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Patriot's 53 man roster

Aug 30, 2014|

Danny and Mike Giardi talk about the final cuts made by the Patriot's to get to the 53 man roster

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I join me right all of the AT&T. Hotline I -- and Mike Giuliani from Comcast sports net New England Michael good afternoon I don't today. Not much patriots did dominate all the cuts necessary. But to get down to 53. Any thing that surprises you -- I guess the name -- name more names that have been mentioned on this list. That really jump off the page Steve. I'm not not really I mean obvious right now and have a long now are cutting it in like. You know we just automatically assumed economic I thought that it would it. Below are now particularly on the a lot of -- I'm not really worried about our our nation's media. They. Were you a particular probably got a -- practice squad and not that big deal I mean I think it's they get all happy out when they got run a little bit on the -- I -- it look tonight. Yeah and and the meg constraint was really the biggest move I was surprised by the Tommy Kelly. -- earlier this week because. Every time I talked about this defense and whether it's on the show or my podcaster in with you Mike I mean I just acted in -- the dominance with the patriots he was gonna. Was gonna have Tommy Kelly the image upon that the middle with Vince Wilfork. You know under the rule it out or yet or part of the U are brought into the business I think -- -- that the way to lead and it now. Are you and -- is not a young man and they looked at guys like the only guy and Joseph and. More and he says the result is we already guys to the waiver wire item -- the practice luckily it. -- debate and conclusion that the answer is no. And they look at potential -- aren't we -- -- even though Kelly took a. Cut me off your stomach I think two and a million and I think it -- themselves. Look at something close to that in between these guys. You know will be able to replicate -- quote Elliott any but it is Little League they did Communist dollar economy. They come early it a chance to go browser can't pick a place up get beat Arizona. After docket being out -- the platform. What does that what does Tommy Kelly kotsay to you about how they feel. About Dominique easily and and when he could be you know ready to play. You know I I kind of thought that we were you -- you missed -- there today. I'd like to app at all. -- more people they said -- look at that hurt you know the about the future and I don't think that that that the earlier about the -- on it and no one. We are comparable -- -- -- Com. Then yeah that'll be out there are. They've taken -- brought you a bit. You really gone over the time out by you know the equity you don't -- on the -- member amber. Which of course you always want got a play I -- you want to play or -- Leonid district needs. Now devote auctioneer and -- things that feel like he does not -- they -- you. -- all bound for quite well or come back -- when you come back midyear it's somewhat of an impact player on that Iraq. You imagine guys that that may be warning clear waivers ought to get the practice squad on one guy that was cut today that. Even though he had about three season and voice. I still look at his skill set. And saying that he's of some value to disorganization and the 'cause. I think if you plug his skill set may be into a situation of guys do get in -- guy. You know guys like element -- -- maybe he still has the skills to make it work. Others I'm sort of surprised he got -- as bad as it pre season was actually wanted to see him naked put do you think he's a guy that will end up. On the practice squad is that an automatic practice squad guy voice. I I don't that don't get through. You don't start out like it on the ground there. But now or -- into that -- but a report. Just one era school. Off. You know there's a little -- don't want him that was some -- -- -- and number -- -- I guess on that property is one man and I would Kamal what -- a three. -- ARAMARK that we -- more on. -- got real strong you about a unit are. On drugs that are. I just thought you know what do you know a little bit more year on only one -- at -- school. And when you and the -- and -- I'm Amendola an art director here at home and finally did it last year not hurt the -- now. One of them got it down the op. Or to be back -- -- -- go to amendment and react with the right yeah I didn't flat. -- Lot and Brenda -- well. And I'm not I'm not certain weight or hot spot. Yeah and and let's talk a -- second though because again I think you agree -- me out of all the men's. This at least to me this is one that debt that jumps out the page because of this skill set that he could provide a potential role backup role case a couple guys go down. I thought that would work there. But that final pre season game look he didn't have a good pre season bush and have a good pre season at all. And I say that because he ran a lot of bad routes and usually we would in all if that was the route. Or if it was maybe a bad role but a lot of the quarterback body language. In the pre season showed that voice was run and some bad routes but one. -- I wanna ask you about it because you watch his game in depth on Thursday night. Rob Lowe's only interception that game in which bush goes out -- on the right side he curled to the sideline a little bit. It looked like maybe he should curled inside -- got it up all the does that with a ball was thrown. But the more I watched that play on that can maybe that wasn't on bush is bad route. And it was a bad role that was overthrown to Tim Wright because Wright was on the inside sort of. An eight you know I don't know 68 yard out route to the sideline and look like he might have overthrown right. Did you think that was six to. There epic report because after the game you're up about -- interception and the that all are always among the over the receiver and I turn up I was like little weight which you are talking about -- that's got. Call back into the illegal contact them you don't report on the C Miller. The -- men on where -- of illegal contact and it though not all be an exception to -- That. Really liked -- sure I'll go back -- UK. I don't want to target right now he did exactly what you studied yoga shop right and the market really cute boy and now are on the wrong or not. That's too much on the right. All I'm not a bad light and actually in the actually senior Republican on the outside the inanimate or state and I don't want. Spiegel Mike GRE Comcast sports net doing on. I'll -- compatriots or any AT&T hotline an Mike is speaking of right. I mean I don't I'm not gonna crowned him as one of the best offensive plays in the league I'll think we should but if you wanna look at his skill set. And what he did last year and that you actually see it. On the screen for the patriots team at a guy's got some length you know he's got some speed he's got to launch stride he seems to be athletic. And now he's got to play with Brady I mean I'm sort of excited as to what right has got to bring to the table war what are you see from this kid common and the tide and spot. Walk out first they are adamant on at that moment steel 48 hours after being traded and as you're watching the communication from up above there's no need to be coupled farm where. Drop -- telling you you're you're you know you're kind of in the wrong spot or you'll -- little little. -- after the after the horrible Politico. So I think that he was able pick that up pretty quickly. Speak volumes about what Ayatollah that you intelligent football players aren't rock look that bad yet and post game so. I think that has obviously decided that orchestrated -- some workers got. That are Belichick the -- connection that we look at the record I come earlier inaugural roster. Are all Smart football players you -- -- About whether the momentum diet but in terms of I'd tell you what to do -- do your playbook and rejected the -- and they do that so. And a real that diagram and you look at the. You can -- all. It yourself or unhealthy option LT Robert L ready and you got guys in the slot. Our goal or whatever and look at a situation where. -- -- -- It took quite a bit of a mismatch issue because he is more wide receiver than Qaeda. On the so no not arrogant of them talked about this quite a bit hurt and has to be who has tea. Athleticism standpoint it was pretty special -- beat them. Pretty rare one at that position that side that's been -- -- the back and look at it include them on. Right agents about that and that makes it more difficult to decide and it's another guy you look up and that spot and I'll look happened at a particular order -- patent gimmicks here I'm here because I think they got an out pieces in place super now that. The a lot of -- read out here yet but and to catch -- And right came over in me -- straight which is earlier this week. And tell me this Mike was -- and and a lot of people have made a big deal about the business plot this and Americans make in six point 25 -- put. Published this was also a football decision on the patriots and we Americans stand to -- they think he's gonna stand in his career at 32 years old how much was -- football. To make district. I think it is. First and almost -- business transactions and that. Look electoral map Pro Bowl so the conversation started back in February. About taking a pay -- and everybody. You were you lock your. That I works he he's one of the few people that actually looked at me I. -- their blocks and one and I'm talking about holed out an editor at the time the largest contract regarded never gotten. You realize thirty million dollars guaranteed or any. You look at the situation. As a business transaction. Polite and they got last. I'm an agent are yet and it and sell you know are they where you wanna cup will go ahead and copy -- -- -- -- Someone's gonna give me. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I think that's how we look at the situation. I know there's a little bit of shock when it actually happened and the guys saw him all the data demonstrated. That that was pretty clear that it has struck out there and still shocked that you play your tire career in one spot and all of a sudden you're somewhere out skeptical. That it is that shocked that the I think first and foremost the decision but all guys are all but they look at it that. You -- I'm gonna get my money this year that the company probably getting more so. You know. I don't play I never blame a guy. About these particular moment -- last and it sort of guardian tent though and others want guaranteed is. Money in the pocket and probably going to be -- -- -- ought to start breaking out. I didn't as people like Giuliani Comcast sports net New England Mike. I didn't look at the Mankins strayed and and react to -- -- say all this is the end of the world for the patriots -- You know they can't be successful offensively without him certainly I appreciate what he gave -- this team. I love his toughness and his toughness combined with his personality as you mentioned in the locker room. Made him sort of -- not. And I would wanna see this guy in a dark Alley and it probably top of my list that I wouldn't wanna fight in the street where -- I. -- said. I don't know that you need to have that type of guy. To be successful in this league right do you agree -- me. Where they can plug someone in that spot that doesn't need to be a Pro Bowl guy what can beat. Good enough. To communicate well at this offensive line and be good enough to protect Tom Brady with this offense can still be successful without Mankins. But I look at I looked at jobs client report on Thursday night and that was very precedence on. So. Starwood bat and the star start but all they've they started talking about and Omar bubble but it art. The market can stay right tackle final out on a candidate who played at guard. All all received so. They're pretty to put a pretty large -- and there to make it all out attack or beat you one of the better right tackle football and -- -- golf -- I'm not not overwhelmed by market can't moments -- -- and yet. You know is this report of course they would hit it into an opportunity. Well it appears that it got to get that to an opportunity. This one is out of one form or other here. Bought. Well I think there and -- -- nights. -- that look like it is on the decline. You're not you know it's not that Belichick always talked about guys. You know if -- are still open still playing out were now the unity not it's flat out and it probably went in the other direction. How much. And it. You know you still could be. And I whatever cell -- hurt a lot of the stuff people reported or written about -- -- last year they -- now an outright or thirteen sacks. We had to give up thirteen that's an apple that the big number. Also pat Tom pretty drop action Robert W art car last year so -- put thirteen and 67 about it. The numbers not outrageous so. I don't know I mean look. What particular pair I know mayor I know that they -- and was too high and that won't be able to somewhat replicate your performance. I'm just not -- They're not stop -- a little bit and not you know look what does that news. New music days left I don't know still pretty loaded I grow to 1213 porky what are the realistic proposition -- I'm the -- that -- and I'd. You still. -- -- applicable I don't know how much longer but he can still play at the -- fairly high level. I'm Mike before I let you go all I want to mention one kid that. You know congratulations to him have to -- in his team. Malcolm Butler. I'm glad he made it I think you know black people -- would you like -- -- I said love. You watch him play and and there are times in which he gets beat you know. -- on the on the road but when the ball's thrown to -- he seems to still be there -- the instincts to still be able to get to play. And make a play. And I don't consider just talk about all the guys that did this team move how about somebody who who. You don't -- battle wanna spot Malcolm bought -- you like him stick with this demon and what are your thoughts on what he could be. Well I know a lot of people about great story. You -- quarter well I'm sure that yet so little they sell more opportunities. They're on our plate -- received and also based on the -- -- economic handle that other safety spot I think they look at the lead in the -- ability to halt the spread offense and all slot guy and I think that the we got a and we're about Obama brought the priest regardless -- as ever or is covering it. The competitive and IB a -- -- play maker over there are you wrote this porno. I don't know how the World Cup I'll help you. The opportunity. To deal must yield. Permitted plays were the regular student starts I think that's. A credit to him if the government bottom and it undrafted guys you're behind act out and got yeah he. Thought we got -- today. Butler. On the roster and that the guys really did you the love the competitiveness -- her about it -- you went there. Lot of -- and the ball was in the air he's a round or whenever catches on it was right -- back pocket. And receive a lot well below that year where guys aren't even close we want and -- are written our current and yeah that. -- What was an awfully competitive two routes so. At the rates there are no -- got -- Could do it and as of right now on -- -- linebacker and you want you back -- black market apps and there's a couple real restored the guys. Taking advantage of their opportunities literally gotten more and then more and more and more and play and that's. That's one of the great things about the -- here. I've lot I have one more because we've talked so many times like -- you about the three quarterback situation with this team and I kept telling -- for weeks and I think they're gonna move mallet. What what did him not be available for the fourth pre season game. Tell you about what they're gonna do with this quarterback position you think they're gonna go in with three than they gonna if they do go into the regular season with three -- the gonna keep three the entire time. What do you think they got to move mallet what are you that they're gonna do this. Don't think they're they're so there's an offer out there about they would not edited to pull the trigger on that I just again watch and don't appreciate I just. Did what you did this production in the matter is take that he'd leave. -- in Tampa and. There's this recruitment out but there's never been. Leak leak and rot on the -- Abbie started at a big lead and we won. Beyond that because of the unity yeah it's there and Eddie don't you tell. -- -- -- -- We didn't repeat her performance but there was still a lot of good -- the summer that they didn't eat. Now the actors -- he had okay well you're making the right decision. Arm and you get the ball out -- Not in by the Russian wheat gluten that we have a policy -- now out well why don't we haven't seen it critically it's not but that's India's games so. I think there's some that out effort out be it today tomorrow. Next week's fortune now. I think that's not -- that they were at the tape on pulling the trigger on. I'm like a regular season right around the -- thank you so much for joining me throughout training camp Campbell. Have you on again during the regular season break at all down. Thanks again. -- -- -- -- Michael Yani Comcast sports net doing a great stuff right there as we gets set weekly on a week from tomorrow in Miami.

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