like the patriots fans that do are just complete fools. Where in the forty pajamas for the team and -- in the the envoy warned because this guy Bill Belichick. As earned the benefit of the doubt and I still think -- bill we trust thing. Hold some weight despite the fact that there has been a Super Bowl championship year in a decade is that another thing of people I don't cheat anymore and say yeah that's exactly right -- what they -- another that's out there though what she did for the first four years of that. And still didn't win a championship -- There were there for good cheating years but that word or three years three good -- -- -- saints on championship so number one -- Jack. Is right most of the time number two. Despite that one you have it right in deed deed in expectation to disagree with number one billion float chart to really. And number three. Dot killing of the two. I honestly believe as we sit here right now at this moment at 9:12. On Sunday morning whatever it is night when he says. Really I'm flights Alex beer bottle on this one he did didn't -- for -- what is now farm we have a show here whose fault is that. Not spear -- tiger. Just weigh in on that we have a program and you we've been doing since I am utter disrespect Ellen show to what fell 910 trending now that he's got some kids from eight ball but he once that tout. Like an old dale Polley open that we have the start twenty minutes late so it because some kid born at a park horrible anyway. Which brings us the number three I believe that it's received here at 4 o'clock in the afternoon on Sunday because of Alex's one show. I believe the patriots at this moment are not a better team -- they were -- -- this moment. They may be a better team moving forward 2015 to those sixteen -- what round pick might be great guns. But it's different. I refer Logan Mankins -- Secret Service. If you're Tom Brady it's one thing you do and you lose a target it was a Wes Welker it was the -- you want to lose this guy he was that. What what he lost was the guy in the dark suit with a little we appease its -- that's. And that to -- as Brady ages. And I also understand. That Belichick's responsibility has always been his outlook -- always been like this to a three year window. I don't wanna push all the chips that's what basically put ourselves -- with the jets yeah he pushed all the chips that middle the table or win right now. They didn't think he improve the team certainly. But then they lost the playoffs. He moves on the jets were -- not a number teams have done that with varying levels success and would would Belichick it it's on Mississippi Belichick has always been think. We don't want to be too good in any one season. Because I want to save. Bits in. So I understand that the big difference in my opinion in this case is that the window is best closing. Brady isn't 28293031. Years old anymore he's this is his fourteenth NFL season and 37 only one quarterback -- -- won a Super Bowl and so the window of closing as it is. I think that is they should be more focus on winning this season. Now may be having this too tight -- set up now is going to be -- and the -- it's awesome offense and so forth. But again I wished he had this Secret Service guy with a microphone with a little hippies and I slogan Emeka. As -- -- said the biggest question mark that the patriots have really in my opinion. In May be disagree the only serious question mark patriots at the offensive line. Just got a little bit more on certain risky movies is the term I would -- to work out short. While bill Belichick's moves out but I still look at it as a risky move its sports Sunday Sports Radio WEEI Chris Maloney and Steve Buckley hanging out at you all the way up until. Red Sox baseball this afternoon six once that. 7797937. AT&T text like 379837. Will get your calls and -- tax coming up your Sunday morning it's Sports -- WEE.

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