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Fantasy Football Podcast: Auction drafts, big names to avoid, and more! 8-31-14

Aug 31, 2014|

Fantasy Football Drafts are now happening every day, so Pete Davidson and Jim Hackett have you covered. The NFL season kicks off on Thursday night, so Pete and Jim get their final thoughts of some drafting strategies. They discuss their Auction draft from earlier in the week. Also, some big name players that smart drafters should avoid.

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It's time for the fantasy football -- in -- Jim Hackett beat Davidson chief writer overall Obama. I'll teach you a chance to talk about everything fantasy football related to your players or teams on your source for the best fantasy football talk that's WEEI. -- return radio network now here's. -- I welcome everybody in the fantasy football our own Jim Hackett and Juliet fire fantasy football expert Pete Davidson. He's the chief is a softball right over -- dot com. Our broadcast today is brought to you by drafting the leading provider of daily fantasy sports. And draft kings dot com and by Clark Chrysler Jeep Dodge Ram -- -- when nobody beats a Clark deal. And -- Here we are it's the weekend before it all kicks off for the NFL on site we are in the rose of the draft season. And even just reading that open with drafting has me excited tuchman daily tennis is what's his daily fitness and sports right now. Yeah I mean I'm I'm. I feel like countering taxis and I I. I'm just -- -- announcer -- doing drafts every day up. Hope and fun but it's a cost it is exhausting and and also updating all the rankings in the cheat sheets which you can get a wrote a bond dot com it's being. It's been updated in multiple times every time I look at it looks a little bit different. Yeah I mean some of the updates are literally just taking out an injured guy -- You know home moving a guy as a big game sometimes it's not shocking the whole thing but yeah its. That the but the charts are always in motion this time here and just the nature of the beast no doubt and so what we wanna do in the show in the first segment. Is recap a little bit of the action that we -- Back on Thursday night but we're not gonna get too much into the pre season forced -- as you've seen a lot. We've all seen a lot in terms of the first three now three and a half pre season games as we get through all four. -- it's I think it's important now to really kind of just you get into some meat and potatoes before it was important tennis is stuffed lion and a -- backtrack a little bit and take a look at some of the action that happened with the patriots on the field and off the field -- what was a busy week this week August when he says. -- might say that yes -- The patriots -- they're always there for us this time here to give us up and talk about -- unbelievable and it's relevant unlike what Rex Ryan will do -- you know projects stands it is. Usually irrelevant but the pats make it relevant and such for a given credit. But yeah the jets are passed out on the side of the road the patriots or make -- the extra buttons and and generally the -- none none bigger than in the middle of the week I think it was back on Tuesday. The patriots right in the middle of the afternoon moved Logan Mankins to tip the day the good news on that. They got a tight end which they very much need in in -- the right down got that long bodied receiver you've been asked for yeah yeah exactly that's really pretty illustrate Mankins for now that's the downside and I can Italian. As a lifelong patriots follower and fan I'm not -- -- that's insult. But you know that's one of those glue guys and it just -- the -- that's tough to swallow an -- several days past it. On getting past it but you know he's still -- earlier finally be out on compact -- yeah I'm back I'm back off of the cliff but does not exactly psyched about it but I think. If you take a long lens and understand how the patriots do business in makes cents it's typical pictures you know they're there they're -- Smart and their micro frustrating. That and that's senate that's well said that's out there -- and but hey that's why they're figured a year that's why they always have a good value position. Certainly frustrating when guys like Malloy in Seymour and and Mankins and and obviously there's some other cases those of the main ones -- -- of the big ones when those guys believes it's sort of unexpectedly it's -- to a fan base obviously it is. But at some point -- And you hate to say trust spell check but. How -- change you know look he's got a fourteen year resonate it's it's been great but yet it's not without. It's it's not without its its bumps in the road in and you you feeling to take a little shrapnel every once in awhile when these things come but. -- this too shall pass and they also got a fourth round pick out of it which if you look at patriots draft history has tended to be a good one and and again that's -- felon with those front guys that the political probably it'll probably turn into two fifths of the seventh. A conditional second 2019. Price actually -- -- at a yeah I think it's the thing that really. I I don't know you know the media it's funny things in a variety you know I don't hear much about Mankins yeah I want them yet we go again had to just district it's still an -- -- a golf go preach well I. You know it's it's like you know with with the jets traded Revis. All of a sudden every jets fan -- yet we don't agree that she's not -- he's overrated history and I think. It's amazing how. When guys on your team is one thing and it went on get all you'll likely going to so called truth comes out it's funny that. We'll look beyond that if I can as funny to -- -- an elegant back -- -- yet. Like that. Now I was gonna say so so. This is beyond the fans I just wanna throw something out in this could be the interior fan inside of me saying this but from what I I just found a little convenient okay. I found little convenient that the first time and I'm telling you the first time and I am respond to identify our NE patriots content I can get. Whether it's on the radio it's on TV it's in the rare newspaper it's online -- I. Soak in as much as I possibly can't guess what. I heard a lot about blog Americans so called declined whether it is real or it isn't a -- call the so called the climb because I've only heard about it's it's about 2 o'clock on Tuesday. And before that. I didn't hear word one about it. -- never -- -- goes I mean these guys are in the room but it beat writers in the room the players. They're not gonna you know unless something that's obvious I guess they've got a lot to lose on now on that on that simply but. What what what troubled me is when -- he's sort of a special guy for the patriots right yet leaders that he's like you know my recycle enough to have a report says exactly that -- extra credit on that but like about a gonna pass on that but the thing is. What I what I what I think about a guy like Mankins is when when people get up for the patriots -- -- come to play them okay if they're coming to Gillette and other pats are going there to play them they get up for the game and in Mickens is always one of those guys. Would show you why is it's difficult to play the patriots he played tough he played hard is someone after Brady he was the first got to push him in the head -- he needed her. You don't have to tell me about Mankins and then what he's like right to the whistle let's just put that yes bomb. Yeah it's it's it's it's certainly it's up and look at all these feature comes over the years Mankins you know he's got that character thing going in but I mean the moss thing was shocking in seasons in the Welker thing. I mean I know a lot of pats fans probably just want to drop that pass and you know some people like us you know he asserted that -- -- advancement. I mean that was an odd move I mean and these are moves that that annoy pretty yeah I mean listen these are -- that Tom Brady like. Like the results he was vocal from the out some some insiders and wanna say too much. Is that it wanted to divulge their sources but I don't think he was happy about it this too shall pass and also wanting from a fantasy perspective because we are in the Tennessee football our. What's interesting about making Mickens going to Tampa Bay is he's a real he's a star in terms of run blocking and I'm wondering. I'm wondering -- yeah I'm wondering what this does to Doug Martin on the on the upside he. He's already more interesting to me now that Charles Simms is out for the year and now are Americans going their filling out a lot more confident about potentially picking him. I definitely think doc Marten is a little bit more solid. That he was before -- -- that's great degree move yet and you know let me -- that says something about the patriots made it says something about the way they planned on playing this year. Maybe and maybe they're gonna get away for the power running a little bit. Tom yeah I don't think you gonna see the pulling guard and in a running game and I think they are gonna sling it around that that that's what I think in. And again you sought Thursday night not with Brady the drop low you know through 42 passes. Now I know there showcasing in this stretching his arm they try to get him. The China get him kind of from the -- familiar with full game experiences. But one thing that I did see in terms the patriots passing game back on Thursday night that I liked was Saddam Aaron Dobson catching a touchdown from Jimmy -- Yet thousand nice typical Dobson -- to you saw the physical -- your reaction to the ball on you know dealt with the bump from the defense I thought I thought it was. Good to see in fact I thought pretty much all the balls that stops and caught or almost caught. I thought it looked pretty good I think that was or if there's a positive in the patriot game the fourth pre season game I think it was probably dobbs. Yet after that actually day after the game I dropped below was quoted. I'm I'm just gonna to air quotes I'm not according directly but he said something that I like that it wanted to a good way to get to with you talk about this which is. -- knew somebody asked him about the touchdown throw and he said yeah what was great about desperate to have a guy who went up and got it. You know anything about it that you and I were talking about back in February right that Dobson could be that guy that that that they don't is that if they feel confident in dobbs its -- They have that outside physical presence who can going to fall who competed big receiver who can playoff -- He's got all the ability to do as long as -- -- Yeah absolutely and right now if you look at the draft she -- that you put up their -- -- on the having updated all the time. Here's a guy that's ranked 113. Over don't bump we've bumped him up and you know I. Based on last night he will move up a little bit more. I would think so yeah I would think so I mean he's he says it was this gives him on the field if -- -- that the mystery -- the mystery to be -- Indian -- I'll take a few weeks but that was a nice. That's on the other night -- you know what if that there's one thing with the when it comes the patriots skill players. I. It's fair with the exception of grown and I guess settlement. It's very difficult to say for sure that this guy's gonna be doing this every week yes it's they've got that look. Like they had in their hey day of you know. Team specific. Team plans they're going to be playing directly against the opposition. It you know nobody's better at and -- in the weekly. Attack plan for the team they're playing in the picture chair on its chip Kelly's awful good attitude and and in order to do that you need to be flexible you need to be able to attack and number different ways and clearly the patriots now have a whole lot of different. Types of players I mean you go all the way from tiny little guy like Allen and his quickness -- round pick up all the way up to drunk and his physics quality. And and they've got all kinds of different guys in between so that the patriots can go after teams in a lot of different ways and I. I could be wrong but I think we're gonna see that this I think you can see that diversity of approach. And you know as we set last week I mean act the more -- look at the patriots Morrissey 1213 points. Yeah I'm with -- and I think that's the you can open up at the quote marks my health but I I'm with you -- -- -- -- on both sides of the ball I was -- defense on Thursday and on Thursday night. You know showed some things from a fantasy perspective to make them more more interest and before we get the break we you know I I I read a couple places that teams -- was impressive the other night I thought you looked okay lose it to me what I'm looking for how well is he fitting into the office. And I think he looks good in terms of fitting in the office and I thought one of it. You know his pass routes are looking. You know Flacco better -- they're looking sort of arena. So I think light is going to be in nice player for the patriots you know more of a glue guy and highlight -- guy. Those guys that are important -- the glue guys it's all about to -- guys. Yeah no there really isn't gonna what are the guy we should talk about the -- into the break area on the other side of the ball are -- Williams. I was just gonna tell us journalists just gonna see him up now that it had a beautiful run a running back for the giants for those who don't know how to Boston college at exactly XP to start. And you know if it wasn't for it's at TD saving tackle by any editor. Kiki was taken to the house. Yet -- made Abner is a special team -- for the patriots he's gonna make that. That's quite as a former rugby player I'm like guys like us not enough for sure sure he can be one of those the kind of glue guys who are gonna get into it. A little bit the next segment can be some -- Pete -- and first of a couple drafts coming up last night to -- We're -- -- all about that stay with us is that Tennessee football lauer on Sports Radio WEEI. Welcome back to the Tennessee football our Sports Radio WEEI Jim Hackett alongside Pete Davidson. We last night Pete Knight had the first of a few. Drafts together. And that we got to be fun to share with you kind of some of the dynamics of of what happens in this specific week. This is an auction league draft which are fun if you've never participated and auction before it's not a snake draft people nominate players. Throughout the entire thing and you have a salary budget to do you have to work within. And it's really fun to kind of watched each league kind of take its own not take its own path and take its own identity in this specifically. That Pete -- play against each other and -- -- it's a bid does it's it's a bidding auction and the the the people in the draft from -- to be a little conservative so when I found. Is that the more aggressive you are you actually the more you save it the -- it's a fascinating to watch and I think got. I think com and other than a bit a bit of a beating I gave -- -- that we all we both chipped up pretty well after all 22 players are drafted. You gave me beating. I've gotten a separation in my mind I did. Until I got a feeling good about things that I'm got to feel good on us. I actually think. I love the way you start to draft I think we should probably fill our listeners and yet some -- back talking about -- this is and yet this is an interestingly it's a keeper league but you but it's a cap to keep keep keeper league -- Each team can keep a maximum of four players year over year. And no more than two and anyone positions so so a pretty a pretty common. Keep situation is having to running back in two receivers for instance what I would say that's on common. -- -- that's the goal that's what everybody wants -- it's usually like some cute quarterback or tie it and into wise everybody keeps -- overseers as a way to tax system works or care about that. But not yet it's an interesting week you'd you know your obvious thing is the attention didn't mention arm and think that it is it. The tax system revolves around the money so right you know I have a player for example like -- Paterson got last year for five bucks. If I wanted to keep them this year at five dollar tax so I walked into the draft record around ten. Just under six. CJ Spiller 28 and Andre Ellington and eleven that got him for a -- last year right Jimmy you had Randall -- on the cheek yeah treated in the last year up. Monte ball on the cheap in other deal we both had positive budget situations going into the draft a person carbon -- Percy -- So that that's what you've got these undervalued players. That's extra money you have to spend on other players you can roll in when you have that kind of money right -- you look at the draft collectively. Most of the players who kept. Our play our players who have positive. Monetary situation right right meaning that they've got a cheap isn't what he added there. There their price tag is far lower than there have been new to it their value is right. So if the important thing to know in these situations if you play it one of these leagues and fairly common. Is if you've got forty players that are all being kept OK I'm just that's. That's about how many in this -- about 4012 deleted and if you if you figure that each one of these players is. About five to ten dollars undervalues. Think of the net effect on the draft and everybody's got extra money so what's gonna happen is given as inflation okay. The players in the draft -- normal auction media player would go for forty in this draft he's gonna go for 45 or more -- because people have that extra money to spend. And I think on as chipset that is sort of a conservative draft room last night. And this is what you and I were talking about last week in an auction drafting. You really wanna get a feel for the room right you have to know your league and your owners' right and you can't be too pre determined on the east player prices again because the inflation. They get jacked up and you really have to be prepared to throw some extra money on the pilot times. Or you're gonna end up with not enough talent. On and what she ended which I thought was brilliant. On -- I think you're targeting Peterson going into the draft yet -- that the only running backs that were really there at the top of the draft with Peterson and -- everyone else has kept after that Doug Martin Doug Martin was there in the NAFTA that it Winslow was like Frank Gore okay myself so what I what I liked about what you did Jim is. Even though -- get -- if I'm wrong I think you're going in targeting Peters yeah I was gonna I was gonna go hard for Peterson right but I think both of those projected Peterson go probably for sixty or more right. So what you did which I really like -- -- and I assume you. You said you. You beat army -- who can -- I do I can't. You got Matt Forte for 47. Yeah. Now you know I thought about keeping him at sixty he's -- -- that I put back into the draft -- you'll I thought that was really do business on your part what really was great about it. Was it left Peterson of the port from a bit on. And you grab the -- that yet -- But the thing is it was interesting to watch is like you know we've gotten -- Forte was the was the was the first big money guy you know bid on I grabbed him at 47. And then after that you know Peterson went far what was it like 565755. Yes 55. Then after that you know Calvin Johnson and Doug Martin and so we yeah that's right -- hasn't held a 12 punch there. Five but how can talk about this let's at least teller I checked out there and that's there we we also but it was interesting to watch. In is to is deceit. Players that are nowhere near the caliber of eight -- Calvin while Forte approach or goal over those numbers because of the. He went over those numbers except for Doug Martin well on and on and -- didn't get up to account any key level but he did go over what you paid for four on board today at 47 -- -- Doug Martin is sort of the you know he's the pin high poster boy. For what you and I did I mean -- should've been roughly 4442. Dollar guy but since you and I got really aggressive early we cleaned out the top three people on the board. Forte comes up five minutes after that when he gets called out. Both 51 dollars -- so I'm glad I didn't wait I'm glad I didn't bail out on that AP. Did because I would have been one of the people in on dating and Doug Martin. And I would have been real happy so it it it shows you that being aggressive and an auction people are gonna let you take players. Take them don't don't worry about a dollar your dollar there chance -- Peterson Paterson. Calvin Johnson. Be aggressive into the -- Yet this two ways to this too is look at it and in the draft like this the way you should do -- you shouldn't have been bit guilty and on one side. I was doing to you shouldn't and then last night really hitting it the way. That you need to and you know it really comes down to in an auction draft like pisses. Is setting the tone setting the market -- reacting to the market is if you're reacting to the market you can't control. What other reporters how other -- are gonna react to those. Price -- fluctuations. Vs if that's true but here's the thing. It felt that way to me last night what don't know last night it worked out that way for -- but the thing is you also have to I mean. As I say you wanna be aggressive when I get the player but there is a point where you have to say okay this is getting stupid. So that's where united yet we were able to set the tone right there had been a person in the room who is also being aggressive. Then maybe you and I get a short break point yet know it yet that's fair right -- that that's the thing about the auctions who wanted to say. That there's hard and fast rules but the reality is you need to be able to handle this Whipple. And and react to what's going on around you. And it's the same time have a sense for what limits are for what value is but I mean just think of it in around terms if you can get. One of the best players for under sixty dollars yet you you're crazy not to do. None of that to -- another factor there too which is if you Golan with a plan like I had a plan I was gonna get Peterson. Or Forte the opportunity get Forte at the right dollar amount came first I did it. My next -- was -- OK I've got Randall Cobb and Percy carbon really liked to have Hartman as my three not my two. Ali get a solid too -- in and it was a lot of receivers there that. All kind of fit the bill. I am allies on one or two specifically and nailed a man at a price that was good and then what happened after that is the panic set in and other owners and we're spending more. For the for the receiver that I deemed as less value and I think when you take control. Really amazing how you guys site did you get so he starts talking about his own fantasy team I do if that's our national and an. And it's funny I just to what you're saying I mean that the I think the perfect example of what you are just talking about is Emanuel Sanders. Yeah unbelievable the price tag he -- -- -- odds are I was watching a price going up into sitting there laughing. I read -- Trent Richardson for half the cost -- that. And it's -- Emanuel -- gone for more than auto running backs. I mean it's it's weird how people choose to pay for something's about others. I'm sure Manuel said his -- players this year but keep it it's almost like he's coming from the jets. To the Broncos. You know it's not like -- guys -- play with the obvious hole in the Acropolis -- so you know like the idea that this guy's gonna turn -- mean. People are out there beating him last night like he's number one receiver. Absolutely very I now and we even talking in this in this shelf for a long time about people to target. You know where the values are just way out of whack the eighty -- -- way -- that people that you should jump on. A couple people come to mind that I was able to grab last night ones Martellus Bennett. Got him for a fraction of the cost of what rocker Jimmy Graham would cost Eric Decker was another one and -- meat comeback. In the third segment we're gonna get into a lot more fancy tie in loop back to an article Pete did recently wrote a bomb which is called players to avoid. It's the draft weekend it's the final draft weekend drafts her upcoming all the way until next Thursday night. When when Seattle kicks it off. On Thursday night football. We wanna talk about not only the players to reach four into gulf war but the players to avoid. -- -- stick with us after the break it's the fantasy football our Jim Hackett Pete Davidson Sports Radio. WEEI. Welcome back to -- fantasy football our Jim Hackett alongside Pete Davidson chief writer from -- dot com. WEEI fantasy football our -- last segment. We got talked a little bit of our our auction draft that happened down last night was a lot of fun openness and good -- -- there. In the last segment here wanna get into something that we talked about -- very amateur players to avoid. We've talked a lot not podcasts and our show heading into week one of the NFL season. About people that are undervalued who's eighty -- are ridiculously. Low vs where their value is. But the flip side is we got to inform our listeners as best we can detect kind of stay away from some people. That you might historically 'cause of their brand name one -- reach for that might not be such a good idea. Yes I mean -- you know that that the pin -- guys that I've seen on just about every one of these lists including mine and you know it's not report to be original here but for -- to be correct. -- you know -- Foster he's. Really the poster child for her sort of got it. I think intelligent drafters. Are leaving for someone else yet you know and the thing with -- I want him to go I touched on whom to me. If you don't I want someone to pay for them. But you know it's just the breakdown factoring -- is very real yeah factories and new offense. You know and nothing against O'Brien but it's in new office for Foster you know who knows he's gonna be exactly the same players used to be and he doesn't have a quarterback anymore. Yeah which was a problem last year as well. -- but it hasn't gotten any better with its current -- so you know for Foster guy who often goes first early second. Not for me and I agree that it'll be in the last night's auction draft he was he slipped back. And I just still with an interest in just not interest in red flags all over the place with him from me if I'm not mistaken for 29. Yeah -- I auction what did you. That's not not and that's still in that draft that was pretty good chunk of change and the auction site took part in the days before it for 44 posts -- same format so. Well it's it's not remember these numbers aren't you can't look at these numbers in its auction values and a back. Because a lot of it has to do with when the player's name gets called. What is left on the board at that position. And one of the budgets of the teams who -- looking for that position I guess but it's still up that's that's really I mean if in fact the the auction you are talking about yesterday if you recall I mean if it gets that it was your first year in the -- you remember the orient and -- of -- yeah like crazy if I remember when I was a 64. -- right yeah -- out now that's really stupid example he was worth about point right if that it was just a matter of two teams having a lot of money left neither one of them having any running backs. And it just comes down to while it's not a real money there's no reason to save it all right this player so. That's one of the reasons you and I like beating early we don't wanna get involved in the budget situations later where were over dating just because we have the money well spent that money at fourteen days Peterson's Coutts -- Exactly so but -- let's get back to that it's. The -- avoid yet have -- you know summer of you know to avoid it if for various reasons maybe we think there's not gonna be good maybe we just think that the -- -- -- -- -- -- -- you're three and -- three of the greatness I know what you're gonna have to let you have it you're three and three of the greatest players in the league and don't -- -- Iran and you know what that's earthquake relief in it yet if if they are great -- yes. If if Peyton Manning Aaron Rodgers or Drew Brees -- on TV I'm watching. If anyone of them are in the Super Bowl I'm not surprised. I just don't see the value in getting a quarterback. One of those elite quarterbacks that early in the draft when this so many good ones all the way through at the end. -- that the positioning your passing up on players you cannot yet waiters -- obviously -- discussed what we always say. But yeah on our board just to make a point -- players to three -- four Manning Rogers robberies and there -- favors their great players I walked among my team need to. But I'm not my game plan for getting them it is common wait for the teams that overdraft them to need to treat them -- -- tomorrow. Sometime around week 567. In a deal favors me -- over draftsman. That's you know. That's the best way to do it. And you know I think one thing that happens to people guys agrees writers and Peyton is may be the one time you want your league -- -- right. So then that gets that -- quarterback thing in your mind. But here's the thing. -- years that people -- with Aaron Rodgers. Probably was the year he's going in the first round. It was that year before the break yet so it was the year that everybody knew he was good but he had done it yet you got it in the fifth round one week yeah so the question isn't. You know after that performance of that player right -- the question is who's this -- Aaron Rodgers right who's the guy can get in the fourth or fifth or sixth. Who can perform at the end of the day -- -- And you know probably staffer law -- fools would probably be guys yet. And -- -- us you know if you want it sort of dual quarterbacks strategy you still need to get their quarterback who can drastically outperform what you paid for. In the hours patches of -- and that's how to win the -- duck dive dip in dodge it if they touched the effect that. So but it's certainly asked again -- him as other players did -- as well if that's a whole number of Chuck Norris titans here at home. You know I I think. Reggie Bush is cigar yet where you know he's going at the end of the third round. In not just Kiki are and if you're looking purely it's reasonable yet. But to -- Reggie Bush has gotten in the fourth or fifth round -- on Reggie is a heartbreaker. Well before 2014. I mean he's been a guy attic and he can be a game changer for you in any fantasy week you can explode but. He also has those weeks that just don't be you know don't give you what you need to -- when you're looking to get -- bombs at the top of your draft the top of your team you can't have all -- -- like. And -- -- tend to -- games to yes. So that's you know nothing like you know four carries on the day and died early shower. -- -- fantasy owners never like that doesn't do much for you know and on another guy in the tub like that a lot of still be here -- nine and I bring him up -- -- because he's in the article featured that you posted up -- wrote upon earlier in the week but yeah. Beat. I didn't a couple of drafts and he's going a little bit earlier that food and not been for my liking act on that. Yeah I mean we don't have the -- terribly behind its current ATP but Gerhart is a guy like if I get a market prices my third back yet. And I certainly understand that when healthy he's gonna probably put up the numbers that are you know. -- answer with you know to back production yeah. But but the thing is as you said he's a guy that spent a lot of time in the tub. And that's with not a big workload yen in a backup role behind Adrian Peterson Illinois right -- Toby Gerhart missed games. -- for a guy who's getting rocked 250 times a year that's okay well he -- some games that he -- the -- lot. But he's like you know he's a handful carries Canada. So you know. The durability is improvement and people are drafting him as if it is and you know to me there's a little disconnect there also -- in it we talked about this it's a team like. You know I think the advocates and growing pains ahead of them the Jackson Billiton has done some good things but. I also I'm not wild on running backs on not great teams. It's just easy to stack the box in the team like that they tend to be a little bit more predictable not saying they will be Cindy tend to be. He's not. Really I am my board for those reasons to. That's a factor I mean I. I'm much more concerned about the durability I think he will produce healthy I I like the fact that he's -- first little big back. You know there aren't a lot of big backs who can you know. Run routes and catch the ball past for past and to all those things occur arc and then he's enhanced and writes I mean I've heard some people position and is is he going to be you know. You know it's he can be -- you know the next big back. You know to to change teams and go or not you know -- Michael Turner. Like I said is he the next Michael Turner and this guy's a better player that might be just said he can catch the ball exactly so you know he's not a one trick pony but. As you said it's not a perfect situation for running back in terms of how much they've blocked her play again -- if you're gonna average for her to care for Jackson you're gonna have to get a little more. And what's -- right on that's an issue for sure but my big thing is it's Kenny Kenny handled volume. You know so -- Toby Gerhart is 250 carry back this year scored seven touchdowns and does fairly well I'll be more than willing to push in buffalo next year. But -- -- it to me kind of person yet and this is the year for him to prove it. So this -- in a year from now heading into 2015. Feet. If he does prove it then until merit. You know higher position and you draft board but that is also -- year old for -- and I'm sure people close to do another five or ten minutes on Toby Gerhart. As exciting in years but I'm moving on the -- for cynics in order quote it. It's -- it's on its estimates elicits -- -- we can stick the deposition of running back there's a couple people to me that are a wildly overvalued. You know one of commercially. One is Rashad Jennings like you know I get it is number one on the depth chart today. For the giants -- historically runs the ball well I understand is another health guy. Yes I mean Rashad Jennings is one of those guys where. I think a lot people who drafted him after three weeks are gonna think they want -- week. Still Rashad Jim. Got to get -- for sixteen weeks folks I'm betting -- yet it's as simple as that I just don't see him getting through sixteen weeks and volume. Now if you do get him in the first segment of the show we're talking about Thursday is -- -- Thursday night's action with the patriots in the giants -- hundred -- look pretty -- itself is a -- option. Which is a handcuff -- the problem is you've got a lot of people are actively pursuing Williams. And it. On his own merit yes yes and you know I'm not handcuff pricing. So it's the kind of thing where you know Jennings. Jennings goes in maybe the fifth sixth. You're gonna have to jump back and you know maybe in the tenth street and nine -- and I ground you know to get Williams so that's. Not really handcuffed so much but. Yeah it's not a bad move on my solution is just avoid Jennings and and draft Williams hence the article players can avoid it -- And Arab -- -- Congo a couple other running backs and in this one just jumps up the page in and I hope. For anyone that's listened to us here on. WB I 937 or our podcast at W you know -- we'll know kind of where we stand with running backs that are injured to concede the trend. And this is a shame but this guy which is now we come run DMC Democrats in Oakland he just can't stay on the field -- so why would you -- an instant. It's tricky. So if that's Africa run DMC Jana on a -- on their fifth on the yeah he's just -- and I mean and I are talking about a guy -- -- backfield with three talented running back Maurice Jones-Drew is there is yeah status Maria I think it's a comer. So yeah I mean it's it's really hard to get -- McFadden you know could he put a string of games together that'll excite people capture absolutely. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Don't even better like that you finish the game right. Then -- the guy is someone who actually has stayed healthy throughout the course of his young career. He's been. Tennessee football upside guy before in San Diego. He's performed well and an increased role in New Orleans and now he's with Chip Kelly in Philadelphia Darren Sproles but he he's on this list on players to avoid. Yeah I mean just because it's price tag is very high -- knock on you know hundred overall I'm -- -- -- I think it's as much of a special teams guys a -- -- -- -- and I think their rituals as a very important player for the Eagles. I don't think he's going to be important and positive factor. For your fantasy team this year I mean it's not just because -- age and and I do you think Sproles the guy could still doing. But I think you know -- a Smart -- responders for no good reason Wear out there spirals with what would be the point. Yeah exactly and you know what and it's not it's not like you can look at him as wish on -- handcuff key that that's not his role and never has been he's never been in cup now now I mean -- If if if you know it's what Shawn McCoy was out for a period of time what would Sproles usage go off sure yeah of course everybody on the whole team's. You know touched -- totals probably go up a little bit. On has of course not they're dominating the ball. But you know Sproles Sproles percentage or share wouldn't go up as much as -- other people. Namely you know either poll barter whoever gets the job. You know during the early down -- -- canyon Varner recently traded to a little over a week ago from Carolina to -- -- excuse me to Philadelphia. In a crystal is is. Kind of guy trying to get healthy didn't play again last pre season game yes so. So and he he's another guy that's actually come on the list for that very reason that can focus on the list I -- he's a guy all right I've seen a lot of people taking him. Just sort of as a presumptive handcuff. And I think that made sense going into camp but at this point the fact that he hasn't played the fact that Henry Jozy and Matthew Tucker. And now Warner are all looking fairly good yet Genesis. -- you know chip Kelly's not sentimental. And Eagles back field as it's it's rich with talent their whole offense is rich with talent. His suggestion to get McCoy -- little bit worried about what you read. Maybe online publics about Obama's tow hours farm. Draft him. Draft him first. And enjoy the stats and then just get some other good guys like that may be -- -- -- you're confused about that money back -- with Henry Josie and Chris Balkan. And -- Varner and and all the likened Sproles avoid it. Get the guy at the top and then go draft somebody else. Right I mean obviously that's that's a good. Good thought I I like the idea now it's not always gonna work. Sometimes you're gonna get outdated and out punched it back and get that third running back to you wanted. And that's the case -- you do you have to late in the draft pick and cup options. You know at this point. Gosh I -- what's at Arco partner. Yeah you know but that's nothing that'll -- And barter he he was a museum a former Ottoman in my heart hold that thought I'm talking about -- -- -- say that yes you know you that you not lately usually draft 2225. Players Colonia in leagues like that. You know grabbing partner which aspect Axel that's sure yet -- net. Ten team I'm sorry twelve team like ten roster. League on Yahoo! yeah you definitely don't have like these acts it out yet Yahoo! leagues I think -- fifteen players aren't starters six bench. So -- in -- -- like that you would not. Wanna try to handcuffed McCoy wanna go with -- strategy of just trying to get a really good third back. Yeah I'm gonna throw some names out to that patriots fans and in WEEI listeners are very familiar with which. And don't take offense in if you listen to this John -- of the podcast to hear the accent. You know what -- from from on the pats fans. But tile accents suffered a figure yet you also like not Pennsylvania like no accent like Comex and Saving Private Ryan I don't sound like a New York but I am in fifth set at. Flew -- to be on the show anyway. Thank you because of your great knowledge but. I was gonna island day here's knowing you did as well yes absolutely and -- your objective. Objective analyst with all the respect in the world for the picture yet. Having said that. Our our our baby our golden boy Tom Brady. Is on this list now that has nothing to do with this talent it has nothing to do with what he can do for the patriots or even your fantasy team it's just about kind of where he's ready and draft -- Your fantasy team Jim -- I don't of all the anger yes -- it was like the only guy you had -- winning games every week right full respect for breaking yet. But yeah I mean is ATP it's you know when when we posted this article ATP was 56. That's that's set up. -- -- -- pass -- up on good players on as long you don't get emotional about the pretty things. You know fifty picks later 4030 picks later you're gonna be able to -- QB it's gonna put -- roughness that yen and last night it picked up Romo and Roethlisberger for a fraction of the cost of -- I think I think those two in salary were less than Brady. Radio for a lot and be stacked getters minimal rough is not totally agree. That renews the quarterback position this year is wide open for value in it's it's it's it's not fun. And I know it's tough because -- -- fantasy footballers. You know the guys we know the best of quarterbacks so there's that there's a sense of security when you draft a quarterback you know the player he got a comfort level. But you gotta play the game the way it's laid out at quarterback -- so deep and other players are any other positions aren't. Be patient it'll it'll help. It's tough to unwind -- -- -- -- because I talked to people Lott who like she's really like the articles of -- Obama listen listen the show this is great. And then you talked them you draft Michael deafening and -- Brees Rodgers and I cannot listen in and -- is that you read ahead headaches have right. But it's it's that they get it's it's almost like I don't just look at the pictures it's almost like an ally in the enlightenment like he needs at. Just keep hammering and and people may be for those who have gotten the message apologies for hammering. This since you can hang an you know but let you know sometimes people have to -- through doing yes I mean look my first fantasy football draft a long time ago. But I thought I was being real Smart -- Jeff Blake and Warren Moon in the middle rounds tried to corner the quarterback position and I got -- -- -- well -- that's Salt -- forgot about it what he threw thirty hours touchdown it was not so yeah he was a bad guy and so you know I think I felt real good about it and -- moon and -- -- good in Hamlin was nobody would I couldn't treat anyone of those guys who was -- that sound a little I had a great quarterback might actually along didn't help me. And I learned one of the big lessons right off the -- You know and I know you had some years where you. Went heavy on Brady and then head injuries and Bledsoe before that yes and and you learn through the school part box that's the way it goes. Does a great article on learn from our -- vote yes that's a great article. In the archives of -- bond dot com under the wrote upon -- tickets and there but. That you wrote it is probably last year maybe year before called love kills and I was actually an -- of 2010 is not far back app but love still those killed in -- -- it does it. It's just as accurate count there was that look if you love the pats and you you obviously respect Bill Belichick be Belichick be ruthless don't be afraid to trade Logan Mankins in terms is mentality that's a great way to put it yet manage your fantasy team the way Belichick manages the patriot yet you want people saying on the message board while dollars and Belichick -- pick. That's what you want. There is sort of an odd dichotomy of the patriot way right. Yeah we talk about -- is how the patriots are really good organization awful lot. You know you can take that you want from that but they're also cold. Numbers based yeah. Logan Mankins thanks for a great career while yet. About -- Tampa yeah that's the way that role and I mean you know. People get upset about it. While it's happening get a set of about in the moment but nobody complains at the end of the year there's twelve points on the board that absolutely. It's it gets a good way to do -- have to look at your finesse team the same way that the mistake I think people make in in developing a fantasy team particularly. Those if you were kind of doing it for the first time is you know you come up with that mentality like on the build my team what's the first thing you do when you build something that's yours. You wanna make it yours to -- people that you like and it's an easy fallback and that's a recipe for disaster in Tennessee -- -- Looked you'll mess up that that that that feeling that you when it's the good things that happened here teams have your picture and you watch the patriots -- in your watching your quarterbacks every time. Free throws touchdowns your senior fantasy teams score touchdowns there's. You know there's an immediate payoff in others in some dope would mean it's -- not happened -- But the but the truth of the matter is in New England draft or pay more for Brady and his points are or any more than -- -- -- yet so. Vehicles -- yet be called how does not like you're not gonna be rooting for Brady and so they were the hold -- or not. Right in you know and watch NFL networking -- -- rather draft a really good team with really good players across the league that are now value -- draft them and Emma Watson scored touchdowns and make -- -- on. On the red zone all the time. Yeah take it for the patriots have folks that's funded -- for a pitcher and by the way patriots fans. I noticed last night. Material yeah -- got yeah I think so. -- patriot defense has only. It's now or three -- -- Get picked and we heard a draft last night and you deserve. Thank god come -- sit -- talking about it the -- that you are and let me steal the Patriot Act up on a regular public -- care market. I had I had a little bit of money left -- the -- cuts again I got all three thoughts about -- -- honest -- I played a minute of it now listen -- positioning is the out of its -- let me ask you this man who owns the patriot defense. Robert Kraft are now all that's at -- You have them yes I noticed that the mothers like a couple things that happened I -- you're gonna go for though I like when you. You bit block I'd I -- for -- just I didn't think -- -- now pocket until for a popular too good. Yeah we hit the mistake his -- -- little -- it now I think that his domestic enemy by ice I got down. The -- few picks earlier. You grab the Houston Texans for a -- and everyone let it happen in my market and you're thinking now's the moment now I get a strike while the iron right got hot right and I still aina I had in my mind that I needed. X number from Max bid to get my my handcuffs and the talent to bring it helpful. Full range for -- -- but what you did yeah I had I have Matt Forte Montae ball and Trent Richardson. And I was gonna make sure I got Ahmad Bradshaw on a backup Trent Richardson and Indianapolis and posted -- I was gonna make sure got Ronnie -- tobacco Monte ball in Denver and you -- it in -- and I was sure. Later I was gonna get to -- carry. In Chicago to back a map for today. Good work and I did but what I didn't and you. And you know you -- -- -- -- to me dale how will look at the pats and might give whatever we get everything right while Acosta output right out here OK it's it OpenId but it re one of the NFL season yet we're going to be doing the show up to the super ball. August and our yearlong story how long does it take any other -- patriots did you -- -- of the conflict -- and the goblet down right now I will look at the pats -- you know we've got. Yes but -- a all right. So you're not you have an aborted the pat I'm not gonna avoid them again and again I'm from him in in a deal and has another chance draft and this week I do is that yeah. And and a little and down and as we move forward into the season. A lot of these should all all of these shows and our podcast that that supplemented as you were making a -- as our last show that's going to be sort of the right format transition right so we've been talking a pre season -- Madras. Now we're gonna start getting into who'd start who'd sit on a weekly level we would you regents to watch it -- that might wanna be right. In trading tips guys who you might wanna make a run for -- she starts you're playing weekly fantasy yet all that's that's gonna be fun. So this is really this is kind of -- this is our last chance to do it -- weekend before Thursday night football week one. A couple of players to avoid B can we get a couple minutes left John what's the let's move on the receiver position is and others this couple sexy ones out there. The people have their eye on what is the top rookie receiver in the draft class is Sammy Watkins like a lot of a lot lot lot to. But the quarterbacks to get on right now so -- drafts yeah Watkins is over price from seventy justice I've got a good. Almost one spot slower. And I don't run and at a time Jim and another guy who went for increasing number last night Maclin and I know I'm I'm rooting for Jeremy Maclin is a good kid sheriff's talented I'd love -- -- him do well. But if you look at his injury history. Mean he's -- thirty dollars at auction it's just saying he sets of books don't go don't cores and a fourth or fifth pick your Mac and I'm Becky. Don't do it yet and his injuries not like you typical hand equalize. He sits him like he sets and have his influence is at some odd injuries at that -- that blood disorder hip ten years ago and at the sclc I just. I I look I hope I'm wrong about Mac and I really do but if you if you wanna target Mac and target him around a 190 so much that don't go jumping up in the fifth sixth round again it's a mistake. Yeah a couple of other guys that have big brand names that have to keep off fearless Miles Austin. Had a nice drama Dallas for a few years there but he's been steady decline for awhile and great he's been great and I think Jimmy I think we got sick -- All right well thank you very much for the insight -- I hope everyone out there listening who's doing it. Has a great weekend and good luck with all -- drafts you've been listening to the fantasy football hour -- Sports Radio WEEI.

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