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Sports Saturday with Mustard and Johnson: Josh Gordon's suspension

Aug 30, 2014|

Cleveland Brown WR Josh Gordon has been suspended for the entire 2014 season following a 3rd failed drug test. Craig and Larry ( and the callers) get into a heated debate about recreational drug use and sports, and the penalties that are invoked.

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-- Radio show you these guys. College football season we just discussed against today. Lots of games on the national slate wanna write in our back yard down July U mass -- BC. Thank -- that football spirit lest we forget Larry Thursday night you got the defending champion Seattle Seahawks at home against green today. To be a pretty good battle on Thursday night that's how they always kick off the season of them that last deckers so depending. Super Bowl champ opening up on Thursday night at home and of course the pats. We'll begin their season down in my hammy 1 o'clock -- loved 1 o'clock Sunday games and all is right in the world when the well all season. Resumes oh by the way and you're talking about people of separate Belichick and the patriots being -- the patriots have now 313 point two under the cap. In just to give you a good comparison the jets a 21 million under the cap and a lot of people down their jet fans are very upset because the secondary stinks. I've got -- Chris Johnson and ivory are going to be two really great running backs for them but the secondary. They got a really good defense of -- but the secondary stink so I don't these teams it's an on -- this money going into disease and I don't get it I mean -- -- got to spend it. The other thing -- just since you bring it up are you implying a much -- you're implying this or not. That the jets would be competitive in the Darrelle Revis sweepstakes that Revis. I would think he had burned or the jets have burned most of those bridges. In spite of the fact that Rex Ryan is there lamenting his -- if you got the money is because that's -- his bridges and grudges in this and that people will come back if you show me the money. In people won't come back in a minute. By the way -- went to ask about the commission were gals. Rulings of late and he got smacked around deservedly so by the Ray Rice. I to gain that was something maybe a little of that a better way of expressing that. Lot of ground I was slapped around smacked around but I was smacked around. Goodell can come up with a better this articulate case -- better just not often no interest of Harlem using it. Now. That he was OK he was criticized and I thank you I needed soundly. As he should have been it was a horrible rolling. And down but now he's coming down but the guy in here and and he in Josh Gordon. The Cleveland Browns great. I say great and deservedly so wide receiver Josh Gordon he's going to be he's out for the year we talk about. You got me and sell in the that you guys are warrior injury. If he's the best receiver that they have -- he's going to be out for the year talk about just done. In Alton Smith put the 49 is he's going to be out for nine games. In I think it's great Indy each passing eight domestic abuse for ruling. That if you get caught once I think you suspended for where I am. You know for -- I don't know how many games. Only -- sick all I know is if you're in a second time yeah our lifetime yeah and I commend him for this. I think it's a multi billion dollar business. You -- I think the owners. And the coaches have to be more responsible but I product it's being put on the field I think the players have to be more responsible. The owners in the -- into the fans this is devastating active while we do some of these stupid things that these players are doing. And then realizing how much not only at the unfortunate situation for the victim. But also how badly you're hurting your team so right it's about time. They've stepped up and started saying we're not tolerating this off the field behavior anymore. Well unfortunately I agree and I'm I'm glad that. Unfortunately Ray Rice will not be punished war. His spousal abuse issue he's gonna have the two games it's not as they're wanting you've got a locker NHL's if you know what I mean -- if they get another shot at him they can really camera because right up easy. Yeah I'm wondering however. Did that two game suspension does that count as the first violation. I haven't read that for instance if that would do happen again I have -- -- would he be suspended. Up permanently. Or would he be expelled permanently -- talk about permanent yeah but that's. Here's the problem I have with -- and this was discussed yesterday on dale -- -- any heart and I believe Greg Dickerson -- -- -- they were discussing it and there are a lot of wrinkles to this story as much as you wanna congratulate. Good Dell and the NFL owners for realizing the error of their ways that you know two games aren't too mild for Ray Rice did. Unfortunately. You're opening yourself up to. Some. Rigid. -- thinking here and I'm particularly thinking about it dale brought it up but those -- great point. You could. Possibly. Prevent women from actually -- awarding spousal abuse. Because they can be threatened with economic. -- -- -- deprivation and other words. If say -- I know exactly which yet -- woman is being abused by their husband. And she's gonna go to the police and report it and he's gonna say if you do that. They're gonna throw me out of believed. There's no more money in this house you are cutting off your nose to spite your face well. Ask Kenny Anderson about that -- when he went back to the judge and tried to changes alimony payments and the jets it's it has not our problem you stow got to pay it. And I think that the problem is though that's alimony young women have been notorious. Or being co dependence enablers by not reporting spousal abuse. Ought to the police especially. When not only do you have. -- -- you wonder somebody's -- physically you're also -- that bomb economically. That's a real. Issue it is but you the times of trying to be judge jury and priest. I'm eight -- they're going as far as they can go OK and obviously. The other area is the legal matter like you can't just suspend somebody. Like does this take. Precedence over. Eight legal judgment on this like let's say guys caught a spousal abuse situation. Do you week. For a ruling from the -- -- on this or do you kind of -- Iran right loss always does Ray Rice gets suspended say this happen after this new policy came into effect does he automatically gets suspended for six games. For being charged. Or is it being convicted of this particular crime -- I do exist however and I like Dale's point I think at the ballot line. But you gotta do something. I think these guys are getting paid millions of dollars they showcase every week on national TV. And some of these people to continue to act like a clown. And to just be irresponsible. But the stuff that some of them I'll be doing. I think at some point that the fear of god has to be part in them to realize you keep doing this and are going to be out all week. I I just think you got to do something. Not -- ramifications. Thereof. Like you said. The couple to be married and how will that affect I don't know what you can do about that how far back can you tech can you. Be concerned about everybody involved brown. It you know I I think it's going to be an extra extreme cases. Bat legally that there is just beyond a doubt what's going on here in the please comment it's just beyond a doubt. I don't think it's got to be something that there's a gray area but I get I read it I think getting your. If your if your gonna be probably permanently you better be convicted not simply charge of that crime meanwhile. Went back to George Josh Gordon for second. I find it terribly. Troubling that a guy of his immense talent maybe I'm giving him a dispensation because. He is such a great town we Sony did against the patriots in that game. Add to that last year the guy is you know one of the best wide receivers in the game. And he is then. Expelled for a year. Because he smokes a substance that's legal in several states. In decriminalize and others including Massachusetts. The NFL I applaud them. For getting up the speed on spousal abuse and domestic abuse. But they are really in to -- when house -- -- I -- think. That marijuana. Issue. Is certainly one that can be debated in disgust is firing as. Is that in the same category is loud crack and cocaine and heroin and all the other stuff I don't think so. Mean I'm not an expert on the subject but. So I don't know I I don't know. You know that's what happened totally Garret blunt than they were as smoking a joint in the cockpit and the -- came out the window and they. State troopers right by out of -- smartest likens his freedom but that's now. So I'm not joking about it I don't. No -- -- lot of lie driving under the influence or while impaired. Viet alcohol or marijuana is one thing. But being tested for any had Trace amounts. Minimal amounts of talking about Josh Gordon year minimal amounts of of marijuana in -- urine samples. And yet I understand it's in the books and you have to follow the law I gas as it's been established. But c'mon that that that is something must be addressed I would say -- I'm I'm I'm sounding like Jose -- you're you're legal all across the land yes because. Eight it is what difference. Is it from. Alcohol alcohol just has better lobbyists and better. Economic. Influence and it's it's it's been part of our society forever except for those what thirteen fourteen years were. Prohibition turned out to be disastrous in the twenties and early thirties. It is legal it is recreational it is non addictive. And the reality is that a majority of NFL players use it itself. In it and it has absolutely adjust course superb example is that actually no effect on his performance on the field. I doubt it enhances his performance. It's a relaxed and you know I mean taking a cue from Washington and Colorado. -- that I mean that the apocalypse hasn't exactly been upon us since those two states legalize marijuana I don't they see what the NFL can't come on board of -- I I wish I knew more about it obviously has been nothing it's important to me. So I don't know obviously how do we know about. How I know that you're not brought that direct coming -- yeah you do cut your high your high on life in there were any good as it now I am. I have no and I think what you're trying to say is even though where advocating. For it's legalization. And it's decriminalize in this state. And have no problem. We have widespread usage in the NFL or any other sport. Remember you still have the B 121. Years old still legal for anybody a legal adult can smoke. Marijuana in Colorado they can smoke it in Washington it's decriminalized and many other states including here as long as you're an adult. And the same laws that apply to alcohol. Should apply tomorrow. As long as not -- do you why. Situation but I do command -- commissioner for doing something I just think these guys get paid too much money. The owners depend on these players the league depends on these players the fan rates depend on these players. -- -- Smith has come out in apologized for his suspension. I just think it too many people it's a business but it too many people were depending on you to show up and be ready to play. And when you run into these problems you know Ali analyzing his -- to penalize you rest your team all that's been set a series of off the field incidents including do you wise. Josh Gordon. Now correct me if I'm wrong as that is as a Bennet DUY. On his I'd always had a couple of brush -- -- known architect Leo but to me that third test because there was alcohol in his system. He passed many many tests over the course of his young career. He failed this one just. They're only. It was in the do you lie I think they're just being way too punitive here's the difference -- I think these guys are making millions of dollars in logic would say. If you make -- that kind of money and you know you have an addiction problem. You know there's no addiction here marijuana is not -- not -- it right if somebody says to you know if you get caught smoking marijuana than you lose your your ten million dollar job. And you still allowed to -- what do you call that. Well he claims of course -- secondhand smoke any that we didn't hill on runaway government in a movie theater that's extra from 777. Just think if somebody says to you. If you keep doing is you're going to lose -- -- get suspended for life you can -- ten million dollar job. Well obviously if you go out you keep doing it. They knew that somebody -- -- applying logic to 24 year old I'm glad I'm just telling you. Now we know that we learn that from Robin Williams and alike that he tried to best he could be getting open -- when he could do windy discordant. It it couldn't work for him I'm sympathetic and but I'm just it's anchors logic says black guy. -- rest giving up Big Ten million dollar job let's put -- -- -- -- a smoker -- a majority. Of NFL players smoke -- they just haven't -- -- What let me ask you this cinema go back to the problems after reading this rolling. Would you keep chanting that. Again your applying our magic aren't rational well asking you're quite happily it's by definition think they're invincible and untouchable on -- -- -- have -- -- this kind of ruling come back if he were engaged in. Behavior that was detrimental to others. That I would that if the league came out with a ruling on right OK one time six games next time I'll polite. If you're often -- and you have -- suspended. From the late. In in your player your 2520 section like going out what your friends and and lighten up a joint in the light. When this ruling comes down does that mean anything to you. You really think the judge Gordon is gonna come back clean he's never gonna smoke marijuana again I don't know and because -- losing my own logic I would say -- -- man I gotta do something they now know the NFL has to do something because of a reality. Or marijuana is no way you -- our -- until things change if that's the ruling of the -- right what -- -- I'm -- -- -- -- the NFL -- changed their policy. Toward marijuana six while setting a debatable point but the but if the -- that you're Jeff Graham said Mike if you keep coming in there hi every week and you leaving your joints all over the place for the next show. I'm you're gonna be you're going to be suspended. And after that you gotta be thrown out the air what would you go. I would -- I'm also a little bit older and a little bit more of an a -- mapped out in order requiring a situation you ever hear in a 24 year old I happily -- timing -- -- along logical monsters and money is money in if you're gonna lose. I don't know how much corn could end up losing if you get -- -- -- from the league annuity can -- Canadian -- NFL's are trying to out just what would you do if that's sitting in front view. Would you try to get some help or would you just keep saying oh well like you said there are plenty of people out there. Players out there who was still -- going I don't think it's -- issue to get help it's it's not an addictive substance Larry -- it must be addictive if you're willing to arrest giving up I twenty million dollar Korea. 61777979837. Mustard in Johnson our number three coming up mustered just -- half way all mile 1 o'clock we make way for bird Danny put card and Red Sox playing tonight. In discussing mostly football as you might imagine patriots need to get down to 53 rate. At 4 o'clock this afternoon and I don't really think there's any. Real controversy. Or her terrible intrigues throughout -- -- back I guess by Ryan mallet out of that. As the only got to carry through quite a few teams only carry into the only at the running back situation to be is -- -- -- James right. They drafted him got good hands out of the backfield not that big. And frankly not that fast. I was five more impressed with that kid great. Then -- but don't forget they've expanded the press this squad to ten. So -- got to try and slip some of these kids through Witten and put him on the practice court just quickly I -- court or site on on drugs amount wanna. And it's at the harmful effects of marijuana and again I don't know I'm just arguing he says he has the immediate effects of taking marijuana -- include rapid heartbeat. Disorientation. Lack of physical coordination. Often followed by depression cause sleepiness some users suffer panic attacks are anxiety. Those are all those are all anecdotal I would not argue with -- any of those but you could certainly make a case that alcohol. Induces the same kind of effects or even worse yes you got primetime and I don't know but obviously of you know it's a debatable point in something that. You know I don't Kuwait's so we tied for me to take it I really gather an opinion memorial the other the only opinion I have is I'm glad Goodell is doing. Something. I think lifetime is that is a brilliant bit harsh but. But there's so many extenuating circumstances -- don't want -- know which one you -- a -- spousal abuse here are correct -- but I brought it again every case is different cnet's. So who's gonna be the arbiter over that I'm and I. Up the discussion yesterday on the dale and Holley show within the heart Greg Dickerson and dale. Really got into the subtleties and nuances of it is not as cut and dried as it may appear. And you want to applaud. -- for finally reversing himself and taking. A stand that is commensurate with a crime on the other hand they're completely. Distorting. Josh Gordon's. Failing a marijuana test I know he's failed a couple. And yes he probably should be more responsible and maybe he needs some kind of support but it's not an addictive drug and certainly not detrimental to him and his team and it's used by a vast majority analysts we just repeat this one more time. It's legal and -- and we'll be legal my guests and a couple years. Virtually every yeah I wonder if glued to outdated media he must have these kind of bass. Staff of people and researches and what they actually did. And how we came to this conclusion and the fact that that that seems to be the players association is going -- -- I don't they've they've negotiated certain things with him and -- obviously they must have given him the power to rule over such matters. I do like the fact that whenever he comes up with -- make these plays -- more responsible I think they make a lot of money. And they they -- there and just a blessed situation. To hone their skills and and play for 510 years or retire pro life. So I think that down I think they need to respect that position that they were in more than I guess some of these guys does that. And had no problem we Josh Gordon's. Many other players -- -- -- arrests. Four games is fine if you get if you get caught and you violate -- the PED. Our policy you set out for games Josh Gordon four games absolutely. Appropriate. And the thing is. And I don't patriot fans don't care but I I like a look at the NFL's most of us do this sport more than any other we look at the sport. In a macro way in other words we look at the entire league were not fancy football players -- IR. But we like the whole way we like red zone we watch other games. And I wanna see the NFL succeed not that is succeeding wildly as as already. But I want I believe another a lot of people wanna see Johnny mad men itself fail I want to succeed. I want him to he's an exciting player respond to watch. And he's not going to succeed if his best offensive weapons sitting out for an entire year it is it's absolutely ridiculous you try to promote this. I know you wanna be consistent I know you want. You wanna provide structure and your your policy should be. You know out. Should be tough. I just think that you really. Hurting your product. By taking just cordon off the field for a year for something and it really brought winds societal sense he is a in my old violent wind. Would argue that's half the problem with society. Today it's the liberals have taken all are now nine saying that he -- very sensitive this one a a that society too often looks the other way politically. -- when I mean politically politicians. CEO we see in any extra truck. If that guy has a big name he's -- he's got a great reputation and he's making a lot of money. Usually they can find who -- by the way out of out of situations that get into. So maybe people say that the other big story of -- find out more re later on by the way keep keep in touch with WEEI dot com. Chris price will have his finger on the button on the policy as far as who have spent on the button but weekend if he's typing. -- the the -- linebacker with the Yahoo! went with the rams so prop Michael -- so far he's still on the team. They still got four cuts to make. I hope he makes the team I really do. But I also hope to support his leave them alone and let the guy celebrate later when -- but I think he's carried himself extremely well. I think that women from ESPN had their report about the showering him waiting to do -- later was sort totally reckless and careless and you're responsible. Leave -- guy if you love the guy and you love him in his cause embodies trying to accomplish the best thing you can do is him. Play I hope he makes the cut. -- I think everybody I would agree with that let's give back to the phones it's 617. 7797937. And nick you are next mustard and Johnson -- neck. They act I get village on the no I'd probably just real briefly generate right. You know that they showed the F footage. Outside of that elevator but they never release the footage of inside the elevator. And I thought that was really horrible. I think the publishing of the may have been able see that in May Peronist. Well somebody called yesterday and asked whether they decide who Dell had access to what was happening on the inside the -- Well here's the problem that. Rip this type of situation. That's why. What's his name Stephen A Smith got in trouble in the light. On four -- fortunately. There is no circumstance. Where you should put -- hand are on a warm and to that extent knocking her out cold. There is not. So regardless of whether she jumped and his face whether she smacked them all whenever. That's just the way it is you'll -- your stronger. You know walk away your urine and elevate you can't walk away but as soon as you can you get out of the situation. Yeah I make the pink ribbon campaign it's somewhat suspect and are hypocritical redeeming the -- The pink ribbon in -- breast cancer that the woman thing sort of thing. Well again I think give it your mother purchases there are are whenever. -- we all have to be in support of that there is just know every circumstance. The last itself defense where somebody pull something on you weapon on the Iran you just can't do it in it and -- -- the problem is you got to learn how to date. Actually in if you're not getting along and you find yourself getting in fights all the time and you gotta walk away from from their relationship. Exactly. Quote by the patriot yes I think make ends up was so -- they get up there in age and time. There's no problem was seen -- disappear. However -- no way -- talk about what you government lately he's and I aren't at the shortage on the way out I thought wow object. -- disappeared. Years and yet it anyway OK somebody like the opposite mine now. Well this is an impact nevertheless there's an event the other side of that proverbial coin has been -- -- now. Because they think. I know we got and so order sort of there hasn't issues. And I think he's going to be impacted by whoever. May not be able to feel that way Johnny you know who was supposed to be by the way route back at that -- position. I think Marcus cannon they're probably gonna move over he showed a lot of verse is so doctor -- you bring up a great point that people don't remember what the Celtics -- -- said they used to it I played defense on a string. Let everybody know where to move it -- is simultaneously. It really is the beauty. The offensive line. You have to know how to play stunts and how to play -- -- somebody switches up and give you picked that guy up instead. It's it's one of those things where you really do play. As a unit and that's what I would say in I'm not saying that other units aren't as strong collectively but went back in the day when I used to have my little microphone NT machine I used to go into. Locker rooms and -- and meet and greet these guys I always thought that the offensive line was the tightest of all the units because they really did. Half the work. In one continuous collective way remembered Brady used to take a -- dinner and I am Rolex Watches and I think remember that that commercial was at the visa or MasterCard where all the offense -- -- -- in the commercial -- -- it is -- something different about an offense the Rhine where you have to be cohesive in you have to know. I -- in your mind without even communicating. What they guy next to you was going to jail and think about. You may be the longest coaches certainly -- discovered -- May be the -- coach without a doubt. On you know with without qualification the longest tenured coach in patriots history was his name again grew -- eagle -- He's the -- every college in new outfit that that was the longest name is Dante Scarnecchia right Japanese. The point where you know paying attention obviously when I was you know I I could delta out while -- put that -- out in May I. I'm -- Yeah my point out I -- that you longest running coach up in patriots history over course of several administrations. That that thing he's most known for is what position offensive line dollar -- -- stability. And it. Collective spirit is oh so important OK now let me -- -- -- trying to make you sound brilliant are right okay if he's still here. Do you think they do that. Excellent point that's why would bring it up and I wonder. Not that Dante Scarnecchia son is retired cut out of that man. -- Are numbered but I think there is probably some cause and effect there. I don't they I think there's been a lot of odd day they're -- I'm hoping that. They'd -- green ammo he says that's overflowing I don't know if I have no idea your writer and I tell me what that's when I'll throw it is like reading an old testament and a Robert -- -- something. I tell people keep reading over emails read your approach and that name but not what I've told you before I hope you're not offended. That my wife cannot. Are now. The name of the book that -- these EST yeah help Pete -- right turn turn turn ever going to be -- about it now because she can't announce yet of how an economy helper a please yes -- yet turn turn away how Lubbock police EST yes yes he's very Phyllis outlook always are. I don't know that he was the wealthiest Meehan who -- for. Lived so when you read proverbs in a queasy and these. You're talking with a guy. -- experienced. Having at all levels thing at all he's got a lot of wisdom that he does an experiential what I tell -- -- have and every one and he said I want wisdom chat in Long Island you're next on Sports Radio WB yet paycheck. -- Our I have a lot of points to make up and I've been sitting here for won't comment on your mind. I know wanna talk about this Dachshund and the pats spread right and you just. -- the web today. In little vacant consensus. Landmine. Went either. Demand a lot of discussion it's not addictive. No it's not. That I mean is that it is you know everybody that I've known that -- smoked weed out from high school is still smoking. Is it addictive -- isn't a physical need cigarette smoking is addictive because of nicotine nicotine is a hi -- Addictive substance there is no THC -- whatever is in marijuana is not addictive that is -- Ultimately demonstrate that China you don't. You're looking -- that they say it that pervasive -- based -- all my friends like just bluntly there. -- addictive you're bragging if you got if you have to get your about a two choices give up smoking marijuana or give up a two million dollar twenty million dollar Korea. Exactly. OK perfect sense Craig and -- now. I understand that but the NFL has changed their policy. Its. Are too punitive for recreational G I Brock -- doctor that isn't. Certainly don't know obviously I -- the time I hit -- area not making this. OK so you know what I don't care about marijuana on the pot smoker. Don't care about it one single bit from personal point of view but it's equal to -- two alcohol if you gonna get rid of marijuana suspend people. War marijuana -- your -- to do for alcohol -- -- Well that's that's a -- -- Craig you're talking about it on AB. I never wrote what they're doing it and driving it at the same effect. Josh -- Gordon was picked up driving always hold onto this like cigarettes. -- Well it's really it's really easy to assume in this in this -- to that are that are put out -- you have to look at. Is all these -- do you guys that have been collected over the years across the country and across the world. That had preclude to marijuana use. And you know looking at that all you're doing is you don't eat your typical argument today was that -- needs Josh Gordon -- That's a secondary argument. And that's a legitimate point out -- we argument might lead argument that it the punishment does not fit the crime particularly. Here in this state I don't know what the deal is an New York State but here and Massachusetts is decriminalize. You know it's legal in Washington State in Colorado it will be legal in more states to com. And I think the NFL has to get with the times would you agree without. You know I don't agree with that. All right so we are obviously I think you total -- all day. All right so if someone I had a few Beers. And they were tested for. Drinking even though wasn't a -- scenario just as for drinking should they be suspended for a year. OK so I I feel that the marijuana isn't any more detrimental than drinking beer you know attack. It's been legal -- I mean. -- OK right and marijuana. And unlike just like. Alcohol which one time was illegal in the prohibition era eventually. Very soon as a matter of fact -- marijuana will be legal in the NFL. Passed as I said has to get with the program. Craig is certain that there was very stupid. You also reported that George Steinbrenner being Six Feet Under I hate the Yankees but that's wrong. He's not Six Feet Under. That's wrong and shouldn't just I am -- I am -- accurate ST OK exit too soon on some. What can -- it's just a disgusting thing to say. Okay well I am a disgusting person as you pointed out on several occasions this morning Chad anything else before we say good -- You know you just you know -- after -- -- on everything is very sound correct -- -- You have no points and that's about it man. And also in most of my strong. Craig is different the view for the don't have the -- cars at partly I already got their theory. Not -- for the win this website is says jobs Gartner does not want to blame but themselves for you if you want suspension from Inaba. Positive drug case. Yes the NFL moves on marijuana on misguided. And out of touch by disliking -- law is -- a defense for breaking it. Certainly doesn't like that now I do agree with you punishment Wiki restaurant and I do think it's addictive that's my point on it because if somebody if I had to make -- -- of giving up something. But that kind of money I'd have to give an operative -- -- given up then obviously I'm addicted to. But my second point why you're directed to -- Like you know what you Africa but if they if they came in -- and they said mark you know. You've got to get -- everybody we have got to work and -- by health reasons or insurance and and they do that some companies. You've got to be under you know 225 whenever I have to make a choice either do that or lose the job. It's as simple as that if I can't do what do my home and I have to get help but I do agree with -- who Giles ruling on this. Was very quick. And am trying to. I cannot imagine somebody in the legal profession. But the players association. Challenging. The very. Discussion we're having. Because it -- legally in an -- state it's inevitable bad but it is addictive in my opinion in your opinion. I don't know -- I didn't know you were a scientist or doctor -- conduct extensive common sense experts how do you -- do you stop doing it is you think cigarettes are addictive well. That's -- to be enough but I okay is this even if it communism objectives is that what it Curt Schilling say the other day when news on the great pitcher -- acted at the -- And help him saying if you have to listen to him in. Tony Gwynn if you know that. And you keep doing it what does that say there you know. While there are certainly cases where there are detrimental effects of marijuana smoking. The the evidence overwhelmingly. Points to nicotine as being. 88 extreme addictive substance there isn't THE is not an a quite rightly -- -- Craig about somebody give you fever. -- -- Not smoking are doing them now want to or you lose your Korea ready NBA or baseball for parliament ever. And and you go out and you take it with the person they like and quit smoking Draper never want to I just don't want to. If some point you have to think that's and I can do something gonna get the supper hour I'll lose my football career on the upside is because it's not addictive let's hope the jets corners -- -- why -- -- and I'm talking present tense and future -- This ruling has come down in if you caught smoking you know you -- for six games an -- that -- a light. Eight -- guy keeps doing at what does that tell me I you can look at the two sides you can you can blame Josh Gordon as not certainly not -- anybody wants -- point the finger there. I think the NFL. Has the modify its policy to get with the times frying OK I -- but right now if you're an NFL wide receiver. And you see this ruling come down in you Bob smoking part. But you see the ruling that just came down. What do you do about right so -- keep smoking alright okay so you're a member of the Denver Broncos yes that you can't legally buy and use marijuana illegal. Does not know two different things until I can change the laws but the NFL engine's up there. Opinion on such matters right now as it stands if your car is suspended six games. If you caught again you're you're banned for life. If I'm smoking marijuana the rule for marijuana that spousal abuse OK but continue BK what average Josh Gordon bounced. -- -- it was for not -- like a damper on violation of that fine and but one year. Now if you're sitting there what do you change anything that you keep doing it. Well we'll talk about 61777979337. -- adjusting continues on Sports Radio.

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