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Michael Irvin joins Dale and Holley 8-29-14

Aug 29, 2014|

Michael Irvin talks about the final preseason game for the Patriots and the biggest storylines heading into the opening weekend.

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On this patriots Friday Stop & Shop brings to this week's keep the game. Patriots concluded -- 2014. Pre season in New York last night. Avoiding any major injuries to the team's potential -- once starters score none of them actually even played. He's the game brought you by Stop & Shop at game time. That means it's time to party like a patriot with Stop & Shop your tailgate headquarters. -- shoppers the official supermarket. Of the New England Patriots as the day goes on we'll try to get -- More information about this -- Smith suspension. He has and he's been suspended by the national football league for the first nine games of the upcoming season. Technically it's ten weeks because they have a bye week after their seventh game. So he'll be suspended for ten weeks nine games. According to -- show after the breakdown is. He was suspended four games for violation of the substance abuse policy. And five games for violation of the -- personal conduct policy. We'll try to break that down for years as the day goes on here and and just kept chew up on on where these things stand. You know the interesting thing here is that it's -- yeah a very busy week for the National Football League and and the commissioner of of the NFL as well joining us right now as he does every single week on the dale and -- program. Is the playmaker Michael -- you can follow him on Twitter -- Michael -- 88. Michael how are yet. I don't go well guys -- I'll apologize that would doctor. Currently electric -- out. The promoter they'll follow us. No apologies necessary. Let's start with the the last tweet you sent out at Michael -- 88. You wrote hash tag respect to the commission. For admitting where there was hash tag wrong while stating the heavy price for wrong moving forward you liked what commissioner did yesterday. I don't like where did -- -- On many -- because -- incorporated now. The commissioners. That he -- on the people work there or. Are there. Which is giving you. -- and it gives you the Europe the European. What -- artery. There. Were people. It worked four dollars. Search or to -- treachery. So -- placed the order in order a lot. Or people into it and you may such action. -- respect that but that's what we walked -- everybody. That we let out a dark yeah that's what people what we want -- Where you're wrong. Now you or make you better. And it and and figure. Out what I call -- -- -- real. Port forward for a future -- Michael in terms of concussions people always say they're more concussions now they're just more diagnose concussions well if we use that same kind of logic to. Off field behavior. Do you believe there are more incidents of players getting in trouble now or simply the modern media we live in there is more knowledge of these and how concerning is it that. This is you know sort of a black guy on the most successful sports league when we have the Ray -- story of -- Smith nine games. And and a slew of other incidents this offseason. Well I think we have to be also there. All are there and he understands. Dealing with human being -- with some aren't. You don't mean it or comic -- some very. Prevent undesirable. -- And act part think that there will not be another anchor. And some of those situations that we -- Call -- now. Role. The problem world tour a letter vote welcome Leo didn't like that so called for. And a real -- here are. Not about you you don't let it get out of it'll probably get a lot of -- -- start changing -- Matches where you water like I have not yet. It -- to click the person up here. -- -- -- in every area every year there feel in the world. Here are your and your social media markets. -- all. And result. All real barrier to respond burglaries that we. We it's not a martyr that but I don't think you're -- More unity is a war or edited excerpts we have an option now accusing at all like now socially. Always. You as well a little late and everybody else. We want to say that he. Alert to hurt your conservative threat toward a more girl. Who covered in stuff and -- here. Reality at all out. Different on all of -- lot. -- is Josh Gordon got to mature and stop smoking weed or is he done as an and a full football player and -- all. Ask on top of that was the suspension. Handed down to him fair. Gosh just share a drink spirits are emerged here it written down to paying for it. You know and order thing that I -- And that certainly the hour. Oh don't -- weren't working out. On -- -- situation. Understand your credibility. Is in good racers it -- stock. Those Dutch wrote back. -- -- your -- is our chance to bring them -- to being. -- -- You don't -- it -- out it will. No -- if that there are what worked out that the Shia. They are just now I look back at the thought it was dot -- -- there. Should remember -- caught a little I don't regret it now got a little or anything like that. What we have to understand that there are a lot of action especially when you're hearing another opportunity. You have to stop it. It's our regular weekly visit with Michael -- the NFL network you can follow him on Twitter at Michael -- 88. Michael just that a simple question I guess you talked about commissioner admitting he was wrong. In the Ray Rice situation. Did you think two games was too lenient as well. No -- At least the comment on the without all of defamation there. What. Speaking circuit by -- beer it'll. From my house that now if you'll find him and he'll. And there and triggered -- veritable wall in that way. Yeah absolutely -- that morning the war. You're no you're fine. You paying dominating. And -- nuclear fuel getting along act act well no doubt in my mind. Absolutely. I think it. It through it. -- Michael has a hall of Famer who was a big physical receiver made plays. What have you thought of the way the games have been officiated this summer in this new focus on. Illegal contact I'm sure you well would've loved to have played under these rules. -- -- -- route where -- for sure how. -- -- -- -- It is not. It all Michael there Michael this year or on -- I. Don't -- Social very little water don't you are out your current it really all cult like you are a lot. -- -- -- They choose -- doctor yet Ole. Ole. Opry. -- -- -- -- -- -- You -- the thing you got -- in order now. And there. -- Allred. Well. I regret what I. Or is it. Aren't -- like you. Go. I felt like the picture. I hope you'll stay at the hot. Button under -- And what -- you. By -- Billion dollar. -- -- -- Order -- pre order -- either will or should I. And Michael. A lot of people had San Francisco either at the top or near the top of their. Super -- rankings for this year by losing Navarro Bowman and now all Smith for a at least half the season. What do you rank them now how much of a hit is this gonna divvy up forty niners. -- -- -- Go. Go. I don't know what we. Interpret shook a bit in order don't let vote a lot. Reportedly picked out. A couple of days it will be -- -- -- there -- buckle the belt but a lot. Result LE ride it all need to -- worked out that -- about it. Well I ordered a popular but -- -- we're talking about. Jeanne we kicked out of the -- that your. Seeing what was it felt that possibly. This year. And I'll give you that in -- -- the real issue here Earl ordered. -- Grow. Or the right or to vote maybe -- -- -- This year there injured. This year electric or oh. -- -- elect election either. Mike that you think you can be good to lecture notes and I got the team the -- -- in the playoffs as well if you want this -- quiet be good. We're here yeah. I had yet to hold -- a hot out what you I'm like you put it on TV my uncle got a little glory OPEC are. -- Out there outlook what I. Ordered -- Michael we appreciate time as -- we'll talk to next week. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Thanks -- that is -- Michael -- in the playmaker on the NFL network you can follow him on Twitter at Michael -- and 88. Let me give you one more bit of an illness. And and this is gonna come back to the commissioner as well. Mr. -- state plea deal case. -- is OW I case pretty Hamilton County prosecutor. In Melissa's -- tweet that says. Let's say Moriarty mission already get -- he's already he's been on this forever. And you don't have the excuse anymore of we let the legal process run its course before we make our decision what the legal process has run its course so. What say you commissioner one other tidbit about the Alden Smith nine game and weeks' suspension because there's by weaken their. Am according to published media reports he will be allowed to be at the 49ers facility. During his suspension correct. Josh Gordon can't -- Anywhere near the facility during his fourteen game suspension that interest and because I thought the differentiation was. Performance enhancing drugs you're not allowed to be at the facilities -- Brandon Browner. And and Brian -- can't be near fall under threat will not be at the tape patriots facility I thought that under. The the what is a recreational drugs or whatever the other substance abuse policy you could be at the facility but I wonder if the player conduct policy supersedes that and I don't know the answer is supposedly the -- Smith suspension broke down four games for substance abuse -- games for player conduct. And if you're wondering what that was all about what the violation of the player conduct policy was about we'll tell you that story when we come back.

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