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Sports Saturday with Mustard and Johnson: Logan Mankins traded, 8-30-14

Aug 30, 2014|

Craig and Larry take a look at the trade from earlier this week that brought sophomore TE Tim Wright to the Pats in exchange for veteran Pro Bowl guard Logan Mankins.

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Well -- true labor days Saturday. Summer is almost a plot and of course even though we hate to see the last days of the greatest season of before. It does mean one thing football season just around the band. And of course a week from tomorrow patriots. Begin the 2014. Season first happened angered down in Miami. Against the dolphins and of course at 4 o'clock this afternoon Larry Johnson. We shall now the at least for now the final 53 man roster NFL rock cut deadline 22 players will say. -- and are in the patriots and means that football is just around the quarter and we are all. Excited about that. Yeah it's time to explain to -- average person who's maybe not is much of of a football fan but I think it's such a cathartic. Season. I told Jerome overjoyed -- found this church that's Greece and -- now and they have services on Saturday in my 930 on Sunday -- eleven but. -- more than 930 and -- back home. Newspapers. Max whatever by 11 o'clock not necessarily in that order. -- but the point is though for the average person let's face life is stressful and to be able to -- The sit back watch the games watch red zone into the evening what the Sunday night game. And then you have the appetizer of Monday. I can take the Thursday games I hope they don't get greeting keep adding on because he eventually it'll turn into a baseball season. I think the commitment that it is asked of a for profit now is fantastic. I'm looking forward to it obviously the good news story that really hit home this week for football fans in New England -- was the trading of Logan Mankins. The Tampa. I do like that tight and just a snippet but the guys playing -- does not have a playbook Romney did it corrupt or -- for that matter. But he it seems they have very good hands good speed but jobs at the same to get open and had four catches. But it's still goes back to the philosophy. Of how we -- a Malloy Richard Seymour. Vrabel. Willie McGinest did -- checked just his. Seems to possibly as I do what's best for the football team. And he decided that they tried to renegotiate I guess from Logan to get him down. -- his contract like it it would Wilfork but Mankins being a man a -- the ball and stubborn and he's always been that way and I'm not saying it wrong. But they just decided that they were that's fine and you know we're outrage in -- what they did. What we know the reason for it it was certainly money nothing personal as they say gives them. Some cap flexibility for next year they realize this guys what 3233. Years old. He has seen his better days as a National Football League player and I've also heard this trotted out. Plenty of occasions over the last several days well he's only our guard after all it's not like we're talking blind side territory here. He's not a left tackle. He's only a guard so I asked US and it was only exactly he was only a guard as well the greatest. Guard probably in the history of the National Football League and that was a different timing you know when we were kids. The guard was the glamour position. On the offensive line because the -- guard was able to get out of those sweeps spread Fuzzy Thurston -- 63 with the Packers right and if that if you were stuck on the offensive line is a -- you want to play guard he got a chance to Paul. Then of course and evolve the passing game became -- left tackle took over that glamour position itself. I'm hearing a lot of people and I have gone back and forth on this. So many times over the last several days when it happened on Monday or Tuesday something like that and it took me at least from what I've heard. It probably. Because. Let's face it it's in bill we trust that that philosophy still prevails. Around here. I'm hearing most people. Want obviously want good deals call confirmation -- they want the deal to work for the patriots so they agree with -- it. But Tom Brady came out and was in his in his way was not happy about it. We never got a quote from him -- right I think it was coal right mom bleacher report's who noted that that Brady was quite upset about it and imitate I was very happy that Brady was upset about it. Because after violent Sutton I think wait a minute when I mean you're happy to our agents that yes I am happy to get a reaction from him about something. Bailout welcome -- -- the Brady takes these salary compromises to keep. His team intact so to speak. I want him to be upset I want him to be a little ticked off in terms of -- Here's the thing with Mankins and by the way I do like whenever people leave. That all these reports come. -- all about -- well. Saturday's rubio I don't want -- to deteriorating. Our beloved snack that you believe is an element to her style I'm down here. That's how I read the fine Logan Mankins VO if he was the best out of a mediocre offensive line right now they have an average. Offensive line so. In fact I would submit to you that I think it's the weakest part of the team the offensive line -- okay. I don't know how store key eventually will work artists out there -- other rookie. They've got a window they've got cannon but I mean all these guys. It's okay. But let let's face it in my opinion from what I've seen and that giants game the other night I'm telling you. They could not Reich. Or anything I think they rusher -- Fifty or sixty guys and not much at all no room to run no lanes. -- got the pressure was pretty good aren't -- polo. I must think it's it's a terrible offensive line. But it certainly not the one of the best ones and as you know when the giants beat that the patriots in the Super Bowl. They beat them by putting pressure on Brady. And you look at it it and it doesn't matter if Tom Brady is. Facing the giants in the Super Bowl or for that matter anybody -- Super Bowl that would be an ideal scenario. When you say. This is the weakest part. Of the patriot offensive or defensive units. I think about maybe that should be the strongest part because you have to keep Tom -- Standing up for sixteen plus games this year. I would think that would Tom ray CEO of a very little mobility. Needs to be protected needs that time even -- we as a quick release and one of the great quarters that if not the greatest quarterback of all time is still the offensive line you're not gonna survive if you have a mediocre offensive line. I don't know if removing Logan Mankins is really the best way to keep Tom Brady untouched this year. -- is good as he was now and we understand that any played but the with a knee injury he's a tough guy he's a leader. I tell -- I do question. It's some point line I mean you guys can be able play but I look at the -- the same way when they traded from what I do question these teams. Who are willing to trade Carrick. If the guy can still play maybe not as great or whatever but Thornton is that your music -- donate 50000 dollars -- the Jimmy Fund. These guys' character he's got great park in about four and and I do think we're -- kids he was very. Well respected by the team and I'm telling you when the games get profit may well and the pressure gets on them and they will. You need a guy in -- Hartnell who can galvanize. Out in these tough enough. They keep the unit together. So don't have that now I think solar is okay. Left tackle these these are right sea bass. Are right tackle he's OK but he does get injured a lot. Can -- he's you don't like you used versatility yet -- -- -- they're okay. But there's nobody who's gonna. You know it nobody's gonna knock your socks off now like even math this went from an hour every or Vazquez went. Where Denver. -- by the way I did pick up a provocation candidate and they rate the rate of the -- gods and Mankins was twelve. -- I don't know I'm not in does he is probably -- -- the offensive line coach. In other words it's a lot of changes going on it the same time ballot check -- -- pointing the way we do -- my thinking is. Brady's getting old we've got a good team here got some talent at it I think the receivers are veteran like. Let's load up in golfer at all but that doesn't think that way right. Well that's certainly. Is undermined bode did earlier in the week because you can't believe if you're going for all now and when. Read this is required in the offseason suddenly people are saying wait a minute. This team it's. You know even though they didn't do three straight AFC championships has been a long time it's been decades since. Last Super Bowl termed this a team that is that Harman. To win it in the here and now in aren't they contradicting themselves aren't they preventing themselves shooting themselves in the foot. By getting rid of a guy who is more likely. To help you win a championship. Even though I know it's only are -- even have a does it the way -- here's the thing it's. And yet now you're just somebody else over there yeah some got valued at the problem has. Because it after he and a and retired and like most people. Don't pay they pay attention at all left tackle and then just about to guys. In in for the most part. I just -- somebody else in there and I don't think it's that easy well because when Hannah played. When the patriots very underrated period patriots history. They were running machine. Anybody could have gotten a hand off slowly armory in hand are nonetheless I may stand right and you know -- -- was the left tackle but. He wasn't the star now of course automatically -- left tackle is the star. Look Logan Mankins is not John -- we understand but my opinion it to us from who knows you know she -- that bad. He is the best. Of of of an okay line is is it to me and I -- Rodney -- by the way we got a great lineup on Saturday mornings now they played. Replay from my six to seven got some great -- is on they were DNC in the -- And then from seven to that -- nine Rodney Harrison's football show. There in the baseball season it's kind of hide because you know there's a lot of other things are based on seasons along. It's -- -- over it and thought about it ago our men and that's all I'd love to let -- they -- but I don't have any bets everywhere you go from seven and nine. Leaving us up to -- Rodney Harrison who's played with Bill Belichick knows how to guy who works and how he does things. He said the industry average driving and niceties -- -- -- -- say -- but Rodney Harrison said. He says it's it is if the weakest part of the team even Harrison's at the operative line. Is the weakest part of the team the. Out when I listen Rodney. And I'm always when they ask him about the patriots. And I wonder which direction is he gonna go is he going to support his guy Bill Belichick because you know it's funny we talk about some of these players who were jettisoned. Perhaps before their careers were over and before they could continue Emeka a valuable content is even more dangerous as well lawyer Malloy who. Well greased the skids war Rodney Harrison you write about lawyer though he was right -- -- I just finish my point Rodney was one of those guys they kept on. Beyond. Probably his physical prime. Because Bill Belichick felt that Rodney Harrison of course she still had the play of the game but let's face it. Rodney Harrison was not the same player wasn't his fault. That the greatest catch in the history of the Super Bowl happened as he was trying to knock the ball -- But -- wasn't the same player about using that play as an example but he wasn't the same player that last Super Bowl as he was war. The patriots in the early part of his ten year. -- but he was one of those guys that -- jet was sentimental about I thought he was probably. A year or two beyond. He is crime and they kept them because they felt for whatever intangible reason. Still could play of the game but I thought it was an intangible. Aspect that enabled Rodney Harrison to stay on that team. I'm wondering didn't Logan Mankins. Do the same thing as a as an offensive guard was indeed the heart and soul. Wasn't he a team leader Ronald offense beyond Tom Brady and he Brady work. Very close like Brady and Welker work so the question is I guess. -- the patriots did survive. The loss of Wes Welker last year Julian analysts stepped up with a hundred catches. Welker struggling with a -- a concussion problems may be -- -- was correct. About Wes Welker. And maybe you can. Fly Guillen a Marcus cannon wore a Josh Klein or somebody like that. But are you missing something else. If Logan Mankins is impairment -- but the intangible. Well I tell you the other price too they go up bankrupt Qatar about catching lightning in a model years ago I signed off on -- guy Brian Watters. Who turned out to -- a Pro -- god over that part of the best players on the team. Dallas. Tomorrow indications is not going to resign him why this is 37. But he he was an outstanding technician did wanna come back remember he's the one decided to it is like Roger yeah closer -- -- also did not wanna participate in training camps elements are very wise and very wise. Your problem is if it that is. Make a lot is said to bringing a 37 year old replaced why -- -- -- I I don't know but I don't know what level he played -- many missed the last seven games he had a torn triceps. I don't -- retreat you're teasing and I know you're kidding about it I don't drink that the cup from bill ballot -- a human being and he makes mistakes like everybody else does. I understand the cap hit an industry and you save about as six point something off from often hit you're gonna get from him. Well then the next and they say Jimmy can use the money to sign them Revis. We -- -- -- am not always no way to the end is -- didn't use that money now it may be pick up somebody who might be available. I'm not in other words I am not satisfied. -- the offensive line in if you watched the game in many instances is best asset was his -- market. In if you watched that game the other night I know it was an exhibition game and stop but there was. Very little rom by any right running got it from the patriots team in. I know they don't run the ball as a much. Did you see the Bengals cut that BenJarvus green hour now I'm sure they're going to be people and I know of the calls and -- -- -- come man. Why not bring the law firm back to New England. He had 756. Last year and seven touchdowns but again -- -- the debt. Would he be going against the very thing he's going we're Mankins. The other with different values and -- little bit all over you wanna bring a man I don't give them credit for trying to make the team younger run at the same time staying competitive. He has done Matt is well as any coach slash team and the national football he over the past eight years. He's done a magnificent job of keeping the shelves stocked and being able to get rid of veteran players and moving on -- when it comes back. Through this and this is always the question. And I think it pertains to the Red Sox because. The Red Sox. Are are on this rollercoaster ride the worst to first roller coaster ride and you can. Certainly make -- case it was worth. Being in last place and it was worth going through the trials and travails of the Bobby Valentine aero or air or depending on your perspective. It is OKQ. Tolerate in -- or yet another last place here. This year because you had that championship last UB think about the Red Sox Ronald the last five or six years. Very little as happened in the post season except that won a World Series championship. The patriots are more like the Yankees where they're contending every year. But they're not winning championships. That's the difference they've I want a decade Larry without a championship. Are you satisfied simply -- a -- titles and some Super Bowl appearances but ultimately. When well when that last gun -- the patriots haven't haven't lifted the Vince Lombardi Trophy since 2005. Coming yep they contend every year. My problem is if your patriot -- don't shoot don't you need to win now who cares about every year perennial contention let's get one now. I think in acting out of a problem for that is and I know these publications who can you know they don't know certainly as much as Belichick and the like but brilliant really for the most by the if you go through him. And they ranked players. The patriots players do not rank anywhere near the top in me in many of the skill positions and the like they just don't. So they have a collection. Of very good player he lost by congress out comedy great players in to meet. You need an intertwined -- type player two runner crusher TV screen and make this unbelievable catch as he's going on a browns. That you alrighty when you so when you say that that's a very interesting are. OK so there is a perfect example. Two years ago. The ravens kicked the patriots -- all over the field the second half went on the Super Bowl beat the forty niners. The next year bowl of playing for the team they beat the 49ers and the ravens drop out of playoff contention don't even make the post season last year. But they won the Super Bowl the year before. Patriot fans and they should be proud of the fact that you just mentioned it since Belichick's been here. After his first year there are five and eleven made the quarterback change everything has bin. Essentially. Fantastic ever since that. It's in the last ten no championships. Would you sacrifice a couple years perhaps of being. Bounced out of the first round not make the playoffs just to get back in win one super well as used. -- and correctly. It's almost a given that they're going to be in the playoffs because of the division at that point it right so I guess for the patriot -- act is -- it's an automatic gets it you can't even say they're they're gonna miss the players the only way that happens if Brady gets her so what I -- your point your point is they get seventy cents. A lot -- debate you know get the prom queen. In that. That's the problem -- maybe it comes down to. I again on it and I love the way people say after I wasn't a good anyway did they miss Welker got famous rock Arctic amen -- was no -- near. Is going -- is what -- brought to the table. I think you need to get that last porch. I think you need stop players and I think Revis in addition to the secondary. Is got to make if this could easily complain at all and interior. Alignment position. I think the defense -- is. Overwhelmingly got to be that the best part of this team. But I do like a wide receivers I think they've upgraded and that area. But I like what you said I think the last part. Is do you have the stock quality. Pro Bowl players. And you can say that doesn't mean anything while it does when it comes down to somebody making a great play when they use when -- when the championship or bowl game is on the line. Are you look at it and you you said it was. Probably. The worst. You were -- any of the units offensively or defense solely on the patriots. As they just look at unit by unit. You have guys who can make contributions. In our. If they're not pro ball players they're very close at least one and almost every unit on this patriot team obviously Revis one of the great quarterbacks. May be in the history of the game. -- McCord he certainly as a converted safety from DB from quarterback a very effective safety. You look at Jerod Mayo back after the injury. He is the head of a very good. Line backing core Vince Wilfork one of the all time great defensive tackles anchoring the defensive line. We know what Tom Brady means. Perhaps the you know I would say maybe wide receiver -- -- you you're looking at a bunch of players that are good collectively maybe not. Stars individually -- you're right down offensive line without Logan Mankins. Is not really the unit it was over the last ten years -- Logan Mankins was a mainstay on the. Why it's cool aid but it's not. Great -- and I think that's what you gotta look at I think that damn. By the way I meant to bring it into you Tomas he had an incredible column I thought and just a very good column earlier this week. -- he says the rats -- quit Morin from the patriots in terms of being able to any use the last star who lost last night. Who who used the last -- situation as a perfect example -- sometimes when a guy starts whining too much money. You gotta make the cut. And in it was a great columns if you can find it on the Internet. Interest staying goes back to back comparison our war -- tellingly for contrast. The Red Sox have been willing to take hits along the way but win the championships. They're willing to. Missed the post season they're willing to have those bridge years there willing to retool patriots stayed near the top each and every year. But they haven't gotten that brass ring and a longer time 617779793737. 937. Is the tax line mustard and Johnson Sports Radio WEEI.

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