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Tom E. Curran, CSNNE, Patriots Preseason, 8-29-14

Aug 29, 2014|

Tom Curran recaps the Pats preseason and talks about some of the players who may get cut.

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Joining us right now from Comcast sports net CS and any dot com is our buddy Tom current top current brought to you by his hair doctor doctor Robert Leonard. Call 1800 get hair hello Tom. Did ol' what's going on aria you know I just got from -- games or media availability for the first week of the season. Says you're gonna get yourself on the regular season. Routine that's really good because -- for the regular season thank. Goodness I you do it right today about. One guy who jumped out from most of us last night and first ball was -- -- -- see him playing -- game to begin -- but Aaron -- look pretty -- He did and I thought you know it was interesting because. When I wrote this today I thought back in -- it was almost a similar position last night when he was in. At this time last year resale -- stops and it'll look like -- going to be able to place coming off the stress fracture. He had -- screws implanted. And you know you almost forgot or at least idea how really good yet again unique his skills that is relative to the other guys that I thought that he looked very good. I thought to be played fearlessly. Except for an early play where I didn't think he went after the game real well but after that I thought he went after create any who looked to me the way. A rising starting receiver in the league is supposed to look what he's on the field -- second string guys. Like he's one of the best players on the field. Tom I think most people would have assumed with a normal offseason Dobson would be vying to probably be. You know one of the top three pass catchers on this team and a group -- settlement gronkowski. Just wondering at this point in the process with him getting on the field late here with them acquiring Tim -- and sort of all the other moving pieces. Your top five projected patriots pass catchers that. If -- look at Mandy by numbers at the end of the season receptions. Add just you know -- sort of -- -- eight. It's going to be gentlemen the gronkowski. And I think it'll probably be Amendola and around sixty. And -- and then Dobson that Dobson is gonna have another feel like last she'll probably around -- 1516 yards per catch because if if you look. While they are deep at receiver. Did not a lot of redundancy. Hopkins does things at Dobson can't Dobson does things to pumpkins camp. In middle and -- are are very identical or almost identical. And Dan gronkowski is a compliment all it that's why I think it's a great construct their offenses there's. There -- alike. But there's not a lot of overlap right didn't make your list. Too it's too early but not only only dale. Because they can't get irritated indicates 61 -- you don't mean that I did I likely -- 54 from Mike Lennon for God's -- he looks really good last night that Kevin gamble Kevin gamble you averaged nineteen point for the Celtics. At at at at that somebody had to catch him somebody had to score those points. Scott Cooper went to altered what you think of unless I have to do it exactly what to think of them last night were you surprised he played 43 players. I wasn't surprised that he played. A whole lot of ways but I was. Impressed by the fact Greg that he was able to lineup Tuesday at -- tight end. The tight -- on the same side as luminaries you know -- process step back. He lined up in people not mistaken on wide receiver a little bit in the slot. So. Control a lot of decades. And including the verbiage that goes with it and he was able to process -- picture taken it. Well there could help them in the huddle. Really nobody nobody could -- exposed to do this and -- can't do it. Rob well -- certainly should be able to do but he can't rely on that's pretty impressive that he was able put that stuff upstairs and and go in and do it in a fairly. Popular level are very competent level. All -- our hopes up I mean era two part question here for many. Are our two part -- IPO will this be a form and RE three man front when we see this team on the field in the opener in Miami. And either way. -- the starting defensive lineman on the team. Are right it -- his thing. Do you constitute the defensive front by how many guys. Have their hand quote unquote in a -- Well not necessarily I usually start 'cause it's easier just it is Vince Wilfork over the center. Okay -- I. I don't think that's. Yes I think it will be over the senate but I don't think there's we. -- into that spot they'll move him around like I think that there will keep switching back and forth but I've heard so many of our colleagues say that there look at the switch to a report front. That I start watching how many guys are at three point stance. Three on frequent occasions. So I would say he had -- trending back with reform but the whole. Element to this defense I think used to get up field so would Dominic easily ready along with Vince Wilfork along with perhaps. Six to 308. Jerel worthy if you get -- so you're gonna have some penetrating. Defensive lineman who can get through it and to me that's -- 43 element as opposed to a 34 because penetration comes. With that 43 front unless I'm mistaken I'm not gonna try to pretend I'm talking about the backside shrub which took -- stick. -- I mean that -- up the -- tackles nine. That's right but I think that there will be elements to be will be -- penetrating defense. Were two -- defense and I think that they will be much more penetrating up field you don't wanes as opposed to two -- and controlling area. It despite Mike -- best attempts last night Bill Belichick wasn't naming his quarterbacking depth chart. After the fourth pre season game but if you -- guessing sitting here right now was the backup to Tom Brady. Has to be giving durable and I just spoke with Kyle -- prefer. For 6 o'clock tonight -- special -- that central. Think about it this way and I know you guys were we're all paying attention closely 2001 when Tom Brady was elevated to the backup job. Behind it took -- job from Tom Brady is the starter. And people who -- not Damon Huard. In Bill Belichick contention was because he's not the backup Tom Brady's backup this -- the pecking order has been established based upon what has happened. Over the last. Two months. Tom Brady passed Damon Huard -- drop below has passed. Ryan mallet and while there might be caveats and say well who do you want to come in -- -- games on the line in the news. Two and a half minutes left and have to get -- in the bar and you're protecting the lead animal Bill Belichick would deviate that greatly if a guy -- took a guy gets it. So will there be three quarterbacks on the roster. I would say no look I think candy that's because you'll have Ryan mallet competing with. People on Wilson and made -- War. Ryan -- competing with you don't somebody at the wide receiver position. And I think that. Given that I would say cut ballot but if you look at him as a chip. And you say okay we can take him and cut him after four weeks some brand -- product comes back why not keep Ryan -- just for the hell of it. At the 53 man. And today just. On the off chance somebody has a quarterback blow up in week one or two and have to come calling because everybody sort of picked over maybe Ryan mallet. May be -- have got that made plenty of set you always make sense to me Tom. -- are you rate been up and down that zany show you have. Our -- you don't have to read it anymore. That's true now the ratings war between the two shows is gonna go over two -- patriots football weekly on Thursday it's quick slant on Monday's battle -- different out of -- he fixed that you know mistake some of us might call it this week when he put him back on there but I'm asking a question not. Will Steven -- be on the roster tomorrow night at 5 o'clock course Sunday at 1 PM or any of those. Was currently be on the roster -- week five. Yes OK. We'll BenJarvus green Ellis be on the roster in week five anti art thanks so. Indy could make anybody miss that -- would you could not make anybody miss ever. Whatever was fair that he could run clear to what -- got. And that's why despite the very successful 2010 season 2011 he was probably about the thirtieth best back in the week in Cincinnati gets pulled the bill would go to they signed up. One of the nicest guys that I've covered the last five years. But he can't play no he's not coming back. So you are you Steven Ridley your boss does that is that where we're going the season with a ground game. Unfortunately yes because James White is certainly not coming out packaged so it's Steven Ridley and Jonas gray as Europe. Primary between the tackle type that -- -- it's going to be Shane -- And hopefully you know he the guy who never gets enough attention be an injury prone but. Looks not a chamber there. Well he did very injury prone regular the other guys to get lit up forget broken every now members pushing get broken all the time and it's not -- you know there's relentless amount of optimism about his. Contribution to every year here that it have a caveat an asterisk attached to him that comes with gonna say Danny Amendola. If he can stay healthy. But that's the truth in the spot because he's not a good player he's terrific. But he's got to stay on the field especially if you're just gonna go with. You really Jonas -- my feeling is it and deal. They get back to you and also obviously Greg dale do you think reasonable make the team because I've always thought he's an NFL back. I don't and I think he has NFL talent but the lack of consistency and reliability to his game for various reasons throughout the last couple years. I just don't think he's a guy that's the that's worth the trouble he has been so to speak and you get random plays out of them. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I'm safe right now we can't head -- me through a timeline or microphones like some safe distance I'm going to be up your phone today like you -- last Friday commerce upon I would bad -- on a regular Ottawa you do this crystal clear this and I at the end. Call from a bad may -- from an inside line on the there at the office. -- guys came around. Well -- that's unfortunate. Let's get back to the roster bubble interior offensive line who the three starters at guard center guard. Gonna be Josh Klein and I heard your conversation earlier guys thought it was interesting maybe we don't even know that maybe we don't even know. If a person on the roster yet but it barring that I would say Josh Klein. Ryan Wendell Dave Connolly. Any belief that markets can -- or should break into that group based on his limited practice reps there. Don't think he's emerged as somebody who's consistent enough to put him out there. At that spot. And they go ahead and do it. OK one last question from me since the other two guys are taking the -- probably I don't. -- quite a great report I talked to just keep talking it's good football talk I took some heat on the television broadcast last night for saying I've been a little bit underwhelmed. -- what I've seen from Brandon Browner. This summer he's a big physical guy that is not you know there's no denying that. But good years and what are your thoughts from what you seen on him in the practice field in the game field late in games and different things. You know what you and I need we need distance. Okay your immediate because I really like it from a distance to make a -- close by. What it is makes. You kind of really echoed exactly what I have been thinking when I watch him in practice at all. I -- -- got a bad match up little mr. quick in you know well I try to live there but you know he's suspended for the first four weeks so it's not a big deal that. Somebody -- caught a ball lot of meaningless more than an -- like the way. Now he he to me is going to be a situation of and I think if he's going to be a little bit. Like the Brandon Spikes of the linebacker corps and we will spend Monday's this year saying. What do Brandon Browner to run video we played fourteen snaps against team acts. The same way we would say last year. Why -- Brandon Spikes basically 2.2 plays. It was almost did not play coach's decision. It's going to be based on matchups -- -- there's gonna be weeks to Brandon Browner can do a lot of good things. Against certain matchups there's going to be other weeks -- that's a bad deal for him but I haven't seen enough of him against good players. To make a completely. Indelible opinion that. He's just a role player that I think he's good and I think he can really hit and I think he's quicker and more -- -- -- a cover guy than I expected. But I don't know -- about a cover got a Malcolm Butler. Quick cut. Procedural question as much as anything else is we let you go what is ethical way. I'm not sure to head today. He excuse me I'm not sure it's Saturday after he's made the team or -- would be Monday. When the season began but he has to go away any planning I spoke to him after the game about that. You know he just is concerned with staying in shape but he'll have to go away and as you said -- -- -- probably know he can't be around the facility. You can't they have contact with the coaches obviously if you. You know one -- passed by carrier -- information back and forth with a teammate that's going to be tough to stop but. He's planning on going out California the -- shape. And the same thing without Bryant Tim was even more in the dark about the process he didn't have any idea about how it works if you're suspend a player where you go. So but that's where allies with with Brandon Browner. Tom we appreciate it we'll talk to next week thanks. All right -- they -- -- -- in the ratings.

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